Lost Boys SAR Planning
Lost Boys SAR Planning
Summary: Novella finds Eve in Forward Obs. It turns into a planning meeting in the Ward Room. Ends with Reed and Novella talking in CIC.
Date: 118 ACH
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Roosters Nest (Obs Deck) Genesis - Deck 9
117 ACH 23777 Souls

The observation deck is at the fore of the ship. The viewport allows those who come here to relax and enjoy a little quiet time with opposite sex. When the ship is under Alert levels, the viewport has a steel shutter that automatically comes down over the viewport for protection of the glass. The seats here are single and double and set up like a theater. They are cushioned and some recline back for those quick naps.
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Eve is seated in the front row of chairs, a blanket pulled over her lap and a book resting there, cracked open. Her glasses are perched atop her head, however, and her gaze is centered more on the stars outside then whatever reading she meant to do in here this evening. Distracted is a nice word for it, daydreaming is a romantic term, but angsting is more likely the case.

Novella wanders into the Obs Deck in her blues. The woman is walking with the aid of a cane, her gait somewhat pained. She makes her way towards the front and stops upon seeing Eve. "Doctor Sloan," she whispers quietly. "Uhh. Hi."

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Eve glances up, blinking away whatever is clouding her thoughts and shadowing her eyes. A smile is offered to Novella, though its terribly lacking in any brilliance. "Doctor Saint Germain now." She murmurs the correction quietly, waggling her left hand where there's not a ring, but rather a tattoo gracing it. "How are you?" Though its just a polite question, not the digging of a psychiatrist. Eve is seated in the front row of chairs, a book folded in her lap.

Ramiro has been a bit of a ghost for the past few weeks. Quiet in his office studying and then straight to the officer's quarters. A hard man to get a hold of, it's a rare occurrence indeed as the door to the Observation deck opens and he slides through. Quietly, he steps over to grab a glass of water. Raising it to eye level, he swirls the glass, sending the ice in a circle, before pausing to take a sip.

Novella nods to Eve, smiling a touch. "Ah, yes pardon the mistake, Doctor. I wasn't sure if you had taken his name." Professional courtesy and all. "I'm doing all right. Walking still hurts like hell but its getting better. How are you holding up the last few days?" She glances to Ramiro as the man enters and she blinks. "Ensign? Been awhile." Probably been looking for him.

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Eve tugs the throw blanket up over her growing belly a bit more, a feeble smile flashed to Ramiro as well. Her place is marked in her book by sliding a scrap of paper between the pages, and its slide next to her in the seat. "I'm optimistic." She says simply to the fact that her husband has been missing the past few days, stranded on some moon on the wrong side of an asteroid belt. But even as she says the words, there's tension around her eyes.

Bayless strolls into the Nest, her flight suit down off her upper body and tied off. She pulls her hair free from its ponytail band and wipes the sleep out of her eyes.

Swallowing the water, Dane turns to look at Novella and Eve. Giving them a soft nod and an even softer smile, he steps to find a chair to sit on and plants himself. "I've been scarce, yeah…been focusing on the OCS texts and the training rotation." He adds. He's had to deal with the death of a wife ontop of a dwindling supply of marines. Glancing over his shoulder to spot Bayless, he nods upwards to her before looking out the viewport. "How have you been?" He says openly.

Rhea ventures onto the observation deck. She doesn't look like she's gotten much sleep, but there's a wired sort of look about the ChEng. Were the rationing situation different, one might think she's over-caffeineated. It's not a drugged sort of stimulation, though. It's a sort of 'mind going a mile-a-minute' look. She's carrying a clipboard with an octagonal notepad pinned to it. It's covered in chicken-scratch technical scrawl that's probably indecipherable to anyone who didn't write it. Even she's squinting at it as if he translation is fading. She comes in not far behind Bayless, and takes a route to meet up with the CAG. "Captain! Been looking for you."

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Drusilla stepped into the observation desk. The cool wash of the darkness swept over her flesh with the impact of a morning breeze, chilling her to her spine and refreshing her senses. The woman's dull grey eyes momentarily widened as she adjusted to the sensation of pensive exhiliration and the dimness of the room, her primary illumination the majestic starscape calling to them just beyond the viewport.
(D)There were people here. Not that she expected otherwise but she made out the outlines of individuals. Admittedly the area was more populated than she'd anticipated, than she'd hoped. Alas, it was not for her to say where and what people would do, 'least not outside the JAG office. Drusilla crept by, along the back wall, observing as the scene played out before her. She had hoped for a bit of star-watching as she took her down time; she wondered who the stars would prove to be.

Novella nods to Dane. "Ensign, I need to see you as soon as possible actually. In regards to this rescue operation we're about to put out." She then turns to Eve and sighs as she looks to the woman's eyes. "You as well, I think, Doctor Saint Germain. I think it'd benefit us to have a psychologist on this as well." But Bayless and Rhea walk in as well. Rutroh. This could quickly turn into a planning meeting. "Captain. Major." Cav turns to look at the incoming and motions for Eve's attention to go to the others.

Dane crosses his arms and watches people start to pour into the Observation deck. So far it's all brass. Tilting his head to nod at Novella, he rubs the side of his face. "I've been working something up in my private time, so I'm one step ahead of you, actually." Things go fast in Dane's world now that he's limited his social life to chapel and private mess-hall eating.

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Eve pushes up a bit higher in her chair, curiousity piqued not merely because of the connection to her husband, but her profession. "Sirs." She offers back to the others, "You'll have to speak to the CMO as to my involvement, but I …I'm at a loss as to what my particular skill set has to do with an SAR." She's tugging the blanket from her lap in anticipation of having work to do, giving it a hasty fold and laying it over the back of an empty chair.

Bayless looks over her shoulder at the sound of Rhea's voice and grins. "Small battlestar, sir." Upon locking eyes with Novella, "Cav, I think Maj. Zimmermann needs a sitdown in regards to our next drop. And I agree… the doctor and Ensign Ramiro should be in on this also."

Greje steps into the Nest, a cup of cold water in one hand and her other hand up near her shoulder, holding her uniform jacket slung over it. For all the casualness her posture radiates, she stops short a few steps in front of hte door before habitually stepping to one side in order not to block the entryway. Wow, full house, tonight. She doesn't go bothering anyone, for now, settling down near the back and balancing the water on her knee while she fishes into her pockets for… no, not that, not that. There we go. A little packet of pills, which she empties into the palm of her other hand, reaching across herself with the first to grab the cup. Then, one-two-three, pills are popped, water chugged, priest is medicated. A complicated and confusing situation of arms comes to an ineffably simplistic conclusion.

Rhea is focused on the pilots, and Ramiro. And Eve, as she seems involved, too. Hazel eyes bright. "Was the rescue operation I wanted to jaw with you about. You lot, come to it. I ran some sims through my computer - and my notepad - last night. Not sure if any of it'll be particularly useful, but I figured I'd share." She looks like she's been up all night with her notes. Maybe that affected her penmanship, as none of what's on her pad is remotely legible. Her eyes lift up, to flit around the obs deck. Popular spot tonight. "Maybe we should take this someplace more proper for planning. Ward Room should be open."

The sound of thumping boots is heard from the corridor and in trumps the relatively fresh Chief of the Deck, Tauro. He looks dead tired and his sweats match his look. He's got a hand running through his hair as he slowly makes his way down the aisle of the observation deck, offering a confused and exhausted look at the crowd of people.

Novella nods to Ramiro. "Copy that, Ensign. Then we /definitely/ need to talk and right about now." Cav then looks to Eve. "If you want to clear it with Major Zaharis, Doctor, then I don't blame you. Go right ahead. But we need to move sooner rather than later." Cav nods quickly to Bayless before turning her attention to Rhea. Her somewhat calm demeanor turns more serious as she turns, hobbling with her cane and the grimace of pain on her face. "Aye Major. Then lets do it." She glances around at the others before hobbling towards the hatch as fast as she can - which is about two miles per hour. Baylee shadows a knowing look to Greje - she wants to talk. But now isn't the time.

Ramiro downs his glass of ice water and stands. No time for rest. His face is slightly blank in expression as he nods to Rhea. Actually having gained some muscle in the last few weeks, he's slowly growing into a more "ripped" physique. Where he's been hiding before bed couldn't be too much of a mystery. Nodding to the Major, he falls into line. "Allright…let's do this then…"

Eve slips from her seat with one hand on her growing belly, and one on the back of the chair to help her get to her feet. She's not nearly round enough for her stomach to be a true burden, but rationing is making everyone a bit weaker. She offers a brief nod to Novella. Nothing a quick wireless call to the CMO can't fix, so she gets on the wire and has a brief conversation.

Bayless nods to Rhea. "I agree, this isn't a Day of Loki clambake we're planning here." She waits to see everyone making their way from the comfy chairs before she heads for the wardroom herself.

Rhea looks over at Eve. Slim frown of concern coming to her face. But none of that is her decision to make, so she says nothing on it. Ward-wards she heads.

Contrasting considerably with the casual complexity of the woman of the Gods, Drusilla wore her uniform with severe precision. Her insignia were applied with deliberate care, the textiles of her uniform were meticulously pressed. Had there been any starch available, the uniform would probably seen its share of that as well. Drusilla's eyes wandered, she watched as individuals coagulated, took in the subtle movements, the slught gestures, the movement of lips as human communicated with human in manners now always verbal. She could not take in the conversation, but she did not have to, that was not her interest. The lady lawyer continued her observation, her attention coming to the pill popping Greje. The complexity of the other woman's movements repelled Drusilla's orderly sensetivities, yet she felt a rush of satisfaction at the conclusion of the curious medicinal dance. "Captain." she whispered in greeting as the other chanced within close proximity. Drusilla's attention returned to to the beauty of mother nature, momentarily sated with that of human nature.

Greje gives Novella a warm sort of smile, lowering her head in a nod of silent greeting to her. The entire group, in fact, suddenly moving with such purpose, draws her attention. She's been more or less in absentia, tending to the sick in the Carina Sanctuary for the last several days, and she's yet to catch up on the latest memoranda, so she's not altogether sure what's on the burner, but it looks important, in that Official Military sort of way, so she does her part in staying out of their way.

You head towards Corridor 9A.
You head towards Ward Room.

Ward Room Genesis - Deck 11
117 ACH 23777 Souls

The Ward room is used for meetings. Carpeting covers the floor in a muted gray/blue color. Colonial flags line along one wall, representing all the colonies. A sideboard for refreshments is along one wall and a large conference table sits in the center with a dozen, comfortable chairs around it.
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Rhea makes her way through the corridors, up the stairs and into the ward room. Walking at quick clip, a restless energy about her despite the dark circles of lack-of-sleep under her eyes. Her mind is still buzzing restlessly enough to keep her alert.

Ramiro ran off in the direction of his quarters to go back on duty in an impromptu manner. It takes a few minutes, but before long he's jogging up to the door of the ward room in a clean uniform. Carrying a notebook with him with some of his own data, he steps inside and moves towards one of the chairs.

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Bayless heads in after Rhea, adjusting the tied-off portion of her jocksmock for comfort since she's going to be seated in a chair. Which, by no small coincidence, is where she's heading.

Eve wanders in a bit behind the rest, having spoken quickly with Zaharis before she made her way up here. She's in her off duty tank tops, and has already traded in her trousers for a few sizes bigger. She looks a bit tired, but its hard to look your best when food is down to quarter servings and has been replaced with work, work, and more work. Her book is slid onto the conference table, but she sees about getting herself a glass of water before finding a chair. Sort of the odd one out at this little meeting, she chooses her seat accordingly.

Novella follows in trail, pushing past the pain. She probably isn't a fan of taking painkillers while people are missing, though. She hobbles through the hatch and shuts it behind her. She glances to those around. "I thought the Doctor should be here because we could use some analysis on criminal behaviors and how people might like that might react under stress.." With a sigh, Cav moves towards a seat and sits herself down heavily. Her gaze settles on Rhea as she reaches for a pad of paper and a pen on the table.

Rhea is in her duty fatigues, though their smudged from her work in the engine room and generally rumpled from being worn throughout the past several shifts. She's not dressed to impress. She sets her clipboard down on the table but doesn't sit. A general gesture is made to the chairs, should the others need her permission to do so, but she's in a pacing sort of mood. "Was thinking over what we talked about last night, about finding a whole in the gas giant's gravity a ship might be able to jump through," she says to Bayless. "I ran it through some calculations. Not possible for a Raptor. The internal systems simply aren't designed for the complexity of a jump that'd be required. However." She pauses. Pace, pace, turn to face the table. "I was looking over the designs of the Peerless. If she were operational, her systems *could* plot a jump out of the atmosphere, past the asteroid field, and into clear space."

Bayless nods sagely. "Was braced for that, Major, but I understand. I'm guessing the next step is contacting Jailhouse and getting a systems assessment of the Peerless to see if she's spaceworthy?" Any disappointment Bayless may feel about taking the Raptor into the breach is masked.

Eve pulls a horrible chewed up pencil from behind her ear, reaching for one of the spare pads of paper on the table and dragging it towards her. "I'm sorry, criminal behaviours?" She asks, double checking to make sure she's heard that right. Her writing instrument is poised, and her features are starting to smooth over with that look of impassiveness she can get during her sessions.

Taking his seat, Ramiro listens to Rhea as he rubs his chin. Setting down his notebook and his pen, he ponders, nodding slowly. Running through his mind a rough estimate of what he knows so far, he folds his arms across his chest. The mourning fades back into a game face, flexing his right bicep a little as he squeezes against himself. "Do we have any intel as to the last known configuration of the Peerless?" He asks. "There's no telling the current state of the ship down there." He inserts, drumming his nails softly. "The good news is that with the low visibility on the outside, it would be easier to get a team to the Peerless unnoticed if only they could make it through that gravity field. The terrain helps for that. What intel -do- we have to work off of?"

Novella takes up the pen and begins scribbling notes. There's a shakes of her head as Rhea tells of a Raptor being incapable. But there is a bit of relief with the news of the Peerless. "Outstanding," she whispers to herself. "So the only way to get a team and supplies to the crew stranded is to fly a Raptor in there?" There's a quick nod to Eve. "Yeah, we'll touch on that in a minute I think. But we'll be dealing with a lot of potentially hostile civilians." Her gaze then settles on Ramiro. Looks like it'll be now. "We know that the ship is currently occupied by /nine-hundred/ convicts from the penal colony who have apparently taken the crew of the Peerless captive. Beyond that, we know that our crewmembers are currently safe and doing well according to their last transmissions. Though their supplies may already be depleted. That comes straight from Lieutenant Saint Germain." She flickers a glance to Eve and then Bayless. "Did I miss anything? I know it isn't much.."

Rhea nods to Bayless. The prospect of the ship being spaceworthy brings a spark of excitement into her eyes. It doesn't overwhelm her obvious worry for the Genesis crewman, but the idea of the thing flying up to them is a prospect she's keen on. "Aye. Not much to be done for the Peerless until we know what condition she's in. You know if CIC's made any effort to contact her? Conditions aren't exactly hospitable down there, but if she's putting out a distress signal, that's an indication there *might* still be someone alive on her." To Ramiro she rattles off, "I got her specs, though that only tells what she was like before she crashed. She's a Colonial science vessel. Attached to military work, but she was a research ship, not a shooter. Hydrophonics, specific." She adds, "Means she's capable of producing nutrients, among other things." Yes, food. "She had a crew complement of about four-hundred when she set out from Scorpia. If there are still any left, I can't venture a guess." Not with the prisoners and all. When the gravity field is mentioned she says, "The gas giant's gravity looks as if it mainly fraks with hyperlight navigation. A Raptor could navigate down straight fly-in, providing it can get through the asteroid field." She looks to Bayless. "That's out of my field of expertise there, Captain. I know engines, but the people who fly them are your area."

Eve purses her lips just a hint, starting to make notations on the paper. They're just random bits of the conversation, so Eve'll be able to recall it later by looking over her scattered thoughts scratched onto the page. The number '900' is written and circled a few times, then stared at for a moment while she taps the lead against the hexagonal sheet. Wait. Food? Just the thought has her stomach rumbling almost audibly in the Ward Room. Peerless equals food. That's written down too. She doesn't offer up her opinions at the moment, until they're called for.

"Well…the Peerless being a military ship means an arms locker, and if the inmates are in charge you can bet that they probably have access to it. Every military ship has an armory in the event of boarding, but it's probably more likely smaller ranged weapons like shotguns and pistols. I'm going to suggest we assume that they have assault rifles." Ramiro says as he makes some notes in the notebook that he'd brought with him. "Immediate thoughts? Non-shooter means they're not going to have point-defense weaponry. Add in the harsh visibility on the environment and the active distress beacon, we can plant a team anywhere on that rock and probably have them sneak up to the Peerless undetected. After that it becomes a matter of whether or not we're doing this diplomatically…"

Bayless looks to Novella. "That's about the gist, yeah." Then in response to Rhea, "I was in CIC when we last spoke to Jailhouse. I don't think they've made any attempts to contact the Peerless, though I can't be a hundred percent certain." Once Ramiro speaks, she says, "I'm thinking diplomatic's Plan A and we should hope to the Gods things don't escalate to needing a Plan B."

"Gods. They lost a quarter of their crew since they went down?" Novella asks, shaking her head. "Micah mentioned that they have three hundred of the Peerless crew held captive. No word on where or their condition." It seems directed towards Ramiro, but not specifically. She looks up the the Ensign, then. "When Bayless and I talked to Major Carter, he mentioned that he wanted to attempt diplomatic channels first. Though I'm not sure if he knew that convicts had control of the arms lockers and ship itself. I don't think that is the case." She sighs. "But getting two Raptors through doubles the risk. We aren't even sure we can get pilots and crew back out once they are through. And even then?" Cav shakes her head, tapping the pen against the paper. "Gods, if they tried to fight for the ship we would be in one helluva mess. Our Marines versus that number? Some armed?" The Lieutenant looks to Evelyn. "What do you think, Doc? Think they'll want to fight for it?"

"That's something that'll be left to command, and your departments," Rhea says with a little nod to Ramiro and Bayless, as to whether to go in diplomatically or otherwise. Engineering tinkers. She leaves battle tactics to the combat-line departments. Though she does add, "Just because their convicts doesn't automatically mean talking will be a waste of time. They can't survive down there indefinitely. They've plenty of incentive to listen to reason." She looks to Eve, curious as to her opinion as well.

Eve leans back slightly in her chair, exhaling a long breath. "If I may? You're dealing with nine hundred people who feel they've been dealt the short end of the stick. Factor in that we're unaware if they know of the holocaust or not. They may not know that we're their last link to the human race. They've got food, and no doubt some sort of working heirarchy already. Also consider if the Peerless is fixable, why haven't the criminals utilized the trained Peerless crew to fix the ship and get off the moon? Are they lacking the desire or the motivation? You go in there shooting, numbers seem to be on their side. You'll also have to deal with their mob mentality. They're convicts. They're used to fighting to protect what they have, whether its from each other or from outsiders. But I'll bet cubits to cucumbers they'll band together against an outside force trying to pry in. Try honey first instead of vinager. Vinager's not going to win. But one thing's clear. We need that ship. Find who's in charge. They've no doubt appointed someone by now, or a group of someone's. And that person? Is going to be the most dangerous individual on the ship, in one form or another. So when you meet them, remember you're a guest in their shiny new kingdom."

Looking over the blueprints for the Peerless, Ramiro considers. Again, he turns to scribble a few notes. "I'm going to need to make a scan of these so that I can go over them. I'm going to have to prepare a boarding and seizure plan even as a plan D, it's procedure in this situation. I don't know any more than a guess if these convicts have control of the arms lockers, but I will say this, if three hundred navy are in there held captive there's no way that they didn't arm themselves in an attempt. That and if convicts are desperate enough to storm a military ship, at least if it were me, I'd want a little incentive to control order. I wouldn't write it off." He pauses, chewing his lip. "I can prepare a plan for getting a team to the Peerless itself provided that we get our transportation through. Again…all contingency." Ramiro looks around the table. "Speaking only my opinion here, but I'm of the opinion that these are nine hundred humans, convicts or not. They'll want safety, and we need the food. I'm going to pick a team of level headed's so we don't risk another Nebula incident and I'll lead this one from the field personally."

Bayless nods. "And I plan to fly this drop. Given the risks and the nugget overpopulation in Ares at the moment, I'm not risking this on anyone else."

Nebula. At least that Marine will never wear a uniform again. But Eve's commentary gets a thoughtful silence from Novella as she leans back in the chair, turning it closer to the table so she can still look at her notes. "Aye. Well something tells me I won't be the one going on board that ship. But.." She lifts her eyes to those assembled. "I'm inclined to agree with the Ensign. At the very least? If we /did/ try to take it by force, they would likely kill the surviving crew and destroy the equipment for producing food.. if they can. Is that a fairly easy task, Major?"

Rhea nods slightly at Ramiro's words. Level heads. She said she'd stay out of the battle planning discussion, but that does seem to ease her mind about it some. To Bayless she says, "If there's room, I can send along a mechanical hand or two. To assess the damage to the Peerless, provided we can get a look at it. Figure out exactly what it might take to get it repaired. The damage *might* not be too severe, but there's no way to know until it's poked at." To Eve, she shrugs. "Anything's easy to break, Lieutenant. Any idiot can destroy something. It's the building that's difficult."

"Well…naturally for that matter I'm going to do everyone a favor ahead of time and make a team composed entirely of males, even if that's that case. I'm no expert in the matter, but since we don't have much information as to who we're going to be dealing with, the best thing we can do is run this one by the books. Get a team down there and keep them at a distance. Get a non-threatening communication line, and deal with this one like we're dealing with a holed up convict." Ramiro looks around. "Initiate communication, start a conversation, and I'll be preparing for every possible contingency that I can think of."

Eve raises a hand to rub at her eyes with the heel of it. "So our ships can get in, but not out? I know contact is slim if at all, but…wouldn't it be a waste of ships to go down there blind, not knowing what is needed to fix the Peerless? What if they already know what parts are needed, you could bring them with when you go." She glances up, as if she was talking aloud and not really meaning to. "Um, yes. Non-threatening communication. But don't make them feel as if they are the bad guy, if that makes any sense."

Bayless looks to Eve, "That's why we're gonna see if CIC can get us in contact with whoever's in charge on the Peerless, so as to figure that out. Assuming we can take anything they say at face value." Then, directed at Rhea, "What does the Peerless have in terms of docking facilities? More specific, could we haul our downed planes on board for the return trip if we can get the Peerless off the ground?"

Novella looks from Ramiro to Rhea. "Well I know I'm just a Viper Lieutenant, but logistically speaking.. if we send just one Raptor, we can't pack in too much equipment to fix a big-as- err.. giant research vessel if we pack in Marines AND Snipes. Which ties in with what Doctor Saint Germain is saying. If we knew beforehand what was wrong? But that means we'd have to initiate contact with the Peerless and then somehow let out people on the ground know that we are sending them to a ship of convicts. Assuming their supplies hold out until we can do this." She looks to Rhea. "Major, our Raptor nugget down there.. I think he used to be a deckhand. If we could get him to do a survey.. if the convicts might let him.. would he be able to figure out what might be needed?"

"She doesn't have a full carrier bay, but a she's equipped for shuttle landings and small-craft docking," Rhea replies to Bayless. "Peerless should be able to fit your birds just fine." Her brows arch. Deck Nugget? This could, indeed, be useful. "Depends on how good he was on the Deck. But if he's a competent mechanical hand, he could do a survey as well as any of my personnel. Who's your Nugget?"

"Jax Miller," Bayless replies. "I've heard nothing but good things about his deck work. No complaints about any bird he's had to service." She smiles to Novella. "If we've got him on the ground, s'fair to say we could get a decent assessment of what shape that boat's in."

Eve starts bouncing the nub of eraser against her bottom lip, getting wrapped up in some thought process or another. Her eyes finally settle on Ramiro while others talk of the Deck Nugget, a slight cant to her head. "You'll be guests in their home. Guests usually bring presents. If there's some sort of show of good will you could bring with you, some gesture of faith…might grease open their door a bit more. Hosts are more hospitable if you ply them with a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers."

Novella nods to Bayless. "Yep. He's competant. If he can stick a bird like a Raptor, its a fair bet he knows what he's doing. Flying those things isn't exactly work fit for a trained-ape. Someone is getting their systems boosted or fixed enough for occasional communications… Miller would be my bet." Cav then looks to Eve with a raised brow. "Oooh good point, Doctor. Any suggestions? Nine-hundred people can't exactly split a bottle of wine. But I'm with you on the gesture of good faith."

Rhea cracks a smile, nodding shortly at Jax's name. "Specialist Miller. Aye. I've seen him work. He'll do better than fine."

Eve shakes her head slowly, "The particulars aren't in my job description, those are calls Command is going to have to make. But off the top of my head? Immunity. For their crimes and wrong doings. The ability to return to the fold, as it were. But there in is a whole other can of worms. I'm assuming we don't have files on these criminals. There's no telling what they were convincted for that got them exhiled to a penal colony. So do we even /want/ them back among the populus? But thing along those lines. What we have, that they can't get. Security against the Cylons?" She shrugs again, just giving them some things to think on. She reaches out to tear her 'notes' away from the pad, including the three blank pages beneath it just in case of indention marks from her writing. Paranoid much? They're folded and stuck within her book. "I should get these notes back to Major Zaharis. If there's anything else you all need, I'm at your disposal."

"With all due respect I am either the best or the worst person to be speaking with these people…" Ramiro says. "…but if that's what's requested of me, I'll do it. Trust me, in my best case scenario, at least the top three, everyone comes home happy. But I will say this…" He pauses, taking a deep breath. "…we have to be very careful on a diplomatic route. The last thing we want is an open hostage situation and every person that steps onboard the Peerless while they're in control turns into another hostage to be used as some sort of leverage." He pauses. "I'm sorry, but part of my mission plan that I'm going to propose will include a necessity for minimal personnel being risked into that position, if any at all." He looks around the table. "Because if a Basestar jumps in while we're on this diplomatic mission, the Genesis isn't going to have much time to figure out how to extract us at the risk of the rest of the fleet. I wouldn't be doing my job if my plan didn't involve that level of minimal risk. I'll need to know going in if we can establish a supply line of sorts…a way we can get at least our landing party back if things run south."

Bayless thinks a moment. "Do we or any of the ships in the Fleet have any recordings of the last newsfeeds we received before the Colonies fell? If they don't know about the Cylons nuking us to hell and back, it might be helpful to have proof."

"There was something on the Carina when we first discovered our first civilian ships, some of the last news feed from the colonies when the Cylons attacked," Rhea says to Bayless. "I know Major Carter's seen the recording. He might still have a copy, and even if not it's likely still stored in the Carina's banks." She has nothing to say on the subject of immunity, though she nods to Ramiro. "If they can get in on a Raptor unscathed, they should be able to get out the same way, pilot's and ECO's luck holding. Salvaging the Peerless would solve a good many of our problems, not just lifting out people off the surface."

Novella nods to Eve as she gets up to leave. "Thanks, Evelyn." She looks to Ramiro, then. "Only way I can think of extraction is to fly right back through the asteroid field. I mean, I can have my Vipers tangle with some bandits in a delaying action, but we're thin on ranks and my most trusted Jig and flight lead is down on the surface. We could have.. maybe.. ten minutes in the engagement before we have no choice but to break contact. I agree, too, about having another plan ready.. but Gods. That's really something you're going to have to talk to Command on I think, Ramiro." Cav makes a few more notations on her pad while she gives Bayless a glance and agreeing nod. Back to Rhea, then. "So sir, what are we looking to do? What's our order of approach? I'm guessing we need to have a cohesive plan of action presented to Altair and Carter." There's a touch of urgency there.

Eve has left.

"They didn't get in unscathed…" Ramiro suddenly replies, pointing out a very valid fact. "…they crash landed. Otherwise they'd be back up here. There's a high risk of getting marooned on this one, and I for one am going to make sure that's taken into effect when forming my team. Whatever crashed them down could crash our landing party as well, which means we have to accept the possibilities going in." He pauses. "I'll have every plan necessary for controlling a landing party, defense, even wilderness survival on this planet. We'll need to pack water and supplies for desert survival. I'll have the plans put together for the marine element." He nods to them. "Be they peaceful or a defensive element, we'll be ready."

Bayless looks to Novella. "One. We contact our people on the surface and get an assessment of the Peerless. What and who all we're gonna need. Two. We contact the Peerless, open a dialogue with whoever's in charge, see if we can reach an accord. Three, once we've gained our intel, we fly in. One Raptor with a Viper wing escort to provide cover fire through the asteroid field." She nods to Ramiro. "Up to you and yours from there once we're skids-down."

Rhea nods to Bayless, then looks to Novella. "There's your plan of action, Lieutenant. The Air Wing needs anything from me and mine on this, just holler."

"Captain, our crewdogs have only contacted us when they can. We've got no reason to believe we can call them when we need to talk to them, sir. From what I've heard, we can't get anything but static when we call." Novella rubs at a temple. "And are you sure you want to risk Vipers in that field, sir? That would mean five Viper's potentially lost on the surface. The other four are apparently near scrap. And we need to keep our timeframe in mind. We are talking hours, right? Not days?" Eyes dart between the three of them.

Bayless replies to Novella, "I'm not planning on having the Vipers get any closer then necessary. Just enough to plow me a good enough opening to take a Raptor through. As far as getting in touch with our guys…" She sighs. "…it's all we got. I'll camp out in CIC and wait for them to call back if need be."

"On the ground, here's what I suggest." Ramiro points his finger downwards at the table, clearly sure of what he's suggesting. "The Peerless and its inner contents proposes a risk. It's a serious risk to personnel and to the diplomatic process. All lack of offense aside they have members of our fleet in their grasp, but they don't have VIP's. Some of them are friends of mine, and I'd hate to refer to them as non-VIPs, but regardless of the diplomatic process I highly urge against any of us entering the Peerless without a sign of severely good faith." Ramiro pauses. "My mission plan will include a base camp with mobile tents that are sandstorm resistant. We land, we set up a basecamp, and we run a wired phone to the call box on the outside of the Peerless. The conversation starts there. This is my suggested plan on the ground. That's the best way that my men can protect the landing party. Plain and simple. The moment we step inside the Peerless…the situation changes and they have the control factor."

Rhea nods to Ramiro. "Best to go in with as clear an idea of what you're facing as possible, aye. And as much control for as long as you can manage it. In the meantime, we can start trying to contact the Peerless. Might not do to tip our hand. No telling how much they know about our downed pilots. But we can at least get a sense of how they'll react to us."

Novella nods to Rhea. "Think you might be able to rig something that could burst our transmissions through all the interference, sir? The idea of waiting more than a few hours before we move makes me ill." She glances back to make sure Evelyn has scurried off. "Remember, their rations ran out today. As far as we know our pilots are still in their Raptor. But our priority needs to be getting supplies to our currently-alive pilots. After that, we can talk to the Peerless. They sure aren't going anyplace." Her voice gets a little harder. "Our pilots need to be priority. Regardless. I'm /just/ qualified on Raptors and I'd risk flying through a storm twice that bad to get them if I thought I had a single chance to getting to them."

"Comms aren't my speciality, Lieutenant, but the specialists in CIC should be able to put some muscle behind it," Rhea says. "If it needs additional rigging of the comms' electrical system to punch through, I'll have my techs on hand to assist."

Bayless looks to Novella. "No one's forgetting St. Germain and the others, Lieutenant. Least of all me."

"I'm a friend of St. Germain's myself…" Ramiro nods, closing his notebook. "…if they're free and at the Raptor or any of the other downed aircraft, that's the first good sign." He clicks his pen off and looks around the table. "I'll start drafting up the plans and picking my team. Any idea what our timetable is?"

Novella gives a small nod to Rhea. "Sorry, sir. I appreciate your help on this. Just getting hopeful and all. If there's ever anything you need from the Wing.. don't hesitate to ask." She glances to Bayless the nback to Ramiro. "How fast can you have a plan together? We should probably have something to present to Carter and Altair as soon as possible."

"Seems to me we can draft up something fairly decent for them based on what we've got now," Rhea says. "Just a matter of getting it to their desks once we're out of here. I can't imagine either of them would want to wait."

Bayless nods to Rhea. "I agree. I think we can probably have something drawn up within what?" She looks questioningly to Rhea, "Couple hours, give or take?" She then looks between Ramiro and Novella for feedback.

"I'll have the initial landing plans within the next few hours, after that I'll start hitting the maps. We're gonna need to coordinate, Major Zimmerman, my people and yours. We don't have the forces to storm the Peerless, but if the concept of this becomes a necessity I'm going to need some access points highlighted for me on the scans of the peerless. Only a formality."

Novella nods to both Rhea and Bayless. "I can work with Ramiro to finalize the plans and present them to Carter if you would both prefer." The blonde pilot taps the rubber tip of her cane against the carpeted floor in anticipation.

Rhea gives Bayless a nod at the 'couple of hours' figure. "Sounds about right. I'll write up my ideas for the possibility of jumping the Peerless off the moon - given that it's repairable. And that we can get access to it. The piloting bit'll be for you to slap together for command, Captain. I'll help in any way I can, Ensign Ramiro. I've studied the specs and I know the ship design type."

"Good, if you have a member of your staff that would be capable of coming along with the landing party as a specialist in the matter, or at least have some sort of cheat-sheet prepared for me with a briefing prior to the drop, I'd be mighty appreciative." Ramiro replies. He's an ensign…he asks politely. "Aside from that, we've got your security needs covered within two hours."

Bayless looks to Novella. "Think we should go get this written up for the brass, yeah?"

Novella sits quietly, waiting until Bayless gives her the go ahead. "You're the CAG, sir. You want me to do it, I will. Otherwise I'm just offering opinions and ideas. I'm not flying on these legs at the moment, but you've got my participation otherwise." She looks to the others assembled at the table.

Rhea nods to Ramiro. "You'll have whatever you need from me, Ensign. And I'll get to hammering out my end of things."

Charon has left.

Bayless nods to Novella. "First things first, let's see if our guys are feeling chatty. Ensign, Major, our thanks for all your input and aid."


You head towards Corridor 11C.
You head towards Genesis CIC.

Genesis CIC Genesis - Deck 11
117 ACH 23777 Souls

The Combat Information Center is the tactical heart of the Genesis. This CIC is designed in a triangular formation, with one point pointing directly forward, while the other two point port and starboard. The forward point of the CIC triangle is where the tactical consoles are set up. Dead center, a large, clear display panel is suspended from the ceiling, green gridlines showing a map of nearby space. Under this, a large table is set, providing more tactical displays, a wireless handset, and a large, DRADIS console.
Both port and starboard other watch stations are set, in two rows of tiers like stadium seating, one above the other. Each station has a purpose - helm, weapons control, communications, navigation, damage control, and further tactical monitoring. More displays and banks of computer monitors line the walls.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Novella CIC Terminal 1117

Exits: [A] Corridor
Bayless has arrived.

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Jailho-*static*-is is Genesis. Respond. Repeat, Jailhouse this is-*static fades*"

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Genesis, this— *static* —Jailhouse, I copy."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Jailhouse, Cav. G-*static*-me a SITREP. Over."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Cav, we're all fine, Sloane and Roz-*static*-medical attention, we've got food and shelter and are all still accounted for. Tryin' to work out-*static*-with the prisoners-*static*-the Peerless, we'll need an engineering team if that tin can's goin' to get off the ground. Do not, repeat do not advise goin' in with force-*static*"

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, negative force. Jail, what about Roz and Cornbread? *static* -saying you're on the Peerless? Look, Jail. I'm appointing you on-site commander. I- *static* -ave Miller conduct a survey. Figure out what needs to be fix- *static* -and report back. How are you set for supplies and are you all ok- *static* -ver."

[Tac1] "Jailhouse" Micah says, "Already in progress, Cav. Had some damage to-*static*-frigeration systems, think the repairs are goin' well. Most-*static*-to the engines, I'll get Miller to give me a breakdown on what they're goin' to take to fix. Parts, manpower. We've got food, plenty of food, the-*static*-is a frakking steak on wings, Cav-*prolonged static*- concern is the fact we got three hundred prisoners runnin' the ship like a frakking war camp- *static* -Sloane and Roz'll be fine, they have a doctor on board."

[Tac1] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, Jailhouse. We'll be routing to you sometime in the next few hours. Expect to- *long static* -and await further instructions from personnel on the ground. Cannot advise on situation with prisoners. We will tr- *transmission dissolves into static and breaks off*"

[Tac1] Static buzzes through the comm lines, layering heavily over any further voices either way.

The wireless receiver (#1117) starts buzzing. Use +com/answer to answer it.

You answer the call. Use the 'private' wireless channel to talk to them.

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Carter here, Catch LT Novella and put her on."

[Private] We will assume that someone hands the phone to Cav. "Lieutenant Novella speaking. What can I do for you, Major?"

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Colonel, but not important. Question about the situation on the moon, there, maybe you know the answer."

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Yes, sir. I'll answer as best I can."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Do these people… know about what's happened to the Colony Worlds, know about the Cylons, and the danger they're in?"

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Sir, I would suspect that if the original crew of the Peerless did not tell them, then Lieutenant Saint Germain would have. Myself, Major Zimmermann, Captain Bayless and Ensign Ramiro just got out of a planning meeting, sir. Doctor Lieutenant Sloan was also there. It was suggested that there is a video of the last newscasts fro mthe Colonies and that it should possibly be shown to the inmates. The intelligence of that decision is above my paygrade, sir."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed sighs, "Have whoever made that suggestion remanded to LT Sloan for telepathic tests. I concur. If there's a problem with release of the footage, have the request sent to me. I've got copies of it here."

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy your last, sir. We're currently drawing together a plan that will be actionable within a few hours, so have one of those copies ready to go if you could, please? We'll be dispatching a team from Engineering and possibly a few from the Marines. The latter is more Ramiro's concern, though."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Copy that, I'll have it loaded onto a portable unit, and ready. We'll discuss the plan in detail when it's hammered out."

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Understood, sir. Expect that very soon. Is there anything else I can answer for you, Colonel?"

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Not at the moment, thank you, Lieutenant."

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Aye, sir. Novella, out."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

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