Kalypso’s Sketchbook-Journal - II

Kalypso's Journals


Kalypso Leto, 58 ACH


How do I even respond to this? This is… and they… I'm at a loss for words here. Okay, not entirely, but now I'm staring at all these bunks that surround me with their pretending-to-be-innocent occupants trying to figure out just who was responsible. It might not have even been anyone in Ares Squadron. Most of the Air Wing was in the gym tonight taking turns beating on one another in the sparring ring, but someone came in here and made their mark on my sketchbook.

I'd erase it. If it wasn't in ink. Then again, it is sort of funny and we can all use something to laugh at these days, so in a way I'm kind of glad the graffiti artist used ink. Gives me something to write about other than trying to play the Love Doctor between Flask and Tempo.

But a whole page of stick figures doing inappropriate things? Really guys? Really?

((OOC Note: I would imagine the actual stick figure drawings are a bit more inappropriate, but I was trying to keep things more, uh, PG-13 here.))

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