Summary: First Rhea, then Salin, then..the unthinkable happens.
Date: 94 ACH - 02/15/09
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
94 ACH 23797 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.


Rhea takes the chair, crossing her legs, clipboard on her lap. Her brow furrows at Regas. "Remain here, sir?" Puzzled is the ChEng. "I'm afraid I'm a bit confused. I had wanted some more details on how long it would be until we rejoin the Hera and the civilians. I've got engineers who do rotations on the other Fleet ships and I'll need to adjust the duty rosters accordingly, and coordinate with the other ship's Engineering crews. There are also issues of fuel consumption and maintenance that I need a firm timeline to properly plan out."

Regas ashes the cheroot and then stubs it out without finishing it. Maybe he doesn't smoke in front of women. "We may not return, so you need to take that in consideration. I'm sending the Hera on with the fleet. To find them a new place they can call home. To try and rebuild and we are going to do what we do best. Fight in this war. I can't believe that the Galactica or the Pacifica or any of the others that may have survived, like the Pegasus is running. If they are out there, we'll find them and work on attacking these bastards."

[Intercom] Pass the word! Lieutenant Sloan to the CMO's office.

"We may not return?" Rhea's eyes widen, then narrow at Regas, as she absorbs this information. "Sir…forgive me but, this is the first I've heard of this, and I'm rather…well, blown away, if I could speak plainly. May I ask why the senior staff wasn't consulted? There are massive logistical concerns, both in my department in with general supply, that can't be settled in seventy-two hours. Not to mention the tactical feasibility of this…idea." She tries to keep her distaste for it out of her tone, but it creeps into the 'bite' she puts behind the word 'idea.' She's flummoxed.

"Because if I had, I'd have got the same thing. This is a tactical decision on my part that will save this Fleet and put us back in the war. Which is our main reason we are on a battlestar, unless I missed a memo from Fleet when they were blown to hell." Regas replies. "Now, I've had my office disrupted, I've had chairs thrown at me, I've had to brig my Marine Commander for insubordination and assault."

Someone is knocking at the door.

"You'd have gotten rational arguments against the massive flaws in this plan, sir, yes," Rhea says. She takes a deep breath. There's more she wants to say. Much more. But she stows it for the moment. The clipboard is put aside. "Well, none of this is going to be a tenth adequate for this…endeavor. And yes, sir, you were quite right before. I am not leaving me son. I can't even talk about your plan with a straight face without ending up in the brig msyelf, so let's just discuss my options for that and I'll suss out how to handle Engineering when I've got my head in order for the job." She half-turns her head at the knock but it's not hers to answer.

Regas glances to the knock and back to the ChEng, "And we are ready for any attack? There is no difference, whether they find us or we find them. If we find them, the advantage is on our side," he looks back to the door. "Frakking hell, who now."

You hear shouting: Enter the damn room

Salin comes in from Corridor 11E.
Salin has arrived.

"I fundamentally disagree, sir. But that decision appears to be taken out of my hands, so it's neither here nor there. You said I could stay with my son. Is a transfer to the Hera an option, or should I resign my commission? I could still work on a contractor basis on Engineering projects." Rhea takes a deep breath. She's pale, but she's focusing on keeping her eyes straight on the commander, tone as level as possible.

"You can speak to Reed," Regas tells her, "I said you could remain with your son." His head comes up and he watches the hatch open and the marine guard admit the XO. "Ah." Is all he says, having figured he'd been here long before now.

The door to the CO's Quarters is all but is tossed open and Salin is simply grunting something to guard before moving in. Several steps are taken, the door being left open behind him and he's lifting a PDA ever so slightly in his hand. There's a look to Rhea and she's given a slight nod before he's looking back to Regas, "We need to talk."

..there is a sudden DRAMATIC look from a Hamster as the camera pans in.

Rhea nods shortly to Regas. "I'll speak with Colonel Carter about it, sir. There are some…issues that would have to be addressed were I under his command, and I'm suddenly very aware of the perils of 'military' leadership in these times we live in. I'll settle things with Captain Fineas in Engineering and try to offer you my best guidance as far as technical concerns if you go forward with…this." She purses her lips to smooth out the urge to sneer. Fineas, her ever-reliable, yet unassuming, pseudo-XO. She stands, stiffly at attention. "Permission to be dismissed, sir?"

"Dismissed, Major." Regas says and then glances to the XO. "Shut the hatch before some other Jig comes in here demanding my head on a platter. I'd offer you liquor, but Major Gaelan broke it."

Rhea nods another of those short nods, snapping off a salute. "You will have either my letter of resignation from the Colonial Fleet or my request for transfer on your desk by tomorrow night., Commander. You will also have my formal opinion of the gravity of the mistake I feel you're making, as both an officer and the highest-ranking member of the Colonial Engineering Corps left alive. We're all we've got left in this universe, Tarik. We can't afford to descend to…this." That's all she says on the matter for now, though. "He's all yours, Altair," she says to Salin as she strides, stiffly, away.

Salin's turning his attention back over towards Rhea as she speaks and he's giving her a slight nod of his head, "Major, I apologize for the disturbance. Could you please close the hatch on your way out?" Then, he's turning his attention back over towards Regas, "So, do I even need to ask?"

The room still smells like pine and liquor, hopefully that will disapate at some point, "Ask what?" Regas is now standing as the ChEng leaves and once the female is out the hatch, he picks up that cheroot again and lights it. "If the question is why? It doesn't matter, you aren't going."

<Trait Roll> Rhea rolls Willpower and achieves a degree of Good (4).

Rhea closes the hatch behind her. Though she can't resist the impulse to slam it. That would take a superb, at least.

Rhea leaves for Corridor 11E [O].
Rhea has left.

There's a shake of Salin's head, slowly, and he's allowing the frown to cross his lips, "What the frak are you thinking, Tarik? Splitting the fleet and going on a suicide mission? You got something to prove?" The notion of him not going, isn't addressed. Yet.

"I'm doing my job, the job I applied for. The job everyone applied for when they signed up. The job this Battlestar was built for. The Hera can take care of the Fleet, I have full trust that Reed will find them a place they can live their lives again. And while they do that, we'll pull the Cylons after us. And we'll fight. Like we were trained to do," Regas doesn't look at the hatch as it is slammed shut behind the ChEng. "Now, are you here to file charges from Major Gaelan that I am unfit for command?"

"I'm considering it. From what I've just heard and from the people that I've talked to, you've lost the confidence of your senior staff. Then, I'm told you said this would be a volunteer mission and you turned around and threw Pietr in the brig, for not issuing an order." The PDA is set in a pocket for now and Salin's moving his hands clasping behind his back, "This Battlestar was built to protect lives. Not hunt Cylons. Doing -your- job, would be not splitting the fleet up. You can't and won't make all the cylons catch you. The rest of the Fleet is bound to run into them and the Hera is -no match- for them. You are effectively signing a death warrant for the crew of the Genesis and Pandora. And potentially that of every person in the Fleet."

Puffs. Puffs. Puffs. Blue smoke rises up and out the intakes, "I'm just a dispicable son-of-a-bitch isn't that right? I think your last words were to get my head out of my ass." Regas merely watches the XO now. "Then tell me, Colonel, what would you do to protect this fleet?" Is that a trick question?

Salin remains standing in his chosen spot, hands clasped behind his back. There's a lift of his brow and he's shaking his head again, ever so slightly, "I'm not going back to that subject with you. Not now. Not with more important things on the line." There's a pause, a pondering of sorts, "I'd leave the Fleet as it is. Splitting it is going to split loyalties. It's going to cause more harm then good, whether you want to see that or not. Frak, it's already started. Pietr. Rhea." Another shake of his head, "You've made some odd decisions in the past, Commander, but this one tops them all."

"Loyalties." Regas echoes that word. "No one is loyal these days. They are all out for theirselves." He rises up then and begins a walk around the desk. "This war. These people. Nothing has taught them anything, not even how to survive. It's possible, nothing ever will either."

Salin's eyes follow Regas' movements and he's beginning to shake his head again, "You're wrong. So very wrong." Hands unclasp now, "You can't split the fleet like this, Tarik. It'll fracture the only 'stable' thing that these people have left. The Fleet needs the Genesis. But, you've already made up your mind, haven't you? Even though not a single member of your Senior Staff approves of it."

"Not a member of my Staff has approved of much since this War started. I suppose you all think you can do better." Regas continues to walk toward his small bathroom, pausing near the door to adjust a small framed picture of his home. Which probably got loosened with all the ruckus earlier. "Pepper sent me a message on Savannah. Said she was sorry. Women. They all go for the throat sooner or later. Keep that in mind, Salin."

"Perhaps, she really is sorry and wanted to let you know? Did that ever cross your mind, Tarik?" Salin's finally moving, but it's so far as to one side as he keeps watching Regas, "You know that I can't support you on this. And you know that I can't just stand by while you take the Fleet's only real source of protection."

The wireless receiver (#1300) starts buzzing. Use +com/answer to answer it.

Once the picture is straightened, Regas looks back to the XO. "Then are you relieving me of command? You realize that is mutiny." Another slow pull off the cigar and he looks at the tip of it, red cherry burning bright when he blows across the ash, "Not that I expected any different coming from you." A glance to the buzzing, "Answer that, would you? I find my bladder is in need of a workout." He moves into the Head.

There's a grunt and Salin shakes his head ever so slightly, "No, it's not mutiny. Mutiny, would be doing it by force. Deeming you unfit for Command with the support of the Senior Staff, is just that." There's another grunt and he's moving to the wireless, grabbing it and simply saying, "What!?"

[Private] Shem says, "Sir, this is Lieutenant Shem in the marine office. Mind if I ask just what the frak happened, here?"

[Private] Shem says, "Understood, sir. Is that guard detail outside the compartment regular infantry or MP?"

The Call

Private "JAGMan" Salin says, "What!?"

Private Shem says, "Sir, this is Lieutenant Shem in the marine office. Mind if I ask just what the frak happened, here?"

Private "JAGMan" Salin says, "No, you may not, Lieutenant. Things will be explained. We're in a meeting."

Private Shem says, "Understood, sir. Is that guard detail outside the compartment regular infantry or MP?"

Private "JAGMan" Salin says, "I believe they … <muffled gunshot> Frak!"

Private "JAGMan" Salin hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

Intercom Emergency! Emergency! Medical to CO's Quarters

Private Castillo says, "Security Hub, Castillo."

Private Shem says, "Castillo, get your frakking weapon and meet me outside the office."

Private Shem hangs up the wireless and ends the call.

Castillo shows up in front of the security office with sidearm, presumably loaded, in its holster. "Sir?" he asks the all encompassing interrogative.

Shem is standing outside the hatch to the marine offices, looking mighty disquieted. He starts walking for the stairwell when Castillo arrives. "I was on the phone with the commander's quarters, talking to the XO. There was a gunshot. Line went dead."

Castillo says, "Sir," Castillo begins to ask, "why aren't the marines outside the CO's office in there stomping the guts out of whomever discharged that firearm?" He points to the stairwell, "Have any MPs been dispatched yet?""

Shem says, "I hope to Gods they are." He unbuckles his holster and slowly pulls out his pistol, pointing it at the ground next to his foot. "And we're it. Those Marines are regular infantry. I don't know if they can be trusted."

"I guess that'll be covered in the debriefing, sir," Castillo remarks. He also withdraws his sidearm and pulls the slide back to chamber a round. The firearm is not pointed at the deck, but rather raised to tactical level. "You want me to take point, sir?"

Shem looks over his shoulder. He gives Castillo a meaningful look. This might be big. "Yeah."

Back to the CO's office

…about thirty seconds into the call, the sound of a gunshot is heard behind the closed door of the Head.

[Intercom] Emergency! Emergency! Medical to CO's Quarters

Hearing the gunshot, Salin's hanging up the current call, only to have Medical paged. Then, he's making his way over towards the head, only to pop the door open.

Nothing like seeing your Commander's brains all over the wall of the head. The body is slumped back now. Eyes open, gun still smoking and finger twitching. A lovely sight.

Having just opened the door to the head, Salin looks inside and what ever he's seen as him blanching rather nicely. Then, he's turning away from the door to bend over as the previous meal decides to suddenly disagree with his stomach. There's a couple quick breaths and he's moving over towards the wireless.

Having just opened the door to the head, Salin looks inside and what ever he's seen as him blanching rather nicely. Then, he's turning away from the door to bend over as the previous meal decides to suddenly disagree with his stomach. There's a couple quick breaths and he's moving over towards the wireless.

[Intercom] Major Zaharis to CO's Quarters! Major Zaharis to CO's Quarters!

It's about this point the guards outside are busting into the hatch as well. "Sir?!" They both see the XO and then when there is no sign of the CO. One is moving to the open door of the head. "What is going on here, Sir?"

Salin's still about as pale as a ghost and as the guards make their way into the room, he's pointing a hand towards the head, "There." His eyes close and the wireless is replaced, "Said he had to use the head."

Zaharis comes in from Corridor 11E.
Zaharis has arrived.

Zaharis was already on the move from the first call, and when his name sounds over the comm as well he practically runs up the rest of the way. "Make a hole!" He calls out at the Marines blocking the way, elbowing his way through the wall o' muscle. "What's going on?" He spots Salin's pointing and heads that way, quickly.

The sight of the Commander makes the first marine take a hard swallow and turn to look at the XO. The second one is in better shape, "Yes, sir. As you have medical on the way, we'll keep others out for now," and he moves back to the hatch as the CMO bursts into the room.

As Zaharis arrives, Salin simply gives the man a nod of his head. Then, he's looking towards the guard, "I want this whole area sealed off. No one comes in, or out, without the approval of myself, Major Zaharis, Colonel Carter or Lieutenant Shem. Do I make myself clear?"

Zaharis doesn't have the luxury of hesitating or stopping to be sick somewhere. The CMO shoves past whoever's in the doorway to the head and drops his kit, kneeling down next to the Commander's bloody body. With brains sliding down the walls and the eyes open like that, it's a wonder he even has to get so close to confirm the death, but it only takes a quick workup. "Frak." He glance at the watch above his bloody glove. "Time of death, 23:21:33."

Both marines do a 'YESSIR!' to Salin and go back to their posts outside the door. Figuring the wait will be short for the MP's and whoever else is incoming. It's going to be a loooong night for everyone.

As the guards move to secure the this portion of the deck, Salin's moving back towards the wireless. Once he's picked it up, he's placing a call out for Reed, before resettling the device back in the handset. He finds the wall then, promptly pressing a shoulder into it as he begins to shake his head, "FrakFrakFrakFrak."

[Intercom] Colonel Carter, report to the CO's Quarters.

Shem has arrived.

Castillo has arrived.

"Altair, calm down," Zaharis' voice is firm as he looks up. "Go sit down, wait for Carter." He doesn't touch the firearm that did the deed, leaning over Regas to inspect the wound. His lips are pursed, jaw tensed.

Castillo approaches the hatch to the CO's Quarters with his weapon drawn. Between the helmet with the huge white MP letters painted on it and the thick brassard, it's fairly clear that the ship's security forces are responding to the scene. He takes point in the duo that is the corporal and Lt. Shem and approaches the Marines. "SITREP, Marines," he calls out, attempting to get a feel for the situation of if they're hostiles.

Shem's pistol is out and pointed to the ground. The safety is most assuredly off. He raises it a couple of inches when the Marines guarding the entrance come into view. The lieutenant seems quite on edge.

The only hostile here is the Commander's chair and his own hand. The Marines give Castillo and Shem the SITREP, "Sirs, inside. you'll need to see the XO. You've been allowed access." And the hatch is opened, that is about all the sitrep they get in a corridor.

There's a lift of a hand and Salin is waving it slightly, "Can't sit down. Not with this. Not now." There's an audible sigh, but it's cut at the opening of the door. Shrugging off from the wall, he turns to face it before taking a couple of steps in that direction.

"Well then go…" Zaharis makes a motion to shoo Salin away from staring at the body, but the man's already turning. Thank goodness. He exhales slowly, closing Regas' eyes with his fingertips. He picks up the tiny tape recorder from its slot inside the medical kit, switching it on. Another glance at his watch and he mutters date and time into the small microphone, and some details. Commander Tarik Regas. CoD gunshot to the head. Apparent suicide.

Reed comes down the hallway, sticking to the wall. Medical got called here, and in case of flying Medics, he's not planning on getting bowled over. As he finds the corridor secured, he says, "Carter." And they admit him into the hall where he approaches the incoming Marines, but hangs back as he sees them moving in formation to take the CO's Quarters.

"Sir?" Castillo asks. Although, his eyes, and business end of the sidearm, are clearly focused on the two guards at the hatch - the interrogative is clearly directed towards Shem.

Shem's eyes flick between the two guards suspiciously. "Marines," he tells them. "This is Corporal Castillo. He'll be supervising for now. Safety your weapons." He glances down to slide his pistol back into the holster, muttering to Castillo as he does, "Shoot 'em if they start acting weird." He moves to continue on into the commander's quarters.

Zaharis is left to his duties as Salin takes a few more paces towards the hatchway, just in time to catch Shem making his way into the quarters, "Lieutenant. Have your MP's secure this corridor. No one but Senior Staff is to be anywhere near it."

Zaharis is the only member of Medical here, having responded alone when the call came down from the CO's quarters. He's still in the head, taking down the necessary notes on the scene into the little tape recorder. With a small click he shuts the thing off and rub his fingers over the bridge of his nose, then stands up. A step or two brings him out of the head, and he draws the door mostly shut behind him so the grisly sight isn't immediately visible to the room.

The two guards don't make any voice except another 'Yes sir' to Shem. The do as they are told and stay out of it. Who wants to get shot?!

Reed passes the Marines, moving to Castillo, listening and as he hears the CMOs order he nods, "Okay, I'm going in." He checks, Colonel, yep. Senior Staff. He moves to the hatchway, pausing to work out with Shem who is in and who is out.

"Aye aye, sir," Castillo says to Shem. He lowers his sidearm to point towards the deck, but does not holster the weapon. Once Salin exits from the hatch and relays the orders to the lieutenant, the corporal says to them, "You heard the XO, Marines. You ain't either. So, gimme your names, set down your firearms and report to the security hub for a debriefing… and don't be flapping your jaws at anybody on your way there. Alright?"

Shem's eyes swing from the shutting door behind Zaharis, to Zaharis, then to Salin. He seems to judge the colonel for a long moment, weighing certain things against others. In a couple of quickened heartbeats, a decision is made. "Aye, sir." He clears the hatch, picks his way to the wireless within the room, picks the receiver from the handle, and starts punching in numbers.

The marines give off their names, Sgt. Crays and Corporal Lieber. Once the weapons are secured and left with Castillo, they head for the end of the Corridor and back to Marine Country for the debriefing.

There's a simple nod towards Shem and when Reed is spotted outside the hatch, Salin is pointing across the way, at his quarters, "Carter, my quarters. Please." Then, there's a look over his shoulder, towards Zaharis, "Jesse, can you deal with things here for the time being?"

Reed pokes his head into the quarters, looks at Salin, then jerks a thumb over his shoulder and backs out. He hasn't seen or heard what happened, but he seems willing to turn and head to the XO's Quarters.

"Yes." Zaharis replies to Salin, eyes flickering between the two colonels. "I'm not going to move anything immediately, just going to seal the room for now." Wheeling a body out of the CO's quarters before command decides what to say about it could be bad, after all.

Once the Marines are on their way out, Castillo holsters his weapon and readies the secured firearms. He walks over to the nearest wireless in the corridor and dials up the Security Hub. "This is Castillo…. Yah…. No…. I got two Marines headed your way. A Sergeant Crays and a Corporal Lieber. Make sure they show up and keep them separated until the S2 or the Sheriff can question them. I dunno… feed them coffee or something. Castillo out."

Shem mutters some words into the wireless and hangs up, carefully. He trudges back out into the corridor and runs a hand over his damp forehead into his hair. "Gods."

Moment's later, in the XO's Quarters

Salin opens the hatchway to his quarters and he leaves it open, so that the train can follow him in. Rather then move towards the seating area, he's heading straight for his locker and once he's opened it, he's withdrawing a bottle of something and a couple of glasses.

Reed moves in and heads to the side, looking at Salin, "Ooookay, tell me, fast and straight what happened." He looks braced for the worst.

The smell of cigarette smoke precedes the CMO as he steps through Salin's room hatch. Zaharis shuts it with his foot in time to catch Reed's question and looks at Salin himself, raising an eyebrow. He knows the hard facts but not the leadup, and clearly he's waiting too.

Catching sight of Zaharis, Salin reaches in to claim a third glass before he's making his way to the desk. "Regas shot himself." Glasses are filled and left for people to take before he's looking towards Reed, "Went to talk with him about this. We argued. He asked if I was going to relieve him, per Pietr's request. Said I was considering it .." There's a sigh and he's lifting his glass, draining the contents, "Wireless rang and he asked me to get it while he used the head. Thirty seconds into the conversation on the wireless, I heard the gunshot. That's when I called for Jesse."

Reed looks at Salin as he explains it, then closes his eyes, moving to a chair, and sits." He stares into space for a moment, then. "Jump the fleet." He looks to Salin. "Jump us to another position. It might not- might not be anything but it's a precaution."

Zaharis raises an eyebrow at the mention of Gaelan requesting a transfer of power. He lets out a very slow breath through his nose. "The fleet will need to be notified in one manner or another," he says, keeping his voice low and level. "We're going to have to carry on."

Settling his glass back on the desk, Salin gives a quick nod towards Reed. He moves the couple of steps necessary and picks up the wireless, "CIC, XO. Notify the Fleet to being jump preperations to tertiary jump location. Engage once all vessels notify ready." The wireless is settled back down and he's turning back towards the two others, "I'll send out a fleet wide notification in a few minutes, informing the Fleet that Commander Regas has passed away."

Reed nods, looking to Zaharis, "Yes, we have to carry on. I guess this means.." He looks to Salin, "You're Fleet Commander, and you've got an XO spot open. Welcome to my world there."

"I'll get him cleaned up for a funeral." Zaharis says this as calmly as one might detail what they were going to put on the menu tonight. "I would suggest bringing the department heads together as soon as possible to get on the same page about the transition. And how this is going to affect the plans in motion."

There's a sigh and Salin is turning his attention over towards Reed, "Lovely .." He's looking towards Zaharis then, giving a slight nod, "I'm going to call one for tomorrow. As for the plans in motion? They can be considered dismissed for now. The last thing the Fleet needs at this moment, is to worry about being split."

Reed nods, "I'll go along with that." He considers for a moment, and rubs his face, "Frak."

"Just covering bases," Zaharis replies. "This is going to be shitty. But we can do this, Altair. You've got us here behind you. Professional and personal, know that."

Someone is knocking at the door.

There's another nod and then a faint smile towards Zaharis, "Thanks." There's a turn of his attention back towards Reed as he lifts a hand to rub at his forehead, "Reed, in the intrim, consider yourself Fleet XO as well as CO of the Hera. There's going to be alot of things popping up, and I'm not going to be able to handle them all." The knock at the door draws his attention and he's shouting, "Enter."

Shem comes in from Corridor 11E.
Shem has arrived.

Reed nods, "Alright, I'll work on that from the Hera." He falls quiet and looks to the door.

Zaharis is still working on his cigarette, which he turns away to ash as someone knocks and then comes in.

The S2 pulls the hatch open. His upper body leans in. He's procured a rifle, which when combined with his regular, non-combat duty uniform, makes for an unnatural sight. "Sirs, not to alarm anybody, but the reason I called over earlier was because there's been a little crisis of confidence among the enlisted after Colonel Gaelan was relieved. I have a trusted man heading down now to make sure there's no noise about busting him out, but it'd probably be best if there was some announcement for calm." There's an indistinctive shout outside, and Shem reflexively glances over his shoulder. He looks back in at the trio a moment later. Doesn't seem to be anything serious.

There's a quick nod towards Reed and then Salin is looking towards the door. Shem's entry and words are granted a muttered, "Frak," before he's nodding again, "Major Gaelan is to be released from the brig and is to resume his previous duties. Immediately."

Reed looks to Salin, "Want me to spring him, brief him and make sure he's up to speed?" He asks, thinking.

Zaharis hadn't even known the man was brigged. Both brows kind of loft upwards, one higher than the other.

Shem doesn't say anything, but continues looking among the men.

A look back towards Reed and Salin gives a quick nod, "Please." His hand rubs again at his forehead and he's giving his head a shake, "Alright. That should do it for now. Jesse, can you make sure the Commander is secured in the morgue and that there are no loose lips? People don't need to know how it happened. Not yet." There's a pause, "If there's nothing else, I need to put my head down. Things are starting to spin a little bit."

Reed nods, rising, "Do that." He looks to Shem, "Lieutenant, let's go."

"Yes, sir," Shem replies crisply. He ducks back out.

Shem leaves for Corridor 11E [O].
Shem has left.
Reed leaves for Corridor 11E [O].
Reed has left.

Zaharis watches Salin for a while with a very even look. Assessing. "Of course. The details of deaths aren't generally released anyway…won't sound too weird. I'll come back round in a few hours. If you need a hand drafting that notice to the fleet, let me know."

Watching as Shem and Reed make their way out, Salin focuses his attention on Zaharis, "Thanks. I think I know what I'm going to say. Can you have the body ready for Wednesday evening? For a memorial service?"

"Can do." Zaharis pauses just a moment, ashing his cigarette. "I am," he says, just by way of informing, "Going to do a full autopsy first. For the record."

Salin gives a quick nod to that statement, followed by a very faint smile, "I would expect nothing less, Jesse. Do, what you need to do."

"You too. Get a nap in if you can." Zaharis pulls a last drag into his lungs and mashes out the cigarette. "And listen…that's not an easy thing to have been standing there for. I know, I've been there myself. You ever want to talk or throw things or whatever the frak you feel like doing, my door's open and all that. Alright?"

"I appreciate that Jesse, and I'll probably take you up on that, once we get this sorted." Salin turns his head to look over towards his bunk before looking back, "Right now, I'm going to make the announcement and then crash for a little bit, before everyone is banging at our doors."

"Good idea. Give me about fifteen to get the body secure so I don't get rubberneckers up my ass, then go for it." Zaharis heads towards the door.

Salin begins to shrug out of his tunic as he nods his head, "Will do. That'll give me just enough time to finalize my thoughts."

Zaharis slips out to go body-wrangle.

Zaharis leaves for Corridor 11E [O].
Zaharis has left.

Once everyone has left the quarters, Salin's moving to the wireless. A deep breath is taken before he picks it up and activates the fleet-wide intercom:

*The fleet-wide intercoms crackle to life and a moment later, Salin's voice is heard*

It's with great sadness that I report the passing of Commander Tarik Regas. The Commander had a long and illustrious career, one in which he served with honor and distinction. He was a asset to the Colonial Military and he will be missed. And while he is no longer with us, he would want us to continue on. To find a new home. And that is what we will do. Date and time of the memorial service will follow.

*And with that, the intercoms go silent*

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