Summary: Pepper and Isabeau almost talk about Salin.
Date: 145 ACH
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Apartment A Carina - Main Level
145 ACH 24438 Souls

The apartment has three bedrooms and a nice sized kitchen. It is able to hold four people comfortably as it also has two bathrooms, a large livingroom, stackable washer and dryer, dishwasher, double sink, stove and microwave. The furniture is comfortable and in dark, brown tones. The carpeting is beige with blue and brown flecks throughout. A sliding door leads off to an outdoor patio.
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Contents: Isabeau Wireless 1016
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The afternoon is quiet for a change. Isabeau has been kicked out of her office for the day so her aides can prep the place for the meeting of the council and she has gone home. Puttering about the place, she has neatened the living room to the point of ridiculousness. The furniture is fairly generic with a couch and two chairs, a coffee table and a faux fireplace. The fireplace's mantle has had knickknacks rearranged to mask missing pieces. There is an opening for a hall leading to a kitchen and one leading farther in. Maybe to the bathroom and bedroom. With the cleaning finished, the place sparkles and Isabeau heads off to the kitchen.

The first place an out-of-uniform Pepper attempted was the office. She was on Carina and…determined, from the looks of her. Since there was no luck at the office, she made her way to the apartment and knocked on the door, a small bag in hand. Peace offering?

Hearing the knock, Isa frowns. Clearly, either she is not expecting anyone or the last person who knocked was not entirely welcome. Drying her hands, she moves back out into the livingroom and opens the door. Spotting you, her eyes widen in surprise and she smiles, "Pepper. Come in. I was about to call you, as it happens. There are a couple of things I wanted to talk about." Oddly enough, although the smile is honest, there is an edge to her tone. Stepping back, she motions to invite you in, "Please. Come in." She does notice the bag, but does not pay it any particular mind. "May I offer you something? I have juice, water and milk." There is an energy to her that is either new or recently recovered and her eyes actually shimmer with life.

Pepper studies her for a moment, and then her face relaxes into a soft, almost relieved smile. "Thank you, Isabeau. Normally I don't just drop in on people, but I was on Carina and wanted to talk with you, as well." Stepping in, she offers the bag, smile turning just a touch wry. "Juice would be lovely, thank you. Are you doing well?" Strangely enough, there's a hint of worry in Pepper's eyes as she studies the other woman.

Isabeau closes the door once the young woman enters. She motions toward the couch, then accepts the bag. Her smile turns wry in turn and she walks over to the coffee table. Setting the bag down on the table, she does not open it just yet, but motions for you to have a seat. Looking up at you, she twinkles, "Great minds?" Then, the smile dies and she clears her throat, "I am well, yes. But, Pepper? What I have to say is not going to be pleasant. But, it has to be said. You might hate me when I am finished and that would be very sad. So. Do you want to go first, or shall I?" As she speaks, she walks to the kitchen as the hallway consists of only an arched opening. Opening the refrigerator, she takes a bottle of juice from within and pours a pair of glasses.

Pepper settles in on the sofa, watching the other woman's back for a moment. She has that prim, proper, Atlanta southern lady posture. For a moment, she's quiet, considering. "I came to apologize, Isabeau," she says quietly, once she's sure the woman can hear her. "I was out of line the other day. I really don't have an excuse for why I reacted the way I did." Well, that was easy. Except…it wasn't. Not if the look on Pep's face is any indication.

Isabeau returns with the glasses and settles one in front of you on the coffee table. Although she considers sitting on the chair, she eschews it to sit in the corner of the couch near you. Her posture is relaxed, for she is at home. And, for a change, her manner is confident, focused and sure. "You were within your rights, actually. I believe I owe you the apology. Though I will certainly accept yours, regardless." Her smile flickers back into place, gentle and warm. "I should not have meddled. It was inappropriate." Oh, she notices the woman's expression, though is unsure what to do about it. "Thank you. I hope that you do not live to regret the kindness."

"I don't think I will," she says quietly, face softening into a smile again. "It…took me a little bit to realize that both of us have Salin's best interests at heart. We both love him. Rather than fighting about it or trying to push you away, I should, honestly, be thankful that he's got someone like you in his life. You understand more than I ever could." Hands wrap around the glass and she takes a sip. The thank you for the drink was quiet. "It is…a little difficult for me to work through all of this. It's unknown territory, and I know I'm going to trip and fall at times."

Isabeau sighs, then sets the glass down on the table near her. "You are welcome for the juice. And I thank you for that. But, before you go any farther, I really need to say this." Leaning forward, she clasps her hands in front of her. "Actually, it is in two parts. First, the Governor's wife is very ill. Dying. He is resigning to be with her for the rest of the time she has. I am on the short list being considered as his interrum replacement until the next elections. If offered the position, I will accept. This means that I will be working with Salin a lot." She inhales, then continues, "I have tried being nice about this. Tried not to be in your way or his. But, Pepper? Please understand. I love him with all that I am. I know that you understand this as you do too. I have to know whether he is marrying you because he got you pregnant or because he loves you. To really know this, I have to try and win him back. I am sorry. I know the pain this is going to cause you, but it is something I need to do. If he denies me, I will never bring it up again. If he does not, then we will both know for once and all."

Pepper, again, is quiet for quite some time as she studies the woman sitting across from her. Her chin comes up ever so slightly, but then goes back down again as she nods, once. "I am sorry to hear of the Governor's wife," she says, voice low and quiet. "And congratulations on your chances. I think you are, very likely, the absolute best person for the job." Very polite - yet sincere. "I have to ask, though, Isabeau…what changed? Not too long ago, you were assuring me that you would never do anything to stand in our way, that you wouldn't try to get between us. I don't know the answer to the question you're posing any more than you do. Though I suspect I know the answer."

Isabeau nods, "Thank you. I will pass your condolences on." She blushes a little, her smile also sincere, "Thank you for that as well. If approved, I will do my utmost for the people on all of the ships." Not only the civilians. Then, comes the harder question and she tightens her hands together, her gaze lowering briefly. It is not that she is avoiding your gaze, for she lifts her eyes to once more seek yours. "That is also a difficult question to answer, but I will try. Every time I saw you, Pepper, or anyone that I used to know, it would dig into me, reminding me that Salin and I are not together. I thought I was getting over it. Actually, I thought that I was almost over it. Him. Us." She presses her lips together for a moment, then a blush deepens against her skin, "I asked a friend to come for lunch. He and I would often talk. He is someone who has been interested in me for some time. When he came, he… Well, he tried very hard to seduce me. I realized that every time he touched me or kissed me that all I could think of was that it was not Salin. I am very lucky that he is such a good friend, or my turning him down would have ended badly. As it is, we are still friends." She licks her lips, "I realized that all this time, I believed that Salin would come around and realize that he does love me. But, he is a man, Pepper…" Obviously. "It may not occur to him that he is marrying you out of nobility. Because you are the extremely beautiful, young, somewhat innocent woman he got pregnant."

Pepper listens to Isabeau, gaze somewhat intent as she studies the older woman, truly attending to her words. Where another young woman might become angry or give in to tears, Pepper simply considers the words for a time, then nods, once. "You have until Saturday," she says with a small, somewhat apologetic smile. "Only two people know, but he and I will be getting married in a small ceremony aboard Hera. Invitations have not gone out yet. I was planning on sending them this evening. Guests are being invited to a dinner, and not being told about the wedding. We felt it better this way, so that no one would claim that Salin is misusing Fleet resources." She seems…well, remarkably calm about the whole thing. Taking another sip of juice, she sets the glass aside. "I hope you find what you need and what you want, Isabeau," Pepper says quietly, making as if to stand. "I'll be available on Carina to assist with any projects you might have upcoming, no matter what the outcome. I will not allow my personal life to overshadow duty to the Fleet, in either a civilian or military capacity. It is…perhaps one last legacy from Commander Regas." Her lips tilt upward, just a tiny bit.

Isabeau listens with an attentive care that is gentle as well as focused, "Thank you. But, let me be certain that I am clear. I am going to try and win Salin back whether it takes a week or several years. I realize that you and he will be married on Saturday unless he capitulates soon. But, that is not going to stop me. I have come to realize that he is the love of my life and I am not going to be happy without him at my side. I know that this is a terrible thing to do, but it is what it is. You are a wonderful woman, Pepper and I am sorry. But, this is something that I must do." Inhaling, she moves to rise as you do, "I will not hold you to that last agreement, actually. It would be rather awful of me if I did."

The young woman's smile is soft, gracious, as she dips her head. "We shall see where life takes us," she says, voice low and quiet. "I wish you well with your upcoming role as Governor, Isabeau. For now, though, I have some things to attend to on Hera."

Isabeau inclines her head as she rises, "We shall see. Luck with whatever you must do on the Hera, Pepper." Moving across the room, she opens the door, "I wish you well in life, where ever it leads us." There is no animosity in her tone, or in the gaze she offers.

Pepper simply smiles and dips her head, then turns to step out, past the older woman. There's a simple, quiet confidence in the way she moves. Then she's gone.

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