Manny gets in trouble: The Final Hour
Manny gets in trouble: The Final Hour
Summary: Reed and Manny in the Ward Room.
Date: 8 ACH
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Ward Room Support Station PAS - Deck 4
8 ACH 6735 Souls

The ward room is a multi-purpose conference room used for everything from staff meetings to press conferences. The room boasts A large, faux wood table which curves around the center of the room. The chairs have large, comfortable cushions. Unlike most of the ship, the deck here is actually carpeted. The carpet is a deep blue shade, adding a splash of color to the otherwise drab gray of the ship. Along the walls are pictures, sealed in their frames, they are watercolors with small title plaques denoting them each as one of the Colony worlds.
-----< Condition Two - Duty Area >----——
Contents: Reed Wireless 946

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Manny comes in from Passageway.
Manny has arrived.

Reed walks in, and sets down the clipboard, taking a seat. "Have a seat, Manny."

Manny slips into a seat, folding her hands in her lap and looking uncertain.

Reed looks at the clipboard, lifts a page, then lets it go to fall back down, "Just came from the Genesis, where I spoke with the Colonel. That nice man who you told you were distracted by because he was so hot." He rubs his fingertips together.

Manny's mouth opens and shuts and then opens again and holds up a hand. "In my defense…blood was coming out of my body and I didn't know it was that big of a deal…"

Reed nods, "Okay. Well, he is the Colonel. CO of the Genesis, head of the military pyramid of power here, and the voice of the very gods when it comes to the survival of this fleet. It was not appreciated, not thought of very well, and now I have to make a call. So, here it is, not much of a choice for you, but it's the best I can come up with." He takes out a pen, holding it at an angle on one side. "AIQ, which will restrict you to places on the station that are necessities. Or-" He tilts the pen to the other side. "You sign off your contract, take the money of your bonus, default payout, and as soon as we drop to Condition Three and can transfer civilians off the station, you and your daughter move to the Carina and you set up shop there and wait for the Air wing to come sniffing around you when they need people with Viper experience."

Manny just /stares/ at Reed now and just shakes her head slowly. She just continues to stare at Reed and she's quiet. Very quiet. Left eye twitching.

Reed looks back to her, watching. "Your actions are coming down on me from above now, Manny. You and your daughter will be better suited on the Carina, I don't want to lock you into AIQ in front of your little girl."

Manny just continues to stare for a few more minutes, waving a hand vaguely. "You know what makes all this so frakkin' stupid?" She shrugs. "I haven't /done/ anything to anybody or even to the Colonel except not be in the military. But if I'm not a contractor, I won't be anybody. I won't be here. All the connections and work I've done won't frakkin' matter and then on the other hand I can be a frakkin' prisoner." She sucks her teeth. "Whatever you think would be better seeing as this has to do with things coming down on you. I'm sure you'll do what's best for the station."

Reed nods, "That is exactly what I'll do Manny. I'm the Commanding Officer of this station. That means to protect this station and those who serve on her, I make the calls. Up to and including ordering my own men to die if it will save the rest. The time I spend doing this is time that the people in this fleet eat, and we only have a finite amount of food. The time I'm here is time I'm not trying to make new food for the people of this fleet, but I am giving you the chance to do what's best for your daughter. Your contract will read as voluntary signing off rather than termination, so you will have that going for you in the future, if you take the deal to resign. You'll have a good chunk of money to purchase luxury items for yourself and Sierra. Most importantly, you'll have your daughter with you and you'll be free to enjoy the Carina with her."

Manny just continues to listen and she wipes at her eyes as she gives a little nod. "I get to show my daughter that people will pay you off to get rid of you. Just tell me what I need to sign." She then just gives Reed a /look/. "Why the frak would I need a luxury item?" She waves a hand vaguely. "Whatever, doesn't matter. Are we finished?"

Reed takes his pen, and makes little marks by three lines on the pages on the clipboard, then turns it, pen and all and slides it to Manny. "Your Contract will expire as soon as we make the jump. Once we drop to condition Three, you and Sierra will be able to transfer to the Carina. I'll put in a word so you'll have a pick of available accommodations there, and we're done."

Manny takes the pen and signs where it is appropriate, hand shaking some and then she sets the pen down, pushing it all back over to Reed. "I can go now?"

Reed takes the papers back and rises, "I suggest you tell Sierra you and she are leaving the station to go live somewhere with a lake, trees, grass and open spaces. No one needs to know about these circumstances. No one will, unless you tell them. You can go now."

Manny just stares at Reed a little longer. "She'll figure it out." Then she gets to her feet, working on wiping at her cheeks, gritting her teeth and making her way towards the exit. "Nice to have met you Major."

Reed looks at the contract. "Good luck out there, Manny."


Orders from Major Reed Carter:

Manuella De Los Reyes has signed off on the Voluntary default clause on her contract and is to be paid her default amount, bonus totalling ten percent of her full payout package and will henceforth be transfered to the Civilian Vessel - Carina along with her daughter, Sierra De Los Reyes, once it is considered safe and proper for them to do so.

Attached: Copies of Mannys contract.

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