Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum as Melia Elizabeth Sullivan

Name: Melia Elizabeth Sullivan
Callsign: {$callsign}
AKA: Mellie / Terrier
Age: 23
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Medical Department
Position: Medic
Rank: Petty Officer 3
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Gemenon
Actor: Emmy Rossum

What is there to be said about Melia Sullivan? She seems to have earned the nickname "Terrier," though it seems to be more because she bounces around like a puppy, is always smiling, and is very quick to defend what she considers hers. She's also a bit on the petite side, which means she's usually either trying to fly under the radar or actively using anything around her to get to those damned higher shelves in Sickbay. Right now, she's known to be highly protective of the Medical staff and utterly devoted to Major Zaharis and Lieutenant Craven.

Mellie is the youngest of six children - and the only girl. Five older brothers and a conservative, fundamentalist Gemenese family have meant that she's had some challenges to overcome - namely being alone in the same room as a male. Her past hasn't seemed to keep her down, however - it just provides a talking point when she's finally off duty.

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