Maternal Obligations
Maternal Obligations
Summary: Eve gifts Rhea with some chocolate, and they chat about things.
Date: 57 ACH
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Naval Officer Berthings Genesis - Deck 12

57 ACH 23817 Souls

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Contents: Eve Rhea Navy Bunks Wireless 1426

Exits: [O] Corridor

Out of the officer's head comes Evelyn, her head drenched, but then again, so are the outer layers of her off duty brown and greys. It looks like instead of a shower, she just merely stuck her head under the tap in the sink. She's currently trying to dry her hair in a lazy fashion as she ambles back towards her bunk, looking slightly zombified.

Rhea is still in her off-duties, though she's gearing up for her shift in not-to-long. She's sitting in her bunk at the moment, curtain open, tying on her boots.

Eve gives a mumbled greeting that could very well be, "ChEng." If it translates properly from half-yawn to common. There's a pause in her step, as if remembering something. "Oh hey. I got something for you. Or rather, something was given to me, I'd like you to have. You can appreciate it…" She shuffles to her bunk, with a bit of renewed energy.

"Shrink," Rhea replies in kind to Eve's greeting. She can translate 'ChEng' in most languages. She watches Eve, regarding the other woman, expression unreadable. Though the prospect of a 'something' for her is intriguing. She finishes tying her boots, motioning Eve over to her bunk. "You've got my attention, if nothing else. But I don't really require presents. Just keep me in mind if you find fresh coffee beans."

Eve reaches into the depths of her bunk, pulling out a small square of foil. "Well. Better than coffee beans. At least where I'm concerned. Sorry its not dark chocolate, but. It'll do in a pinch, right?" She crosses the decking in the direction of Rhea's bunk, handing over what in close up, appears to be a third of a bar of chocolate.

Rhea takes the bar, eyes widening in surprise. A smile breaks across her face. "Chocolate…frak, that's better than cubits, the way things stand now. Eve this is very thoughtful, but I can't accept it. If you've got it, you should enjoy it."

Eve holds up her hands with palms facing Rhea. "I insist. Really, Major. I was fortunate enough to have two full bars given to me as a gift. I wanted to share. Still have plenty enough to enjoy or barter with if need be. Just remember me if you come across a crib, or a frakking pack of disposable diapers, yeah?"

Rhea smiles, nodding in understanding. She takes the bar. "You won't be insulted if I don't enjoy it myself, I hope. I'll donate it to my Sprocket. His sugar intake has gone down precipitously, which I'm sure is giving him the shakes." She chuckles fondly. "A crib you'll have to have built, I suspect. The diapers can be improvised fairly easily. Doubt you'll get disposables, though." Learn to love the Laundry, her tone suggests.

Eve folds her arms over her chest, "There are three squares there, surely mom can enjoy one for herself. But if not..well. I think I understand. And yes, I'm coming to terms with everything I've had thrown in my face today. Wet nurses, cloth diapers. Is it hard?" Eve asks, her boot scuffing at the deckplating for a moment. "Being stationed away from your son, I mean."

Rhea tilts her head at Eve. Studying her. "You know much about battlestars, Doctor? In a structural sense, I mean." She expects not, so she goes into some quick details. "We're surrounded by thirty-five thousand tons of hull plating, built and designed for war. Atop nuclear weapons, gun turrets. Sharp corners, machines that are prone to accidents and minor explosions at the best of times. And this is not the best of times. We're at war, and it's our job to put ourselves between the Cylons and civilian ships, and get our asses blown up if that's what it takes to save them." She shrugs. "I'd love to have my son with me. But I'd hate having him *here*. If you take my meaning. No. I have an indepth knowledge of how close we come to death and destruction on our best days on this ship. I am strongly of the opinion that babies and battlestars don't mix."

Eve nods to that, a thoughtful expression pulling her features downward into something akin to a scowl. It might not be the answer she wants, but its possibly the answer she needs. "Thank you, Rhea. Tell me if Reece smiles when he gets the chocolate, hmm? He doesn't get to smile much." She's taking a few steps backwards, as if retreating to her bunk now.

Rhea watches Eve go, fingering the chocolate bar. She's about to let her, though she adds a beat before the other woman can retreat, "As for the stationed away from him bit. I'm stationed closer to him than I have been in the past. Me and his dad were both Navy folk. I was a single mom for all intents and purposes in his younger days. When the two of us lived on Scorpia. Then I was stationed back in space again, and he went to live with his dad on Picon. And Ephraim got to pull single dad duty. We were married, of course, and together in a very real sense but…" She shrugs. "…In a way, I'm closer to him now than I have been for a lot of my career. I see him as often as I can. Try to have dinner, or breakfast, with him as many times a week as I can manage. It's imperfect, but he's as safe as he can be. And I still get to do his laundry."

Eve pauses as Rhea starts talking again, staying her retreat. The last, at least has a chuckle coming to her lips. "I saw Adele's house today. I'm sure she sneaks in there and does a few loads, too. The place was immaculate. She's going to let me store a few things there. Use the extra empty room to store baby supplies until I figure out what the frak I'm doing. Which. At this point…" She gives a shake of her head, looking positively lost.

Rhea nods. "Adele's a good egg. She leaves Reece's laundry alone, though. That's my responsibility." And a chore she obviously values, gross as it may sometimes get. She shrugs. "You'll figure it out. You've got several months to let it sink it, and it'll take some time before it really hits you. You seem to have made your choice about it so…" She shrugs. Neither particularly approving nor judgmental about Eve's decision to spawn. It is what it is.

Eve presses her lips into a thin line. Another pause, a look over her shoulder back to Rhea. "Actually? I have about three more days to make that call. I thought…I thought if I told enough people? Then I'd be obligated, but…" She tosses her head in a shake, banishing those notions. "See you around, Major. Time for bed."

Rhea shrugs. "You're not obligated to do a damn thing. One way or another. You can make the argument about limited people. You can make the argument about limited resources for those people. Nothing you need to justify, one way or another. It's your life, and you're the one who's going to have to live with it. You and one other person, if you make the choice one way. It'll change your life. Entirely. And it'll be the hardest thing you've ever done. You do it for the wrong reasons, you're just going to frak up the end product. But, my son's the only thing I've built in my life I give a damn about…" Her tone is one of absolute love. Not particularly sappy. The kid is the center of her world, pure and simple. She shrugs, getting her duty jacket on. "Well. You're a smart woman. You can figure out what's best for you on your own. Thanks for the chocolate."

Eve is kicking off her boots, as she reaches her bunk. "You're welcome. And…thank you, too." She says quietly, before crawling into her bunk still fully dressed. Its not long before the curtains are closed, but at least she waits for the berthings to become quiet again before she softly weeps.

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