Lost Boys - Goon Squad
Lost Boys - Goon Squad
Summary: Kastile gives more warnings.
Date: 118 ACH - 3/12/2009
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Research Peerless - Deck 15

118 ACH 23777 Souls

The Peerless, a science research vessel, has set up this area for hydroponics and growing. The dome above, allows the suns light from those in space to convert warmth in optimum degrees for the variety of plants stored here.


Its been a hard day down in the engines, and it shows when Jax is finally escorted back up to the med bay. His flightsuit is stripped down to his waist, and now a toolbelt that he's adopted is slung low around his hips. Of course, he has to unhook it and hand it to his escort that drops him off outsid of sick bay. Potential weapons, you know. There's a mild panic on his features when the people he left? Aren't here. After the Roz' finger incident of earlier, he's a mite paranoid, so he goes searching and finds…this. "What the frak happened?" He asks, filling up the door behind Meg.

Phelan looks back to Jax, "Not much, Micah slipped on the floor. Doc is looking him over now. How did the work on the engines go?"

Gosling casts a look toward Meaghan, "Ah! Good, you're here," she doesn't particularly reply to the question, "The Lieutenant's been injured," she explains. "The -other- Lieutenant is…" she straightens vaguely at Phelan's version of the story, then just coughs in some half-tacit disapproval. "How are you doing?" she asks Meaghan's pet, getting a small flashlight to help increase her ability to judge the responsiveness of Micah's eyes.

The pet dips his head to Gosling. "Sore, but good," he replies. "Need to get the bandaged changed." Meaghan simply looks among the gathered, eyes narrowing slightly. She just stares at Jax, for now.

One of those eyes is a bit bloodshot, in addition to the bruising. But the pupils contract in response, as is expected, and there's a slight flicker of lashes to signify Micah's imminent awake-ness. Slipped on the floor, indeed.

It isn't too long after that Kastile arrives. Known as 'Mr. Grey' to these pilots. His jaw is swollen, but he had been given some pain meds. A handkercheif is in his hand, as it isn't easy to talk and Drool Happens. He isn't alone this time, he has two tough looking goons with him. The pile up in the medical area is his intended approach.

Jax reaches for a rag tucked in his pocket, making a swipe of his greased face. There's a slight tick of a nervous smile toward Meg. But what about that woman wouldn't make you the /slightest/ bit uncomfortable? She's got a pet, for gods' sake. The floor? No, it doesn't look like he believes that story, but he's not going to press. "I got a list. Things we need. Fuel is the number one. Six hours, a few extra hands. I can make her fly again."

"Right, of course, Petty Officer," the Captain replies to the pet, then, looking down, she startles a bit to see those eyes moving, "Please, Lieutenant, keep still… you've suffered a great blow to the head," she informs him, if he doesn't remember. She doesn't specify from where. But she does add to Phelan, "If you could please refrain from striking the Lieutenant until I can complete treatment, I'd be much appreciative." She steps away to go get some new bandaging for Meaghan's pet, and then stops in the doorway as she sees Mr. Grey. "Kay," she greets him, "What happened?" she actually seems… concerned. Stepping forward to peer at the side of his face.

Mr. Grey has arrived, and so Meaghan steps aside, respectfully, guiding her pet along with her. For the time being, she remains quiet.

Phelan nods, "Don't worry, I don't think you have to worry about me Doc.. the dogs are here to tug on my leash." he looks to Jax and shrugs, "Explain later if it needs to be explained, otherwise it was between Jailhouse and I." he turns around to look at Mr Grey. "Welcome back to our humble abode.. can we get you some coffee?"

Micah's eyes flicker again, then he's dragging a hand up to his face, his temple, where that lovely bruise is forming. He's never been much for lying still, especially when there's a doctor prodding at him, so he starts pushing to his elbows and blearily trying to figure out what's going on. "Ah'm fine, doc. Just hit my head.." Yeah. The floor rose up and hit him.

"Good news," comes Kastile's voice from behind now and toward Jax. He makes a wave of his hand to clear the path so he can get through the doorway. Gosling is given a glance and then his eyes travel to Phelan and back again. A finger indicates the one on the gurney now, Micah. His brow raising in question.

Jax quirks a brow at that but says nothing. This isn't the time or the place, and at least he's got the smarts to realize that. As Phelan says, if it needs to be sorted out later, it will, but Jax takes a subconscious step away from Wolf. Which also clears the way for Kastile. "I need to get word up to the fleet. One of our birds will have to be allowed up."

Gosling looks irritated. "The Lieutenants were taking a page from the Deck Hands' book," Deck Hands being the term she's applied to the convicts who prowl that area living in lawlessness, "And brawling in the hallways. Seems to be good news all around… what's yours, Kay? And what happened to your face?"

Phelan stands there waiting but looks to Gosling, "Please don't forget to put that on ice doc. I appreciate it." his gaze doesn't move from Mr Grey as he speaks to Gosling.

Micah isn't offering any elucidation on what might have happened to his face, or Kastile's for that matter. He does start swinging off that gurney though, only stumbling a little as he does so, and having to catch the wall with his shoulder. The room's probably doing funny spinny things to him at the moment, never mind the raging headache and fact he can't see straight. "Miller. You manage to suss out what's broke?"

"Seems they like it." Is all Kastile gives to Gosling for now. "See they are stripped of their flightsuits and given convict clothing." The words take awhile to get out, but he looks over to Meg for that little job. She's big enough to see it'll happen. He looks back to Gosling now, "Let the kid talk to his friends on the bridge. Keep an eye on him."

"Are they on the line?" Gosling wonders, brows popping upward in surprise. "Alright, Kay. We'll go talk. Do you need me to look you over before we do?" She turns to peer at Micah, "You shouldn't be up and about."

Meg quirks a brow at Kastile, but there's no hesitation as she moves forward. "You," she says to her pet. "Get the clothes." Apparently her pet knows what he's supposed to do - he heads off to get the proper attire for the guests. For her part, she moves to Phelan, first, and waits. Apparently either he'll do it, or she'll do it for him.

Jax gives a quick glance to Kastile that sharpens when it gets tossed to Phelan. Strip. "If that means I can talk to the Battlestar for the parts…" He says a little tersely, untying the sleeves from around his waist and going to unzip it the rest of the way down. He's in his twin tanks and a pair of fatigue pants, so its not like he's putting on a show.

"If you can reach them from here. No one goes up." Kastile tells Jax and then shakes his head at Gosling, "I'm fine. Make sure nothing is said but what he needs. If he gives anything else, make sure he doesn't talk again." That lends ideas to all kinds of things. Losing a tongue, most likely.

"Ah'll put on a pink tutu if that gets you off, but I want to talk to you. Alone." That's directed at Kastile, with a steady look from the swarthy viper jock. Micah's not making any attempts to strip off his flight suit, yet. Then again, he's hardly in the best shape to be doing much of anything, on his own accord.

Gosling arcs a brow at the order but doesn't otherwise seem shaken by it, simply nodding her head in acquiescence. "Dear heart?" she calls, to Meaghan, then, whose name she -still- doesn't know. "Can you please see to it that the Lieutenant gets back to bed? He needs some time to recover. Thank you," she adds with a nod of her head, then looks to Jax. "Shall we?"

Phelan stands as he is, not making any more to undress either. He watches Micah incase he needs to lend a hand.

"Meg," the big woman says to Gosling, then nods, once. "He'll get back into bed." She looks back to Phelan and takes another step closer. "You need to undress. Now." It's not a request.

Jax steps out of his flightsuit, kicking it away from him. He's not going to fold it up and present it with a bow, but its there and he complies quietly. "Sure, one more thing for me to try and fix. But that's time wasted. I'm already working miracles here, my luck is bound to run out." Maybe he can boost the signal from CIC. Maybe. But that's a time consuming long shot. He's shaking his head, the long days and strain starting to wear on him. "I'll be back soon, sir." He promises of Micah, in a bit of a plead for him to stay. "For frak's sake, strip, Wolf." He grumbles. "Ready when you are, Doctor. Mister."

"Meg," the Captain repeats, "Thank you," she offers again, then, turning her attention to Jax, "Alright," she acknowledges, then, to Kay: "With your leave, Kay?" she asks him.

Kastile nods to Gosling and stands to the side, his goons piling in after the two leave. He waits to see what Phelan will be doing next and if he could smile, he would.

Sitting back down's become a necessity, never mind the doctor and her bulldog of an enforcer, Meaghan. The gurney creaks ominously as Micah rests his butt against it, and while Kastile's occupied with the other pilot, he focuses on not vomiting. Which is a strong temptation. He'll worry about the flight suit in a minute.

Gosling leaves for Corridor 15A [CO].

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Jax leaves for Corridor 15A [CO].

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Phelan takes his time undressing out of his flight suit, taking time to collect it up after he steps out of it wearing his boxers and shirt underneath. He takes it and throws it at Mr Grey, "Hope you wear it personally."

<Opposed Roll> Meaghan - Unarmed_Combat versus Phelan - Unarmed_Combat

<Roll1> Meaghan: Great <Roll2> Phelan: Mediocre

<Result> Meaghan WINS by 3.

Meaghan seemed absolutely fine with Phelan's disrobing. She'd been watching him like a hawk. But when he threw the flight suit? Her expression goes from bovine placide to Oh HELL no. Without a word of warning, she very simply pulls her fist back and slams it into the part of his face that just so happens to be in front of her. She's not picky. It's not a lovetap.

Phelan takes the punch in the side of the face and turns to try and absorb it, falling to the floor. He shakes his head a moment, collecting himself then stands back up standing at attention and ignoring Meaghan.

"Meg, m'luv," Kastile says quietly, "You can have him when we're done. We'll need someone still with us when we leave this place," he looks to Micah now, "Alone? We'll see. Strip."

As Phelan got back up, Meg got That Look on her face. Like a little kid at christmas who just discovered that she'd been given her very own punching clown weighted bag. The old fashioned one that pops back up when you hit it. She considers Phelan for a long moment, and it's fairly clear she's trying to figure out whether or not he'll get up -again- if she hits him. But then Kastile intervenes and she slowly drops her fist, nodding. Her attention turns to Micah and then she smiles. It's not a pleasant smile. Someone is not a fan of dental care. But it's a smile that stretches from ear to ear. "I can help."

There's a twinge of sympathy in Micah's expression, when Phelan goes down. Just a twinge of it. The guy is his squadmate after all, and he's ostensibly his caretaker. But it's been a long few days, and he rather feels like vomiting right now. Which he does, preceded by a thumping of booted feet and a bending over the sink conveniently placed near the gurney. "I can get it off myself," he mutters, fumbling about for a washcloth and swiping it across his face a few times. "But ta, anyway." Mismatched eyes shift from Phelan, to Meaghan for a long moment, and then Kastile. Maybe? Maybe's something. He starts unzipping the thing.

Phelan stands there keeping an eye out for Micah as he starts taking of his flight suit. He otherwise keeps his form straight and unmoving.

Kastile lets Meg and his two goons keep these pilots in line and take care of the flightsuits. When Meg's pet brings back the grey clothing, he begins to take his leave, making comment on the way out. "If anyone else slips on the floor again, I'll shoot the guy with the broken leg."

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