Memos and Robots
Memos and Robots
Summary: Regas comes to look at the new toys, gets geeked at by Reed, and has some CO talk
Date: 47 ACH
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Robotics Research Labs Genesis - Deck 8
47 ACH 6285 Souls

This area is a classified and secured location. The doors and entrances are locked down with direct electronic locks and are monitored via cameras. Only authorized personnel are allowed within. If you have not been shown here ICly and cleared, you most likely are not.

This area has been converted into a large laboratory space for mechanical and robotic study. Tools, machines for analysis of metallic structures and metallurgical properties are located within. On several tables are pieces of multiple Cylon parts and several computers are located here, running various programs to assist in the work being done within.
---—< Condition Three - Restricted Area >----
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Regas has arrived.

Reed is sitting at a computer terminal, metal briefcase open beside the terminal, paperwork and data inside. Reed himself is sitting back in the chair, looking at his handheld, brow furrowed.

Regas enters the restricted area, sans his Aide for the time being anyway. The MP outside is good enough to close the hatch behind him. A pause as he looks over the area and then walks toward Reed.

Reed looks up from the Handheld, then reaches for the cane by the table, levering himself up, leaving the handheld beside the keyboard, "Commander, sir." He straightens to attention, "Your Robotics Research Lab is ready."

Regas gives the 'official nod' to it all, "Very nice," as he moves around to look at various pieces and parts. His hands tuck in behind him while he gives it the inspection. "How many people are on this project full time?"

Reed tilts his head "At the moment, access is given to upper Command Staff, Major Zimmermann, and one Ensign Quill, an Engineering specialist the Major has cleared. Personnel allotment has not been set down yet, staffing still being formulated." He offers the station he was working at. "I have just completed inputting the Metallurgical molecular analysis of Cylon materials that was done on the PAS and copied to Engineering here. the Labs themselves are just completed, sir.

Regas turns at the waist as he listens to Reed, "Do we have any specialists in metal?" He begins moving toward the station to take a seat now. Scientists aren't always easy to follow, but he fakes it well enough.

Reed nods, "Metallurgical analysis and formulaic study of metallic materials is a field of study of mine." He offers the data scrolling across the screen. Technobabble rolling along merrily. "However, the mechanical and electronics of Cylons.. That's not me, sir, I'd drop a wrench on my foot. Engineering will be handling that."

Regas makes a sound in his throat, "Correct, but you can't always be here." He watches the information scrolling through and points to something. "Is this the differences between the old wing part and the new parts?"

Reed leans in, and taps a key, stopping the scroll. "No, sir, this.." He taps a few keys, "Is our first confirmed piece of identified new Cylon technology." He looks at Regas, then the screen, image showing a cross section of some layered material. "Cylon armor material shows a molecular bonding shell technology." He points out the layers, "These are layers of metals, bonded into one another, forming Cylon armor. the properties of the different metals is merged more efficently than smelting them together does. Makes the armor light, and tough." He shakes his head, "This is new, Cylons did not have this in the first war. This is a cross section of Centurion armor.." He taps a few keys, "And this," A second, similar cross section comes up, showing more layers, with veins shot through it. "This is the fragments of what hit Marker Buoy Four we pulled off the Arm line. We had no way of knowing at the time sir, but comparing it with Cylon armor we have now.. It's the same bonding process. It's Cylon."

Regas leans back in the chair as the information is shown to him and he rubs along his goatee, "Interesting. This isn't fabricated is it?" You can just see the cogs turning in his head at the moment. "Maybe it is…the Raiders aren't that hard to take out, but the Centurions, that is a different story. "Something as heavy as the Centurions in space, would be like manuevering a tank…"

Reed nods, "It's not clear how it's constructed. I'm theorizing Nano assembly using old Colonial technology they took when they rebelled and expounded upon while we discarded it with the general scrapping of robotic research after the rebellion. This armor, however, does make Raiders as light as they are, while keeping them spaceworthy." He considers, "I wouldn't be surprised if they were Nano constructing the shells, then stamping the inner mechanicals out on an assembly line, loading them with the operating system, and fueling them up, the way they throw swarms of them onto barrages with no thought of them surviving."

Regas nods again, "Like any robotic assembly line. Which is kinda what we did. Tossed them away when they were of no use any longer," he lets out a long sigh, "Seems they probably didn't learn much either, did they?"

Reed straightens, rubbing his stomach, uncomfortable, "In tactics? Not much, sir, in technology? Quite a lot. The Raiders, for example. Jump capable. That's huge. Imagine if our Vipers could jump."

Regas raises a brow, since that hadn't exactly occured to him. Sliding the chair back, he points to it. "You sit, you are the injured one." Stepping back, he survey's the area again. "Next mission, we'll see if we can get one partially intact atleast and see what makes it tick. Jump capable vipers would put us ahead of this frakking war or atleast on an even keel."

Reed does sit, though he takes his hand away, "Aye, sir. Damned Staples are itching like mad, but it's a good sign, I'm told." He settles in and looks at the screen, "A piece of a Raider, a large piece would be great, sir. letting the Engineers take it apart would be fascinating for them. In all honesty, the old wing? We've had those mapped and charted for fourty years."

"I understand that, but we don't have the resources that we had on Caprica in the museums. It's all gone. So we start over, because, we weren't in this situation and areas can be missed and overlooked." Regas nods again, "Good work though. See if you can get a couple metal specialists to get in here and go over things as well."

Reed nods, "Aye sir." He leans back in the chair, "I've also been going over the Muskeg Battle records. the CAG was good enough to release the data for my review. Tactics are very simple for the most part. Swarm, overwhelm." He scratches the side of his head. "Not very sophisticated. Like army ants."

Regas grins, "But it worked. And whatever works is on our side. We have to do guerilla fighting, since we can't stand up to alot of heavy battles." He glances around again, "Anything else I need to know about this, I can have Pepper come down and get the reports."

Reed looks to Regas, one eyebrow raising, "No sir, that's all the data I have for you at the moment. If you're still trying to get some peace from Pepper, I'm sure we can accommodate letting her correlate reports, once a full Engineering team is in here."

Regas grins a little, "She's a good kid, but I'll send her down anyway." He begins making his way toward the hatch again. "Keep me updated if anything changes."

Reed watches him start to turn, "Sir? You pressed for time at the moment?"

Regas checks the time and shakes his head, "Not necessarily, what can I do for you, Major?"

Reed swings the swivel chair around, absently running a hand over his stomach, then catches what he's doing and stops it. "Well, sir, building a poor segue off the idea of army ants, I was wondering about the anthill kicked over with the directive regarding Military pregnancy. I don't quite understand the purpose behind it. I do know that people are having strong reactions to it, however."

Regas watches Reed for a few moments, "Disturb their hill, they go after whoever did it. But they do it together. They back up, reorganize and don't think about their hill being kicked over and scramble for purchase. Then when things settle, they rebuild it."

Reed listens, and nods, "Organizational Strategy 304. Group Dynamics and Team Testing." He nods, considering, "Got a B in that class." He muses, "Well, it's on it's way. They started it before I was involved. It's working."

Some light comes to the Commander's eyes. "I made my XO do something that made him sick to his stomach, and in all honesty? That was nothing. One day, he'll have to make a decision he won't like. And he can't back down from it. Nor can I. Tough love, Major. Everyone has to find that inner part of themselves and pull from it," he makes a wave of his hand, "Or everything we stand for is for nothing. There will come a time, when it will fall into place and the decisions will snap too without a thought."

Reed nods, "Oh, most certainly. No one's interested in making anyone back down. No ones arguing the situation needs a solution. People are now working on the best solution possible, and hoping that an acceptable solution for everyone can be reached." He smiles, "And don't think it's not making them pull from that place now. The image of you on that podium calling for everyone to rededicate themselves to the cause or take a step to the left and be given their walking papers is still quite a strong one. Facing you on any policy takes something special. Your Command image is quite formitable. Bit different from mine."

"That is because I still believe in choices. Each one of my crew will always have choice. The one person I expected to get the biggest fight out of? Was the CAG. But I was surprised. She stood up, she took it like an Officer and a gentlewoman. Because, she knows, I won't ask her to walk into hell, unless I go there myself," a firm smile finds Regas' lips. "Now, she takes that back to her team. They see a very strong woman, ready to keep the fight, no matter of her condition. And her own team would follow her into hell, because they respect that very part of her, that makes us what we are. We don't lie down and give up. You had the same, Reed. You would have taken that ship into the cylons if you had too. But, your team did their jobs, they got people off that station and when you were done, you managed to escape also." He pauses, "Just keep this little chat to yourself though."

Reeds brow furrows, "The CAG?" He shrugs, "I was expecting the JAG, CMO and ChEng, because of their Arena of authority, responsibility, and personality, respectively. The CAG, I wasn't really expecting anything of." Nope, still doesn't know. He nods though, "Aye, sir, I was ready to hit the button myself, and pop the PAS immediately, gave myself a gamble, and mostly got out alive. Now, I'm the smart pencil neck who in a crisis, punched a hole in the universe to buy a chance at life." He sighs, "I can work with that image." He smiles, and turns the chair, gesturing to the Cylon parts, "Don't worry, sir, They're in no position to talk, and I'm not going to let anything slip."

"She is the one that is pregnant," Regas grins. "The ChEng? Good woman, strong, flexible and she runs a tight ship. But now? It'll be tighter, because her people see her in a true leading position. She fights back. They'll respect that. The CMO? I left him there, because, he needs it. He needs to come into himself and it won't be easy. It'll be a bastard to get it done, but I have the faith he will. As for JAG? I never put more pressure on my Officers than I think they can take. As for the Marine CO? He still has some work to do. He's got to get his people on board with what he wants and how he wants them. It'll come. For now, we can afford the luxury of them getting their ducks in a row. Later, possibly not."

Reed's brows shoot up, "She-thawh? Major Rue?" He lets out a laugh, and puts his hand to his stomach, "Frakkin staples.." He nods, "It's working, sir, it's coming together. Certainly wasn't easy steering the CMO into making the right move in laying his problems out into the light, but worth it in the long run. I think you'll be pleased with the solutions offered. I think they'll help get shit squared away."

"Good, I didn't expect anything less," another grin off Regas, "Take care of that stomach. Get some rest and don't over do it." He makes his way to the hatch again.

Reed nods, "Aye, sir. Thank you."

Regas leaves for Corridor 8B [O].
Regas has left.

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