Kate Bosworth
Kate Bosworth as Kalypso Elene Leto
Name: Kalypso Elene Leto
Callsign: Wide Load
Age: 23
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: None
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Raptor_Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Caprica
Actor: Kate Bosworth

Biographical Information


Kalypso was born into wealth and affluence on Caprica. Her father was a wealthy and well-known businessman who expected his daughter to fall in line with the family business. Kaly had other ideas… such as joining the Navy and becoming a Raptor pilot. Her career, if it could even be called that, was short-lived. Her father threw a fit over her "career choice", called in numerous favors, and saw to it that his daughter didn't receive an assignment following her graduation. Instead, she was shuffled off on a pleasure cruise on the Hera, where she could fly "safely" by her father's standards until she got it out of her system. Blowing up asteroids wasn't nearly as satisfying, but it did keep Kalypso safe when the Cylon attacks came… if being stranded in space on a ship with no weapons and no working FTL, wondering if there's anyone else out there and help is ever coming… was to be considered safe. When the Genesis came to answer the distress call, Kalypso made the move to pick her military career back up where it had been left off.


  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Flying
  • Seduction

Distinguishing Features

  • Her left eye is pale blue; her right eye brown
  • She has an aristocratic Caprican accent

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

The Leto family is well known on Caprica as having both wealth and power. Kalypso was intended to be the eventual heiress of the family fortune, despite her frequent indiscretions. She was essentially born with a silver spoon in her mouth and had anything she could want during her childhood — except the attention and approval of her father.


Attended high school and college on Caprica, both of which she showed relative disinterest in and was mainly just "going through the motions" to get through it. She did show some competence while studying Art in college, but lacked any real passion for it. She subsequently went off to train at the fleet academy, where she finally demonstrated some initiative. She graduated from the Academy as a Raptor pilot.

Military Service

Kalypso never received her first commission. Her father pulled some hefty strings with his political and financial pull and saw to it that his daughter was instead whisked off on the Hera rather than put on assignment.


On the Grid


Kalypso's callsign of "Wide Load" was earned during her first official mission on the Battlestar Genesis, during which she had to tow in Ensign Breit "Tempo" Dynames' Viper. Kalypso came in a bit too hot, calling "Frak. Sorry! Wide load, coming through!" over the Tac. See Log: Recons and Rescues



  • "I blame my father."
  • "Do I look like a nymph to you?"
  • "If you got blood on my uniform, there'll be hell to pay."
  • "Yeah, yeah. Sure, sure."


  • Gourmet Meals
  • Walks on the Beach
  • Flying
  • Art
  • Music
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