Lost Souls - Solaris
Lost Souls - Solaris
Summary: The MarDet team assaults the Solaris
Date: 143 ACH
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The MarDet has been assembled and Ramiro makes his way down to the hangar bay in full battlegear. With Sergeant Scipio at the helm of the Marine Detachment, Ramiro cracks his knuckes as his assault rifle hangs over his shoulders. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, he barks out to them all who have assembled for the mission. With a dark look on his face, he calls out the orders.
"Allright listen up! Here is our mission. We are going to board the Solaris and we are going to board through its Hangar Deck and secure it section by section. NO ONE GOES ANYWHERE ALONE." He says with a promise of pain for those that break the rule. "Marines first, Medical and Engineers go second. We're gonna clear this girl room by room and make it ours. When it's safe, we're going to determine the status of the survivors and then our engineers will determine if it is salvageable. DO I NEED TO REPEAT MYSELF?" Ramiro asks, expecting a reply as he walks down the line, giving them all the evil eye.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Ramiro, Radio check."

"No, sir," comes the reply from Skip, and a lot of the other Marines. The sergeant checks his equipment once more, as he glances around at the others.

[Tac3] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera Actual, confirm Radio check." Another voice, "Genesis CIC, Radio Check confirmed. You're hot, Ensign."

"No repeat necessary." Strat says evenly enough, giving his own web belts a quick check, although there are far more tools and far fewer weapons, effectively none. He adjusts the strap holding his helmet on and then simply waits.

Adelaide shakes her head pushing the helmet up from out of her eyes, she curses softly and sighs…Why is she crazy enough to to this, why did she say she'll go along…

Ramiro smiles and heads over to the engineers, looking them over. Looking to Adelaide, he reaches out and yanks on one of her straps, tightening her backpack a bit more. Heading down the line, he does the same for a few others before he heads to the assembled Raptors. "Allright then. Mount up and let's do this!" He barks. "Board and let's get over there, huah." Ramiro barks, finding his Raptor and getting inside.

Strat moves to mount up in the Raptor designated for the Engineering team, the rather small detachment of enlisted Engineers following him like a group of lost puppies, despite his relatively new status on the Genesis.

Skip nods, "You heard the man!" he calls out, making sure people get into the Raptors, before he makes his way over to one of them and boarding it.

Adelaide also follows behind Strat except she's not an engineer or a pupply more like a Rabbit.

It takes a few moments as the bodies of the away party marines, medics, and engineering crew flood into their Raptors like bees reentering a nest on a busy day. Ramiro, from inside the lead Raptor, starts his customary pre-battle prayers to Apollo. Having chosen the lead Raptor to show he'd never ask his men to do something that he wouldn't be willing to do himself, the Raptors launch out of the extended side-struts of the Genesis and begin their trek to the Solaris.

The Solaris Deck is quiet. Damaged and sparking panels are everywhere. Power is on, life support is working. Wreckage of Raptors and Vipers that were destroyed with small arms fire are strewn around the area. Nothing seems to be moving at the moment except for the occasional spark shower from here and there.

The lead Raptor containing Skip's fireteam, Adelaide and Strat, and Ramiro lands with Ramiro moving to stand in front of the engineers. The additional Raptors touch down and the hatches open, ready for release. "Allright Skip, show us what you can do." Ramiro says, readying his weapon. Looking down over his shoulder at the two engineers, he nods to them. "Remember to take cover and keep your weapons pointed down until you're shooting it. Don't point it unless you're pulling the trigger. We need you guys safe." Ramiro says openly, grabbing the CB style mic that'll communicate to the raptors. "Marines, I want my hangar, unload and secure, Huah!"

Strat takes the opportunity to exit the Raptor just about as soon as possible, which means he's the first off after the Marine's indicate that it's safe to do so. He keeps his submachinegun low and in close to his body, there's not much chance he'll be using it, but the sparking panels instantly call his attention, and he glances over to Ramiro with a jerk of his head in the direction the problem. "You wanna check that first, or should I?"

Adelaide rolls her eyes at the marine as she waits for the others ro disembark. "I haven't been drilling all week for this, for nothing." She mutters, going to make sure her safty is on, for now her tool kit is her friend not her weapon.

"I've got a bad feeling about this," Skip mutters at the easy landing on the way in, before he nods at Ramiro's words. Getting out before his team, he looks around, starting on the process of securing the hangar while other Marines work on the same in other parts of the area.

As the Marines deploy the hammering of metal on deckplating are heard from down a corridor. coming from the hallway, Approaching quickly, A pair of Centurions come to the hallway opening, clawed hands retracting as the machine guns flip out on the end of their arms, and they fire, shooting wide, bullets sparking off metal for the opening volley…

Skip mutters a bit to himself as those Centurions decide to stop by. "Okay, let's bring those tin cans down!" he calls out, before moving to open fire at one of them.

With the last of the Marines out of the Raptors, Dane leads from the field, clicking his safety off at the sight of the Centurions. "Find cover." He says simply to the engineers, raising his rifle. Standing he lines up on the first Centurion. "Find covering points and open fire, take the one on the left and sweep right!" Ramiro calls out, squeezing the trigger.

Strat's initial response to the suddenly rattling of automatic weapons fire is a jerk of his shoulders and a slight duck of his head, he turns with the M90 against his shoulder in a decent approximation of aiming correctly. At the same time, he realizes he's better off getting to cover, and doesn't seem to be trying to score effective hits so much as just send more flak up against the Centurions.

Adelaide brings up her weapon when the Tin heads appear, like Strat thoes she goes to duck for cover flattening herself against the side of the Battlestars sides.

The Centurions open up with a barrage aimed, oddly at the one person not shooting at them. Bullets fly as the Centurions spark and one of them goes down in a blaze of gunfire, while more metal footsteps pound toward the Deck. Still, in a natural choke point, they're not swarming, as another Centurion moves over the destroyed wreckage, gun arm out.

Ramiro hangs near the back of the group, standing in the open to show open bravado for his troops with his rifle raised. Pleased at the results so far, he glances between bursts down the hangar bay for signs of Centurion backup. Pressing forward to stand beside Scipio, he barks orders over the gunfire. "Human survivors are to be detained and secured!" He barks loudly, sparing no circumstance as he continues assisting the assault.

Strat seems almost genuinely surprised as the spray of fire from his rifle spatters against the Centurion's chest, and the hail of gunfire from the nearby Marine detachment topples the machine over spectacularly. He kneels behind a waist high chunk of destroyed Viper, aiming down the rifle at the other target.

Skip nods as the first Centurion's down, "Keep firing!" The call is made, before he opens up once more, at one of the Centurions.

Adelaide through no fault of her own happens to be the target of the tin head, with a sparkled cry she jumps back, as one of the bullets graze her armour. "Not good, your not meant to fire at the non-combats, didn't someone program that?"

Maybe the Centurions just weren't given that programming and are used to firing on unarmed civilians. Genocidal programming and all. As the other Centurion takes enough damage to drop it, another one moves up to take its place, though it appears there are no more behind them. Bullets fly and continue flying from the gun arms of these Centurions. as they keep the barrage up.

The ground collects shells, which will have to be collected later for recasting, another job for guard marines and engineer staff. At the least, if the Solaris is salvageable, the deck crew can do it. Ramiro, however, right now is too busy to bother. The loud series of pops and rattled gunfire echo across the hangarbay as the fight continues. Still standing over his marines, Ramiro keeps firing. Lining up a shot on the next Centurion, he keeps going.

Skip nods grimly as one more of the Centurion goes down. Switching the fire to the newest arrival now.

Adelaide is yet again the center of attention, and this time the bullet makes her double over in pain. "Gods." She breaths getting winded in the process. "Someone take thoes frakking things down before the next one really gets me, this vest can pnly take so much damage!" She knows the wound is making her cranky, the pain almost too much.

Taking the hint, Strat hugs the rifle in close against his shoulder and aims down the iron sights at the new combatant, closing his right eye in a somewhat awkward way to bring his dominant eye to bear, using his cover as a brace to support his aim.

The Centurions seem to be going down at a steady pace, though their fire seems to have gotten smarter to fire at the people shooting at them. The Last Centurion, for no more seem to come down the hall, continues firing away. One of the Marines experieences a Jam, and ducks to switch to his sidearm.

Skip nods a little now, "Only one to go at the moment," he calls out, moving to fire again.

Strat ducks down beneath his cover as the Centurion's shots whiz by his head, causing his own salvo to go wild, striking the ceiling above and behind the machine. The sudden movement causes him to fall down and to the side, leaving him to aim around the edge of the wreckage instead.

Ramiro nods at Skip's words. So far there have been no MarDet losses, which means that this is a good thing. Then again, this is only the hangar. Who knows what waits for them inside. Maintaining his standing position with an oddly placed bruise on his cheek, he continues to fire on the approaching menace.

Adelaide comes from behind her cover finally recovered enough to shot at the frakking tin head, she pulls up her weapon jams it against her shoulder and fires.

The concentrated fire of the Genesis personnel downs the last Centurion fairly quickly. After it falls, the Marine with the Jam holsters his sidearm and starts working on his rifle. He clears the Jam quickly and nods as the rest of the Marines reload to be ready as the Hangar Deck falls quiet. All targets down. 4 Centurions out of gods know how many.

Flipping a switch, the emptied clip from Ramiro's rifle falls out from under his arm and onto the floor. Raising the rifle, he pulls out a fresh clip and smacks it against his helmet to seat it before loading it. Lowering the rifle, he racks it and looks down the line. Seeing no wounded, but pausing to look over Adelaide, he nods to her. He's a hard man when he's in the field, she's not bleeding or screaming, so she's just fine. Ramiro nods to Skip to proceed.

Adelaide blinks and leans back against the wall her eyes closing for a minutes as the combat finally finished. "Frak me, that's going to have a hell of a bruise tomorrow." She mutters, going to thumb her safty back on, she doesn't need herself getting trigger happy and placing a round in the guy ahead of her.

"Let's get on with it, folks!" comes the call from Skip, as he makes his way to ensure the deck will be under their control for the moment. Glancing around for a few moments now. "Good work so far," he adds.

Strat doesn't wait for the go ahead this time, as taking cover put him closer to one of the ever-sparking panels. He stands and shifts his rifle to his back, looking cautiously over the electronics for anything that seems amiss. He leans in close, but avoids touching the panel for the moment, trying to figure out what exactly was causing the sparking, and hoping that he'd be able to patch into something useful from here.

The sparking damage seems to be general introduction of bullets into electronics. However, as the Marines move around, securing the Hangar deck they.. do. Reporting enterances to the Deck are secured, all of them. Every one. No more Centurions. Corpses litter the area, however, and they all seem to be just that. Solaris crewmembers riddled with bullets, weapons strewn about or still held in cold, dead fingers.

A sudden lurch in the entire ship happens, throwing people to the ground as an explosion occurs in the depths of the ship, rocking the entire superstructure. Although as the shockwave passes, the ship is still here, and power flickers, and comes back so the ship wasn't blown to atoms, so that's something.
<OOC> IC_Builder says, "All roll Agility, Good or higher to stay on your feet."
<Trait Roll> Adelaide rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Fair (3).
<Trait Roll> Strat rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Mediocre (2).
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Ramiro rolls Agility and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Ramiro's rocked by the internal explosion of some sort, but manages to stay on his feet. Seems he's got his sea legs. Nodding to Skip, he moves to the center of the hangar bay and presses his hand to the CB-style mic on his shoulder, radioing back to CIC. "Actual, MarDet SitRep. Hangar bay is secured we have internal explosions of some sort. Status of structure unknown. Reporting human Solaris casualties. Zero Genesis casualties. Proceeding with mission. Over."

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Actual, MarDet SitRep. Hangar bay is secured we have internal explosions of some sort. Status of structure unknown. Reporting human Solaris casualties. Zero Genesis casualties. Proceeding with mission. Over."

[Tac3] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Hera Actual. Acknowledged, Mardet."
From afar, Skip nods, "The main entrance to this deck, then?

Strat has no such luck, rolling forward before cracking his face against the panel with a loud noise but superficial damage that sends him sprawling onto the deck, planting his hands to either side. One finally moves to rub at his cheek before he's crawling back to his feet to deal with the panel at hand, prying off the access covering.

Adelaide of course goes straight down on to her back, as usual always seeming to land there. It's almost become the butt of many jokes in the deck department. "Frak!" She cries, banging her head on the floor it would very been very nice of one of the marine to try and save her, but no she goes down.

Skip manages to stay on his feet, although he stumbles for a few moments. Nodding a bit at Ramiro, he moves to the main exit from the deck, with some of the other Marines, "Ready whenever you are, sir," he offers to Ramiro.

Ramiro heads the wireless back from the Hera and nods in the direction of Skip. "Lead them on. Engineers, when we're in clear areas from this point forward I want a SitRep. I wanna know what's going on with this ship."

This is the central stairwell of the Solaris. Along the full range of decks of the ship, the hatches lead to the various areas that connect through this central access point. Crewmen move up and down the stairs on their way to their jobs, keeping the ship running and ready to do the work on other ships that this vessel was designed for.

The Central stairwell is a mess. While it's stable and functional, there's damage in the form of grenade blast, corpses.. lots of corpses, and Centurion hulks lying everywhere. At the moment, there's nothing but quiet coming from everywhere. Up towards where the Bridge is seems to be the only sounds of any sort of activity.

Stepping in behind the detachment, sure that the exits are covered in the hangar, Ramiro eyeballs the damage from the center of the group and considers. "To the bridge. If any of the damage control systems are still online we need to get to those as quickly as possible." He says to Skip, taking a moment to look back at the engineers to determine their disposition. "Make it happen, Staff Sergeant."

Strat seems alert, but not frazzled. His eyes scan the hallway briefly before trusting the Marines to do their job, and hopefully, to get him to somewhere that he can do his. He cradles the rifle in his arms, the enlisted Engineers looking a little more worse for wear, wide eyed and jumpy.

Skip nods as he hears that, "To the bridge, then," he offers, starting to lead his group up there as quickly as he can. Getting ready just outside on the stairs, for moving in and securing the area.

Adelaide follows after the three men and their minion her weapon still out, she doesn't trust this ship things keep firing at her.

As the MarDet team moves toward the CIC, a voice, male, and human says, "Alright, go on, get out there!" And then close hammering of metal footfalls as Centurions boil out of CIC. Four of them all coming out. it's like a nightmare as claws retract and the shooting starts, It's an immediate combat as the bullets start flying. some people have nightmares about this very thing.

Dane heard that voice, he doesn't like it. Narrowing his eyes, Ramiro realized that despite the bodies, they're wide in the open. "Hug the walls and spread out!" He barks, immediately clicking off his safety and raising the rifle at the first Centurion. Finding a wall, he drops to one knee and opens fire at the approaching Centurions. He barks something into the wireless as he fires.

Strat hits the deck, quite literally. He dives forward onto his stomach as Centurion gunfire fills the hallway, fumbling with his rifle until he can get it firmly up into a firing position, bearing down the sights at the most visible of the suddenly appearing assault team.

Adelaide doesn't need to be told twice as she ducks behind one of the meat shields NPC ones of course she's never dream of having Skip take a bullet for her. He's not wearing red anyway…Bring her weapon up, Addie is not going to miss this time, she has a determind glint in her pale eyes.
Your wireless is not tuned to that channel.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "(sounds of gunfire) Actual this is MarDet, possible necessary intel in Solaris CIC, over!"

"Hades…" Skip mutters, before moving in a position to fire off at one of the Centurions. Glancing around momentarily to see where his team is placed.

[Tac3] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Mardet, Hera. Proceed. Secure intel."

The Marines take fire positions as best they can in the quarters they have to work with and start sending fire into the Centurions, no finesse here, this is a slugfest, now.

Ramiro doesn't like this one bit, but standing could equal making a bigger target and he's learned in his day to remain kneeling and keep up with the fire. Gunfire erupts in both directions and all he knows at the moment is that he hasn't been hit. That doesn't mean they're out of the fire yet. He presses the attack on his target.

The Centurions open into the mass of armed humans, continuing the fire. some of them spark and eat high velocity ammo, but they're not even close to stopping, and none of them are taking any kind of cover. Pfft, machines.

Skip is as close to the wall as he can to avoid being that bigger target. Firing off his shot once again, he ducks down a bit, to avoid incoming bullets.

Strat, meanwhile, has been hit. A Centurion slug strikes him in the right arm and elicits and pained grunt that encourages him to press more tightly up against the wall, spraying bullets from the rifle with his opposite hand.

Adelaide eye widen in mild pleasure as she's shoot and hits, first time for everything even this specalist can get it right sometimes. "Sir?" She says though when it appears the are getting a little over powered. "Return fire?"

"Yes return fire!" Ramiro barks as he fires, it's probably lost over the echoing gunfire in the metallic hallway.

The Genesis Marines take several bullets as the gunfire exchange continues, one of the Centurions falling as a nasty bullet to the head causes it to blow out in a shower of sparks and ozone. The Marines are tough creatures though and the firefight continues.

The hits were coming in, and Ramiro could see a few flashes of blood from some of the MarDet team as hits are scored. Narrowing his eyes, he rises from his kneeling position, attempting to draw some of the fire away from them. "DO NOT STOP FIRING!" He snarls, punishing his forward Cylon.

Strat takes another hit, but sucks it up this time as it isn't all that bad. Still, he remains in the corner of the floor and the wall, although apparently in the front. His barrage of ineffective fire continues unabated.

"Keep firing! We're going to get through this!" Skip calls out, going back to firing at his chosen target. "Let's show them who they're messing with!"

For once Addie isn't going to disobey an order, aiming anf firing she goes for another round not even bothering to see if she hits something or not, she can gloat after she's managed to keep herself alive.

Centurions start dropping, and with each one down, the fire concentrates on the remaining ones. The concepts of Combat Loss Grouping coming into play as another Centurion falls, leaving the last one, the little bullethead who could, firing away, as the Marines concentrate their fire for hopefully the last one of this particular engagement to take the combined fire.

Ramiro fires and helps bring his target down, but not before a stray bullet rockets through the air and connects with the side of his neck. There's a slight spray of blood as the grazing wound manages to knick his jaw and neck just beneath his earlobe, nearly shearing his ear off. His helmet falls off as the strap is cut. He doesn't back down. "Bring this frakker down, NOW!" He snarls, shrugging his helmet aside as he remains standing. "NOW NOW NOW"

The staccato clacking of Strat's M90 continues, the rounds mostly splattering uselessly around the Centurion, all the more hilariously inaccurate as time goes on. At least he's firing in the right direction, even if it is with the wrong hand now.
<COMBAT> Strat aims at Cent7.

Skip gets into position to keep firing, moving forward into a more agressive position now. "You're going down," he mutters to the Centurion.

Adelaide continues her firing not letting up until she's been told to stand down.

The little Centurion who could.. Couldn't. The combined fire of the Marines tears through the Machine and it falls forward with a jerky, twitching mess and then goes still, smoke curling up from the holes in it. Then, at the end, it's quiet.. again.

Ramiro stands, weapon raised at the Cylons for a moment as he doesn't give the all clear yet. Patting Skip's helmet, he gets the man's attention and uses one arm for hand signals. Extending his arm and motioning, he calls for silent approach of the CIC doors, mirror around inside to get a look in. "Watch for frags…" Dane whispers silently, motioning for the Engineers to hang back and stay down.

Strat pushes himself up to his knees, leaning against the wall even as he does so with favor given to his right arm. The rifle is once again relegated to his back, and he waits for a sign from the Marine detachment to make any further move forward.

Adelaide looks over to the Ensign she just beat up that morning, asking. "You ok?" of course this is once she's lowered her gun and wiped a hand across her forehead.

Skip moves to follow the instructions, stepping over one of the downed Centurions on the way forward. Getting ready to charge inside when needed to.

The Marines check weapons and reload up as a Metallic groan sounds through the ship. Creaking of structural stress points. Not a happy sound.
<OOC> IC_Builder says, "Skip, Alertness roll."
<OOC> IC_Builder says, "Strat, Engineering roll."
<Trait Roll> Strat rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Good (4).
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Fair (3).

Ramiro doesn't like the situation any more than anyone else, and he lets his rifle hang on the lanyard after engaging the safety. Sensing a bit of trouble coming, he draws his pistol to have more pinpoint accuracy and maneuverability as he looks from Adelate to Strat. With that, he creeps up with the rest of the Marines.

Strat winces at the sounds coming from the ship. "If we're going to get anything of value out of this derelict, we're going to have to get moving. She's not going to come apart beneath us anytime soon, but I can't guarantee anything outside of that. It might be related to that explosion earlier…" He smiles faintly to Adelaide and shrugs, immediately regretting the movement. "I'm fine."

Adelaide covers the engineers work, by going to lean against the wall where he's working her weapon is up on her shoulder ready for the next onslaugh of walking bake bean tins.

"Doesn't look to be any more Centurions, sir," Skip offers quietly to Ramiro, after that looking around is done. "I'm 70 percent sure of that…" Getting ready to charge in when ordered to.

Ramiro shakes his head, he knows he heard someone inside, so he decides it's time to make contact. Furrowing his brow, he knows whoever's inside is pretty sure that they're out there as well. "Allright…!" Ramiro calls out. "…let's start talking. Who's inside?"

"You're boring the frak out of me. Come on, that was the last of my Centurions, and I'm unarmed. Haven't even put any tripwires down for you."

Strat raises an eyebrow, watching this exchange from far enough down the hallway that he's unlikely to be caught up in any kind of explosion.

Adelaide stays behind the men again, using them as meat shields. "That sounded like a human voice, what is a human doing working for the Tin heads?" She asks, puzzled.

"Not even trip wires, we mustn't be important enough," Skip mutters under his breath, looking over at Ramiro for any orders now.

Dane smirks and shakes his head, nevermind the fact that he's bleeding from the jaw and the ear and it hurts like all hell. Clicking the safety off of his pistol, he steps it up a notch. "Move to the center of CIC where we can view you from the door. Hands up, no frakking around. We're going to come in when you meet these requirements." Dane calls back, motioning for Skip to get back on the mirroring.

<OOC> IC_Builder says, "Skip another awareness"
<Trait Roll> Skip rolls Awareness and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Strat stands up fully now, inspecting the full extent of the injury to his right arm while he waits for the Marines to finish their hostage negotiation, or whatever this turned out to be.

A sigh, "Oh you people. Alright, goddamnit, hang on a second. I have something for you people, A book. It's in my hand, and it's not a bomb or anything stupid."

Skip studies the image from the mirror for a few moments. "Looks to be a man, with a scrap book or something in the hand. Seems to be alone," he reports to Ramiro.

Adelaide places down her gun now seeing Strat still in pain she grabs the first aid kit from her Engineering kits. "I aint no medic, or even combat medic but I got some basic training if you need it. "

Ramiro looks back to Adelaide at her question, not acknowledging it. Blinking at her wordlessly, he turns back to Skip and nods. Motioning with his hands, he nods that he'll provide cover while the rest are to flood in and make sure that it's secure. Ramiro starts the countdown from five…four…three…two…one. At Zero, he rises and pivots, lowering the man with the book into his sights.

Skip doesn't hesitate at that instruction, moving in when indicated, and letting a quick glance around the CIC area tell him that there doesn't seem to be much more problems there. Letting someone else look closer, he keeps his weapon aimed on the man now, standing ready.

Cavil is standing in the middle of CIC, which has no corpses in it, but does have a lot of bloodstains and bullet holes in it. Cavil, however is spotless, dressed in some pretty damn nice clothes, holding a scrapbook in one hand, both hands clearly where they can be seen. He has a light little smile on his face and is watching the Marines coming in. "Hi there."

Strat follows in behind the Marines, immediately moving towards the nearest instrument panel to gauge the damage to to the ship, so long as it doesn't look like it will explode directly in his face.
<OOC> IC_Builder says, "Engineering roll Strat."
<Trait Roll> Strat rolls Engineering and achieves a degree of Good (4).

If she wasn't confused before she certainly is now. "What the?" She asks, going to bring her weapon up. "He's human, he's frakking human." She declares, having forgotten all about the injured Strat.

"Get on the job, Specialist I need to know what we're working with on this ship." Ramiro replies, gun trained on Cavil. Speaking to one of the marines, whoever Skip determines, he doesn't drop his aim. "Frisk him, check the book for wiring. Detain him." Ramiro says flatly, eyes locking on Cavil. He's seen him before once…in a box…before he had the box blown with a grenade.

Cavil looks at the faces of the people as they come in, as he looks at each one, "no..no…no.." He gets to Ramiro, and smiles, "Yes. You. You know what I am, don't you, kid? Wanna tell the lady, or should I? You done lying to all the people under your command and all those poor Civilians?"

Strat seems completely dismissive of the man, since he isn't a ship, and doesn't have a gun, he's of tertiary interest at best. The engineering Ensign scans the information presented and grumbles. "Oh, what the Frak is this?" He slaps a palm down against the console and looks up at Ramiro. "This ship isn't going anywhere, or doing anything, without a massive refit. So, basically never. She's frakked. We might be able to get equipment by salvage, but she's not leaving here."

Skip nods to one of the Marines to do as Ramiro instructed, studying Cavil carefully in the process. Glancing over at Strat very momentarily.

Adelaide hesiate for a second torn between following a command and wondering what the man is saying. "What's he talking about." She asks her gun wavering.

"Get your gun down Specialist. That's an order." Ramiro says simply, lowering his pistol to its holster once Cavil is detained. Returning to his rifle, he looks over at Strat. "Are internal cameras working? I need a sitrep on anyone left alive. Feel free to use the ship comms to call them out." Ramiro says, turning to look at Adelaide. "He's intel. We need him. Don't listen to him." Ramiro says, motioning for her to get to work. Grabbing his wireless, he reports.

Cavil nods to Strat, "Yep. Took a lot of Centurions placing charges very carefully to get that effect. Of course, I had to do it in a rush job, as you guys got here, so we likely missed some people." Then the Marines are on him, and locking his arm into place that's holding the book as another Marine frisks him. The Marine on the book-arm checks for wires in the sleeve, connecting to the book, and removes the book as the other Marine says, "Clean." Then starts zip tying the mans hands behind his back. There's no resistance as the book is brought away from the people and checked, "Clean, it's not hot." Cavil looks to Adelaide, smirking, "I -AM- a Cylon, girl. I thought it was time to have little chat." He looks back to Ramiro, "But you really didn't think I'd let you have another Battlestar, did you?"

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Actual this is MarDet. Solaris is broken, no timetable until structural cave in. No friendlies found alive yet. We have intel in custody and a hangar full of broken Vipers and Raptors that can be scrapped for parts. Repeat. No timetable till collapse. Possibly sabotaged for further effect, over."

"I can try to get them working, but it won't be easy." Strat says evenly to Ramiro, holding up a rat's nest of torn apart wiring. "The system seems somewhat functional, but accessing it? Whole different problem." He pries the front panel open and breaks it off with a swift kick, kneeling in front of the console. "A couple hours, at the very least."

Adelaide just keep staring her weapon staying where it is. "A Cylon, how can he ve a Cylon." She demands, finally lowering her gun, she starts to move to do her work though she can't help but get a closer look at Gavil, her eyes roaming his body and face. "He's human…Why would you do that." She says. "Why would you turn against your own people." A look back to Ramiro and she's on the job, she needs to occupy herself before she thinks too much.

Skip keeps his attention on Cavil for the moment, studying the man rather carefully. "Whatever he is, there's nothing wrong with his voice, obviously," he remarks a bit thoughtfully.

[Tac3] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Mardet, Hera. Secure Intel and withdraw it to Genesis. Search ship and secure. Your discression. Engineering and reinforcements on your command."

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Copying on intel. Requesting additional engineering to get to hangar. There's trashed aircraft but even shoved into space they can be worked over. Team Bravo move for sweep. Thirty minute max. Clear rooms fast and get back to the hangar. We're on a timeclock."

Cavil looks to Adelaide, and barks a quick laugh, before wincing, looking over his shoulder to the Marine with the Zipties, "Ow." He says clearly, before looking to Ramiro, "Wow, told them nothing, eh?" He then looks to Skip. "My voice, no, it's fine, thank you for asking."

Sending some more wireless commands to get the ball rolling. Ramiro takes out a camera and takes a picture of Cavil. His other hand throws one of the marines a roll of tape. "You're right. Let's shut him up." Ramiro replies, grabbing the intercom for the ship. Clicking it on, he gets over the loudspeakers if they're working. "Colonial military staff still left alive, this is Ensign Dane Ramiro, Battlestar Genesis Marines. Proceed to hangar unarmed with hands in the air. Call yourself out as we approach. You have thirty minutes. Point weapons and you will be shot. Repeat. Proceed unarmed."

A buzzer of a Wireless in CIC, someones calling in.

Strat drops onto his back on the deck, pulling himself half inside the console's panel. The sound of muttering can be heard, along with a few electric zats as he starts splicing the wiring back together in an attempt to get the system operational again.

[Tac3] This is Franks, Bravo Team. Encountering unarmed crew members, surrendering on Deck 12.

[Tac3] Sutton Here, Bravo 2 encountering unarmed friendlies, Deck 9, surrendering.

Skip is unable to hold back a grin as the roll of tape comes out. Glancing around for a few moments, especially when the wireless start making sound.

Cavil looks at Skip, and smiles, "Okay okay." He then falls silent, looking to Ramiro, dropping a wink before he gets taped up.

With another wireless communication, Ramiro nods to Adelaide and Strat. "I need you two to scrap necessary parts. Marines, get this man a VIP trip back to Genesis. I'm going to oversee evac. Thirty minutes people, grab what you can." Ramiro says, walking away, talking on his wireless.

The Marine with the book finishes his examination of it, and opens it. He blinks, blanches, and closes it, moving to Ramrio, "Sir?" He's got a bullet in him somewhere, but he ain't got time to bleed. He still looks kind of pale, however that happened when he opened the book.

[Tac3] Damnit, Genesis Team, this is Lieutenant Carver, We are unable to comply due to wounded. We are in sickbay, and unable to move some of these people. You're going to have to come to us, Ensign, do you read? Over?

"Go get it checked out, soldier." Ramiro says, stopping, motioning for Adelaide to take his position. "Yama, you're on CIC I'm leaving you a protective detail. Masters, if you're capable, you do this work. If not you get medical. You can still oversee scrap duty until reinforcements come." Ramiro says, heading towards medical, waving two marines from the hallway to follow him.

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Actual, MarDet, we've got survivors. Starting a train for evac in the hangar. Suggesting fast drops, we're on a timetable. Medical team to infimary. We have wounded. I need an engineering detail covered to nuke storage. Package is enroute, over?"

Strat nods to Ramiro. "I'll handle it." He pushes himself to his feet, ignoring the console he'd been working on in favor of moving out of the CIC in search of higher profile parts that they can't manufacture on the Genesis, making certain to drag someone along so he doesn't catch a Centurion in a dark passageway alone.

Adelaide nods her head to Ramiro, going to take his place. "Aye sir."She says, eye Cavil again as she yet again comes closer to him. "I'll, work on dismantling while I'm here, download their date banks." She says going to find a seat and sit down.

[Tac3] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Mardet, Hera, Acknowledged. Secure the Intel, wounded, and determine if there's any hostile encounters. If secured, timetable can be extended."

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Copy that. Charlie, four men to ammo stores, start loading carts. Same ship, same drills. Treat as if scuttling stores. Engineers and medical behind marines, you know the drill. Ramiro out."

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