Mandatory Meeting
Mandatory Meeting
Summary: Regas has a meeting in the Hangar Bay.
Date: 17 ACH
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Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7

17 ACH 6735 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.

The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.


Hazzard makes his way off one of the Raptors coming in on Taxi duty, the Raptor wears the markings of the Pandora. Along with three other Marines, Hazzard steps down onto the deck of the Genesis and takes a moment to look around. "Right..Bastards, huddle up by the Raptor..If Zeuz shows, we form on him..I will see if we are demanded to do anything.." he looks at the other Marines, who in turn nods their head and remains by the Raptor as he starts to proceed further into the hangar.

Reed moves around the PAS group, nodding to people and moving to the front of the group. he claps his hands at his personnel and they start forming ranks, Parade fashion in their little area.

Stepping off of a transport into the hangar, Ramiro falls into rank alongside his fellow marines, checking the last lay of his new Corporal pins. Right arm still bandaged, he ignores his rumbling stomach as he keeps his left hand underneath his arm sling as if to suppoprt it.

Zaharis gets up to the hangar bay along with Rhea, his attention down on his handheld as he taps out a message with his thumb. Tap tap tap, send. He lets out a slow breath through his nose and casts his eyes around the bay, making sure the medical personnel that aren't busy keeping someone alive are here and in place.

McKenzie steps off one of the shuttle ships into the hanger, then moves closer to the PAS group. When Reed claps, she hastens to get into place and stands at attention.

Rhea comes into the hangar bay, looking more than a little tired, still getting the last few buttons on her officer blues clasped. She goes to straighten up her snipes. Eyes sweeping over the assembled faces. A faint frown comes to her lips but her attention is on the proceedings.

Skip is also present along the Marines, staying silent for now as he glances around at the others, then looks back to the front. Keeping silent now as he waits for things to begin.

Speak softly, carry a big stick. Eli lives this philosophy, only adds a 'sidearm' to that list of things to carry as well as he/she enters the area, ushering commands and what not to different MPs, going through all the normal…paces for such a gathering, rank gathering, exit watching. Before she leaves back in the direction of the stairs and returning a few minutes later with other MPs leading the various brig inhabitants with 2 MPS on each, escorting them into the hangar bay.

Greje follows Dane, looking mildly haggard. She's been preparing for Apollo's rites ever since okaying their proceeding with Regas, and those preparations are finally looking to catch up to her. Chamalla, evidently, profoundly disagrees with her constitution, and the fasting hasn't helped, either. She's here, though, finding an out of the way place to try and pay attention to what's going on through her somewhat addled haze.

Salin has made his way into the hangar bay, taking but a brief moment to look around at the assembled personal. From there, he's moving off to one side of the area to simple stand there, eyes focused forward as he waits for things to begin.

As everyone begins gathering and finally comes to the area where they are to be assembled, they are quieted down and the lights begin to dim. An Ensign moves to bring down a large screen and then steps back to begin the vid, "Before the meeting starts, the Commander has requested these patched pieces that were brought off the Carina is shown to everyone. (Just the first two minutes - )" He then steps back and lets the vid roll as the screen begins flickering to life.

Reed comes to attention, and looks to the screen. When the Ensign explains, his eyes harden and his jaw sets as he prepres himself for what he's about to see, again.

Eve slips into the area quietly falling into place. The line of her jaw is sharp, as if she's clenching her teeth before the Ensign speaks. Her eyes fall on the screen, as she tries to focus her attention, but she can't keep her eyes from occassionally darting around.

Warwick is keeping silent as he listens to what's being said, and the vid, keeping silent for now.

Captain Nikos enters the Cargo Bay, and takes up a position near a couple of other Captains. She does not specifically separate herself by department. A nod is exchanged with a few folks before the lights go down, and her eyes focus on the screen. She takes a slow breath, and her jaw sets. Addie goes very still, and she watches. Impassive.

Zaharis folds his hands behind his back, looking up at the vid screen. He is, of course, silent as the footage starts to roll, his shoulders remaining square. There is tension in his jaw and back.

Eli's attention goes to the screen after she has things situated, standing straight, hands clasped behind her back. She just stares, jaw clenching and expression stony.

A large gathering of Pandora personel, mostly Marines lingers along the portside of the Hangar deck. They all linger near and around the Pandora Raptors present to bring them back if the call is made.

They all watch the images shown on the screen, some of them murmurs soft curses, some offers prayers to the gods. A few of the Marines sheeds a tear at the sight of what has transpired to those whom the love and swore to protect.

Hazzard, who had detached himself from the other Marines, shakes his head and slowly makes his way back to those whom he call friends.

From his spot in the ranks, Ramiro's eyes fall to the screen and watches the vid roll. Remaining silent to hear what has to be said, he grits his teeth beneath closed lips and lets out a slow sigh. He forces himself, however, to not look away.

To one side, Salin continues to stand, hands clasped loosely behind his back, the right within the left. When the vid begins to play, his eyes flicker upwards, watching as images begin to flash. Then, there's a tightening of his jaw and a slight shake of his head.

McKenzie looks up at the screen as the vid begins. The contents are new to her, apparently and what she sees is clearly horrific, shocking and painful in the extreme. Still, though tears shimmer in her eyes, she refuses to let them fall. Yet.

Skip's expression is just the same as it is most of the time as he watches the vid. Could probably look like a statue at the moment.

Greje stares, open-mouthed, throat vaguely working at a dry swallow of nerves. The coastal skyline of Caprica City is enough to push all remaining color from her pallid features, and, of course, it only gets worse from there.

Somewhere in the short lines of blue-clad pilots and electronic countermeasures officers, there's a dark-haired and swarthy-skinned woman taking in the patchwork video with a pair of wet eyes worn behind an otherwise stoic and expressionless mask. Gods, sometimes Jocasta is such a girl.

Near Eli.

The old dog, Veteran of the first war, Master Sergeant Farkas watches the screen. Cuffed and secured by two MP's he seems blase to the genocide shown on the screen.

Warwick watches the vid, eyes narrowing a little bit as he does.

Rhea watches the screen. She is not impassive. The images of bombs, radiated cities, exploding ships, all make her flinch. As if coming in tiny, personal, physical blows. She takes a deep, shuddering breath. No tears, though. Not in front of the crowd.

When the lights are brought back up again, the Commander comes down the last few steps and heads toward a podium that has been set up for him. Right behind him is Ensign Peters. They both carry items in their hands. The aide stays to one side and partially behind Regas. The XO already in place to the other side, with his normal shout, "Commander on Deck!"

Reed snaps to, lifting salute as the Commander on deck is called. He holds pose and stands rock still.

Every flicker on the screen, every image, is now paid rapt attention by the psychiatrist. Eve's eyes have widened, the clench in her jaw tightened to the point where a slight twitch has started near one ear. The call of officer on deck as her going rigid, standing at salute despite the single tear the creeps out of one corner of her eye and starts a slow crawl over her cheek, unchecked.

Hazzard and the rest of the Pandora Marines, moves up into attention and simply awaits to hear what is said and whats to come.

Eli's posture goes even more ridged at the shout, hand coming up to salute, taking a deep breath…her mind reeling still.

Skip moves to attention, and salutes as well, expression still as it's been when the images went across that screen.

Zaharis' eyes flicker from point to point on the screen until the barrage of images stop. He draws in a very slow breath through his mouth and exhales it silently. His teeth remain pressed together as Regas' presence is announced and he draws up to attention, raising salute.

Rhea straightens to attention. Another deep breath. Focus. Her eyes lock on Regas.

As Commander on Deck is called, Salin's hand leave their spots behind his back as he snaps to attention. Eyes focus forward as a small, slow breath is drawn inwards and held and then he's lifting his arm in a salute, amongst a slow exhale.

Snapping to attention and saluting as quickly as he hears that, Warwick's eyes are still a bit narrow as he stands there.

Snapping into a well practiced salute with his left hand as he is unable to do so with his right. Feet together with that familiar clapping noise, Ramiro closes his eyes for a moment to feel steam exiting his veins. Opening them again and holding his salute, Ramiro stands tall and proud.

When the XO announces the Commander on Deck, McKenzie lifts her hand in a precise salute, the form as close to respectfully regulation as she can manage. Her gaze leaves the screen to focus on the Commander. Though the shimmer in her eyes only grows, her bearing is tall and straight, the lines clean and her manner proud.

Greje wafts toward a more rigid stature, her frail spine unfurling like a flag snapping taut in a breeze formed by the rest of those in the bay doing the same. Her dazed, dilated eyes shift from the screen to the Commander with about the same languid fluidity.

As Regas stands before the assembled, his gaze goes across those who are under his care. "You may all lower your salutes," his voice coming across the deck easily enough. "What you have just seen is the enemy, our enemy, which was once our creation at work. When we speak the words that we are at War, this is what it means. It means the loss of your families. It means the loss of your shipmates and the possible annhilation of our own race. We are very few and we all stand together. If we can't stand together, we fall apart. Anyone in this assembly, who feels they are not ready to stand together, may step to the left and your discharge papers will be given to you." He goes silent now and those dark eyes move over the assembled once more.

Reed drops salute sharply, holding attention. As Regas speaks, he stands there, unmoving.

McKenzie's salute is lowered, though the woman does not shift out of attention. Her gaze does not leave the CO, nor does she move.

Ramiro drops his salute sharply. Resting his left arm at his side, he turns his eyes to Regas and listens to the Commander speak. Not moving one inch at the mention of discharge, he scans the room with his eyes only.

Eli's own hand lowers, but she still stands at attention. Her eyes flick between the CO and then the prisoners and then back to the CO, always alert and always ready and watching.

Skip lowers the salute, aside from that, not moving anything anywhere.

Salin's arm lowers crisply when Regas' speak, falling back to his side as he remains at attention. There's only a brief flicker of his eyes to the left, looking for those that may be moving, before they return to focus on the Commander once more.

Arm lowering, Warwick remains where he is.

Rhea lowers her hand with the rest. Not that she relaxes. She's silent. Her expression still one of intense, even desperate, focus. If she concentrates on the immediate, she can hold off the rest. Her hands are shaking.

Hazzard lowers his salute, as the rest of the Marines who accompanied him over to the Genesis. A quick look in their direction to affirm that none of Zeuz troops will even flinch at the thought of missing out of the war..Then his attention returns to the CO.

Jocasta stands at attention for the call and doesn't make a big fuss about it. When Regas tosses a piece of ridicule bait out into the mustered crowd, she can't help but avert her eyes to the left-hand side of the deck and see if anyone's interested in taking it. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?

Eve lowers her salute, a bit slower then the rest. Then, of all people, she actually turns her head to the left and for a split second, it looks as if the good doctor actual contemplates the discharge. But her frame steels, her eyes blink back a few more tears, and her gaze shifts more to the front and center.

When no one does move, Regas continues, "From this point on, I will have no more dissention within the ranks of this ship. It has been said before and by most of your superiors. Now it is final. If you stand with me, you stand for the Colonial Miltiary and you will act accordingly. If not, you don't have to worry about Major Gaelan or Major Rue or any other Department Head you may be under, stomping your ass into the deck. You will be mine." He does a pregnant pause there and focuses out, "Master Sergeant Farkas, step forward. You will be confined to the answers of Yes, sir and No, sir." He then waits.

Farkas glances at the two guards by his sides and then moves forth to single himself out from the rest of the crowd. Still cuffed, with his hands behind his back he comes to a halt and looks up towards the CO of the ship.

Greje keeps her eyes trained well on the Commander, staring out at him from the darkness shading her features and hiding that already slight and barely noticable firming of her jaw to his words as she drinks in the moment with some mild manner of approbation.

Ramiro's eyes track the movement near the front as his eyes shift to look to Farkas. Blinking slowly, he trails his vision back to the Commander.

Reed stands at attention, unmoving, eyes locked in front of him. Not even his jaw flexes as he remains motionless.

Rhea watches the interplay between Farkas and the commander, but she doesn't seem to see it. There's a faraway look in her eyes. She holds herself rigid, eyes closing and opening slowly. There's a brightness to those eyes. She still holds back any tears, though.

Zaharis returns his hands behind his back. He's just watching, his brown eyes as usual quite hard to read and not altogether focused on the proceedings. His focus stays pinned on Regas as though looking anywhere else might trigger a bomb to blow.

Listening now, Salin seems to be nodding his head, slowly, in agreement with what Regas' is saying and his eyes shift enough to flicker out amongst those present. When Farkas' is called out, the lawyer allows his attention to slowly shift towards the man, watching as he moves forward, before his eyes return to focus on Regas once more.

Eli takes a deep breath, and her eyes go to Farkas as he steps forward, hand subtly moving to rest on Betty subtly where she stands, but perhaps just to rest it there as she stays quiet and calm, eyes back on Regas, posture still rigid.

McKenzie draws in a short, sharp breath and holds it for an instant, her eyes remaining focused forward and at attention. Curiosity touches her gaze, though the shimmer remains undimmed.

Addie's eyes are forward, on Regas. She does not move, she does not look around. Her eyes remain toward the CO. It's like a Nikos statue, except for the occasional blinking.

"Master Sergeant, since you did not step to the side, I will figure you are still a part of this military. By the Command of Captain Altair and Major Gaelan and myself, you are to be released from the brig. You will be under house arrest for 30 days. You will be confined to Marine Country. You will eat your meals in the Mess Hall after everyone else has gone. And you are stripped of your rank, to Sergeant. If you do not comply to these orders, you will be given a dishonorable discharge and shipped to the Carina. Is this understood?"

This oughta be good. Jocasta's eyes follow the cuffed Marine for as much of his journey as she's able to view without turning her head too obviously.

Eve's gaze flicks not to the Master Sergeant first, but to Zaharis as Farkas is called forward. That's the only shift before she settles again, her attention on Regas' words.

A demotion of three ranks, yet the old Veteran doesnt flinch he simply keeps his gaze fixed upon the CO. His dark cold eyes lingering for a moment upon Salin, and then back towards the CO. "Yes…sir." he finaly says in that tired gruff voice of his. A little twitch in the corner of his mouth, which may indicate something of a smile.

Reed listens, unmoving, not reacting, mask of stone is his face, and he remains rigidly at attention

Neutral best describes the expresion upon Salin's face, for there is no hint of pleasure or victory there as the scene unfolds and restrictions are placed upon the man. The only movement that is offered is the brief flicker of his eyes, as his attention shifts between Farkas' and Regas.

Eli keeps from quirking an eyebrow, only because she's on duty and she just keeps looking straight ahead at Regas.

McKenzie dows not flash a look at the former Master Sergeant, though is sorely tempted. Her gaze remains face front and forward. At attention.

Greje chews at the tip of her tongue, her expression one of interest as she watches the proceedings, still feeling somewhat the outsider, but observing the military ritual and seeming to feel it keenly as well as to dissect it intelligently, attempting to braid herself mentally and emotionally into the fabric of the rites.

"Step back," Regas tells the old veteran and then raises his eyes to the next one. "Lance Corporal Wulf, step forward." The Commander looks even less happy as he flips open a leather folder in front of him. "I have in my possession atleast ten complaints after that little bar incident. Lance Corporal, for a soldier of atleast twenty years and being commended here by Farkas, I am severely disappointed. My records state you like to use Vox as your nickname. You've been given your final warning under my command. If I hear of one more instance on where your mouth over runs your ass, I will ship you to the Tracer to work for a living. Step back."

Farkas moves back, to where he stood before, between his two guard MP's.

Watching the display before him, Ramiro remains standing tall and stoic. He refuses to make any sort of facial expression at Lance Corporal Wulf or Sergeant Farkas' directed attention by the Commander.

The reamings continue. Zaharis keeps his eyes on Regas, though whether or not he's actually paying 100 percent attention is doubtful. Only those standing very close to him can tell how his focus keeps wandering off - though to where, his expression and posture give no hint.

Skip stays silent as he listens to what's being said, unmoving.

Reed keeps his expression neutral, and does not so much as flinch at anything thusfar done. He is the poise of a man at Naval attention, and that's all.

"Ensign Micah St. Germain, step forward," Regas glances down to his papers and then back up again. "Captain Addison Nikos, step forward." He then waits until they do.

Still standing at attention, Salin simply watches as Farkas steps back and Wulf goes forward. Then, when Regas' focuses his attention on two others, eyes flicker towards the gathering of pilots, waiting to see who steps forward.

Eli tenses up but it looks like she had a rod shoved up her ass already so it's hard to tell, when the Ensign's name is called and she glances momentarily at Micah and then back to Regas, jaw setting.

Standing in front of a whole hangar deck full of stoic military personnel standing at attention must be like being the judge at a human statue contest or something. Jocasta, too, keeps her posture ramrod straight and rigid but, by the gods, if she isn't just waiting for one of the nuggets to lock their knees and fall face-first onto the deck. Invariably, it happens any time there's a full muster like this one and folks are stood at attention the entire time… come on. Come on.

Eve is quiet, though she's slowly losing color to her features. Her stance widens a bit, if only to keep her from locking her knees and accidently passing out.

Rhea breathes. She just focuses on breathing, and staying as still as she can. Whether she even hears what's going on right now is questionable.

Warwick is standing there as he's done all the time so far, although if someone would study his face from very close, they might see it's a little more distant now, even as a few of his fellow pilots are instructed to step forward.

Captain Nikos turns to slide between a couple of uniformed officers, stepping forward to stop, and resume a stoic stance in front of the CO. "Sir." Better posture was never seen. Textbook diagrams could learn a thing or two from Addie.

Hazzard stands in silence, with the rest of the Pandora Marines, watching the proceedings of the Genesis personel being sorted out.

And so it is. Line upon line of people standing at attention, pretending not to watch those called forward. McKenzie is not nugget enough to lock her knees, though it is arguable that she was one of those who fell once upon a time. Long ago and in a not so different place.

Desusa stands quitely with the rest of the Bastards. Looking sharp in his Pandora blues. Yeaaahhh!

Greje stays quite still, as well, though it doesn't stop the hangar deck from swaying unhelpfully underfoot, calling up that cold gorge from the pit of her stomach. She continues to watch, open-mouthed, breathing slowly to calm the urge to vomit, the music of Apollo's gilded lyre ringing in her ears, providing a soundtrack to the strange dance of Ares— proceed, stand erect, withdraw, stand erect. Left for those flying free, atoms separated from neighbors, gaseous, flowing, right for the solid, the ice, crystal— cracked but clear, interlocked and bonded tight.

Regas shifts his gaze to the Captain and Ensign St. Germaine, "Captain, as these pilots are under your care, I am certain Major Rue demands as much, if not more from each and every one of you. It is my request, you will reduce Ensign St. Germaine to Nugget and teach him the right way. Instead of brigging people." His eyes focus on the Ensign now, "Ensign, if I ever, ever hear of you moving off your duty to a bar, when you are back on duty in such a limited time, you'll be sweeping it out until doomsday comes again. Your commendations and medals are now airlocked and your callsign is now stripped. Step back."

Ramiro's eyebrow raises a millimeter as Regas' command falls down to Micah. Definitely not expecting that, he maintains poise.

Jocasta winces. Yeah. That's right. She's showing a little bit of, uh, what's that called again? Oh, right! Human emotion. Damn, dude, that's harsh. Better than dead but not by much, or so her expression seems to say.

An amazing feat of willpower keeps even Addison's eyebrow from ticking. The brunette's expression remains stoic. She nods very slightly. "Sir."

Reed remains where he is, eyes flicking slightly, but that's all he reacts. He stays in place.

Eli just looks stony and at attention, clasping her hands back behind her back and standing…there. All attentiony as verdicts are handed out.

Yup. Definitely getting queasy. The shift in posture wasn't enough for Evelyn, and for a moment, the psychiatrist closes her eyes and looks like she's swaying. But willpower is a damnable thing, and she blinks back to the here and now. Feet shuffle again, squaring up with her shoulders at attention.

Micah moves up to the stand, under the watchful escort of an MP. Not a word's spoken during the sentencing, and not so much as a look askance to his squadron leader. There's emotion plain on his face as well, though — for once — it isn't anger. It's grief. Once it's finished, he echoes the same word as Addie, infused with as much conviction as he can muster: "Sir."

Desusa gives the mass of personel people here a good look. When the pilots are called, his gaze falls back to the podium. He is so tempted to take out his cigar and puff a few smoke clouds here, but the fuel and lubricants probably won't tolerate that much heat.

Rhea shuts her eyes as well. Tightly. Not that she looks particularly faint, but the noise in her head is getting harder to push away. Deep breath. Eyes open again. Keep it together, woman.

"Tommorrow, there will be two executions. One by firing squad and one by airlocking. Major Gaelan will undertake the firing squad orders and Captain Altair will take the airlocking orders. This is an unpleasant business and it has forced me to become a very unpleasant man. As my XO has told me, he will be the bad ass. But, now I have also been given that elevation." The Commander's gaze roams the assembled once more. "I did not invite civilians here, as they have no place on this ship. But, I will be addressing one of them." He lands his gaze on Reed. "Major Carter, step forward."

Hazzard stands in attention, with the rest of the Pandora Marines, just off to the side of the Marine God of Zeuz whom they call their Captain.

Warwick keeps silent, not much movement or expressions being shown as he listens.

Zaharis' left eye tenses slightly at the mention of an execution, his hands unfolding and then folding again behind his back.

McKenzie's gaze flickers very briefly to Micah, then back again. A very faint wince can be seen for under a second. Then, the Commander calls the Major and McKenzie fights to keep the look of shock that registers as brief as the wince was moments before. Eyes front, woman, eyes front.

Reed lifts one foot, planting the toe of one shoe and pivoting ninety degrees, then walking out of the PAS formation, then doing the same action to pivot to face Regas, and walks forward to stand in front of the podium, coming to a sharp attention with an impact of boots on deck. "Sir."

Ramiro blinks, his hawklike eyes on Commander Regas. The mention of an execution shocks him as he starts to consider who it is. He tilts his eyes to watch Major Carter approach the Commander.

Skip listens quietly as he hears what's being said. If the mention of executions has any effect on him, his expression doesn't change at all.

Executions. Always an unpleasant business, but they must be done from time to time. When he's announced as the Airlock Executioner, Salin simply keeps his gaze forward, though there is a flicker of eyes in the direction of Gaelan. Then, as Reed is called forward, Salin turns his attention to watch the man move out.

The marine captain seems ufazed by hte mention of airlocking and exectutions. He's learned to shut his emotions on and off at will, it seems. Frak it! He takes the cigar out from one of his cylindrical housings and plucks it into his mouth. No ligthing it, just content to keep it between his teeth.

The mention of an execution, causes a flicker in Eli's eyes but she manages to keep from showing in other emotion.

Micah melts back into the crowd of watchful, stiff-spined military on the deck. He might be listening, he's certainly trying to listen, but such things are difficult when your head is pounding and your knees want to give out. Regardless, he remains stock still beside the Gold squadron Captain, just the slightest flicker in his eyes at mention of executions; it's a toss-up whether they, or he, have it easier.

Greje's knees go all wibbly at the announcement of the human sacrifices to the military establishment, and she finally turns her head and lowers it, swallowing before she can gag up a mouthful of watery bile.

Regas begins, "Major Carter, a Dr. Pike has been brought to my attention. A researchest contractor on your station. We could use more like her. If she is willing, you may push through the paperwork to JAG and she will be given a commission to Lieutenant and remain aboard the PAS under your staff."

Death is a part of the world for any Marine. Having seen the Genocide caused by the Cylons, the mentioning of executions doesnt seem all that much in the wake of those images. Hazzard remains stoic simply watching and longing to get back onto the surface of any rock worth a while.

Rhea blinks. Mind pulled vaguely back to reality for a moment. But her connection with the here and now is still tenuous. She has little reaction to the talk of executions or the civilian, gaze still locked on the podium, eyes still faraway.

Reed does not nod, he's at attention. He says, "Aye aye, sir." He says, acknowledging not only what was said but also the orders. He then stands there, listening.

"You may return to the assembled," Regas tells Reed and then looks out once more. "Captain Altair and Captain Desusa, step forward."

Can't show relief, really. Can't show much of anything at all. McKenzie's eyes remain forward, attention kept despite the emotions that rage within.

Reed about faces, walks right back to where he turned the last time, pivots, and walks back to his place, pivoting to attention. nice little walk, he's good for the rest of the assembly.

Zaharis now has so much noise competing for attention in his head that it's starting to ache. Behind his back he runs clammy hand along the sleeves of his blues, then re-folds them. Pay attention, pay attention.

Ramiro breathes in and out slowly, focusing on not completely locking his legs together as the hunger starts to wreak havoc on his stomach. Letting out another slow breath, he lifts his eyes back to the Commander.

Watching as Reed steps back into formation, Salin returns his attention to Regas', only to hear himself be called forward. There's a couple steps forward, to extract himself from the throng of people he was mixed with and then he's moving to stand before the podium, at attention. "Sir."

Desusa rolls his cigar around happily. When his name is called, he takes the cigar out and sticks it into the marine assembled next to him. Unlucky Caparzzo. He moves towards the podium as fast as he can. "Sir," he salutes sharply and then stands at attnetion.

Eve presses her lips into a thin, inhaling slowly through her nose and exhaling steadily. She can already imagine the line that will be forming outside her office, but at least she's focusing on something and not passing out cold. Ahem. Again.

"The assembly can now go to an 'at ease' status before you all fall over," Regas announces and then motions Pepper forward. The blonde ensign goes to attention before the two captains and holds out a leather folder, in which two boxes sit on top for them to take. "Captains, you are now Majors." He states, "And before this assembled wonders why I have so many of them under me, it is because they are my hammer and my scythe. Major Altair will now be responsible for all Civilian Law and it coming into fold. He will be creating a panel of judges and those who will enforce these laws. So that we do not have to spread our people too thin in keeping them in order. Major Desusa, will be remain in charge of the Pandora. His missions will never be easy and those he brings with him, will be under the worst conditions and may not return."

Reed takes a step to his right, hands sliding to behind his back, ahh, much more comfortable.

Eli bends her pinky. At ease. w00t Baby, no more finger cramps…

Ramiro watches closely, sliding his left hand behind his back. Unable to hook it against his right arm, he lets it rest against his belt as he goes easier at the legs. He lets out a slow, soft breath of relief.

Skip moves into that easing position as he hears that order, rolling his head a bit to ease it, before all attention goes back to the front.

The Pandora Marines moves to 'at ease'.

At the proclamation that Zeus made Major and that the Bastards may go into the worst possible situations there is, Hazzard afford himself a quiet. "Zeus". Which is then followed by more of the Marines behind him.

McKenzie takes one step to the right, her hands moving to clasp behind her. She looks ever so much more relaxed. Honest.

Desusa keeps his cool face on as he is pushed up the ranks. No sign of content or discontent evident. Good old Pussy would be proud.

With the announcement of a promotion to Major, Salin remains rather still for the moment, breaking that only when Pepper steps forward to extend the boxes to the pair. Lifting a hand, it's taken and then lowered back to his side, while he waits to be dismissed back to the ranks.

Zaharis would normally be thinking of a billion 'Major <Insert Joke Here>'s, but humour has died a fiery death for the moment. He doesn't move as the new clusters are handed out, his eyes wandering to the wall behind Regas and then back to the CO.

Rhea doesn't relax, really. Stiff is good. Keeps you upright. She does lace her shaking hands behind her back, clasping them together tightly.

Greje can't help but wonder if that order means she can go find someplace to heave in peace. Her head throbs, now, and she wavers in her stance, but nobody else is moving, yet, and so she sticks it out, keeping her place in the epodic chorus, maintaining structural integrity with a hearty will one wouldn't think she had, to look at her. Her attention remains on the dance.

It takes a couple moments longer than usual before Warwick moves to the 'at ease' position, and he blinks very momentarily. Glancing around for a couple of moments before he seems to focus on the front again.

"You may both return to the assembly," Regas tells them and then glances up again, "Corporal Ramiro, step forward."

The Commander giveth and taketh away, at least he's doing it in an order that will hopefully leave them on a high note, even though the news of execution is a hard act to follow. The normally easy smiling Evelyn can't even muster a hint of one at the promotions.

Jocasta falls into 'at ease' with only the minimum recommended measure of actual ease to be seen in her posture or expression. Something in the proceedings has put a fret in her brow and a kink in the corner or her mouth. It's no good, son. No good.

Micah looks anything but at ease despite the fact that it's been granted. Uncommonly pale at the moment for one of a 'hispanic' complexion, his left hand is digging into his right and his eyes are riveted on some spot to the left of the podium.

Offering another salute, Salin turns and walks back across the floor to his previous position. Reaching it, he turns back to face the direction of Regas' and then places himself 'at ease', hands clasped loosely behind his back.

Ramiro blinks, feeling eyes on him as he turns and exits his row. Turning on his heels with precision, he makes his way to stand before the Commander. Standing at his best display of attention with a left armed salute. "Sir."

Reed looks at ease in the literal military definition, muscles limber, relaxed, able to shift his weight slightly more, he allows himself to watch the Corporal step before the podium.

Desusa nods and salutes before calmly walking back to his previos spot. Taking the cigar out of Capp's hand before turning around to focus on the assembly.

Greje's heart rushes up into her throat as Dane joins in the dancing— proceed and stand firm, proceed and stand firm. Where will he end up? A new attention rivets her to the proceedings.

Regas reaches over and the papers are put into his hand from Pepper as Ramiro steps forward. He then glances down and up again to the marine, "Corporal Ramiro, the papers I have in front of me will be sent to your Commanding officer, Major Gaelan. Due to the heroism you displayed and what we will be facing soon, I am going to request that you are given the ability to handle a Sniper Squad. I thought it would be good to let you know, that we do commend those when we are able."

Ramiro almost nods as his face seems to be deciding for a moment on a molecular level how to respond. "Sir, thank you Sir." He replies, standing before the Commander until dismissed. Connecting with eye contact, he settles his jaw firmly and bites his tongue to avoid smiling.

The Commander nods his dismissal. "I have one more promotion, which I am sure no one will be surprised at. But an XO needs to be above those he also commands. Major Fotilas will gain the rank of Colonel under my Command." Regas states, lets Pepper move over with another box to Fotilas before he continues, "Within the next few weeks, while most of the ships hide in this area, the Pandora with marine volunteers, the Phantasm, with a few pilot volunteers and two Raptor crews, will disembark from this area and return to Leonis." He does that horrible pregnant pause again, "We will be tracking an area, we hope is not full of cylons and in the high mountains."

Reed looks at Ramiro, then looks to Regas, blinking once, and listening intently. Return to the colony worlds. what this means to him, is unreadable at the moment, as he remains silent and unreadable.

Eli blinks and lowers her eyes for a moment before looking back to Regas, standing at ease and keeping an eye on her MPs.

The various promotions and demotions, Zaharis has been watching the way people keep the TV in the corner of their eye while trying to deal with screaming children. Now as Regas speaks of going to Leonis, his eyes suddenly focus again.

Ramiro falls back into rank to hear the last portion of Regas' speech. He starts to put things together in his mind, blinking once again slowly as his empty stomach urges him to dry heave. Luckily, he bites the feeling down. A return to Leonis with himself handling a scout sniper team…

Greje registers a flush of relief. Not to say she'd assumed that Dane had done something wrong, but— sometimes the dance is still unpredictable. Then— what? The pregnant pause is borne with something like a labor pang. Even after the further explanantion, she waits, brow gently furrowed, mouth still open in a silent question.

Rhea's expression remains unchanged at the talk of returning to the colonies. Still trying not to be overwhelmed by the noises in her head. It takes her full concentration.

Warwick blinks a couple of moments, as he hears that, raising an eyebrow as he listens.

Hazzard remains where he is, hands clasped behind his back and his gaze flicking between the Commander and Major Desusa.

Talk of the colonies also has Micah looking a little more aware of things, rather than drowning in his thoughts. He watches the Commander steadily, jaw still tight.

Eve's lips part, if only to exhale a shakey breath. Even at ease, the doctor has to shift again, the dance of not fainting looking like a slow version of the 'I should have used the Head before coming down here' dance.

Well, there's her next mission. Better pay attention. Jocasta's eyes sharpen out of their disgruntled haze and fix decidedly on the Commander, perhaps in a hope for more details, even though it's likely there isn't much left to be shared with the general public, as it were.

"There will be short sorties as close as a raptor can get without gaining discovery. They will take information and jump out," Regas continues, "These quick missions are not without their own hazard and I will not order anyone to go to their deaths, unless it is to save those we are protecting. Then, none of us have a choice." Watching the assembled again, " Sergeant Browne, you will escort Lt. Astyoche Kyrios from the Flattop to the High Security Brig today. This meeting is now over. You may all return to your duties and if you have any questions, I will be here for a little while longer. Thank you and So say we all."

Reed calls, "So Say We All." In the responce beat, and then turns immediately to McKenzie, "Take the crews back to the station. I have business I must attend to immediately."

"So say we all." Hazzard, glances at Desusa and then eyes the other Marines behind him. "Start stowing the gear, be ready to move back to the Pandora is -Major- Zeus gives the word." he offers them a little smile and then returns to simply look over the gathered people.

"So Say We All," Micah echoes amidst the general hubbub of soldiers repeating the same. His gaze is finally turned from the Commander, and settled upon the squadron Captain standing next to him, as if awaiting direction.

"So say we all." Salin murmers, softly, befure turning and beginning to make his way over towards the stairwell. No doubt, to go attend to some of the business at hand that he still has to deal with.

"So say we all," Warwick adds to the response, a bit absently, before he looks around for a few moments. Shaking his head a little bit to himself as he mutters something under his breath.

Zaharis doesn't repeat the Commander's words. Once salutes are up and muted noise begins in the bay, he says something under his breath to the ChEng next to him.

"So say we all…" Ramiro replies, still standing like a stature as people around him start to move. Taking in a long, slow breath, he glances to the floor in silence. "…so say we all." He says softly again, nodding to himself as his path starts getting laid before him.

Eve repeats quietly, "So say we all." With the others, before her gaze finally falls from the required attention, suddenly finding the deck plating more interesting as she files out with the rest. Later she'll deal with pains and pangs of those around her, right now, it looks like she has to take care of herself.

"So say we all," echoes Jocasta before she turns to file along with the disbanded crowd back to whatever duties await her elsewhere.

"So say we all," Rhea repeats, softly, without much feeling. She tries to paste a somewhat composed expression on her face, turning to her snipes. "Back to work, then," she says, albeit without her usual conviction. She then turns to Zaharis. Blinking. As if not /quite/ comprehending him. But she nods numbly.

Adding his words to the others, Skip then starts moving for one of the stairs as others are heading in the same direction. Expression still that statue-like, as he makes his way along the area.

Eli repeats, "So say we all." And then bows her head for a moment, turning to issues instructions to various MPs with the escorting who's supposed to go where back to the brig and all that good stuff.

"Thanks," Zaharis replies to Rhea. He glances at the group of medical staff milling around, his XO taking care of herding them back to Sickbay, and he nods Rhea towards the stairwell.

Greje is momentarily dazed by how much Regas had managed to tell them about the mission without telling them much of anything about its nature. But the head is calling to the contents of her stomach, meagre as those contents are, and she murmurs the customary reply, lingering there a moment longer before going to take care of it.

A quick word or two ensues, before Micah is escorted off again by the MP that brought him here. He doesn't make eye contact with anyone he passes, let alone speak, but merely does his best to thread through the milling people without shoving too many.

McKenzie adds her voice to the rest, though it is subdued, "So say we all." Her glance flashes to Reed, then away again, waiting to march off with the rest of the PAS personnel. When it comes, she lowers her gaze briefly and blinks a few times to regain control of the tears that threaten.

"So say we all," says Desusa and looks to Haz, "Hazzard, get this folks moving, we are on the meter." He slowly peels off from the line and heads toward the stairwell, lighting the cigar.

Ramiro reaches his hand to his jaw and rubs it quietly. Moving to stand against a wall, he nods slowly to himself as he starts to think. On light duty until cleared with his arm in the sling, he starts to speculate.

Reed nods to McKenzie, putting a hand on her shoulder. "I know, Lieutenant." He then turns, scanning the crowd then falls into a quick step at the aft stairwell.

Still with his hands behind his back, Hazzard glances towards Desusa. "Consider me a volounteer, Major..I'd hate to see the Bastards go without me." he murmurs in that soft gentle tone of his, before he turns to look at the other Marines present. "Haul ass, bastards..Zeus wants you back on the Pandora..Training time, we've got ourselves a mission..Lets be Magnificent..Move out!"

McKenzie looks up at the touch to her shoulder. She lifts a slight smile, then nods and walks out with Reed and the rest of the PAS people.

Greje returns from the head, much composed after her recent heavings have gotten her head to stop throbbing. She finds someplace out of the way to exist while the room clears out, and she looks more purposefully, now, toward the Commander and his XO.

Desusa lights his cigar and quickly gets himself onbaord a raptor to get back to his ship.

Regas turns from speaking to Pepper to looking over at the Chaplain, "Lt. Karthasi," he says as she looks his way. "Is there something I can answer for you?"

Ramiro looks up at the mention of Greje, turning his attention to the nearby officers. Watching closely, he reminds himself to soon get some water in his stomach.

Seeing the Marines huddle up into various Raptors to be transported back to the Pandora, Hazzard simply nods his head slowly. A gentle smile lingers on his lips as he sees Magnificent Bastards haul ass. Finaly he takes a moment to move over towards Ramiro and extend a hand. "Congratulations Corporal…"

Warwick shakes his head a bit as he makes his way towards the aft stairs, glancing around for a few moments, and heading up the stears.

Greje steps forward when called, something military in her bearing, as if she'd finally learned the steps to this dance. "Yes, sir," she replies, voice light but clear. "I did wonder if either of those condemned to die had requested my services, sir," she informs him, managing not to sound disapproving of the action being taken, only interested in seeing their souls off in peace, if they required it.

"I'm sure they will, Lieutenant. You can see the Sheriff and find out where they are brigged and do your duty for that part." Regas tells the Chaplain.

Turning his attention to Hazzard, Ramiro greets the Corporal with a smile and attempts to shake with his left hand. "Thank you, thank you." He fades his smile to a small tug at the side of his lip. "I'm really excited about the idea of putting together a sniper team. Thanks for relaying the meeting information to me back at the Carina."

"Not that it is truly my concern..But, may I ask if you'll volounteer for the mission with the Bastards or focus on the.." Hazzard glances over towards Greje and then back. "I could not help but hear parts of your conversation..You did promise to attend the cermemony, but we sure could use another sniper."

"In addition, sir," Greje continues, more meekly, "I've been ritually pure the last four days in preparation for the rites of Apollo of which I spoke to you earlier. May I have your leave to remain in Apollo's garb for the event, instead of changing into the dress uniform? Being on Chamalla is quite uncomfortable, and I'd greatly prefer not to have to begin the period of purity over again, sir."

"The volunteering will be for things taking place in the weeks to come. The ritual to Apollo will be taking place in a matter of days." Ramiro replies, offering Hazzard another smile. "I'm on light duty for the time being as it is, so I'll be more than ready when the time comes." He pauses. "I wouldn't miss this for anything. If they do give me a sniper squad I intend on having a whole team of eight down there with me if it can be done."

"Permission granted, Lieutenant, just don't take off your tags," Regas tells her, "When this rites thing is overwith, return to your regular uniform."

Hazzard arches an eyebrow. "Sniper team of eight.." he murmurs and then takes his hand back. "I always viewed them as two man teams..Spotter and trigger..But I've not read your orders." he keeps the smile on his lips and nods his head once again. "I'm certain Zeus will know what to do..I'm just glad to see good people on the mission."

"Well a typical squad of scout snipers is composed of four two-man teams." Ramiro corrects, shrugging a little. "The spotter and shooter combination still holds, but multiple teams can cover an area and support eachother better." He adds, nodding to the fellow Corporal. "Do…you have any sniper experience?"

"I will, sir. Thank you, sir," Greje adds, lowering her head almost instinctively in the manner of a suppliant before rising to attention again. "If you'll pardon me, sir, I'll return to the altar for the time being."

"As you will, Lieutenant," Regas then picks up his folders that he brought with him and begins to exit the hangar bay. The deck crew start taking his podium away and clearing the deck back up for work now that everyone is filing out.

Hazzard nods his head slowly. "I do..But I work for Zeus, his word my law." he adds in that soft tone of voice. "I'm guessing you'll be off the front lines then..I've acted as Sniper coordinator once in training.."

"It's a possibility…" Ramiro replies, watching Greje and Regas depart from eachother as he speaks with Hazzard. "…it could go either way. Snipers could take high ground to cover advancement or go ahead of the front line to scout."

Greje retreats, stands firm, turns, and goes. Dance steps.

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