Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Jerome Karan

Name: Jerome Karan
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: jer
Age: 26
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Support Department
Position: Chaplain
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Gemenon
Actor: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Biographical Foo


Gemenese to the core, and yet an academic at heart, Jerome is a contrarian and an enigma if nothing else. Adopted and raised by fundamentalist parents, he spent as much of his youth in and around the temple as he did at the schoolyard, if not more. He lives, breathes, eats and sleeps the priesthood, and takes a somewhat severe approach to his faith in general, with high expectations of those around him. He was educated at Delphi University on Caprica, following his pre-seminary training. This is his second military posting, after disillusionment with life aboard the battlestar Heracles had him taking a six month sabbatical to study in more depth the rites of Aphrodite which he felt a calling to, aboard the Destiny. He has recently been re-offered a commission aboard the Genesis.


  • Singing
  • Gardening
  • Pottery
  • Waxing theological

Distinguishing Features

  • He wears a silver pendant in his left ear
  • Spooky eyes


Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

Adopted at a young age, Jerome's birth parents are unknown. He was raised in a large, close-knit and fundamentalist Gemenese family that's produced a number of devotees to the priesthood. His joining of the military was considered a rebellion by his parents, and he was at first disowned for it. Relations had started to become less strained between he and his family, just prior to the time of the cylon holocaust.


Karan attended Delphi University on Caprica, where he received his bachelors' and masters' degrees in theology. He's also completed seminal training on Gemenon and Caprica.

Military Service

Karan was assigned roughly a year and a half ago to the battlestar Heracles for his first tour. He was known for being a model officer in public, but argumentative, contrary and dangerously close to subordinate in private. After eight months on the battlestar, when his personal and religious differences could not be reconciled, he took a voluntary leave of absence under the precept of continuing his training aboard the Destiny.


Rites and Rituals


These are the first Jerome was trained in, and those in which he is the most well-versed. They are mostly linked to war, courage, bravery, physical strength and fortitude.


The Apollean rites are amongst the most prolific, fundamental and complex. There is an extensive oracular tradition connected to this cult, in addition to its musical and poetic heritage; many of the rituals he performs for Apollo, are done through song. He is also versed in some of the more minor rites of healing, though less so.


He is consecrated primarily to Artemis, possibly the most elusive, physically demanding and isolating calling of all the gods. These mysteries are closely guarded, especially as he may be the last one remaining from the colonies to keep them.

The Book of Pythia

This was the focus of his thesis at Delphi University on Caprica, where he completed his bachelor's and master's degrees before accepting his commission aboard the battlestar Heracles. More specifically, the interpretation of key parts of the exodus of the thirteenth tribe; most of the book, and the scrolls themselves, remain shrouded in mystery.

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