Lifelines Pt 6
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Summary: Reed is still awake. Yay!
Date: 33 ACH
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Private Room Genesis - Deck 13
33 ACH 6285 Souls

This is a private room set up with oxygen and power connections, prepared to house special recovery cases. The room itself is unremarkable, meant for patients to be wheeled in, locked into place and connected to monitoring and support systems. Guards at the door are optional, depending on orders, but the equipment here is normally connected to the monitoring stations in Sickbay.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: D'Artanion Reed Zaharis Rolling Tray

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Reed makes a face, and with his un IV'd hand, he lifts the blanket, looking under it, "Whatthe? What the frak did you-" He lets go of the blanket, "I suppose this is what you medical quacks call a 'Catheter', Doctor?" No, he doesn't look pleased with the development of having a catheter in.

Zaharis gives the man a mild smirk. He's standing by the Major's bed, talking to an apparently awake and alert Reed. "Promise you you'd rather have had that in than have pissed yourself, Carter. Don't worry, it's all nice and temporary."

The door to the private room opens and D'Artanion peeks in. Spotting Zaharis first, she nods, "Hey, Doc. Mind if I…" But, then she notices that Reed is, in fact, awake and alert. Her smile is quick and warm, "Hey, Major. You're awake." One of those 'duh' moments, but her delight in that development is clearly evident. "Mind if I come in for a bit?"

Reed looks up to the door, after having just discussed the state of his.. tubes, and nods, "D'Artanion. Come on in. Unless the CMO has anymore questions for me about the state of my brain."

Zaharis shakes his head slightly. "No, come on in, Gunny. I'm going to get some notifications sent off before Regas pitches a fit. Anyone in specific you want notified that you're back, Carter?"

D'Artanion steps into the room and closes the door after her. Walking the short distance to the bedside, she almost reflexively offers her hand to Reed, but catches herself and tucks both into pockets before the movement gets very far, "Really glad to see you awake, Major." Lifting her gaze, she focuses on Zaharis when he speaks, making sure not to interrupt him. She nods, once, then looks back to Reed for his answer.

Reed looks to the CMO, "I think you know everyone I want notified already, Zaharis." He says evenly, then, "What kind of timeframe am I looking at being in here for?" He seems to address both Medical people, having no idea how long he's going to be laid out for.

Zaharis moves back over to the laptop, waking it back up with a touch. He sits down on the edge of his chair, picking up his water bottle. His hand's kept blocked from the view of the bed by his laptop screen, hiding what's becoming an increasingly obvious tremor. "I would say at minimum a week here on bedrest, then we'll evaluate further." He glances upwards, his mind doing a couple things at once. "Actually, let me go check on something for you. Gunny, keep Carter company for a little bit?" He stands back up, abandoning what he was doing.

D'Artanion turns a quick look to Zaharis, defering to his authority for an answer to that question. She does note the man's hand, though when he hides it behind his laptop's lid, she turns her attention back to Reed, "Sure, Major. Give me a shout if you need me out there, though?" Turning, she catches the back of a chair and pulls it a hair forward before claiming it. "Did the Doc ply you with questions about what you remember already, Major?"

Reed nods to D'Art. “Last thing I remember, the crewman over me on the Sula. Has it really been three days I've been in a coma? I feel like we should still be at Condition One.”

D'Artanion leans back in the chair, though she lifts a wave to Zaharis as he flees. Her attention remains on Reed and she nods slowly, "Yeah. It really has been three days. It must feel a little wierd to learn that time has passed. Sort of disjointed. Are you up to talking? Or would you rather not? I know that Doc had a plethera of things he wanted information about from you."

Reed shakes his head, un IV'd hand lifting to scratch his temple, "no go ahead, I-The frak?" He feels the electrodes on his head and starts pulling them off, disconnecting the EEG, "Got me done up like an FTL in test spin here."

D'Artanion winces when you start pulling off the electrodes, "You should leave those, Major. You know he'll just replace 'em later." Rising, she moves a bit closer, "Here. I'll put 'em back where they go. You don't want him to come charging back in here to see why your EEG readings have flatlined. It'd give the man a coronary." She pauses, but does not look as though she will relent, "You know? He stayed in here the whole time you were out? Pretty much?"

Reed sighs, dropping his hand from the electrodes, and allowing D'Art to replace them without arguement, "Zaharis?" He frowns, "He looks terrible, alright. He needs to take some recovery time." He comments, "Or is he a typical doctor about himself and his own health?"

D'Artanion is gentle about replacing the electrodes on Reed's head, her fingers brushing the man's hair out of the way, then back again to cover them. When she finishes, she reaches over to turn off the alarm and deftly resets the system. Reclaiming her chair, she chuckles, "He is usually pretty good about seeing to his own health, actually. He gave a stiring lecture about how a medical professional is only as good as his or her own ability and that if you are ill or injured, your ability is diminished." She steeples her fingers, elbows resting on the chair's arms, "Trouble is that I think that flew out the window when you were injured. Seems he has a weak spot where his friends are concerned. So, you just have to get better, Major. So, Doc will take care of himself. Or, let one of us take care of him."

At the first sound of an alarm that indicated something was wrong with the confines of this particular private room, Craven had grabbed his medical kit and immediately made a beeline towards the entryway to open the door and rush inside. Behind, a couple of nurses and medics can be seen, complete with a couple of rolling carts that serve a variety of different functions. No sooner has he managed to get into the room and ready to pose a question when the alarm shuts off. He blinks and takes a moment to look around, eyes flickering from D to Reed, "Is there a problem here?

Reed nods, frowning at D'Art, then looks to Craven, "I pulled the wires off my head for a moment, LT. Come in, though. Is your boss watching out for himself these least three days?"

D'Artanion looks up as the door opens and Craven enters. She waves off the others, smiling a bit. When Reed explains, the nurses with their rolling carts frown at the man, then take their carts off to put them away. It is never a good thing to be frowned at by more than one nurse at a time. D'Artanion turns back to Reed, catching the tail end of his frown. She shrugs, then looks up at Craven, "There's a chair over there if you want. Or, you can have this one. Seems I'm disturbing the patient."

As D'Art waves off the nurses and Doctors, Craven merely takes a moment to close the door behind him and settle his bag lightly upon the floor. Then, he's moving to claim the unoccupied chair, where he settles his gaze on Reed, giving a warm smile, "Not a good idea, Major. You'll have us rushing in here, every time." A flicker of his eyes to D'Art, though it returns almost immediately to Reed, "You know Major Zaharis, sir. He's stubborn and he likes to look after his friends and staff." Alright, so it's not exactly an answer.

Reed nods to Craven, "Sorry, didn't know that I was wired into the medical mainframe." He then shakes his head, "No, D'Art, I'm just going to have to start making a list of things that need doing now." He lets his head rest back on the pillow.

D'Artanion inhales a bit as Craven gives his non-answer. Seems his opinion of the good Doctor matches hers. A nod for Reed and she half smiles, "Okay. Though you'd've done that anyway." Lifting one knee, she wraps her hands about it, "Is there anything that you would like? I don't know if Doc's authorized you for solid foods, yet, but can get you a pad of paper and a pensil or something. Not very tasty, but functional."

Craven is giving another soft chuckle, followed by a quick nod of his head, "Doc has you so wired, Major, that if something even seems wrong, the alarms go off. Better off that, way." Shifting his attention towards D'Art, he's giving a nod of his head before looking back towards Reed, "That wuold be doable. I've actually got a pad and a pen in my bag, if you want it for something." Probably the same pad from when he was in here earlier, recording monitor readings.

Reed looks at D'Art, and nods, "Matter of fact, yes. My personal effects I was brought in with. Uniform's likely a loss, but I had a handheld computer, and in the left sleeve of that uniform, in a pocket -inside- the sleeve should be a," He reaches to scratch his hair, then lowers it when he finds an electrode. "A gold pen. I'd imagine my gun rig went to the MAA for safekeeping. I can get that later." He frowns, closing his eyes a moment, "Thank you, but I think I'd rather use an electronic medium."

D'Artanion makes a mental note of what Reed asks for and rises, "Sure thing, Major. Back in a minute." Easing past the chair, she opens the door and moves out. When she gets out into the Recovery Ward, D'Artanion turns and closes the door after her.

"Electronic medium? Guess I'm still a little old fashioned in using paper and pen's. But, it shouldn't be a problem to get you those things." Craven shifts his attention over towards D'Art and gives a smile when she rises to get the stuff, "Probably stored in the sickbay lockup, D." He's looking back over to Reed then, his head canting slightly to the side, "So, aside from injuries themselves, Major, how are /you/ holding up?"
Reed looks uncomfortable for a moment, "This bed adjustable? Can I sit up some, so I'm not looking at the celing? Where am I anyway, I'm not in the Ward, there's no one else here." He considers the question posed, "I'm still processing what happened. Three days is frakking forever in these circumstances."

Craven's leaning forward in his chair, plucking a small remote from the table and extending it towards Reed, "We strive to make our patients comfortable, Major. That includes comfortable beds that you can adjust. Just, take it slow." He's giving a slight smile as he takes a quick look around, "You're in one of the private rooms that we have available. Didn't think it prudent to have you in the recovery ward, considering your condition. And you're right, three days is a long time."

Reed takes the remote and looks at it, pressing a button and the back starts lifting. He brings it up to a sitting position, then his lips lurse and he lowers it to a reclining position sitting up somewhat and sighs, seeming more comfortable there, "Thanks, LT." He looks to Craven, "Private room. REMF ward, got it." He looks around, more slowly, seeming more alert. "Can't imagine what all messages I'm going to have. Need to integrate the crews, look over the causalities lists." He looks at Craven, "Determine if the Commander is going to give me a medal or a courts marshall."

There's a soft laugh and Craven's giving a nod of his head, "Oh, and probably a raft of messages wishing you well, Major. There's been a lineup outside your door over the past few days, of people wanting to visit with you." Then, there's a slight arch of his brow and he's giving a quick shake of his head, "I highly doubt you'll be worrying about the Court Martiall, based on what we've heard. I'd imagine you'll be up for a new medal."

The door opens once more and D'Artanion re-enters the room. With a judicious nudge of her knee, she closes the door behind her. She carries a bag in one hand and a portable handheld in the other. Noting that Reed is sitting up, she grins and gently places the bag on the bed next to him, "Here you are, Major." The handheld is placed on one of those rolly trays that hospital rooms seem to sprout at need, "I think that your pen is in the bag, but if not, please tell me and I'll track it down for you. That is something that Doc might have locked in his drawer for safe keeping."

Reed shrugs to Craven, "Well, it's usually one of those two when a CO loses his vessel." He looks to D'Art, and nods gratefully, "Thank you." He then takes his handheld and starts it up, letting it boot as he sets it at his side, and looks between the pair of them. "When you see the CMO, ask him if I could please have my brain unwired from the computers, these electrodes are annoying." He looks between them again and smiles, "You don't need to stay. I need to look things over to make sure what I have in my computer here."

"True enough, Major, but I somehow doubt it's going to be the latter of the two." He looks back over towards D'Art and gives her a smile when she returns, followed by a nod of his head. Then, it's back towards Reed and he's arching his brow again, "'fraid that's probably not going to happen, Major. Not so long as your on the IV and what not." And that, brings him to look over at the monitor and he's giving a soft laugh before looking over towards D, "Shall we leave the Major to his work, D? I'll buy you a coffee from the little lounge we have."

D'Artanion nods, "Any time, Major." Tilting her head, she looks between the two, "One of what two things?" Then, the rest settles in and she refocuses on Reed, "Hey, now… Yeah, the ship is gone, but… From what I hear, a whole lot of folk owe you their lives. Don't worry about it, okay?" Her glance lifts to the monitor, then lowers, "Well. We can ask. But, he'll probably wonder if we're siding with the patient against medical science. So, don't be surprised if he says no." Her attention shifts to Craven and she nods, "Sounds good. Thanks." A smile warms for the man, though she looks back at Reed, "There's a 'call button' off to the side. If you need anything at all, push it. Someone will be in asap."

Reed nods, "I will, thank you both." He smiles, and starts looking at the computer, carefully.

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