Leonis - Bunker
Leonis Bunker
Summary: Marines arrive and set up basecamp
Date: 24 ACH 12/7/2008
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Old Bunker Leonis - Surface

24 ACH 6735 Souls

Once the main door is breached, the cold wind and snow remains outside of the old bunker. Following old, laid tracks deeper into the cavern, it opens up into a wide area. Whatever was here, is long gone or just small parts remain. Nothing of use is found here. Small tunnels lead to some other areas that are long since caved in, whether on purpose or the mountain taking back its own.

Contents: Bell Delko Lakis


Skip comes in from Fort Bachus.

Lex comes in from Fort Bachus.

D'Artanion comes in from Fort Bachus.

<WEATHER> It is nighttime. A solid icy rain falls from a grey-black sky, the stars completely hidden. The wind blows hard, gusting to 35 mph in some areas.

The fireteams move in, sweeping the area. After a few moments the sounds of 'all clear' is heard within the larger cavernous room. Only then do they let their guard down some and the LT comes through as they start setting up the area to something that is functioning.

Ramiro comes in from Fort Bachus.

Nately comes in from Fort Bachus.

Pvt Lex tends to blend into the background like a good marine on surface missions, at least until her particular skills are needed. She moves forward with the rest into the bunker, weapon in hand and at the ready should anything jump out that needs to be ventilated. Sadly, nothing does. She assumes a guard position.

Bell is not dead. Yet. But, the mission is young. She does her Canary in the Bunker thing, joining in the scouting of the cavernous rooms. Nothing kills her, so she skips back to assist with the set-up. "There's lots of rooms caved in, LT," she says to Delko. "You think it was an earthquake or…something…?" She doesn't particularly want to speculate on the possible somethings.

After a few more Marines enter, Craven slips into the room just as quietly as possible. When the 'all clear' sounds, he steps forward to team up with D'Artanion. "Come on. Let's set up a triage station in that corner."

Rycard comes in from Fort Bachus.

Efficient as a squirrel hiding nuts, the marines are in full setup mode. When Bell reports, Delko gives a nod. "We'll hope nothing caves us in, private." The place is cold still, but they are out of the wind atleast.

D'Artanion nods to Craven. The two medics move over to the indicated spot. It is out of the way, to keep from interfering with the more immediate needs, but close enough to the door to be accessable. She glances up toward Skip and Delco to see if they can get an okay.

Skip looks around carefully as he comes in, and the all clear is given, nodding to Bell's words to Delko. "Could be that the tunnels had been sealed off," he offers quietly.

Slipping in behind the rest of the marines with his rifle slung, Ramiro steps in holding a silenced pistol towards the ground. Pulling off the hood to his ghillie suit to reveal a face covered by a ski-mask and a thick scarf, he scans around quietly from the back.

Craven comes in from Fort Bachus.

Ambrus comes in from Fort Bachus.

"Sealed off?" Bell asks Skip quietly. Her neck cranes around in the direction of one the caved rooms. Images of desperate caving-in to stave off killer-robots dancing in her head. She gulps softly. Nodding. "Yeah. Hope nothing caves." She makes herself useful prepping the place.

Rycard steps inside and holsters his weapon and removes his helmet. "Frak me its cold" he says as the chill hits him fro the first time. Holding the helmet under one arm, he takes a look around the innards of the bunker. "Well… This sure looks peachy."

Hazzard comes in from Fort Bachus.

"Better than the finest downtown for a marine," Delko sends the comment over to Rycard. "Set up, get this place functioning."

Nately comes in right after Ramiro, still on the alert as he scans the bunker from his spotting position.

Having moved over towards that corner, Craven slips two of the bags from his shoulders, as well as the pack from his back. Setting them on the ground for the moment, he begins to kneel so that he can open one of them, beginning to sort through a variety of the supplies within. After a moment, he shifts his attention up towards D'Art, "Gunny, just place the most likely supplies on top of your kit. Don't want to unpack anything unnecessary, at the moment."

D'Artanion gives a nod of her head towards Craven before she makes her way over towards one of his bags, beginning to sort through the supplies and shift the items around, within. After a moment, she's giving another nod to the Doctor before resealing the pack.

Lakis comes in from Fort Bachus.

Ambrus follows Hazzard into the bunker once the all-clear has come through. Covered in snow, she secures her weapon before tugging the big hood off her head, a crust of ice breaking off the hood and shoulders of her coat.

Rue comes in from Fort Bachus.

Pvt Lex remains in a sentry position until ordered otherwise, her rifle held across her chest, sidearm still holstered at her thigh. She ignores the snow dusting her uniform, gloved hands busy with her weapon. Pale eyes scan the interior of the bunker briefly, then turn again to the door.

Hazzard takes a position near the entrance. Crouching he checks over his rifle once again before he lays it in his lap and simply watches. Most of his attention is towards the exit, as there is plenty enough Marines further in. With the rifle out of his mind, he pulls his pistol and goes over it aswell.

Marines setup a table and set the wireless there for those in charge of this mess. Delko pulls the pack he brought with him to an area where he can rest later and pulls out the coffee thermos. "Corporal, get the SST in an area. We've got a blizzard coming in tonight. So rest up and eat. You'll need it for the days ahead." He looks around then, "The rest of the marines will take two hour rotating shifts outside. Don't take any chances. If you get numb anywhere, you come inside and trade off. And last, but not least, never salute out here."

Fear. Major Savannah Rue, Viper Pilot, with an assault rifle in her hands. Having come up with the rear, she remains near the entrance with Hazzard, peering out into the snowfall behind them. "Another beautiful Leonisian mountain winter."

"Allright… SST on me." Ramiro replies, taking a moment to look towards the ceiling. Turning and finding a spot to the right of the front door, he sets his pack down and pulls off his mask. Looking like he had a bad night at the prom, his hair is bed-headed and his eyes and face are covered in camouflaged paint and lampblack. Setting his rifle to rest on the floor, safetied, he sits against the wall and rests. Ripping the cord on a self-heating ration pack, he eats as he's been told.

Skip nods as he hears Delko's words, before he looks over at the viper pilot. "Far better than a stinky swamp, sir," he offers, with a bit of a nod. That done, he turns to look over at the other Marines, gesturing for some of them to take that first shift.

Lakis takes up a spot over by the SST huddle. She can smoke now and that comes before food. Lighting up, she pulls out a container from her pack too. Looking it over, she lays it aside and brings up a smaller thermos and opens it up. The scent of tea, highly sweet is poured into the lid. Glancing to those heading out for first shift, she has to smirk, "Don't want to be whipping it out to take a leak in this weather."

"I wasn't gonna mention it, but I thought I smelled something," Rue quips back at Skip.

Only after sorting through the packs does Craven begin to withdraw a few items from within. They consist of several Rad Shots and pills, as well as a variety of other simply needles and medical vials, cleverly concealed within small plastic containers, no doubt to prevent breakage. These items are set to one side, along with a few packages of gauge and bandages. He's then shifting his attention back over towards D'Art, giving only a faint smile. "This should cover us the intrim."

D'Artanion looks back over towards Craven, giving the fellow Medic a quick nod of her head before she's moving to survey the items that we're laid out. That done, she resettles her own medical kit before turning back to look over everyone present.

Rycard takes another look around the place as he slowly moves on further in. "Gods… Now I know why I became a pilot; Marines have to deal with this shit" he then chuckles.

Pvt Lex secures her gear, and cracks some thermal hand warmers, shoving them down her gloves. She pulls her gear tight, checking for exposed skin. Finding none, she walks past SST to head out into the snow. "I never whip it out in weather this bad," she comments deadpan. And out she goes!

Hazzard glances up from under his hood as he holsters his pistol once again and picks up his rifle from his lap. "If you say so, sir." he murmurs in a soft tone. Hearing the orders from further in, he slowly rises and starts to make his way further inside. Backpack is tossed upon the floor, and the rifle is placed to rest upon it, as he settles down beside it and opens his bag. A thermos is brought forth along with a grinder and a bag of beans.

Dusted off now, Ambrus heads over to where the SST is camped out, plunking down. Like Lakis, she gets out her cigarettes first, lighting one up before she starts digging in her pack for her food.

Delko is also commandy enough to send a fireteam down one of the tunnels to make a temporary Head for those that are here.

Looking to his sniper team, Ramiro watches over their faces as he blows onto the cooling rations. Letting out a slow sigh as their re-invation of Leonis begins, he observes them quietly. A smirk forms on his face as he looks to Hazzard. "Take your downtime while you've got it, Corporal."

<WEATHER> It is nighttime. Heavy, thick, snow falls from the sky as another blizzard comes through the area.

Lakis glances to Ambrus and grins, "Gotta have that smoke, hope I'm not running very much." She takes a drink of the hot tea and relaxes on her pack.

Outside, in the freezing cold, Lex patrols in the snow with nary a bitch or gripe, never straying too far from the compound. It's a good thing she's a Sagittaron, or this shit might no go down proper-like.

Adding a few beans into the grinder, Hazzard gets to work as he sits there with the rest of the SST. As he is adressed by Ramiro he arches an eyebrow. "Why you smirking, Ramiro?" he then looks towards Lakis. "Brought an extra pack..I can trade you if you run short…"

"I don't plan to be runnin nowhere," Ambrus grins back at Lakis, blowing smoke up into the air. She looks over at Hazzard as she waits for her rations to self-heat, grinning at the coffee. "Hey Hazz. Still make your own, huh?"

"We're just all so enthusiastic…" Ramiro replies, leaning against the wall, seemingly comfortable with the peace and quiet for the moment. Listening for shots and excitement, he dips his spoon into his soup and takes a sip. It warms the bones. "LT tells me to have my team rest up for what's ahead, we do it." He nods to them. "We rest. We'll need it. We're going to be out in the cold alot more coming up."

Rycard finds himself a spot to sit down, placing the helmet next to him. Sighing, he glances about as everyone goes about their business. Shaking his head a bit, he chuckles a bit to himself. "Thank the Gods for the cock-pit."

For the moment, the two Medics seem content on looking over their supplies, making sure that everything is order. Finally, after a moment, Craven gives a nod of his head towards D'Art, "Well, we're as ready as we're going to be, Gunny." He's settles his main kit on his shoulder and he's turning to make his way around the room, moving over towards a group of Marines. Seems that the Doctor is simply observing them, ensuring the cold isn't getting to anyone.

D'Artanion moves away from the bulk of the medical supplies, to the edge of the triage area before she begins to sort through her own kit for a moment. After a moment, it's closed and she's taking another moment to look around before beginning to follow Craven around the room.

Hazzard looks back towards Ambrus and shrugs. "It's all about the grind, Ambs." He then glances at Ramiro once again and arches an eyebrow but decides against replying. Instead he opens up the thermos and pours himself a cup of the hot water, then puts the freshly grinded beans into a filter tool and puts it into the water. "You were he during basics werent you Lakis, is it always this fraking cold?"

"You keep dreaming about it, Rycard," Rue says as she looks over towards the man. Her rifle is clenched fairly close and she eyes the snow outside again. "This ain't nothing compared to the blizzard that blew through my town about eleven years ago. We lived on venison jerky and roasted pine nuts for a month."

Lakis takes a long puff off her smoke and glances over to her squad/team mates. "Never made it up this high. I got lucky and was here in summer. Kinda glad now, they had us running those frakkin' hills down below. That's some rough shit in this lack of oxygen."

Skip looks around for a few moments, shaking his head a little bit. Unable to overhear some of that talking. "It's never colder than what you wear," he offers, a bit absently.

Remaining quiet amongst the snipers, Ramiro looks out and over the assembled marines, watching what they do and how they act. Remembering faces, he takes a mental picture as he eats.

"So" Rycard says to anyone willing to listen. "When do I fly you boys on out of here?" he says and takes a look around the room.

As for the LT, he's over there with his maps and spreading them out with a rock or six to hold them down at the corners. Typical Officer-type-stuff. He blows on his fingers a little and rubs his hands together to warm them up. "When we're done. Skipper said a week."

Hazzard takes out the filter tool from his cup of 'coffee' and nods his head slowly. "Spent two month, wounded and alone in the moutains on Sag..nearly killed me.." he murmurs before he takes a sip on his coffee and then unpacks his sleepingbag from his rucksack. "It is strange though, being here I mean."

"Sag has a charm of its own. Most of the older ones don't fight. I said frak that, I'm not getting my ass shot off because they want to be peacable. I have to wonder how many took up arms when the Cylons came in and didn't just smile at them and pat them on the head," Lakis pulls out some of the rations now, peaches and opens it up.

D'Artanion pausing from time to time, D'Artanion checks the marines and snipers over briefly. When she completes the circuit, she ends up back at the triage spot. Settling in, she unrolls her sleeping bag, then opens her pack to take out a ration tin. Opening it, she sniffs, then sighs. "Nutritious, healthy, boring." Setting it against her boot, she adds a little water and lets it heat up. Seems she pulled a chicken and rice dish.

"It sure had it's charm." Hazzard murmurs as he works on rolling out his sleeping bag and then fish out a ration pack from his bag. "For once, perhaps Zarek did some good..Assuming he survived the initial assault..He sure gave us a hassle back before reality took a crash dive."

Completing his 'rounds', Craven makes his way back over towards D'Art as she begins to sift through her pack, withdrawing the ration tin. Craning his neck, he looks at it before chuckling softly, giving a quick shake of his head, "Boring and tasteless. But, they last just about forever. Go figure." There's a quick grin and the Doctor is moving to lean a shoulder against a wall.

Scratching the side of his face, Ramiro turns his attention to the snipers that are assembled, listening to them talk quietly as he eats. Bracing his rifle against his backpack after pulling out his bedroll, he continues to eat.

Rycard leans back, adjusts for a comfortable sit, and interlocks his hands behind his head. "Well, wakew me when ever you need a dust-off… Im taking a nap."

<WEATHER> It is nighttime. Heavy, thick, snow falls from the sky as another blizzard comes through the area.

Lakis is on her second cigarette, last peach and another cup of hot tea. Once she is comfortable enough, her own bedroll gets spread out and she settles in. Like most marines, she is trained to fall asleep quickly and keeps up with the snoring that goes on around the cavern. Which could cause a cave-in from the reverberations.

Dinner done, coffee finished, Hazzard removes his ghilie suit and makes his way into his sleeping bag to tuck in.

Skip has been leaning to a wall at the moment, that old photo of his in one hand as he looks quite lost in thought. Muttering something under his breath.

Finishing his rations, he disposes his container and then looks around his team. Nodding softly to Ambrus, he offers her a smile before pulling off his ghillie suit and sliding into the bag. Laying on his back with his arms behind his head, he stares at the ceiling.

D'Artanion lifts the container once it finishes heating. She takes a fork from the package and begins eating the rations. After a few bites, she looks up at Craven, then nods toward the ground near her. "Siddown? Or, roll out your bedroll? We should stay rested as things are currently quiet." She glances up toward the ceiling, as though she could see through to the sky above.

Shrugging off from the call, Craven gives a nod of his head towards D'Art before lowering himself down to the ground. From there, he's withdrawing the bedroll from his pack and setting it up on the floor before shifting so that he can settle on it, "Ya. Rest is a good thing. Figure we best get it well we can, I suppose." His eyes shift down to the tin and he's chuckling softly again, "Any good? Should I get one out, or wait till I'm a little more hungry?"

D'Artanion shrugs, "Hunger is the sauce saught by all epicures, Stitch. If you aren't hungry, might as well wait. While it isn't great, it isn't awful either." Finishing the dish, she scrapes it out, then folds the empty up and tucks it into a pocket in her pack reserved for such things. Leaning back, she yawns just a little, "I would like to collect the dogtags of the fallen, if we can. Have to remember to speak to someone about that."

Rycard sists over by the wall, hands behind his head, eyes shut. Breathing slowly as he is fading away into dreamland, deeper and deeper with each breath.

Lakis is off into dreamscapes too. Snore. Snore. Snore.

Novella quietly makes her way into the bunker and off towards..wherever she is staying. The woman bats snow off her suit, but small flakes still linger in her hair. She shudders away the cold as she walks. There's bits of grease and grime on her hands like she might have been tooling on something.

"Well, I ain't all that hungry yet. I'll wait a bit, I suppose. No sense wasting the food, if it's not needed at the moment." There's a smile and then Craven is stretching his legs out slightly. There's a sidelong look over at D'Art and he's giving a nod of his head, "Shouldn't be a problem getting the dogtags. I'd like to make a note of the names for medical records, as well."

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