Ed Harris
Ed Harris as Lucian Agrippa

Name: Lucian Agrippa
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: Guns
Age: 64
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Weapons Department
Position: Weapons
Rank: Master Chief Petty Officer
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Gemenon
Actor: Ed Harris

Frak Gemenon and Toasters

The Agrippa family was conservative, and strict, even for the folk of Gemenon. Which had much to do with Lucian's escape into the military at a young age. Dealing with their abuse, insane rules, and less than warm embrace, left a young man with little desire to reach out to others. And far more interest in more intense pursuits.

During the height of the First Cylon War, Lucian enlisted in the Colonial Fleet with the help of a conspiring, personnel hungry recruiter at the age of 17. His service during the war was skillful, showing an aptitude with the big guns of Battlestars, he was quick to be promoted as spots needed filling. Though, he developed a reputation as a leader who forced his men and women to fight through horrific losses, and ended most engagements with an extensive butcher's bill in his batteries.

His first ship, the Battlestar Olympus, was lost with most hands in a battle with two Basestars…with the final result being a crippled, disabled Olympus, and a Basestar in similar standing. The Cylons repeatedly boarded Olympus, and the handful of survivors, including Specialist Agrippa fought them off for four days, until the Colonial Fleet beat the Cylons to the scene of the fighting.

Lucian was awarded the Silver Cluster, and promoted to Petty Officer 3rd for his leadership role in constructing and fortifying an infirmary on the gun deck, while managing offensive raids to keep the Cylons from overrunning. The nearly ninety percent casualties that his makeshift unit received earned him the nickname of Lifeless Lucian. A moniker that each subsequent combat action of the war would reinforce. Serving under him was a sure way to succeed or die trying.

Turned into a propaganda darling, Agrippa was sent on the media circuit, until he made too much of a nuisance of himself, and was reassigned to the Battlestar Majestic….where he would serve the remainder of the war.


While Petty Officer Agrippa continued to serve in the reduced Fleet, promotion came much slower. Though, it did continue to come. With more time to himself, Lucian developed an interest in the arts, and philosophy…turning him into something more than just the brash, blunt NCO that he once was. Now he was a brash, blunt NCO with a soul.

There were a total of four marriages in the interwar years, all ending in hurt feelings, and rather nasty complaints. None of his former wives were on speaking terms with Lucian after the ordeals that ended their marriages. Most of his subordinates would explain how very little that surprised them, if asked.

During Tom Zarek's terrorist campaign on Saggitaron, Agrippa, now a Senior Chief, was almost killed, and very nearly crippled in the efforts to keep the peace. He was aboard a Raptor en route to a suspected terrorist safehouse as senior NCO when one of the insurgents managed to clip the vessel with a surplus ground-to-air missile, knocking it from the sky. Most of the crew and passengers died outright, while Lucian was merely blinded in his left eye, and told that he would never walk again.

After months of surgeries and rehab, the crusty old bastard did manage to walk, and using up all of his many accrued favors, kept himself in the service…though he carries the scars to this day, and spent the next few decades working at a desk, or training new recruits.


His last scheduled deployment, a spacegoing tour gifted to him before forced retirement was ordered…and Master Chief Petty Officer Lucian Agrippa returned to the gun deck of a Battlestar. The Battlestar Genesis' gundeck was about to be terrorized by it's new Chief of Guns.

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