Marine Accelerated Training Course

The Marine Accelerated Training Course (MATC), pronounced matt-see, is a Fleet-wide basic training program that produces riflemen for service in the Colonial Marine Corps. It is commanded by Major Pieter Gaelan IV. His principal NCO is Staff Sergeant Sora Trilox, and he oversees a staff of three drill instructors.

Unlike its predecessor, which sought to reproduce the traditional training experience from the Colonies, MATC stresses maximum turnover and speed. Graduates are minimally qualified in two weeks and complete the remainder of their training informally in the field.

As a matter of policy, MATC makes no distinction between volunteers and conscripts. Recruits are taught basic protocol, unarmed and armed combat, and pistol and rifle marksmanship over the two-week period. A constant emphasis is placed on physical fitness and camaraderie throughout the program, and most events are structured toward teamwork.

There is not enough time to break down and rebuild recruits; drill instructors emphasize instruction over intimidation, supplying the recruit as he or she is with the knowledge to perform in the field. Because conscripts may not drop out of training, those who show no aptitude for combat are "encouraged" to re-apply for the Navy. Volunteers may drop out at any time without prejudice.

After graduation, the soldier is assigned to an open recruit position within a Fleet Marine unit. He or she continues "unstructured training" and learns from his or her superiors. This unstructured training takes the place of the Advanced Individual Training that occurred prior to the War, and combines on-the-job training with classroom training (particularly for specialties such as Combat Medic), lectures, drills, firing range practice, unarmed combat training, etc. In this way it is much like the Nugget Training Program. The training detachment offers minimal support to this (for example: one of the drill instructors might give a lecture on firearms maintenance or run some noobs through some unarmed combat drills) but primarily the training is the responsibility of the marine units.


* MATC produces soldiers that know the bare minimum, providing a convenient opportunity for new players to learn about the military alongside their characters.
* Recruits, especially conscripts, may be subject to some class discrimination; drill instructors will not reveal the recruit's enlistment condition (volunteer or selectee), but word does filter through.
* Conscripts who drop MATC are considered deserters and subject to capital punishment.
* Because of the short training time, it is not uncommon for graduates to have discipline problems or lack esprit de corps.

Before the Destruction

The Colonial Marine Corps maintained two training sites on the Colonies, Marine Corps Recruiting Depot (MCRD) Caprica near the periphery of Caprica City and MCRD Picon adjacent to the fairgrounds of Colonial Navy Headquarters. These depots produced specialized enlisted soldiers.

Marine officers came from Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) programs operated in institutions of higher education, from enlisted that showed extraordinary leadership potential through Officer Candidate School (OCS), or from direct commission because of the technical nature of the role (physician or lawyer, for example).

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