Lifelines Pt 2
Lifelines Part Two
Summary: Reed continues to show that he's in there. Somewhere.
Date: 32 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
32 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.

Eve is seated next to Reed's recovery bed, having found a chair to perch on. A book sits in her lap, her hands folded around it. She's talking to Reed as if he's awake, and actually taking part in the conversation. "So, anyways. I thought I'd come in here and read to you. Studies show that the sound of a familiar voice is helpful. Unfortunately the most exciting thing I could muster up were some studies done on schitzophrenia. Either that or one of the novels Major Zimmerman and I have been passing back and forth, but…well.." Another laugh.

Reed does seem to be doing better. Temperature is normal, infection is minimal and appears to be receeding. He's not, however waking up, though his EEG does show some reactions to the voice, he's not making great spikes on the monitors, but there's movement.

The laptop on the rolly tray in the corner sits making its soft whirr along with the beeps and boops of Reed's various machines. Zaharis left for a little while earlier, leaving the room in peace. With Sickbay overloaded and the loss of medical staff, including his XO, there is no rest, even for the injured. A soft rap on the door announces the CMO's return before he pushes it open, as he's come to expect someone will surely be in the room.

Eve glances up at the knock, affixing a weary sort of smile to her features. Everyone's weary though, so for once she doesn't look out of place, "Major." She murmurs, slipping to her feet, still clinging to that book as if it grounds her. "Hope you don't mind, I thought I'd pop in for a visit."

Reed doesn't acknowledge the knock, just like he didn't tell Eve Zaharis was going to be back in a bit. What an ungracious host.

"Knock yourself out." Zaharis passes by the bed on the way to his chair by the laptop. His voice is still hoarse from yesterday, not very loud. He settles into the chair carefully so he doesn't jostle his right side, running his fingers across the computer's touchpad to wake it up.

Eve's smile softens a bit as she sinks back into the chair, her eyes are on Zaharis for the moment, but she'll spare him the talk of needing his own recovery. Sometimes she knows her place. Sometimes. She clears her throat, the smile directed back at the man who can't see it, but perhaps can hear it in her voice. "Major Zaharis is here. I think he looks worse than you do. Of course he's not sporting the fancy hospital gown like you are. Though I think its missing purple duckies. I'll see to it that your next one has them painted on it."

Reed lays there in his normal standard issue hospital gown made of funky thick paper. He doesn't have a great fashion sense these days.

Zaharis is watching the computer screen rather than Eve, so he misses any smiles she gives to anyone. The tapping of computers keys is muted as he scrolls through a few hours' worth of data, mostly ignoring anything but that for a while. Lines scroll across the screen in three bands. "He reponds to his name," he says finally. Obviously he's talking to Eve rather than the laptop, though he's not looking at her.

Eve wets her lips pensively, leaning forward. "Reed. Do you remember how we joked that the terraforming project would be named after you? The Carter Colony. Still think it has a ring to it. Reed Carter. What's your middle name, I wonder. If it were up to me, it would be…lets see…Samuel. That was the name of my favorite teacher in school. You sort of remind me of him, ya know. You can get the same serious expression."

Reed doesn't let the Secret Name of Reed Carter slip, though his Gammas do show a jump to the .062 level as his name is used. He doesn't seem interested in the naming convention of the colony, however. At present, he's keeping quiet on the subject.

"Jameson," Zaharis supplies under his breath. "Reed Jameson Carter." His eyes watch the bands doing their scrolling and twitching. A glance at a tiny paper cup sitting on his tray by the computer and he picks it up, tipping it into his mouth. A sip of water chases everything down.

Eve glances up, barely catching the name as its thrown from Zaharis' lips. "Jameson?" She asks, before turning back to Reed. "Reed Jameson Carter it is. Was that a family name?" She asks a question that can not be answered by the coma patient. But perhaps its rhetorical to begin with, for she keeps right on talking. "I knew a James once, but never a Jameson. Or a Reed for that matter, so you're topping all sorts of charts."

Reed lays there as Zaharis lets slip the secret word of power. Or not, as the Gamma spikes don't really grow too much in strength from its useage. Some, a little, but there's a slow climb in the Gamma waves once more.

There's nothing too shocking in the coma guy's brainwave patterns here, and Zaharis merely keeps an eye on it with part of his attention. The CMO's just trying to think, which isn't the easiest thing to do through pain. His eyes flicker back and forth across the moving lines. "Yeah, keep doing that. Keep using his name, he hears it."

Eve leans forward more, clasping the book to her chest. "Of course you hear it, Reed Carter. Don't you. You're in there, bouncing around in that maze of a head of yours. But you hear it. You're friends will guide you out of there. Just make a left at the eel tank. A right at the botony lab. Everyone's waiting for you." She smiles sadly, "They're all sitting up in the lounge, ready to laugh about this over a drink. Even if its that juice you down."

Reed remains sitting there. It seems that his name is recognized and the rage of the eel isn't, though the conversation does maintain his thought processes nicely.

Zaharis finally actually looks at the two of them. It's just his eyes that move, glancing up and then back down. "Sloan? Touch him."

Eve glances up at Zaharis, but doesn't seem to have any qualm following the suggestion or the order, which ever it may be. Her hand peels off the book she's so desperately clinging to, reaching up to brush her hand across his forehead near the sensors. "Your hair is terribly mussed." She tells Reed, toying with the locks to smooth them down. "Every time I touch it, it just keeps springing up at odd angles. I think its actually getting a little long. You're going to need a haircut soon, there, Carter. Maybe I should do it while you're sleeping. Give you a nice mohawk or something, hmm?" Oddly enough, it seems like Sloan has a bit of experience with coma patients. She never talks about him as if he's not here, describes what's happening in the room, and doesn't hide back emotion from her voice be it happy or otherwise.

Reed lays there, his hair getting played with and spoken about. His non reaction to this, not even a flicker at the suggestion of mohawking him, does seem troubling, though there's a clear, clean slow rise in the Gammas.

"It's good. Keep going." Zaharis talks in a quiet mumble. Maybe it's because he wants Reed's focus to stay on Eve. Maybe he just doesn't have the strength to talk any louder. "Whole name."

Eve outlines the sensor on his forehead, "These electrodes have to itch, don't they? Reed Jameson Carter. Its like you're in trouble, isn't it? Using your full name. That's the only time all three of my names are put together. Like when my mother found me in the garage with my friends playing spin the bottle. Evelyn May Sloan, wait until your father hears about this. Jesse says you're in big trouble, Reed Jameson Carter. He can be quite scary when he's using his 'grr' face. I should know."

Reed maintains his passive state, as his readings seem to level off. He doesn't seem too scared of Zaharis' 'grr' face. He's not cowed.

Zaharis' grr face is dormant just at the moment, lucky them. Matter of fact as Eve talks he seems to drift off for a few seconds, his eyes slowly sliding half-shut. His head does that nod thing when someone catches themselves falling asleep, and he makes his eyes open again and focus on the screen. ".095, not bad." He clears his throat quietly. "Take his hand. Touch each finger…palm…wrist. Tell him exactly what you're doing."

Eve does as requested, the book now set aside so she can free both hands to take one of Reed's, turning it over so his palm can face the ceiling. "Have you ever gone to a palm reader, Reed Jameson Carter?" All three names, even though on the inside she might be cringing. "You see, they take your wrist in one hand like this, and with the other hand they spread out your fingers. They fan them out, like this.." She starts to spread his fingers, though of course they won't flatten completely because of his state. "Thumb…forefinger….middle….ring….pinkie…"

Reed lays there, not answering the questions about palmistry, thhough as his hand is being touched, his fingers curl inward from Eves count. Not reflex, but a momement.

Zaharis gives no more guidance for the time being. He lets his head rest back against the chair, half-lidded eyes watching the readouts scroll steadily across the screen.

McKenzie comes in from Recovery Ward.
McKenzie has arrived.

Eve clears her throat, trying to get Zaharis' attention. Movement! There's an excited hiccup in her voice, as she continues, rushing words a bit. "And then they look at the lines of your hand. See this long one hear that I'm touching? That's your life line. Means you're going to live until you're old and grey, my friend." She presses lips together, tears cresting her lashes out of happiness. Then she continues. "They go through this whole song and dance about your life. The loves you'll have, your history, your ancestors." She's seated in a chair next to the unconcious Reed's bed, holding his hand. Nearby, Zaharis mans a laptop, watching the screen and seemingly in and out of it himself. "But what they don't tell you is the other hand? The one that I have idle on your wrist? Is actually monitoring your pulse for the minute reactions their words have, so they know which path to take. Tricky, hmm, Reed Jameson Carter?"

Zaharis' eyes re-focus as Eve clears her throat. He glances at Reed's hand, watching a few seconds, though he seems like somehow he expected the movement. He still smiles a little though, nodding her on.

Reed is laying on the bed, inert, being molestered by the psyche while the CMO is using a laptop to videotaps the whole thing. This is what Department heads do behind locked bulkheads when you're unconscious. His position remains unchanged and he doesn't respond.

There is a soft tap at the door, though it opens before an answer can be given. "Scuse me. I heard that my CO is in here. Thought I'd sneak in and take a gander. Uh." She blinks as she takes in the molestation going on, then half smiles, "Sorry to interrupt. Are you doing an experiment or something?" Yeah, she's quick on the uptake. Or not.

Eve tilts her face towards her shoulder, using the fabric of her uniform to wipe at her cheek so she doesn't have to take her hands of the Major's. "I'd challenge you to a thumb wrestling tournament, Reed, but I'm afraid I have an unfair advantage. You see. I'm a girl. And girl's always win…" She takes his fingers, curling them into hers, leaving his thumb free. "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war.." She says, nudging his thumb back and fourth with his own. She glances up at McKenzie, offering a brief pinched smile to her, but her attention goes back to Reed. Her thumb presses his down into their joined hands. "See! I win. Never underestimate the power of pretty."

Accessing mental files…nope, Zaharis doesn't recognise McKenzie for shiite. "No, Lieutenant, just keeping him busy. You can come in." In front of him on the rolling table, his laptop seems to be connected via cables to two of the machines monitoring Reed's functions. Data scrolls endlessly across the screen.

And now they're ruining Reeds thumb wrestling score. Will the molesterfication never end? Still, silence gives consent and Reed is therefore consenting to just about everything under that rule. He doesn't notice McKenzies enterance.

McKenzie nods to the doctor, "Far out. Thanks." Sliding in, she closes the door and walks over the the man's bed. Watching the thumb war, she chuckles, "Damn, dude. And here I thought you were a competitor, Major." Sighing, she winks at the pretty lady holding Reed's hands, "Must be your looks. I swear, the man's got a rep." By her tone, she is teasing and does not mean a word of it. Concern flashes to her eyes and she watches Reed's monitors with a look of abject incomprehension, "Too bad you're out of it, Major. I was going to see what you want me to do now that my guns're all blown to Hades. But, that conversation can wait, I guess."

Evelyn smoothes back out Reed's hand, "You know, you can tell a lot about a man by his hands, Reed Jameson Carter." There has to be a reason that Eve uses his full name. "Just as much as a palm reader can get out of it…and yours are strong." She nods to McKenzie, "Would you like to sit a spell, talk to him? A change in voice is good for him. The more stimulation, the better."

"Not as out of it as you'd think," Zaharis comments from his chair. Despite the traffic directing he's been doing, making all sorts of requests for people to molest Reed in various ways, he hasn't come over to extend the power of touch himself. Then again, he doesn't have those feminine wiles or know how to help Reed with a gun, so maybe it's for the best. His attention remains on his screen or at least partly on it, half in the room and half in thought.

Reed stays inert, letting Eve molester him as she wants. He seems passive.

McKenzie lifts a chin at Eve, "My…" She blinks, then half laughs, "Uh. A woman I used to know back home, used to say that. About hands. She'd go on and on about how much you could tell by looking." Curiosity lifts in her gaze and she turns back to the man on the bed. "What's with the full name thing, anyway? Is his middle name Jameson? Don't recollect that I knew that. Maybe I did." Folding her hands at the foot of the bed, she shakes her head at Eve's query, "Nah, it's cool. Thanks, though. I've been sitting for a long time. Had a couple of minor scrapes that the doc's took care of a bit ago. Didn't want to bother 'em yesterday what with the emergency and all. Others needed their attention more. Y'know?" Looking over to Zaharis, she lifts a brow, "He can hear us, yeah? I've never been around someone in a coma before. Looks like he's sleeping."

Eve is still shifting from her seat, folding his hand gently back onto the bed. "Thanks for the visit, Reed. Don't worry, I'll be back to talk your ear off soon enough, but I have to go be a listener now." She leans over him, her face hovering over his for a moment before she murmurs. "I'm going to kiss your forehead now. Its for luck. Don't get any wrong ideas." She warns with a half smile before delivering the promised or threatened smooch. "See you soon."

"Hear you, yes." Zaharis' eyes narrow at the lines on the screen. "Processing is a different issue." His fingers scratch absently at his collarbone. "Talk to him, El-Tee. Not about him. Pretty sure he knows the difference. Use his name." Or at least, Zaharis is going to figure out if he does. A glance at Eve when he registers that she's leaving, and he gives her a nod before looking back at the screen.

Reed doesn't react to the kiss, not a nod, not a brow wrinkle, not panting and making cartoon 'arooo' noises, not even a 'Grooonk'.

Eve retrieves her book, nodding in parting to the others in the room before she slips out the door.

Eve leaves for Recovery Ward [O].
Eve has left.

When Eve rises, Maureen nods and claims the vacated chair, "Luck with the listening, Lieutenant. Hope it's interesting." The woman is given a thumbs up for the kiss, though there is only concern for the patient in her gaze. "Maybe we can get acquainted another time." Zaharis is given a nod and Maureen hesitates for a moment before taking Reed's hand in hers. Might help, "Roger, Major." Licking her lips, she inhales, "Uh. Right. Let's see… So, Reed. Oh, wait. Reed Jameson Carter. Yeah. You know? You asked me once about why I was reprimanded, remember? At my last posting? Well, I wanted you to know that you have lived up to your rep. You're one class dude, you hear? Not a douchebag like my last CO. So, you need to come out of where ever you're hiding. Cause I don't want to serve under anyone else. You're my CO, got it?"

Zaharis watches the changing of the guard on the computer screen. He slowly lets his posture slouch, stretching out a booted foot under the rolling table. Ever watchful of the squiggling lines, the numbers, the spikes and valleys that right now add up to Reed Carter.

Reed remains impassive, though as his hand is taken, his fingers curl around the hand, holding it back.

McKenzie's smile warms as Reed's hand curls about hers. It is completely cool to know that the man does hear her. Or, maybe reacts to her touch. Spiffy, even. "So… Now that we've got that sorted, what else can I yammer on about? Uh. Oh. You're probably tired of hearing about how your name sounds, right? So, let's see what it means. Reed. That's a water plant, you know? Folk used to make flutes out of reeds ages and ages ago. They'd put holes at special intervals so the wound would work out or something. Maybe with your new ventilation you will be able to close your nose and play music through your gut?" Poor taste in humor, but she means well. "Jameson. That's kind of interesting. In some cultures, it'd be Jame's son. James wasn't your dad's name, was it? Now… About Carter." She gently squeezes Reed's hand, "Carter. I haven't the faintest idea what that means. Unless it's refering to some dude carrying other people's stuff around in a cart. You'll have to tell me when you snap out've it."

Zaharis glances up as a soft knock sounds at the door, and a nurse pokes her head in. "Major? Sorry…they need you for a minute." The CMO's head drifts up and he nods, shifting carefully out of the chair. He gives McKenzie a nod as he goes past, saying nothing to interrupt. The laptop remains on and processing, blue light on in the top corner of the machine's back side. And later, after the nurses have swept everyone out at the end of visiting hours, a timer will go off. The voices of everyone that have been recorded since he brought the equipment in last night will play through the speakers, surrounding Reed quietly for the hours of enforced solitude…

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