James Marsters
James Marsters as Russel Kastile

Name: Russel Kastile
Callsign: None
AKA: Kast
Age: 36
Branch: Civilian
Faction: Civilian
Organization: Underworld
Department: Civilian
Position: Entrepreneur
Rank: None
Ship: Peerless
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: James Marsters

Colonial Bureau of Investigation

CASE: 77601 - K

NAME: Kastile, Russel - AKA Kastle, Kostle
AGE: 36
BORN: Scorpia or Tauron

Psyche Review - Mr. Kastile is an extremely enigmatic and charismatic man. He has a way of bending the mind to make you want to believe what he states as fact. He is dangerous in this type of environment as he can dupe unsuspecting colonists. He seems intelligent enough, but nothing to the extreme. He has knowledge of trivial areas no one thinks about and has used this as way to con those around him. We do not feel at this time he should be allowed out of the prison. He is in therapy. Next review, six months.

Remarks: Kastile is known as an extremely dangerous man, bordering on the psychotic at times. It is unknown if he has killed anyone to this date - but, it is believed he is capable of doing so.


Kastile is a 'businessman' and a thief. Alot of shady types of business. He was mainly in human trafficking until the CBI got ahold of what was going on. He also dealt in fine art, which was stolen out of the Caprican and Tauron museums. These were never recovered and he never admitted to anything. They could pin nothing on him for the thefts.

He grew up on Tauron, going from the nice little middle-colonial boyhood, into something more refined. Starting in middle school, he began conning his friends, teachers and anyone else who believed his stories. Some were caught, some not. He got better at it and by the time he hit college, he was a pro at making people believe something, they never would before. Purchase something worthless and think they got an excellent deal. He graduated on a buisness degree with flying colors, either from having excellent knowledge or able to rework the system.

It wasn't long before Kastile was a CEO of a nice little metalworks company. He financed his other 'business' until it could flourish on its own.

On Caprica, he was known as Roland Kastle, Art Dealer.

On Tauron, he was known as Russel Kastile, CEO of Kast Metalworks.

On Scorpia, he as known simply as Mr. Grey. He began human trafficking, if someone needed a young girl for something or a young man, he provided them.

When he was finally caught, due to the duplicity of a woman (isn't it always a woman?) — he was sentenced to 20 years in a Scorpian Minimum Security prison, after serving three, the guards came through and began picking prisoners. The boarded a ship and headed out into space. Supposedly to a new prison. What they found was a desolate planet and left to die. Kastile plans on getting even some day.

Russel Kastile - Entrepreneur

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Mr. Grey - Human Trafficking


Roland Kastle - Art Dealer

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