Marine Thoughts - 2

I've found some paper among these ragged people out here trying to survive. It is in limited quantities, so I use a bag that was used for food at one time. The grease along the bottom makes the writing hardly discernible.

It's really only been a few days since they all jumped out and I took off on my own. It seems like forever ago. They took me for what they thought. Someone that didn't make it back with the rest. I never said otherwise. Is it wrong to keep trying to survive here? I meant to go out with a bang. Instead, I ended up as a thud.

The Gods are working in some way I don't understand. I never was the biggest believer, until Zeus. Zeus became my 'God'. Is his namesake now moving me about? I don't know, I should just leave these people and go somewhere, find some frakkin' cylons.

But, I can't…I feel some responsibility to help them out.


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