Meeting a Great Medical Mind
Meeting a Great Medical Mind
Summary: Adele meets Reighner for the first time and attempts to keep her cool in the presence of a medical great, then opens up a bit to Reed about her personal life.
Date: 8 BCH
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Viewing Deck Support Station PAS - Deck 4
8 BCH 2235 Souls

As the rings on the station rotate slowly, it is never really felt, but the viewport allows a wonderful viewing of space. Here, the four, large panels give a showing that is worth just sitting and watching the stars float by. Seating is more of a lounge, than a theater type. All couches are bolted down, but extremely comfortable for sitting and relaxing. There is even a mini-refreshment bar along the back wall, which is self-serve.

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Reighner is sitting on one of the couches, legs crossed ankle to thigh, reading from a folder opened on his lap and holding a can of soda.

A middle-aged, balding man standing about 5'10 tall. His face is weathered and starting to crease. Thin eyebrows lay atop brown eyes, a narrow nose, and a prominent and dimpled chin. His hair is mostly black with some white strands.

He's dressed in jeans and a gray t-shirt with USHSU emblazoned in black on the front.

Adele steps onto the viewing deck, heading for the mini-refreshment bar, upon which she goes about pouring some hot water into a styrofoam cup. She steeps a bag of tea in it, then turns to head towards the couch Reighner occupies, only to pause when she realizes it's not empty. She almost turns away, until she gets a good look at the man. "Dr. Reighner?" she asks, tentatively.

A tall, thin woman in her early thirties. Her build is lithe, her skin a creamy white that sets off the reds in her strawberry-blonde hair. High cheekbones give her oval face a sculpted look, with grey almond shaped eyes beneath thin reddish brows. She is classically pretty, and she takes obvious care to ensure that she always appears tasteful - but there is a rigidity to her stature, a tension to her smiles, and an overall subdued quality to each expression she makes.

Today, Adele is wearing a classic grey pant suit, with a black ribbed blouse underneath the trim, fitted jacket. Her shoes are a sleek, black square-toed affair, and her hair is neatly groomed into a sensible bun.

Reighner mumbles to the folder, "Yes?" He looks toward her and is immediately taken aback by the well-dressed woman. The folder is closed, and he stands, clearing his throat, apparently presuming that this is something official or serious. "Yes?"

Adele looks mildly embarassed as Reighner stands, and even moreso at his tone when he utters the second 'yes.' "No, please - don't get up. I really didn't mean to interrupt; I just thought to introduce myself." Of course, she doesn't actually introduce herself as she flicks an apologetic gaze to the folder he holds and back to his face.

"Oh. Oh!" Reighner sets his soda and folder — nondescript, manilla, with an unmarked tab — on a side table. "Sorry, it just isn't often that I see people so dressed." As he's verbally backpedaling, he's wiping his condensation-wet hands on his t-shirt. "You can call me Matt." He extends his right hand and smirks lopsidedly.

Adele's relief is apparent at Reighner's reaction, and she offers her own hand to take his in a firm shake. "Adele. Dr. Adele Pike, research," she returns the greeting with a taut, though not unpleasant, smile. "I'm getting used to being overdressed, and the alarm it causes in people who haven't yet met me. Unfortunately, I packed what I packed." She sets her tea down on the side table opposite the one Reighner used for his soda, then continues with a faint but detectable measure of reverence in her voice. "I'm glad to finally meet you."

Reighner puts his hands on his hips nerd-style after the handshake. "I don't see why you would," he remarks self-deprecatingly. Gesturing to perpendicular couch, he asks, "Would you like to sit?"

Reed comes in from Passageway.
Reed has arrived.

Adele glances at the couch and nods, lowering herself into it with an ease of grace. "Thank you," she replies with a polite dip of her head, folding her hands in her lap. "As for being pleased to meet you, I'm not sure you have much room to be modest. Your paper on O'Keefe's anemia was… brilliant." The reverence is becoming more pronounced, though it's obvious she's trying to keep it in check.

Reighner smiles. "You read it? It was one of my better accomplishments." He recrosses his legs, ankle to thigh. "What research do you do?"

Reed blows into the Viewing deck, clipboard in hand. He walks towards the main seating area, then stops and turns walking to the mini juice bar.

"Yes," Adele replies, though she refrains from telling him how -many- times she read it. Or asking for him to sign her copy she may or may not have with her. "I research aerospace preventatives, under Dr. Gregory Haskell. I've only recently entered the field." Reed's entrance is yet unnoticed.

Reighner cants his head slightly. "Aerospace preventatives?" he echoes. He rifles through his mind for a Dr. Haskell, but seems to come up empty. "Well, this is a bit embarrassing, but I've no idea what that field is." He hints at the likely question.

Reed comes up from the mini juice bar with.. Grape juice! Ahhh grape juice. He moves back to the lounge area, looking to the Doctors. "Dr. Pike, Dr. Reighner. Is a medical degree required or can any scientist join?"

Adele's sculpted cheeks round more fully into a smile. "It's a relatively new field, where we deal with the illnesses experienced in deep space; specifically the pilots whose systems are run ragged in the course of their duties. We've made so many strides in addressing the symptoms of things like hyperspace adaptation syndrome, that the next logical step is to find a way to prevent it entirely, so the pilots don't have to deal with the adaptation stage -or- the side-effects that come along with the symptom medications that are currently on the market, which can impede their ability." Her hands remain folded in her lap, though by the way they twist and twine with each other, it's clear she's attempting to hold herself back from gesticulating wildly. When Reed approaches, she realizes how much she's gone on. "Reed. Hi. Join us."

Reighner leans back a touch when Reed arrives. He raises his eyebrows and glances between the two. "Yes, please do." He asks Adele, "An MD/PhD also?"

Reed settles in a nearby chair, setting his clipboard on his knee and opens his juice, watching the Doctors getting aquainted with a slight smile. As they're in depth in their talking, he just sips his juice and does not interrupt.

The spigot that so recently gushed forth with information slows to a drip as Adele reaches for her tea, nodding to Reighner once. "Yes," is her simple reply to his question. "Though I've been researching for four years now." Now that she's off her soapbox, she gives Reed a more pleasant greeting, which consists of one of her subdued smiles.

Reighner nods a few times, eyebrows still raised. "Well, I'm surprised I haven't met you sooner. We're a rarity, you and I." He lingers a look before he leans to the side table and picks up his can of soda. "Anything new, major?"

Reed grins at the Docs, and shrugs, shaking his head slightly, "Nothing really outstandingly important right now." He looks at Reighner, "You going to attend the reception at the end of the week, Doctor? I highly advise it, as Doctor Pike here is getting a chance to bring out her formal dress."

Adele's lips twitch briefly, and she gives Reed a sidelong look. "I do hope you have a backup argument, Major. My formal outfit is certainly nothing special." She has another sip of tea before setting it down once more, this time for good as it's more or less too cool to drink.

Reighner sips his drink. "You mean there's something more formal?" he asks dryly. He idly runs his finger along the can, soaking up the water. "I'll be there. Quite an accomplishment, major. Congratulations."

Reed smiles to Reighner, nodding, "Well, thank you. I'm looking forward to the Reception. We'll be moving offically into final construction after it, which means you can complain about all the little things in your berthings or offices or around the station and people will be sent to fix, reinstall or tighten something." He chuckles. "We're getting to the time to fix all the non essential things."

Adele closes her eyes and brings a hand to her forehead, her lips pursing against a rueful grin. Upon opening her eyes, she remarks to Reighner, "Yes. I'll be wearing this, with a bowtie." Lowering her hand, she tugs at the collar of her shirt with a curled finger, then listens to Reed make his own reply. "I don't suppose installing a bathtub in the contractors' quarters is on the list in any capacity?"

Reighner smirks and takes another sip.

Reed chuckles to Adele, shaking his head, "I'm afraid that a standard bathtub was never really in the stations amenities. I guess we could alter some of the hydro labs to make a fine tub, though, and I'll add that the pool opened a few days ago off the Gym a few decks down, so swimming is not a possibility."

At the mention of the pool, Adele goes introspective for a moment, lowering her eyes to her hands. After a pause, she refocuses on Reed and nods. "I saw. Haven't had the chance to swim yet, but it looks great." She smiles.

"I have it on good authority that I don't float," Reighner observes. He moves the can to the other hand. "Will the Genesis be with us for the entire project, then?"

Reed nods, "Oh, yes. Genny's here for the haul. We're her anchorage deployment point and she's our heavy tactical support. Genny's not going anywhere soon."

Settling back more comfortably in the couch, Adele crosses her legs and listens to the two speak. If a chance presents itself to thoughtfully study Reighner without him noticing that she is essentially staring at him, she does just that.

Reighner purses his lips and glances over Reed's shoulder. "I suppose there's nothing better for her to do. Remind me again, the last I heard, wasn't the Colonial government talking about reducing its sailing force?"

Reed smiles, shaking his head, "They've been talking about cutbacks to the military for the last five years. Every time someone wants to reduce the Naval presence, someone explains the needs, and it goes back and forth in endless tug of war. We're not going to get cut, though. Our funding is solid.

Having gotten whatever she wanted out of peering at Reighner while his attention was on Reed, the contractor's attention turns back to the Major as he explains the funding situation. Contractor that she is, however, she doesn't interrupt.

"Ah, good," Reighner answers. Apparently that was where he was heading with the question. Have to make sure the source of money will still exist. "If you'll excuse me, I have something coming out of the centrifuge." He picks up the folder and stands, nodding to the pair. "Nice meeting you, Adele."

Reed nods to Reighner. "Alright, Doctor, though I have doubts that it's your lunch that is ready." He smirks, and settles in the chair.

Adele smiles at Reighner, resisting that formal urge to stand up and extend a hand again. "And you, Dr. Reighner." She makes a strange face, then amends, "Matt."

Reighner smirks and is off.

Reighner has left.

Reed smiles as Reighner leaves, and looks to Adele, "He's an impressive mind." He remarks.

Adele looks almost relieved when the elder doctor disappears from view. "Gods, I know. I was having a very hard time not fawning all over him like some insipid teenaged girl might over a rockstar," she admits. In the past week or so, she's loosened up considerably, in words and mannerisms; at least when it comes to Reed.

Reed chuckles, "Well, it's understandable, given the work he's done in his field, and the advances he's spearheaded. IT's good to have him here."

Adele nods firmly. "It is. His work is amazing," she agrees, shifting in her seat to better face Reed. "I'm glad I finally got to meet him, even though I have to add him to my ever growing list of people who have made pointed observations about my wardrobe." She grins slightly, then asks, "So what's going on with you?"

Reed shakes his head slightly, "At the moment, just relaxing a little between meetings with people preparing for the reception, overseeing the final installations, and keeping things running smoothly." He lets his head rest back, "I need an XO."

Adele gives Reed a sympathetic look. "There anyone in the running?" she asks vaguely. She's not so good with the military terminology, this one.

Reed pffts, "Not since I lost my first one to illness and he never got here. Reighner there won't take so much as the CMO position, though I pulled out the chair for him."

"No?" Adele asks, reddish brows arching upwards slightly. "Is he more… medical minded than military minded, then?"

Reed smiles, "I think he's more interested in completing his stint here and returning to his family. I offered to bring them here, but he didn't want to displace them. And I understand that."

Adele ahhs, nodding her head in something that can't quite be called understanding, though it does make sense. "How much longer is he here?" she wonders aloud. She's not even trying to disguise her hero-worship for Reed's benefit.

Reed sighs, "Unless I can sweet talk him into staying? Six months. Planning on letting him mold the area he's in charge of, make it the way he wants it to be run, mold someone to take over for him who he could stand to see take over and let him get back to his life."

"Lives are pesky," Adele quips, settling her head back into the cushion of the couch. "I'm glad I don't have one to speak of." Her grin is rueful as she uncrosses her legs and peers out the window and at planet below.

Reed grins to Adele, "Ones creeping up on you unless I'm mistaken, you know. How is it going with Doctor Zaharis?"

Adele turns her head to face Reed again, sucking in a quiet breath. "Good, I think. I don't know. I still hardly know anything about him, and he doesn't seem too keen on opening up. But it's nice to spend time with him."

Reed nods, "I'm glad. The two of you look good together. It's good to see you two getting closer." He smirks.

"I like him," Adele states simply, before shifting the topic back onto Reed with a narrowing of her eyes. "How about you? I remember you dancing pretty exclusively with one woman at the Night of Veils."

Reed smirks, shaking his head, "Impossible that would go anywhere, Adele. She is Enlisted and I am an Officer. There are regulations against such things. They're waved for social engagements, but, no, I'm afraid not." He smiles a little sadly, but resolute.

Adele looks disappointed for Reed's sake. "Oh. I don't know much about her. It's a shame, though. You two had some definite rhythm." She smiles consolingly. "I'll keep my eye out around the contractors' quarters. So long as you keep your shoulder open for me once Jesse inevitably breaks my heart." Her tone is lighthearted, but her eyes betray a genuine concern.

Reed chuckles, nodding, "When he breaks your heart, I'll be there to console and send Captain Zimmerman out to break his legs." He chuckles.

Adele doesn't laugh, but she grins. "Thanks, Reed." She says it like she means it.

Reed nods, and chuckles, "you're welcome, Adele." He smirks, putting his feet up and stretches with a sigh.

Adele's attention drifts back towards the planet as it spins in slow motion through the viewport. She watches it for a good, long while in silence, before asking, "What's the latest terraforming news?"

Reed shrugs, "Oh, Seismic activity, meterological activity on the surface, still mapping out the planet. Which will take some time, as it's a whole planet, but we're going to be able to start real work on the Terraforming once we're up and running and start getting personnel on the station.

"Does it have any plantlife to speak of now?" Adele wonders, craning her neck to look out upon the planet in question. "I admit I've been so wrapped up in my own research that I haven't had much of a chance to ask the questions I'm sure people aren't allowed to answer anyhow."

Reed nods, "Oh, it's got indigenious plantlife. Yeah, there's plantlife that survives there normally, we're analyzing it and working out processes to introduce plantlife that we have to have it thrive there, and start changing the environment. it's pretty exciting work."

Adele looks thoroughly interested, nodding enthusiastically. "It sounds like it," she agrees, leaning on the arm of the couch to face Reed even further. "I'd love to see samples sometime, if that's at all possible; I've always had an affinity for the botany side of preventatives."

Reed nods, "Botanical samples of indigenious plantlife, oh sure, we got them in the labs. transplanted, in simulated planetary environment units. We keep them alive here over in Science Lab Two, on Deck 2.

Adele looks pleased, bobbing her head in another nod. "Great, I'll go check them out sometime." She stands, moving to grab herself a water from the refreshment bar, calling over her shoulder, "Want anything? I need to head out, but I can toss you another grape juice before I go."

Reed shakes his head, "No thank you, I'm going to stay here, do paperwork and enjoy the peace of the stars."

Adele smiles, turning to offer him a quick wave. "All right. See you later." She unscrews the top of her bottle of water and lifts it to her lips, then turns on her booted heel and strides out into the passageway beyond.

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