Summary: Eli goes to offer Farkas some work…Farkas manages to do what most people can't and almost get under Eli's skin by attacking the two things she's most sensitive about. Her/his gender. And of course job performance. BUT, she actually doesn't break anything.
Date: 36 ACH
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Marine Enlisted Berthings Genesis - Deck 10
36 ACH 6285 Souls
Marine Enlisted berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two marines and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Eli Farkas Marine Bunks Triad Deck Wireless 1425 — OFF
Exits: [O] Corridor

Eli enters the berthings, head bowed and hand resting on 'Betty' as she sighs and scans the area for a familiar face. "Sergeant Farkas."

Farkas glances over towards Eli and arches an eyebrow, attention fixed upon her face and then the hand resting on betty. "You really should seek therapy for your lack of self esteem, Eli." he finally growls.

Eli arches an eyebrow and just gives a tiny shake of her head. "I don't know what you are talking about. But I came to talk to you about potential duties, so you aren't just sitting on your ass counting the days."

"The constant reassurance of patting your sidearm..To make up for your short comings, you offer a constant threat of resorting to physical harm." Farkas mutters as he turns his attention back to his reading. "I'm not just sitting on my ass, counting days…Sheriff."

"I was resting my hand on my nightstick, not my sidearm. And I have no short comings to mention. - You are not a psychologist. You are an MP." Eli replies with another shake of her head. "Whatever. Do you want to work or not?"

"Nightstick, resting on your armament..Thus, sidearm." Farkas mutters and then looks back towards Eli. "Have you got your shit together Sheriff? The murder investigation of the Raptor of Refugees for example? Do you know that a formal investigation is underway of me, to find out if I had sex with a lieutenant of the Navy Corp?"
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Good (4).

"I am handling my daily duties, and the current investigations that are under my jurisdiction. For now though, the murder investigation is being handled by the appropriate parties." Eli then just stares at Farkas and keeps staring. "Sex." More staring. "You?" A blink and a shake of her head to clear the metal images. "But ho-nevermind. Wh-oh gods." She grimaces. "I don't wish to continue this train of thought, do you want to work or not?"

"With you as Sheriff?" Farkas chuckles softly and returns to read his book. "/IF/ a murder investigation of Marine doesn't become the jurisdiction of the Military Police and the Master At Arms, then frak me Eli..You made a damn good job." he glances back towards Eli. "What would you have me do..The Public Enemy Number One of this ship..Guard prisoners, uphold the law of this ship? You do realise I'm not even allowed to leave this berthing unless it is for duty sake..That is how much the Brass trust me these days."

"Perhaps." Eli just shakes her head slowly. "Monitoring the security cameras and mostly paperwork at this point."

"Sergeant Eliza Brown..Do /you/ want me to come to work?" Farkas asks in that gruff sourly tone of his as he keeps his attention upon the Master At Arms.

Eli corrects quickly. "Sergeant Eli Browne. And yes, at this point I need all the competent man power possible. Are you mentally fit for duty?"

"Your words, I'm not a shrink.." Farkas mutters as he looks back towards his book and flips a page. "I heard about you loosing quite a few of the MP's there before we were attacked..Never nice to loose men under your command…And no its not, I read your file.."
<Trait Roll> Eli rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Eli's jaw sets as she takes a deep breath and just stares at Farkas for a minute or two. "It is Sergeant Eli Browne." She leaves it at that. "If you, however, feel like you are not able to handle being put back on duty, please just say so."

Farkas puts down his book and slowly sits up in his bunk to look at Eli for a moment. Finaly he slips off and down to the floor and narrows his eyes. "Seems I was correct..Fine, I will rotate at the Sec Hub, watching the monitors and fill out paperwork..But I will request a transfer as soon as my punishment is done..It is nothing personal Sheriff..But you have more issues then I have grey hair on my head, and we can't have two liabilities in the MP division."

Eli continues to stare at Farkas, expression carefully schooled in that emotionless way she has perfected and there is just a hint of a raised eyebrow before she shakes her head. "You know nothing about me, obviously Sergeant. But I will put it in that you'll be doing duty shifts, monitoring the security cameras and filling out basic paperwork, a desk job in the security hub until such time that you transfer out."

Farkas stretches the corner of his mouth. "True, but I know what makes you tick..and that makes you very bad at what you do. Sadly enough, despite the fact I have a debt to collect, I do like you..You are a dedicated MP, perhaps even as far as saying your a good Marine..But your not a leader." he turns to open his locker. "Same with me, I'm to fraking honest..Which is why I've kept bumping up and down in ranks for the last Thirty five years..I wont hesitate to instad of just staring at someone, tell them I will put them down..nor would I hesitate to actually do it…That is my flaw, Sergeant."

"You know what makes me tick." Eli just buh-links and stares a little longer as her /job/ one of the few things she has left to prove herself at is criticized and she just continues staring at Farkas. "I live and serve by the MP Creed, Sergeant, and if that makes me very bad at what I do I can only hope over time I will improve." She gives a tiny shake of her head. "Having a big mouth and a bad attitude don't count as flaws. They count as strikes on a record."

Farkas turns to look at Eli and arches an eyebrow. "I'm sure you do, Eli..I never questioned that..But I'm saying that if I know what makes you tick, I can make you react the way I want you to..That is bad for one in your station." he mutters.

"I've said it once, I'll say it again. You know very little about me." Eli offers with a shrug.

"Like a brickwall." Farkas shakes his head slowly and his eyes darkens just a little bit. "I'll be at the Sec Hub, next shift..Eliza."

Eli blinks. "…pot. Kettle." She leaves it at that before nodding firmly. "See that you are…Sergeant." She just blinks again and stares, turning on her heal and heading for the exit.

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