Lady in Red
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Summary: Regas finds Pepper in a red dress to have Brunch.
Date: 52 ACH 01/04/09
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Corridor 12C Genesis - Deck 12
52 ACH 6285 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Pepper Regas Wireless 430
Exits: [A] Corridor [F] Corridor
[NO] Navy Officer Berth


The woman who stands before you seems to be of average humanoid height - about 5'5. It's a little on the small side of average, but average nonetheless. Long sandy-brown hair is pulled back into a simple no-nonsense bun at the base of her neck, a look which makes her look just a few years older than her actual 21. Blue eyes are set in a face with accompanying features which are symmetrical, young, and, in a word, cute.
The dress she's wearing seems just a tiny bit big on her, but not enough to make a noticable difference in the way it curls around her slender form. It's a deep, rich red with a modest sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. The material seems to wrap around over her abdomen, fitted down to a small waist before flaring out to a full skirt that comes to just below the knee. It's worn with a pair of simple, low-heeled sandals and a simple gold chain around her neck. The chain, rather than having a pendant, has a diamond solitaire ring.

Regas is walking along. He's having his quarters moved and set up elsewhere, so at the moment he is without CHAIR. In his hands, he grips a packet in his hand. Mostly his mind on that and other things, so his head is slightly down and people go around him in the corridor. Commander Mutterings 101.

Pepper's coming up along the Corridor toward him, a wrapped plate in her hands. She is, of course, decidedly out of uniform, yet comes to immediate attention, with salute, as the Commander approaches. "Good afternoon, Commander," she says quietly.

Regas flickers a glance upward, he is still in some other point involving abandoned Colonials. He barely registers the voice, until he sees the red. Red? That isn't a uniform color. His entire thoughtwave crashes and you can almost hear the gears grinding to a halt to move to another track. He stops. His head slowly comes up as it views the young woman from the tip of her toes up to the top of her head. Bypassing the plate in her hand. "What the FRAK?" He blurts out suddenly.

She remains at attention, though a tiny smile manages to tilt her lips upward a little. Eyes cut to anyone else who might be in the corridor before she offers, quietly, "Brunch, Sir. It IS Sunday."

Regas drifts his eyes back down suddenly, he does see the plate and then the folder is shoved under his arm. "Come with me," he states rather harshly." And he is off for the stairs, with his hand on her elbow.

You head towards Ward Room.
Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11
52 ACH 6285 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.
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Contents: Regas Wireless 1249
Exits: [O] Corridor
Pepper comes in from Corridor 11C.
Pepper has arrived.

Like any properly raised young woman, Pepper seems as though being escorted by the Commander is the most natural thing in the world. She keeps her head down, mouth shut, and simply holds onto the plate as she's bustled through the halls. She looks, well, serene.

Regas reaches the Ward Room and escorts his ward inside, closing the door behind them. The folder under his arm is tossed to the table, where it skids across and hangs precariously on the edge. Letting go of her elbow, he also takes the plate from her hands and sets it down. Atleast, he doesn't throw it. "Would you like to explain that?" He's pointing at her dress.

It's actually a very modest dress, all things considered. Perfect for Sunday services in any temple. Her head tilts ever so slightly to one side as she studies him. "I thought you might appreciate a little of the tradition we've lost," she says quietly. "I remember quite a few Sunday brunches, after services, with all of us in our dress clothes." Her voice is quiet, bordering on small. She's not exactly cowed, not yet.

Regas furrows his brows slightly, "That was ages ago. And a red dress? Damn, Pep…do you know what these sex-starved males would do? I know you aren't that damn dumb to…" he stops and pushes a hand through his short hair. Counting to ten, probably. Maybe twenty, when finally he pauses, "It looks nice.."

As he mentions she looks nice, the Ensign's eyes absolutely light up and she glances down then back to him, just a little hopefully. "Thank you," she says softly. "I had hoped you would like it. As far as the males, Sir…" There's a momentary pause. "Well, your reputation precedes you. I think I saw an enlisted run in the opposite direction when he saw me. I am about as dateable as you are. Perhaps less so."

Regas turns around, running a hand from his hair down to his goatee and practically stalks to some vibrant picture on the wall of Battlestars. "Frak. You had to put it like that, didn't you?" He shakes his head, possibly seeing something now he'd completely missed before. Turning once more, he looks her over. "Just not red…blue…green…hell even basic black." He frowns slowly, "You know how separated I was with my wife. And she kept the baby. I rarely saw her, now they are both lost. Red…just exchange it." There is a light plea on the end of that.

Her face falls slightly at that and she just blinks at him for a moment, then dips her head. "If you'd like, I can go back and change into my uniform," she offers, voice gentle. "I just thought…well, I was told this was a good color. Perhaps if I dyed it? We found it at a little store on the Carina." Pepper looks, for all the world, like she wants to wrap her arms around his waist, but stands her ground. The only movement is her fingers creeping up to the ring dangling from its gold chain.

Regas walks forward again and loses his Command stance. Reaching out, he does pull her into his arms and lets off a long and deep sigh. "No," his voice a little emotion-filled. "We all have to move on at some point. The dress if fine and you look very nice in it." Another pause, "You are the daughter I've lost and I know your Father would want the best for you."

Arms slide around his waist, both of them, and she rests her cheek against his shoulder. "You've always been a second father to me," she says, voice quiet. "If it brings back the memories you would prefer to forget, I will make it disappear." Of course she will, she's Pepper Peters and specializes in making his problems disappear. Unless, of course, those problems surround her. At which point they swoop in to fill the voice left by the ones she fixes. "It's…part of why I asked for help searching for this one," she admits softly. "You remember my old style, yes?" She lifts her head to look up at him, eyes twinkling just a little, even if they are damp. "The skirts that would give Dad heart failure and have him roaring for me to go change, the tops that made him wince and yank the safety pins out of his pocket? *I* was the reason for the safety pins. He kept threatening to go through my closet, but Mom reminded him I'd have to shop for a whole new wardrobe if he did." Her lips turn up a little at that. "I promise, I left all of the short skirts behind. The low tops and high heels, too."

Regas glances down and chuckles a little. At the moment, he can afford to be a little more carefree and let the command slip aside. "I remember," his thumb reaches up to dust away the wetness from her eyes. "I think that would be a little much here, even if people do know my reputation, there is always some jackass who will test it." He drops a light peck on her head and then releases his arms. "What did you bring for Brunch?"

Pepper squeezes his waist for a moment then steps back. "I raided the Mess to see what they could find that was a little…different. Given rations and the like, well." She looks a little apologetic, but whips the covering off the plate with a fanfare. "We have seared eel in a, well, let's just say the reduction used could provide a bit of power for the ship and leave it at that." The covering gets neatly folded to reuse later. She's apparently come a long way from the sheltered, slightly spoiled girl he once knew. "However, we do have some fresh(ish) greens with a little vinegar with fresh fruit for dessert. It may not be top shelf, but it's all fresh and freshly prepared." Pep turns a brilliant smile up to him. "Your brunch, Commander," she says with an expansively over-exaggerated wave of her arm, rather like a good maitre'd.

Regas smiles and takes a seat, "You can airlock the eel." He isn't into that kind of fish, it seems. "Sit down and grab a fork, we'll share it." His hand reaches over to rescue the folder on the edge and slides it closer. "I'll try to keep work out of this, but I can't be gone from CIC for long. We have some work to do and ASAP."

She gives him a wry little smile and settles in across from him, picking up her fork. "Your 1400 with Major Altair has been moved to 1600 to accomodate your meeting with the CAG and the delegation from the Carina who are interested in talking with you about some concerns they have." The ring twinkles in the light as she leans forward, waiting for him to take a bite. "Major Carter expressed an interest in meeting with you some time in the next couple days. Colonel Fotilas wanted to be sure you remembered you were meeting him for an informal drink tonight, sometime after 2100. CIC asked me to keep you occupied for a few hours to give their crew a chance to catch their breath. I've been hearing some quiet concerns that you spend quite a bit of time in CIC and don't, ah…" She pauses to search for the word, cheeks going pink. "Visit the other areas of the ship as often. I assured those concerned that your presence was only because you admired the work they were doing and their function was vital to the proper functioning of the Fleet."

Regas picks up his fork too and spears a piece of fruit. Having been frozen to be preserved, it loses a little flavor on the re-thaw. "Where else would I visit?" He asks, taking into account she has a 'radar' in her head very few know about. Chewing on the piece, he nods to the meetings and such.

"Engineering," she says quietly. "Major Zimmerman has been doing a phenomenal job, as has her crew. Not only are they getting things fixed almost before they break, but they turn the fixes into learning opportunities. A trip or two to the Flight Deck might not go amiss, either. The pilots have been busting hump, day in and day out, and could use a nod of approval from you. I believe Major Zaharis is doing fine in Medical. Ops is doing well, they see you every day." She goes for a bit of the eel. "I think Major Carter needs a little something to make him feel…useful again. He was lamenting the loss of eel. Major Altair is doing quite well, standard number of meetings, though his count has been slightly up over the past week. I think something's brewing on his end." Only then does she fall silent, nibbling on her catch and kill.

Regas has to smile at her, "Alright, I get the idea. I'll go toss some flavored Commander around the decks. I'm sure they'll enjoy it and run later. I realize I've been on edge lately." His fork spears some greens and does a point to her, "Which is why I have you around." He then takes the bite and chews.

"I know, to smooth out the rough edges and clean up the mess when hurricane Regas has gone through," she comments a touch dryly. "You seem to have an uncanny knack, my dear father, for leaving a trail of destruction half a klik wide wherever you go. I think Ops is going to put up detour signs." She seems content to tease him, just a little. "Of course, I can't give you much information on Deck 14, as I have been…" Pep pauses, for effect perhaps, and nibbles a bit of fruit. "Respectfully requested not to set foot on Deck 14 unless requested by either of my COs. In fact," she finishes the bite of fruit from her fork. "The implication was that I was to forget that deck and any other deck containing Marines existed." A brow arches slightly as she studies Regas, a knowing sparkle there.

Regas frowns. "I've discussed that with Major Gaelan. As long as you go there for business only, he'll take care of any problems you run into. You will report them to him immediately." More greens are taken as he chews on that. Possibly a bitter 'pill' to swallow along with vinegar. He's trying to let up a little on her, even if she isn't the young fourteen year old any longer.

"It was the S2 who spoke to me. I made the mistake of going down there after his little…chat with Major Altair and I at dinner. He said "call" his office, so it was my mistake. I was going down the stairs, remembered his directive, so just stopped by." She pours two glasses of water, serving his first. "He kept scanning the hallways to see if you were coming. If I hadn't moved out of the office quickly enough, I dare say he was going to pick me up by the waist, deposit me very respectfully on the other side and lock the door behind me." She seems more amused than anything. "I'll stay away from the decks, though. I understand where your thoughts lie." Lips twitch as she looks at the plate. "You don't want me spoiled by a Marine. Not unless I marry one." She takes a little while in choosing just the right bite of eel.

"I did tell the S2 that if he wanted to have you do some work for him, it was to be on your off-time. And he was to make sure you were protected on that deck. Which, I explained to him, that if you weren't," Regas pauses there, "That he would be shoveling in the reclamation area for the rest of his Private life. I'm sure he was looking for me to come pounding down the corridor." A grin follows as he eats a little more off the plate.

Her eyes crinkle a bit at the corners and she shakes her head. "I believe that he has decided any potential usefulness I might have for his department comes at a cost he's not willing to pay." She hesitates for a moment, then offers a soft, sincere, "Thank you. I know it's probably difficult to have me here, but you're letting me sink or swim on my own merits. That's always been your way." A little shyness there? Perhaps. "It was just a little bit of a difficult pill to swallow when I realized that, because of my relationship with you, I can't have a normal life. Any man who dates me is immediately suspect, either of his motives or his intentions. Which makes things difficult on you, in the extreme." She nibbles on a piece of fruit, taking delicate, ladylike bites. "It seems like the only vetted, approved escorts for me would be one of the Majors."

Regas moves the fork around, taking what looks like a grape on the end of his fork, "They would be a good choice. You deserve the best in whatever you decide," his dark eyes go from the food to her once more, "But, if you have someone else in mind. If you have been asked like any polite gentleman should. As long as it isn't an Enlisted personnel. I'd just like to know who it is. That's all."

She gives him an incredibly grateful look at that. "Thank you. I was starting to feel a little paranoid that the next man I talked to would have his freedoms in question." It's only half-teasing. "Right now, there's no one." One hand creeps to the pendant, absently. She's not even aware she's rubbing it like a good luck charm. "Major Altair seems to have appointed himself one of my chaparones. But he is a perfect gentleman. I enjoy his company and THINK he might enjoy mine." Eyes lift to his again. "But it's -only- on a mentor/mentee relationship level. So if you hear anything about he and I at Colonial days, that's all it was. I dare say I'll end up being his escort to any official type functions we might have, but it's mutually beneficial for both of us. I have someone to talk to whom you have given your seal of approval, for talking."

Regas glances to the pendant/ring and he smiles a little, "That was your mothers?" He's not sure if he is remembering correctly. He nods at the latter part, "Considering he didn't feel he should be babysitting, that is a change of pace. I trust him to do the right thing, no matter what happens."

"He felt sorry for me," she says with a wry little smile. Clearly, she understood the motivation. "He never let on, and made me feel like a lady, but I could tell. And yes, yes it was. From her first fiance'. I used to not wear it, but now…all the time, to remember her and the lessons she taught.

Regas nods once more, "I remember now," everyone has lost someone. "I doubt it was all feeling sorry, I'm sure that he was feeling like doing his duty also," a light chuckle and then he checks the time. The folder is pushed over toward her, "Check the Registry on this ship and anything else you deem appropriate. I'll do a ship walk and then be in CIC in a little while." He stands and looks at her, "Enjoy your food, Pep." Without much more, he walks out of the room.

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