Leonis sniper briefing
Leonis Sniper Briefing
Summary: Ramiro briefs his sniper team, prior to their dangerous mission
Date: 24 ACH
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Gathered in ghillie suits, wrapping their rifles, and checking their ammunition, Ramiro's got a map set down with a compass and a stray bullet holding it in place in the staging area. "Allright team listen up…" He says to the gathered spotters and snipers. "This is recon and we're coming in from the south so we're going to use that tree cover and elevation to recon this. Problem is we don't have access to the north side. Heavy Raider is a priority scouting target so if you make it, keep an eye on it. DO NOT ENGAGE." He motions, his face a mess of camouflaged paint and lampblack. "You are weapons cold on this one until given authorization to shoot. Record targets with your cameras, but do not send data unless authorized. Toasters might be listening." He points to the south of the map. "Upon landing, Corporal Hazzard and Private Ambrus will use the high cover of the mountain, team designation is Karma Three. Move to this point and cover. This is the last known location of the Raptor." He looks to Lakis. "Lakis you're over airfield on Karma One. There's alot of room out there, but you'll have the immediate cover for the inserting team." He leans back to open a bottle of water. "Nately and I are Karma Two. SHOULD WE BE COMPROMISED to LZ Cobra, Karma one peels back around my position, then I peel back. Karma Three will provide cover. We enter together and leave together. If we leave through LZ Keystone, we do the opposite, Three comes around two while Karma One covers… Any questions?"

Lakis seems to have one as she stands there, smoking, since she isn't going to get one for awhile, "Why no access to the north?"

Ambrus glances around the gathered Marines until she spots her partner, Hazzard. Taking a step closer to him she then looks over at Lakis at the question.

Skip is listening quietly at the moment, watching everyone present rather carefully once in a while.

Hazzard studies the map, with an arched eyebrow whilst he applies some paint to his face. Now and then he nods as he listens to Ramiro's gameplan, if he likes it or not is hard to tell since he is clad in his 'mission' outfit and any facial expression ruined by the smearing of paint. Ambrus gets a quick look over, and then a slight nod before he looks back towards Ramiro. "Secondary RV for extraction..What callsign is our extraction raptor..I'm only asking, since." he points towards the map. "LZ Cobra is due north,northwest, the City is North..If we are compromized it is a high risk the enemy will come from the north..You saying we are to extract with possibly injured soldiers through enemy lines?"

Novella is standing by, lingering at the edges of the circle. She can see the map but lets the boys in dark get a better view. Her eyes flit between those assembled, her arms crossed.

Nately scratches the back of his neck, just under his helmet. After a quick glance around at the others and a distinct 'how you doin' sort of chin-jerk at Ambrus, he leans over the map and studies it himself.

Ambrus studies Nately for a second, as if wondering how easily he might crack over her knee. She smirks, turning her attention back to her superiors and the map.

At this particular moment, Craven is standing off to one side, far enough to not intrude upon the briefing, but still close enough that he can make out the details. Drapped over his left shoulder, is a standard medical satchel, which he idly drums his fingers against.

"We may later gain access to the north…" Ramiro points to the map. "On the south we have high positioning, the north has lowlands and tree cover, but with the approaching force from the south this is simply what we've got. There's alot of room to cover for sniper fire and our team will need the most immediate care from the south side." He pauses, looking around their faces. "It's good that you should mention that, Corporal. IF, and this is if, our boys decide to move further in, we will fan northwest. Karma One will move to the northwestern edge of that ridge. Karma two will shift to three's position, and Karma One will move across the bridge to the northwest and down the hill. We will slowly creep northwest to get a better look at the north side." He looks up. "Make no mistake about it, SST, we have everything we need to survive out there and recon in quiet. Our job today is to provide as much cover possible over a large amount of ground. They're going to have to rely on checking their corners, but we're going to be Zeus' thunderbolt." He pauses. "We're snipers, Corporal Hazzard, the marines will be extracting. We'll be covering. We have two LZ's and alot of space. Any other questions before we move on?"

Lakis shakes her head, shifing on one foot and finishing off the smoke before she drops it on the deck and crushes it with her boot. "Ready enough for government work."

D'Artanion stands near Craven, her own medical kit over one shoulder. She glances around briefly, listening with more attention than might be assumed. Spotting Novella she nods a greeting that includes a quick smile. Looking back to Ramiro, she flickers a glance over the map, reviewing the details before nodding, "Yes, Corporal. Where do you want your medical personnel?"

Skip listens quietly, nodding as he does. Expression thoughtful as he listens to everything.

Hazzard studies the map for a moment longer and then eyes Ramiro. He is quiet for a moment as he steps back and looks towards Ambrus. "Bring a backup beacon, just in case we need to find an alternative LZ." he murmurs quietly to his spotter and pats the Private on the shoulder.

"Got it, Corporal." Ambrus looks a little relieved to be partnered with someoen she remembers from the Pandy. Shifting the heavy CR M115 on her shoulder, she keeps an ear to the proceedings as she grabs an extra beacon as desired.

Nately stands near Ramiro, looking from the map to the Corporal and back as he continues to brief them. No questions from the Private.

"You all have one in your kits, I made it mission specific. Why? Because if anyone out there's capable of surviving in the snow until we can get picked back up it's us. You also have radiation sickness pills and rad-counters just in case." He turns to the next map, looking to D'artanion with a smile. "This is my sniper team's preparation, Sir." He looks up, looking for the Marine detachment leads. "Oh may I also remind you that should you be wounded while you are in Gunnery Sergeant D'artanion's care, you do what she says." He adds with a little smile, pulling out a second map. "In the event that we are separated from our landing force, I have marked your maps with the following rendez-vous points. I will coordinate and if you are the first to arrive, provide cover for your team. We are all coming home, snipers. Memorize these locations."

D'Artanion nods, then fades back to Craven's side. Her murmur to him is soft enough that it would not be heard by others as she has no desire to interrupt the proceedings farther.

There's a slight turn of Craven's head as D'Art murmers something and he's giving a slight nod of his head before leaning back to murmer in return. Then, he's turning his attention back over towards the gathered snipers.

Bell stands in the background. Where she's been since the troops were assembled. Really. She keeps her mouth shut and listens sharp.

"Amb..standard procudure, put one of the dog tags in your boot under the laces. Bloodgroup, written on a piece of tape on your boot neck." Hazzard murmurs to his spotter, keeping his rifle resting in his arms like a baby. "We've done this before..Lets make Zeus proud.." he eyes the map once again. "Karma Three, your Karma Three Two."

Ambrus lifts her foot, showing Hazz a flask of metal in her bootlace. Tag's in place, as is the little strip of tape. "All ready, Corp." She straightens up, rolling her small shoulders. Her back makes a subtle crack and she checks the harness of the weapon on her back. "Karma Three Two, good to go."

"Allright. Easy part comes last." Ramiro says, pointing out Fort Bachus on the map. "Our landing point with the rest of the marines is here. We are to provide them cover and move ahead of the group. If we're going inside the Fort for hot chocolate and backrubs we will be the last ones to do so. We'll take up perimeter defense and when we move to the mission area over Ouranos we will provide forward scouting and then move to our positions for them to approach. Huah? Go tend to your longbows and say your prayers. We move when they do." He asks, putting his hand out in the middle for the typical team palm-over-palm Pyramid style break out of huddle.

Lakis places her hand with one of those 'Huah!' and then breaks to head for the Raptor.

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