Valerie Vili
Valerie Vili as Meris Hughes

Name: Meris Hughes
Callsign: N/A
AKA: Hughes
Age: 25
Branch: Marines
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Marines Department
Position: Marine
Rank: Lance Cpl
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Libris
Actor: Valerie Vili


Born the fourth child and only daughter to a farming family out in the countryside on Libris, Meris grew into a sturdy girl, well suited to the manual labour of the farm if not the brightest tool in the box. Homeschooled for the first few years of her education, nonetheless she eventually hit mainline schooling and there was forced to repeat not one year but two, toiling through to scrape a pass in the more academic subjects. She was, however, a keen sportsman, representing her school, her county, and finally her planet, at the junior athletics championships, earning titles in both shotput and hammer.

On completion of high school, she spent a few more years on the farm, before a recruiter came to the town and convinced her of the merits of the Marine Corps as a career. Initially attempting to train as a combat engineer, she found it rather too academically taxing and instead switched out to train in heavy weapons and demolitions, a branch more suited to her brawn over brains mentality.

She'll gladly tell you that she's only in the Corps for one tour, then she's going back to help out with the farm. There's the shearing and the lambing and everything, and her family needs her, after all. The fact that her family, and all the sheep, are probably all dead now is a point she's not about to admit.

Recent History

As her squad's machine gunner, Meris has been down on several missions, including the ice and snow of Leonis, the jungles of the red planet, and the hail of bullets that was the mission to retrieve ammunition from Virgon. When not actively required as a gunner, she's been seconded to basic grunt work with the MP detachment, mostly involving fetching the coffee and standing guard on doorways.


Minor bullet wound to the left thigh. Sustained on Virgon.
Several more severe bullet wounds to the gut, through her body armour. Also sustained on Virgon.

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