Marine brass and NCOs dont mix.
Marine brass and NCOs dont mix.
Summary: Desusa and Gaelan sort out Gars. Sickbay is stirred.
Date: 11 ACH
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Locale: Genesis's Recovery Ward

Desusa steps in again. This time, he knows where he needs to go. "Staff Sergeant," his arms are folded in front of him. He looks worst then he looked previously, but this time, he's a bit more tired than anything.

Gars looks up from his fishing magazine. "Captain" he says and puts it to the side and adjusts in the bed to sit up as best as possible.

Desusa examines the body before him and nods once, "How's the leg?" He asks in noncommittal tone.

Gars takes a look at the leg as Desusa asks. "Doin' fine, sir" he says and scratches the bandages. "Itches like hell though. But I've been through worse, sir, I'll manage. I'll be back up in a couple of days according to the Bonesaw."

Desusa grunts somewhat tiredly and says, "Alright. That's good to know," he looks around, still with frowning deeply and asks, "Okay, now tell me, do you want the mature speech given to an enlisted marine who strayed from the pack or the kiddie yelling I give to the turds in basic?"

Gaelan has arrived.

"Depends, sir" Gars says. "Whether you agree with the medics or not. That is what this is about, isnt it, captain?"

Gaelan steps in to the Medical Bay and wanders in to the Sickbay. Eyes glancing around then noticing Desusa, tilting his head a moment he walks over to the Captain and gives a brief nod, "You seen the Doc?" Passing a brief glance to Gars then back to Desusa waiting on the answer.

Desusa narrows his eyes and breathes in. "No," he states back to Gaelan. "Just catched a glance of him briefly on the new planet's survey mission."

"Sir" Gars says in recognition of the new arrival, half-sitting in his bed with his back up against the far end.

Gaelan nods slowly and looks to Gars as he nods, "And you are?" Eyes glance over the man in the bed before glancing back to Desusa as he adds, "Kind of odd to see you on this side of the fleet, what do we owe the honor?" Periodically a glancing sweep goes across the sickbay then back to the two.

Desusa rubs his temple a bit and gives Gaelan a wry smile, "Wondering why one of my staff sergeants decided to harass one of our medics and then give lip to the new LT in sickbay." He looks back to Gars and lets him do his intro.

"Staff Sergeant Gars, sir" the man in the bed says to Gaelan. "As for the accusations; May I speak freely, or has the decision already been made?"

Gaelan eyes Desusa then looks to Desusa and flatly states, "I am sick and tired of Marines showing disrespect for Officers. This is going to frakkin' stop and now. Strip anyone and everyone of a rank if you have to. I don't care if I have to coordinate a squad of PFC's with fifteen years of experience." Looking to Gars he locks eyes with the man, "This is your first and final warning. You disrespect anyone that is even a equal to or higher rank than you, especially an officer your next rank will be a Private. Understood?" Looking back to Desusa he nods, "Deal with him as you see fit, but consider that a fleet wide command for all Marines. As of now."

Desusa gives Gaelan a thumbs-up, looking squarely at Gars, "No. Your civil rights are out the airlock the minute you signed for the corps, so, you don't get to say if the accusations on you are right or wrong." He clears his throat, "I've know you for quite some time, Gars, so in the interest of that bond you have with the Bastards, I am going to allow you to give us insight as to what happened." Gars wants to be listened to, he gets his shot.

"Sir" Gars says as a 'thank you'. "During the mission to the station, I was shot twice in the leg during an encounter with 7 or 8 cylons. When the last of 'em went down, Staff Sergeant D'Artanion wanted to pull me off the line due to my injuries. Since the squad was holding a defensive position and wasn't about to move out, and, since we did not know if more toasters would show up, I decided that my rifle was of more use on the line than in the Raptor. Besides; I wasn't gonna heal any faster in the Raptor than I was on the line. She disagreed. But as Staff Sergeant Trilox gave the order for the wounded to pull out, I did. What D'Artanion failed to grasp was the tactical situation, and, if I may say so, the poor leadership of Staff Trilox. I felt it was my duty to remain on the line to help those men and women in case of more hostiles. On a mission, I take orders from my superiors, but I'll be damned the day a medic tells me when Im fit to fight or not. The day I cant aim or fire my rifle, thats the day a medic gets to pull me off my unit… sir."

Gaelan eyes watch Gars as he explains his side. Slowly folding his arms across his chest he watches the Staff Sergeant and nods slowly, "Then tell me Staff Sergeant, what good are you to our Batallions as a dead Marine because he bled out from a wound to the leg but was too frakkin' stubborn to listen to the Medic's that can plug him up from another day." Stepping one step closer to the bed he flatly states, "Marine. It's very simple, when you are alive and breathing you report to your Squad Leader. When you decide to spring a leak you then report to the Medic. If you have an issue reporting to a Medic, then I highly recommend you don't get shot or injured in the line of duty." Finally looking back to Desusa, "If he is one of yours then I suggest you deal with him accordingly, because if we are going to play this petty frakkin' game of who reports to who I will mustang all my Medics to being officers." Looking back to Gars he simply states, "Don't ever disrespect a fellow Marine like that again. I do not accept this level of disrespect during a time of war."

Desusa grunts at Gars's retort. He says nothing until Gaelan is done with his assessment. "Alright, Sergeant, you just spent your 'get outta jail' card on this one, and I am not even gonna bring up the sexual harassment issue that got to my desk. The bitching line stops right here and now." He raises a finger to make sure his next point comes across clearly, "For the next couple of days, you are to remain here and heal properly. If I some much as get a whisper that you or any other marine in the care of sickbay is not keeping civil and disrespecting any of the staff, I will have my foot so far up your asses that when you talk, the fist thing coming out of my mouth will be my sole. We clear, Gars?!" His tone raises dramatically on that last question.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Gars says. "I will henceforth call any Marine, despite gender, 'limp dick' since that is an acceptable and often used term. Affirmative, sir."

Gaelan eyes Gars and glances back to Desusa as he comments, "Pass the word to your Marines Captain. Any acts of Insubordination or disrespect like this will result in two days of Brig time and demotion." Looking back to Gars, "No Sergeant, the only thing you are allowed to refer to Marines as is Marines. Or their rank. You have been revoked of your nickname or slang use privileges until I see fit." Looking back to Desusa, "Keep your men in line Captain, or I will."

Desusa eyes Gars, his temper raises. "You want me to frakking yell at you, motherfrakker, I will!" He moves just inches away from Gars's face, "All I want to hear from your is 'Yes, captain Zeus, you are the thunder god, and I will carry out your orders to the dot!!!" The marine captain is snarling at the man. The ward room is stirred.

"Sir, yes, sir!" Gars says, eyes stern and aimed out into the distance. "In war, Brass has deemed it fit to pussify the Corps. Understood, Captain Zeus, sir!"

Gaelan eyes snap back to Gars and he flatly states, "Brig him. Draw up charges for Insubordination and start the process for demotion." Looking back to Desusa he just adds, "Settle this. I am tired of hearing about it from my Corps." Stepping back on his heel he turns on it and heads out of the Recovery Ward.

Desusa glares at Gars, "Fine, motherfrakker, you just punched your ticket on my 'shit' train." He pushes back and kicks a stool out of his way. Nurses just eye him and put the stool back in place.

"Understood, captain, sir!" Gars says, loud and clear as if back at Basics

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