Major Stuff
Major Stuff
Summary: Regas talks to Gaelan after meeting with Des and Fotilas.
Date: 36 ACH - 12/19/2008
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Situation Room Genesis - Deck 11

36 ACH 6285 Souls

This room is an area with surround stadium style seating along the walls, all looking down toward the center of the room where a raised, broad table with illuminated top is. A set of cabinets and projected screens interrupt the viewers seating. The screens can show the top down view of the table while the cabinet holds models of all Colonial, Cylon, and Civilian ships known.

-----< Condition Two - Duty Area >----——


Gaelan comes in from Corridor 11D.

Regas steps in, chasing anyone out who is in here. Once they are both inside and the hatch is closed and monitored, he glances to his Marine CO. "I have a few things to discuss with you."

Gaelan steps to the side as the room is vacated. Waiting patiently for the room to be isolated he looks back to Regas, "Of course, Sir." Moving to an at-ease position his feet are shoulder width apart and his hands cup behind the small of his back as he stands at near attention, his eyes locked forward as he almost certain it's going to be vocal here soon.

"I'd like your report on what is going on in Marine Country for one," Regas begins, "The main reports are just normal duties. But, how much do you know on what is going on elsewhere? If you have it handled, then this will be short and sweet for both of us."

Gaelan eyes the Commander a moment before commenting in rasped tones, "I have Sergeant Farkas under investigation for Fraternization with an officer, Sergeant Ramiro is working with Corporal Gars to develop a MOUT that capitalizes on the Corporal's field experiences, Lieutenant Shem is vetting a possible permanent Master at Arms, Lieutenant Shem is working with JAG on the investigation for the prisoner Astyoche Kyrios and the MP's are maintaining the directive issued by Major Altair in regards to the parameters of her detainment pending her investigation becoming completed. I am down one SST member who went rogue during the Leonis missions, Gunnery Sergeant D'Artanion is doing steady rotations in Sickbay to maintain her skills at top performance along with all the Combat Medics. Is there a specific matter that the Commander has in mind on discussing about my Marines, Sir?"

"Your Sheriff for one. I ran into her and the prisoner the other day in the mess hall. I'm sure she has better things to do, like delegate to the MP's below her. She also lacks the ability to send out memos on what was going on with this prisoner for three weeks. Now, I can go up the chain to your S2, who was brought over and is playing catchup. And up further, to their commander, which would be you. I want to know why my marines are using valuable resources on a civilian and she hasn't be shipped off to the Carina?" Regas queries.

Gaelan watches the Commander a moment and his brow furrows, "Sir, with all due respect you should be placing your foot up the JAG office that is no longer stationed on this boat and has seem to lost the sight priority of the Military as their guide. My MPs can't get ready access to Major Altair because he has seperated his offices from the Battleship he is assigned to. So my MP's are following his orders to the letter. Since the Carina is not within our shuttle relays we can not relay completed investigative materials to the Major. In regards to the Sheriff, Sir. She is an MP, so her duties at times will constitute a need for her to take on the role actually being an MP which can directly relate to having to do escort duties. No this is not preferred but with thinned out manpower they are making do. The slowed investigation by Sergeant Browne is what has prompted the full vetting I ordered to Lieutenant Shem to declare Sergeant Browne either a full time Master at Arms or declare one in her replacement. So I will ask the rhetorical question then, Sir. Why didn't JAG push for a more accelerated investigation? Now that the reports have been filed why is JAG using my Brig as a hotel for the storage of their prisoner? Oh wait. I know the answer to that. They aren't on this frakkin' ship, Sir."

Regas frowns heavily as the Major goes off on that tangent, "Major Altair has been helping set up an area for the civilian authorities to begin their own investigations. JAG is not part of the MP force that investigates unless they are called in to do so. This is the arguement that came up with Farkas and him going off about it. I put the MP's on that mess when they were brought in, Farkas went over board and so it fell to Sergeant Browne. As far as I am aware, nothing was done except for some visits to Kyrios' cell. Then my XO stepped in and had her released with some talk with the JAG. Which I have already spoken to the Colonel about." His brows furrow, "I want a decision on a real MaA by next week. I also want that woman escorted back to the Carina and off this ship, when we meet up with the rest of the fleet," he steps forward then, "As for your words in the Ward room, they were uncalled for. I didn't chase one of your marines off to go AWOL and write some suicide note. Maybe you should be taking better care of who you are assigning to what."

Gaelan watchse the Commander carefully as he pauses briefly, "Well then I need to have access to JAG personnel on this vessel. You are going to harp on my Sheriff for taking to long and I am going to harp on your JAG faltering in his primary duties of /military/ justice. Especially after his recommendation to belay the Fraternization rules along the same times I find out that a Officer and Enlisted Marine had sexual relations. To me those things are starting to add up to the favoritism he seems to think wouldn't happen. So I am not sure where the Major's priorities are for the Fleet but I know my Marines are doing their jobs exactly as they are ordered to. Lieutenant Shem has provided Major Altair with the summary of the requested investigation. My MP's are currently awaiting orders from JAG on what exactly to do with the prisoner at this time. So with all due respects, my Marines have done nothing wrong but follow orders. As for the Master at Arms, Lieutenant Shem will provide me his proposition once he has thoroughly assessed his candidates. We have a Master at Arms currently in place, so your request has already been filled Commander. The Lieutenant will decide if he wishes to change that decision or not, but until then Sergeant Browne is our Sheriff. As for Lance Corporal Lakis she was one of Major Desusa's men, Sir. She was requested for her skillset, not her psychological history."

"It's no frakking wonder you've got marines with mouths," Regas watches the marine CO for a long moment, "The JAG's question on Frat had nothing to do with the Lt and one of your NCO's, Major. It's barely a discernible problem and low end as far as they are concerned. As for your Sheriff, teach her how to write reports so I am aware of what is going on with this ship and I don't have to find out about it later on. I'll speak to JAG, you are dismissed."

Gaelan snaps a sharp salute and turns on his heel, "Aye Aye Sir." Heading out of the hatch back to the safety of his current CO position.

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