Last Letter

7 BCH - Colonel Regas Mail Bag


I know this may sound like the worst 'Dear John' letter in the existence of the Colonies, but it isn't like you and I have been together for the last year as it is. Ten years is a long time to be a Navy Widow and even though I know I could have stuck with it till you are done with your 'Classified Assignment', I've found out that I can't.

Raine has been great with Amy. She looks to him as a father figure more than her uncle, since her real father is never around. She'll be two this week and I atleast thank you for the present that was brought by. Somehow, I doubt you even know what it is, since you had someone else buy it and drop it off. He's going to take her to see some Pyramid games soon, she probably won't understand it all, but she'll enjoy the day.

We had some good years, Tarik, I think we can both be thankful for that much. You have all the rights in the world to see Amy when you get home. I'm sure she'd like that, if she even remembers you.

Dina Regas

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