Josh "Magic" Maerker
The LSO :)
John C. McGinley
John C. McGinley as Josh Maerker
Name: Josh Maerker
Callsign: Magic
AKA: Josh, Cap'n, Bossman, The Frakkin LSO
Age: 33
Branch: Colonial Fleet Reserves
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Deck Department
Position: Landing Signal Officer
Rank: Captain
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Canceron by Birth, Raised on Virgon
Actor: John C. McGinley

The Beginning

Joshua Maerker (Callsign: Magic) was born on Canceron to Richard and Betty Maerker and was brought up in a traditional "Blue Collar" lifestyle, despite being moved a lot from Colony to Colony due to his parents service. His parents, both Non-Commissioned Officers in the fleet, saw to it that Josh was raised well, making sure he remained in school (despite a few run-in's with Law Enforcement and regular teenage antics) and educated in enough "street sense" to ensure that he wasn't naieve or diluted later in life. This balance of street savvy and intelligence made Josh a very capable person, as well as strong-willed enough to endure moves all over the colonies. In the first 18 years of his life, he had already lived in 9 colonies, and when his parents finally retired from the fleet, it was Virgon that became his home. Graduating 37th in his class at Callisto High School in Virgon City, he decided to travel for a year before heading to his next destination; The University of Virgon at Virgon City and the Colonial Fleet Reserve Officer Training Corps detatchment. Excelling in Fleet Combat Tactics, he eventually was named the Cadet Executive Officer for the detatchment in his Senior Year at UVVC. Graduating in the upper 1% of his class and earning a Masters in Aerospace Engineering, with a strong Minor in Computer Technologies.

In The Fleet

Before the start of his Freshman Year in college, Josh got to watch the Colonial Angels (The Fleets Aerial Demonstration Team) in action for the first time. It was this moment that he decided he wanted to fly in those wonderful aircraft. After graduation from UVVC, he immediately reported to the Fleet Basic Flight School for training in Vipers. Earning his callsign of "Magic" due to his last name (as well as his ability to conjure up the best Ambrosia, Fumarillos, and women in just about every bar and city he arrives in) and qualifying in both Vipers and Raptors, he then reported to the Advanced Tactical Flight School for further training, excelling in close-quarters aerial combat. Once training was completed for him, he was then assigned to the Battlestar Solaria for service in her assigned Air Wing. Serving with distinction for three years, he then went on to serve aboard the Battlestar Bellerophon as the Junior Air Wing Maintenance Officer for the next year. After his service in that billet, he was assigned to the Battlestar Pegasus Air Wing, under the command of Captain Cole Taylor. Going into his 9th month aboard, however, his life as a Viper Pilot came to a screeching halt… During a CAP flight near the Armistice Line, he became disoriented and lost control of his bird. Eventually regaining control, he managed to make it back to the Pegasus Flight Zone. Being talked in by the LSO, he became disoriented once again, but this time crashing his bird and accidentally killing three deckhands. He spent three weeks in the Sickbay unconscious and barely clinging to life. It was during this time that it was determined that he suffered from a previously undetected inner-ear problem that led to his disorientation. Once he regained conscienceness and was told what happened, he nearly turned in his wings and resigned his commision. He decided against it eventually and decided to face the required board of inquiry convened due to the incident. The board of inquiry cleared him of any wrongdoing, due to the unforseeable nature of his condition. In their eyes, he was cleared; In the eyes of the Doctors though, he was "damaged goods," and was recommended grounded to the board. Having no choice but to accept the fate ordained from being grounded, he decided that he'll serve in whatever capacity he could, but work on regaining his flight status… Today, he serves aboard the Battlestar Genesis as the LSO, having been there since a year before the holocaust. His final assignment probably, but perhaps the most important of them all…

Physical Features

Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown (buzzed to a Crew-cut)
Weight: 203 Lbs.
Height: 6' 2"
General Build: Muscular/Athletic
Distinguising Marks: Tribal Tattoo on Right Bicep, multiple scars on back due to aformentioned flight accident

  • Good Women
  • Good Ambrosia
  • Good Fumarillos
  • Good Music
  • A good cup of Hot Tea (I like tea… Got a problem, newbie?)
  • Working with his planes
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