Chief P.O. Jacob Leandros
Liev Schreiber
Liev Schreiber as Jacob Leandros
Name: Jacob Leandros
Callsign: Callsigns are for princesses.
AKA: None
Age: 34
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Engineering Department
Position: Engineer
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: Liev Schreiber


Jacob Leandros is a Damage Control specialist and ex-firefighter. Having spent almost ten years in the military before leaving for what was supposed to have been a normal civilian life, he was on the Carina with his wife, Rebecca, when the holocaust happened. Some vacation. It was three months before they decided to return to military service.

As an engineer he's extremely detail-oriented and seems to notice the little things that many people don't. He has a habit of picking things up that some people find annoying, constantly weighing something in his hand or taking something apart, and has a particular thing for trying to build random things from scrap parts. Though his area is damage control he usually spends the rest of his time doing repair work. In both mechanics and electrical skill, he's quite knowledgeable and seems to enjoy what he does. Getting dirty is never a problem, and it's rare to find him at work with clean hands.

He's an accomplished watchmaker, having had the hobby for over a decade. Most things he takes apart end up going into some sort of timepiece, which he often works on in his spare time.


  • Breaking things.
  • Repairing things.
  • Restoring just about anything to perfect after an accident.

Distinguishing Features

  • On the tall side.
  • Intense attention to detail.
  • Constant fiddling with objects. Usually taking them apart.
  • Dislike of coffee.

Biographical Foo


Background: The Short Version

Jacob Leandros was born in one of Tauron's largest cities, the second child of four. His family skirted the line between lower-middle and working class, his father a firefighter and his mother a part-time waitress. University was never an option with their finances. Jacob followed in his father's footsteps, becoming a firefighter as soon as he finished high school at age 17. When he was 20, his father died of a stroke. Losing him was a harsh blow for the entire close-knit family. At 21 he joined the military, for what he'd originally intended to be a single tour to regain his focus.

One tour became much longer, until he was 30. He and his wife, Rebecca (also a military enlisted) decided not to re-enlist, going back to civilian life with intent to start a late family. That year they had a son named David, but the boy barely survived to age 2. Exactly what happened, Jacob doesn't readily discuss.

The Cylons attacked while Jacob and Rebecca were on the Carina, having been taking their first vacation together in years. So much for that. At first he had no intention of returning to the military, instead volunteering himself as a firefighter on the Carina. Eventually, though, he changed his mind and so did Rebecca. It would be back to the uniform.

Naval Service Record

- Palai Military Base, Tauron (Technician)
- Battlestar Pacifica (Damage Control technician)
- Battlestar Orion (Chief of Damage Control)
- Battlestar Genesis


  • His wife Rebecca.
  • Most things with wires.
  • Timepieces.
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