Sarah Shahi
Sarah Shahi as Manuella Olivia Antoinette Carson De Los Reyes

Name: Manuella Olivia Antoinette Carson De Los Reyes
Callsign: N/A
AKA: Manny, Dat Bitch, Civvie Bitch, DJ
Age: 27
Branch: Navy
Faction: Civilian
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Contractor
Position: Comms Technician
Rank: N/A
Ship: PAS
Homeworld: Tauron
Actor: Sarah Shahi

Basic 411

Who is Manny? - Manuella Olivia Antoinette Carson De Los Reyes


Manny is a drinking party girl, a bit of a daredevil with that tough talking street hottie 'I don't give a frak' attitude that gets her in trouble. She wears what she wants to wear and says what she wants to say. She was smoking by 12, drinking by 14, and she was pregnant by 16. Which means she has a daughter named Sierra. As a civie, she tends to be fond of mouthing off to military higher ups just because she can without getting yelled at like back in the days she used to wear a uniform.

There isn't much she hasn't done when it comes to stripping and playing cards, hanging with the big boys and accepting dollar bills down her bra from rich boys. But she separates her work and club life well, she probably had a future in the music business if she had furthered her education, she loves music. Like…really loves music, mixing beats and what not. Aside from that, she occasionally took modeling jobs when she was trying to figure out how to support herself, her mother and her daughter. She swears, drinks, smokes, wears exposing clothing and has her tattoos but she's good at her job.


  • Ex-Military Individual
  • Amazing Hearing
  • Communication System Knowledge
  • Musical Talents
  • Drinking
  • …she's flexible? Does that count?

Distinguishing Features

  • Permanent Tan
  • Prominent Tetes
  • Big Mouth
  • Body Art
  • Accent

Body Art

  • Daughter's Name
  • Musical Notes
  • Spiral of Stars
  • Space Nymph Pin-up
  • Mad Dog
  • Her Wings
  • She has piercings. But you can only see the ones in her ears.
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