Lifelines Pt 5 - Awakening
Lifelines Part 5 - Awakening
Summary: Reed finally wakes from his coma.
Date: 33 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
33 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.

Reed lays there, his brainwaves erratic, Alphas breaking up, Gammas down, but his Beta waves are spiking, and a thin sheen of sweat on his skin.

Zaharis is not as talky as many people that come through here. He's been in the room for a while but has let the voice recordings play while he worked at that laptop, analysing and re-analysing. Data from the room. Data from Reed's surgery and injury report. Data from…other stuff going on in Sickbay, gods know how he continues to multitask like this. His 'office' now includes several heavy medical texts, open on the floor and around him. As the anomaly begins on Reed's EEG it takes him a second but he stops flipping pages, looking over towards the bed.

Reed twitches, showing REM activity now for a moment before his Alphas flatline, Gammas switch to the higher levels of the range, and his eyes flash open, "JUUUMP!" He shouts, eyes rolling around, looking right into the lights, as he breathes raggedly, arms coming up reaching for something, and he grunts, "Frakkin- the Tee-Ach-Eye!"

Zaharis is out of his chair swiftly, stopping the recordings with one tap of his fingers on his touchpad. Only a few feet from Reed's bed, he comes right into Reed's field of 'vision' as he watches Reed's hands come up. He doesn't grab Reed's hands but brings his own left hand up so that Reed's moving hand comes into contact with his. "Reed. Reed, it's Jesse. You're okay, you're with us on the Genny."

Now this isn't fair. Cylons get a tub of warm anal lubricant with Tricia Hefler, Grace Parks, and Lucy Lawless looking down at you, saying soothing things. Reed gets a bed, blinding lights, tubes shoved into places they shouldn't be shoved, nasty abdominal scars and Zaharis standing over him. He grips Zaharis' hand, hard, eyes turning to him, blinking, trying to handle the spots in front of his eyes. "J- Zaharis? Where? Cylons.. Genny.." He lets his free hand fall to the bed, panting, "Frak.. OW."

Zaharis clearly hadn't thought Reed was going to like, talk back. The stunned look on his face is one Reed'll probably remember for a while. "Reed, shhh. Listen to me, buddy, stay with me. Need you to stop moving and calm down, okay…you're on the Genny. You got shot up, you're in Sickbay." His voice stays calm and focused, and he sets his hand on Reed's shoulder, trying to keep eye contact with him. "Shhh, calm down."

Reed looked right into the lights when his eyes opened for the first time in a while, he ain't seeing anything. His eyes are showing signs of retinal shock as the spots in front of them keep swimming, but he reacts to the voice. "Shot.. shot up.." He swallows, lifting his head to try to look at himself, "What.. what is my status?"

Zaharis takes his hand off Reed's shoulder just long enough to press the call button by his bed, then his hand settles back again where it was. "You're okay, you've been through surgery. You're going to be down a little while. You got hurt pretty badly. Can you tell me your full name and rank?"

Craven comes in from Recovery Ward.
Craven has arrived.

Reeds head rests back and he swallows, eyes closing, "Carter. Reed, J. Major. 2231A914." Name, Rank, Serial Number. Just like they teach.

Zaharis is standing at Reed's bed, having abandoned his nest o' laptop and books. His left hand is set on Reed's shoulder as the man seems to be awake and actively responding to him. "Good…" He lifts his hand, taking Reed's left hand with his own and squeezing firmly. "Can you feel this?"

Some flashy call light caught Craven's attention out in the main portion of sickbay and after a moment, he made his way through the recovery ward and towards the private room, knocking lightly before poking his head within, "Something needed, sir?"

Reed makes a face, carefully opening one eye, then closing it, before trying both eyes, "Feel what? you frakking with my hand, my sore guts or the needles in my arm?"

Zaharis exhales a sharp breath of air, almost a chuckle. "Best answer I've ever heard. All of the above." He pulls his hand away as soon as that's confirmed, looking up at the sound of Craven's voice. "He's awake, Lieutenant. Get down records of his vitals." Looking back down at Reed as the man's eyes open and close. "Carter, you've been in a coma for the last three days. You're just now waking up, you're going to be disoriented. I need you to try not to move too much, okay?"

There's perhaps a sigh of relief from Craven's lips and a warm smile as he's giving a slight nod of his head, "Aye, sir." And so, he makes his way over towards the monitors as he draws a small notepad from his pocket, along with a pen, preparing to make a couple of notations. There's a flicker of his eyes to Reed though and he's giving a quick nod, "Good to see you awake, Major."

Reed looks to Zaharis, "Coma? Don't remember a coma. Three- unacceptable. frak what happened?" He looks to Craven, and squints, "LT, Hi." He then starts trying to take a visual of the room he's in, spots clearing.

"You're probably never going to have any memories of it at all." Zaharis is watching Reed closely, taking a horde of assessment notes in his head. "That's alright, it's normal. Can you tell me the last thing you do remember?"

Another smile to Reed and Craven finishes with his notations and he settles the pen back into his breast pocket before he takes a step back, eyes flickering over towards Zaharis. For the moment, nothing's said, though.

Reed swallows, "Evac, down into the hangar bay. Cylon came in, fired, no effect, armored, put an ERL into the support structure, bringing it down on it." He stops, and turns to Zaharis, eyes wide in horror, "Oh gods. I put the station through a THI." He looks disbelieving of his own memories, but in horror of them at the same time, "It's gone."

"Yes, it's gone." Zaharis nods slowly. Doctors always get to confirm the bad news. "Flattop's gone too. Four hundred and fifty lost, but rest of the fleet was able to jump away. Do you remember making it to the Sula?"

As Zaharis and Reed talk, Craven's merely faded somewhat to the side. His pen has been retrieved and he seems to be flickering his eyes between the two and then the monitor, making a notation here and there. Perhaps, simply taking down observations on Reed. Or, Zaharis.

Reed closes his eyes, this time in grief, "Four fifty." He nods, "Yeah.. burned out of dock, fell and slid to the back, then the pain in my guts." He opens his eyes. "Crewman with a medic kit over me. Shouting about getting the FTL to make the jump…" He trails off.. "Nothing, that's it."

Zaharis looks better than Reed does at this point. His right arm's still tied up and the fingers don't seem to move much spontaneously. He's also lost a subtle amount of weight. His eyes are on Reed, and he nods once. "That's good, that's more than I might've expected you to have remembered. Well you're alright now. Had a lot of people damn worried about you last couple of days." He smiles a little. "Think this room's been busier than half of Sickbay combined."

Reed looks around, slowly, blinking, "Ramiro's been here." He says, pulling that from somewhere, then he looks to Zaharis suddenly, "Reece. Adele." Demands for information, intense.

Notes and more notes seems to be the order of the day. There's is a lslight look of surprise on Craven's features, perhaps at the amount that Reed had remembered so quickly. Then, he's settling the notepad back into his pocket, along with the pen and he's slipping back to the door, "I'll leave you two to speak. If you need anything, Majors, I'll be right outside."

Zaharis looks up long enough to nod to Craven. "Thank you, Lieutenant." He doesn't sit as Reed starts asking questions, just looking back down at the man's face. "Reece and Adele are fine. They made it off together. Adele's got him living with her on the Carina." He glances over where Reed was looking, presumably at the idol Ramiro left. "Yes, Ramiro was here on your first night in. Even as you were, you recognised him."

Reed looks to Craven, nodding, "LT." He says in parting, then looks to Zaharis, relief across his features. "Thank gods. Yeah, first time you fire in combat, you remember your instructor." He looks around, "Three days.. frakking forever."

Craven leaves for Recovery Ward [O].
Craven has left.

From the laptop speakers, the soft sound of voices can still be heard. In his hurry, Zaharis had merely tapped down the volume rather than shut the whole thing off. It's Ramiro's voice playing right now, from the first night where he 'taught' the comatose Reed to shoot. Reed'll hear his name in there, along with Rhea's voice more quietly. The CMO notices the sounds for the first time and reaches over to finally stop the recording. "You recognised a lot of people. Ramiro, McKenzie, D'Artanion, Adele. Rhea, of course."

Reed looks at the laptop, and blinks, "Rhea. I'm an idiot. Why didn't I kiss her before?" He closes his eyes.

"I don't know." Zaharis taps a few keys and then turns his attention back to Reed. "But I would say you have damned well no excuses left not to, now."

D'Artanion comes in from Recovery Ward.
D'Artanion has arrived.

Reed makes a face, and with his un IV'd hand, he lifts the blanket, looking under it, "Whatthe? What the frak did you-" He lets go of the blanket, "I suppose this is what you medical quacks call a 'Catheter', Doctor?" No, he doesn't look pleased with the development of having a catheter in.

Zaharis gives the man a mild smirk. He's standing by the Major's bed, talking to an apparently awake and alert Reed. "Promise you you'd rather have had that in than have pissed yourself, Carter. Don't worry, it's all nice and temporary."

The door to the private room opens and D'Artanion peeks in. Spotting Zaharis first, she nods, "Hey, Doc. Mind if I…" But, then she notices that Reed is, in fact, awake and alert. Her smile is quick and warm, "Hey, Major. You're awake." One of those 'duh' moments, but her delight in that development is clearly evident. "Mind if I come in for a bit?"

Reed looks up to the door, after having just discussed the state of his.. tubes, and nods, "D'Artanion. Come on in. Unless the CMO has anymore questions for me about the state of my brain."

Zaharis shakes his head slightly. "No, come on in, Gunny. I'm going to get some notifications sent off before Regas pitches a fit. Anyone in specific you want notified that you're back, Carter?"

D'Artanion steps into the room and closes the door after her. Walking the short distance to the bedside, she almost reflexively offers her hand to Reed, but catches herself and tucks both into pockets before the movement gets very far, "Really glad to see you awake, Major." Lifting her gaze, she focuses on Zaharis when he speaks, making sure not to interrupt him. She nods, once, then looks back to Reed for his answer.

Reed looks to the CMO, "I think you know everyone I want notified already, Zaharis." He says evenly, then, "What kind of timeframe am I looking at being in here for?" He seems to address both Medical people, having no idea how long he's going to be laid out for.

Zaharis moves back over to the laptop, waking it back up with a touch. He sits down on the edge of his chair, picking up his water bottle. His hand's kept blocked from the view of the bed by his laptop screen, hiding what's becoming an increasingly obvious tremor. "I would say at minimum a week here on bedrest, then we'll evaluate further." He glances upwards, his mind doing a couple things at once. "Actually, let me go check on something for you. Gunny, keep Carter company for a little bit?" He stands back up, abandoning what he was doing.

D'Artanion turns a quick look to Zaharis, defering to his authority for an answer to that question. She does note the man's hand, though when he hides it behind his laptop's lid, she turns her attention back to Reed, "Sure, Major. Give me a shout if you need me out there, though?" Turning, she catches the back of a chair and pulls it a hair forward before claiming it. "Did the Doc ply you with questions about what you remember already, Major?"

You head towards Recovery Ward.

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