Amalina writes a letter home

Dated 20 ACH - not sent.

Hey, all.

I know… writing now is just dumb. I know that you won't ever get this. Know that you are probably gone. Still… Maybe putting it all down will help.

Dad? I know now why you didn't want me to be a Marine. No, it isn't that I can't handle it. I can. (Just got promoted, in fact.) It's that some of the guys are fraktards. It isn't like it was in the last posting. Back there, if a guy was a frakkup, treating others disrespectfully and all, the others would take him out back and beat him until he either learned how to behave or died. That crap wouldn't fly. We've got a doozy of an asshat here, let me tell you. Thinks he's the gift of the Gods. Doesn't realize that all he accomplishes is to tear the teams down. You know, Dad? I've never hated anyone. Until now. But, that's negative thinking. So… Yeah. Trying to take the high road, like you always said. Trying to see the good in him even though he's less than crap. And, there is something good there. Honest. He's a frakin' good shot. And, some of what he says about how a squad should behave is right on the money. Just the way he thinks he's above everyone and the way he says things makes me want to cram something large and sharp down his… Uh. Right. Negative thoughts… Some of the command staff here rocks. Majors Gaelan and Desusa. Colonel Fotilas. Smart people. They know what they are doing.

Sis? Each of you? I'm sorry that I won't get to meet the younger set of nieces and nephews. Wish I could've watched 'em grow up. I've been on Tiger to start a family. I think he was going to until… Well… You know. Now? He's moved to a different ship in the fleet and I never get to see him. Oh, I know that I'm luckier'n most, since he is here at all. I'll try to keep him out of trouble, but don't promise. You know how he can be. Never thought I'd say this, but I miss you guys. There are a couple of folks here you guys would like. Rhea Zimmerman, Eli Browne, Doc Zaharis, and Reed Carter to name a few. Good people. You'd have fun with them, I think. Joran Craven's here. That's a good thing. Means I still have ties to the past. To home. To you all.

Mom? Mom…

I think about you all a lot. I'll be going on a mission to Leonis soon. It'll be hard, seeing the devastation. Knowing that it means so many good people have died.

I have the feeling that I'll be joining you sooner than later. Can't say that out loud, though. Negative thinking? Bad idea.

*hugs and kisses*


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