Lost Boys SITREP Meeting
Lost Boys SITREP Meeting
Summary: Bayless lays out a strategy for rescuing the pilots to Reed. Novella doesn't feel well.
Date: 116 ACH
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You call wireless receiver 1908. You must wait for someone to answer.
Bayless comes in from Corridor 12D.
Bayless has arrived.
Someone answers your wireless call. You can now use the 'private' wireless channel to talk to them.

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Carters Nexus of all wisdom. How may I direct your call?"

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Sir, it's Lieutenant Novella from Gold Wing. I was wondering if the CAG and I could come by and discuss options about our missing pilots."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed pauses, then coughs, "Alright, Hera Situation Room. Deck 2 ten minutes."

[Private] "Cav" Novella says, "Copy, sir. Thank you."

Bayless heads into the berthings in her duty blues, more like poking her head in the door. "That the brass?"

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed says, "Carter Out."

[Private] "Hera Actual" Reed hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

Novella nods and hangs up. "We're to be on the Hera in ten minutes. Hope you're dressed to impress."

[Private] "Cav" Novella hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

Bayless nods, her expression all-business. "Geared to style and profile, Lieutenant. Let's go get this done and get our guys home." The CAG's already on her way back into the corridor.

Situation Room Hera - Deck 2
116 ACH 23777 Souls

This area is an open room with circular stadium seating for 20, the middle of the room holds a large illuminated projection board with models of all known Colonial and Cylon ships, crafted by hand on Virgon, and a matched set. On one wall is a set of screens designed to display tactical information, internal ship cameras, computerized data and film footage. There are enough screens to do all at the same time.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Novella Reed Wireless 1914

Exits: [O] Out
Bayless comes in from Hallway.
Bayless has arrived.

Reed is sitting in a gallery chair in the Situation room, the displays in the room set up to show data on the moon, on the asteriod field, and on what's known of the position of the items of interest on the moon in question.

Bayless steps into the sitroom, Novella right beside her. She greets Reed with a salute and, "Captain Bayless and Lieutenant Novella reporting as summoned, sir."

Novella is trying. Honestly. Its been a painful day for her. Everytime she has to walk someplace its a struggle. But she's getting used to it. The pilot is in her blue's and doing her best to maintain a proper bearing - one without grimaces or wincing. So when she moves through the hatch, its slowly. She gives her salute regardless.

Reed returns salute, "Summoned, interesting choice of words. Have a seat Captain, Lieutenant. Tell me about your plan for retrieving the people and assets on the surface."

Bayless nods. "First and foremost we need to get our people off that rock, but I'm not going to send another set of planes into the dust into the same mess. What I propose is that we send a Raptor via FTL jump within a few hundred kilometers of the moon's surface. It'll minimize the time taking the Raptor into the surface storms and bypass the asteroids altogether. We can send the Pandora in the same way to reclaim the downed birds."

Novella moves to take her seat after the salute is dropped. She looks towards the monitors quickly, almost hesitating to sit. Eventually her rear finds the cushion in a fast motion but her attention is definitely on the screens. It looks like the first time she has seen this information. Letting Bayless talk, the LT stays quiet for the moment while she looks at the displays.

Reed nods, "I like it, with a few modifications." He points to a registry entry, "The Peerless. A military research craft, specificly, designed for Hydroponic and Agricultural work." He looks at the women, "She's a food production facility with engines. The only stroke of luck in the entire mess." He looks between them, "We need those facilities. We can jump Raptors intra atmosphere, using the Comms signal we get from our downed birds to plot the jump. As for the dust storms, we'll need a meteorologist to analyze the atmospheric data from Raptors to time the jumps. From there, we can try to get a look at the Peerless, get her up and jump her out, with all the people there." He shrugs, "Opinions."

Bayless blinks a couple times, then nods. "I completely agree, sir… that would help our supply situation immensely. Does the Peerless have docking facilities? If so, we could load the downed birds onboard and handle the Peerless' recovery and that of our aircraft in one go." She looks between Novella and Reed for feedback.

Novella glances to the registry as Reed makes mention. "So that's what was giving off the distress beacon, sir?" She glances to the man and back to the screen. "Well sirs, from what I have been told.. we have about twenty-four to forty-eight hours before our pilots run out of rations. Running on a qurter rations? I'd say they'll last three days after that. Maybe less." Her eyes flicker to the both of them. "Does anyone here know a meteorologist, sirs?" Apparently there's no objection.

Reed sniffs, and swallows, rubbing his nose, "I am a meteorologist, Lieutenant. the pilots have stated that they've been contacted by the people on the surface. We need information. Some of it our people can give us immediately. Have them power up the Raptors sensor systems and start scanning the area and do full scans of everything. From there, if they can talk to the Peerless crew about the status of the ship, that will tell us not only what needs to be done to the Peerless to get her off the ground, but I imagine that the chance of support to get them off that rock would be sufficient to let them at least share some food with our people. Jumping more people down there is chancy but can be done if they need engineering support."

Bayless nods. "All right, we'll get with our CIC and have 'em see if our people on the ground can give us a sitrep and try to reach an accord with the Peerless. I'll have a Raptor or two on standby if we have to truck personnel to the Peerless to affect repairs, or tow our planes on board if need be and possible."

Novella blinks and looks back at Reed. They've been contacted? "There's people alive on the Peerless??" She's.. a little shocked. "Way the hell out here, sir?" Cav takes a moment to wrap her brain around that and she looks back to the information. None of this is really adding up to the young blonde, but she shrugs her right shoulder. Leaning forward with clasped ahands on the table, her gaze settles on Reed. She almost says something but just shakes her head. A hand lifts to rub at her temple. She's not protesting the plan, though.

Reed nods, "Good, I'm a little more leery about jumping the Pandora intra atmosphere. She could fall out of the sky and shatter on the surface. If we have to shuttle the Peerless Hydroponics equipment off with Raptors, that's what we'll do, but I'd prefer to salvage the Peerless enough to at least get her into space and where we can get at her if possible." He makes a leveling gesture with one hand, "Just to ensure that we have our mission parameters set. We -need- that equipment, we need to get our people back, and pull as many people off that rock as we can." He looks to Novella, and nods, "That's what they told Genesis CIC. It's not that surprising considering the Peerless' equipment." He then looks at Bayless, "Put your best Jump people on the jumps in. Intra atmosphere jumps are tricky, jumping into an unstable atmosphere, moreso. Have the Raptors telemetry transmitted from the Moon and I'll do my best to predict a jump plan to mitigate that risk."

Bayless nods. "I'll be flying one of 'em myself, sir. We'll do our best to get this sorted across the board." She looks to Novella, in silent wonder if the Viper lead has any questions.

Novella levels a gaze at Reed. "Sir, are you saying we are to seize the equipment on the Peerless by any means necessary?" Its a direct question for the fleet's XO. Not something she would want to decide. She looks to the CAG and XO for a moment. "Sirs, if thats the case I hope you plan on bringing Marines. We're a fleet desperate for food and they.. well they're a single ship sustaining themselves, I guess. I don't think they have any motivation to join us, do they? Other than fuel?" This, very suddenly, isn't sitting well with the new LT.

Reed nods to Bayless, "Alright, I want you to work out the details of the mission OP, and draw up a full plan. As the CAG, that's yours, to make my little idea set a workable Air Wing Operation. From what I can see from here, sending to the Raptors on the surface and getting the telemetry data is an easy first step." He looks to Novella. "Lieutenant, these are people on a Moon that closely resembles Hell. It's a Penal Colony with a ship downed on it. Joining the fleet is their only chance at life. Sooner or later they're dead, from Cylons, from failure of equipment, or from a thousand other things. They're more frakked than we are." He sits back, "that said, we still do need to get in contact with them to determine if that's a correct assessment, but I'm not prepared to authorize a forceable action against them without the Fleet CO's input."

Bayless nods in conjunction with Reed's statement. "I think we're agreed that we should try to extend an olive branch before we even talk about sending down mardet teams to start shooting the place up and imposing our will." She then turns to Reed, "Probably goes without saying, sir, but I'd be remiss if I didn't recommend caution. We don't know the disposition of the colony's staff or the inmates. Even we've got the best of intentions, this could go pear-shaped very easily."

Novella just stares. She takes a few deep breaths and sits back in the chair herself. "I.. only meant that if we were to take it by any means necessary. But regardless, this ship is going to be pretty important, right? It'll need security." The LT's gaze seems lost on the table in front of her. She looks like she ate something that didn't agree with her. "Do we know anything about the penal colony, sir?"

Reed nods to Bayless, "Advise all the caution you like, Captain, this is your baby now. It's your people down there, your birds on the line, your pilots asses in the fire and waiting to go into that fire." He then shrugs, "Work up the plan details and start getting the information from the pilots on the ground. While they're doing that, we work out with the Mardet, Engineering, and the CO, see who sees problems with it." He shrugs, "Time to plan an Op, Captain."

Reed adds, "Very little, Lieutenant, we don't have Correctional facility files."

Bayless nods, then says to Novella, "Cav, when we're back on Genesis, find Jammer so the three of us can hammer this thing out and call your squads together for a briefing in eight hours. I'm gonna get with CIC about contacting our pilots on the ground and see if they can get an agreement hammered out with the prison personnel." She then looks to Reed. "As well as getting local telemetry so we can fly an SAR. We appreciate the intel and your time, sir."

Its just.. uhg. Maybe its the medication? It probably is. "Aye, sir," Cav replies with a nod. Security isn't her thing. Flying and gunnery is. There's a lot more she wants to say but the blonde keeps her quiet, eyes on the table. There's a lot turning around in her mind.

Reed looks at Novella for a moment, then looks to Bayless, nodding, spreading his hands, "Part of the job, Captain. Good luck with your preperations." He says, then nods, "Dismissed."

Bayless snaps off a salute then looks to Novella, as if to tell her it's okay to make her concerns known on the trip back, just before heading for the door.

Novella rises with Bayless, slowly, and gives a crisp salute to Reed. "Aye, sir." With that, she turns to go.

Reed returns salute, and looks back to the screens on the wall.

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