Messhall Tensions
Messhall Tensions
Summary: Regas goes for food and causes people to pucker.
Date: 34 ACH - 12/17/2008
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Mess Hall Genesis - Deck 9

34 ACH 6285 Souls

The Mess Hall on the Genesis is quite large and able to hold over 300 personnel at a time. Tables are staggered in some areas and set against the wall in others. The mess hall begins near the hatch with an area for trays and silverware, then moves through the line for the cooks to dish up whatever is on the menu for the day. There are also snack machines at the end of the line, past the huge coffee urns and water dispensers.


Ahem, "So, uh…. yeah." Asty starts, "Military keeps it simple." She's not even sure she should ask. Actually, she's sure she shouldn't, but isn't entirely sure she can avoid it.

Eli is over at a table with Asty and Mork the MP, trays stacked up like a meal has been finished and she's still on her feet for some reason, reaching down to pick back up her coffee and pinch the bridge of her nose. "…I may be frakked. But it'll be in a very simple way."

The Commander comes into the mess hall when most everyone is gone. Dinner has long passed and the place is much quieter. Walking over to the end of the line, he meets the Cook who is already heading his way. It's good to be top dog. Taking the plate given to him, he sets it on a tray and then continues on down to get some of the coffee. A glance roams over the area and the few people here.

Micah comes in from Corridor 9B.

Astyoche looks at Eli, "Why, what's happened?" she asks with some concern. Despite(because?) all the times Eli had to chain her up, she's gotten pretty fond of the Sarge. She looks around, some but doesn't see anyone pounding deckplates, so for the moment Eli's safe, right?

Eli's ice blue eyes snap over towards the hatch when The Commander enters and she quickly looks back to Astyoche and blinks several times. "…I'm not quite sure, but whatever happens…remember." - Sappy dramatic music - "…It was an honor to chain you up and handcuff and escort you under armed guard, no matter what happens…" She's a bit spooked. Yes. But her facial expression is pretty much blank, voice deadpan.

Having filled his mug with coffee, Regas heads toward a table. The Sheriff is given a longer look, as is the MP with her and then further to the woman sharing their table. Taking up a seat across the aisle from them, he sets his tray down and then follows it up with sitting. If he has noticed the nervous tension, he doesn't let on.

Astyoche frowns a little and starts to rise, "What's the matter, sarge? You sound like you're…" As the man settles in at their table, her eyes flick sidelong to give him a look over and then, abruptly they widen and she goes ramrod, right there. her sweat glands don't start trickling, yet, though.

Micah ambles into the mess hall in search, one presumes, of food. Non sickbay food, to be precise. Which is roughly the same as sickbay food, since all food is eel these days. But let the kid have his delusions. He eases into the queue, spots Regas, and then does a swift double-take and snaps off a picture-perfect salute. "Sir," is murmured should the Commander look his way. Astyoche and her escort aren't even noticed, yet.

Eli glances back towards the commander, saluting when he's close enough before easing back into her own seat carefully and slowly, just giving a tiny nod to Astyoche when she too notices 'Papa Bear'. She takes a deep breath and then a sip of her coffee, whispering something to the woman she's with.

Eli whispers to Astyoche.

Whatever the Commander has on his plate certainly isn't eel. It looks mostly like vegetables and some white meat. Unrolling the cutlery from its bed of linen, he lays the napkin over his lap and takes the fork and knife up to cut through the food. He seems to be ignoring salutes as well, this is his meal time. Idly, he reaches for the salt and pepper and sprinkles some over his food before taking a bite.

Micah doesn't loiter long, thankfully. Collecting a plate from the stack, he sticks his head over the glass to see what's being offered today. Vegetables? Hell no, he's a growing boy. Now and then he glances over at the Commander, but doesn't interject his lowly presence.

Astyoche glances back to Eli in time to catch her 'suggestion' and settles into her seat. Normal….normal… Asty flounders for something to get 'casual' rolling again, and comes up with, well, zip.

Eli takes another slow sip of coffee, keeping her eyes down at the table and fumbling for a conversational topic. "…well. Do you work out?"

Regas takes a bite of his food and then a drink of his coffee. He doesn't even miss a beat as he cuts another piece of the meat, "Sergeant Browne, where is your prisoner billeted?" Bite. Chew.

Micah is standing in line for whatever food is in the offing today, which might be mystery meat if he's lucky, or it might be eel, which makes him no better off than in sickbay. Whatever it is, it's shoveled onto his plate like he plans to feed a starving family of six. He's dressed in off duty fatigues, jacket unbuttoned currently.

Astyoche reaches for the cue, mouth opening to respond, when the CO's remark cuts her out. She plays dead. Sitting up, eyes open. They teach officers to hate folks answering questions inquired of someone else, so she keeps her yap shut. Inwardly, she prays for Eli.

"She was assigned quarters, which are under 24 hour guard, on the 12th deck sir." Eli rattles off in that same emotionless tone, eyes down, back straight.

"Quarters." Regas states the word slowly. "Deck 12 is Naval. Where on that deck, Sergeant?" He takes a drink from the coffee once again as he waits for the answer. He still hasn't looked at them, his food is more appealing at the moment.

Finished loading up his plate, Micah shuffles off to a table and settles down carefully to eat. He's not here to socialise, it seems, but only to shovel food into his mouth efficiently.

"A berthing that is usually used for married officers, if I am not mistaken sir. That was where I was instructed to have her held until further notice, sir." Eli replies.

Astyoche remains, for her part, very very still, saver her eyes, which are flickering to one side, then back to Eli as the conversation proceeds. they doo wander off to the sound of someone else settling somewhere, and she pauses, remember the fella with the ciggies a few nights back. She nods a little bit to ehrself, then looks back up at Eli.

"And who instructed you to place her there?" Regas lays his knife and fork down now and turns to look at Eli. It seems for the moment, Astyoche is left alone from the questions.

Micah's eyes do alight briefly upon Astyoche. He's looked better, but he's also looked worse; the same could probably be said of her. There's a small nod as he runs his tongue along the inside of his teeth to remove some food there, then he ducks his head and resumes eating.

"The…XO, sir. Colonel Fotilas." Eli replies.

Unsure of her future, well, only the timeframe, at this point, Asty remains as unobtrusive as she can. She can't think of anything she can say that won't make the conversation go downhill for everyone, so she says nothing. Trying to look as casual as anyone can when the Commander himself is putting someone to the question next to them, she reaches for her cup of water and makes an attempt to moisten her anxiety-parched throat. Drinking's casual.

Regas releases a light breath and turns back to his meal. "It seems the young woman has turned my XO into a boy scout." His eyes now land on Astyoche, "Are you in the military, Ms. Kyrios? From my understanding of what I have heard, you have confessed to this crime. You were no longer in the military and had retired. Is this true?"

Private room. Not bad. Of course, few people are privy to what the crime was, but even Micah's not about to blurt out a question like that. He keeps his head down and his broad shoulders hunched, eating. Maybe he's even convincing himself the food tastes good.

Eli is quiet now, frowning some and just waiting. And siting up straight.

Freeze frame. Asty sets her cup down and rises to her feet like she would in the old days and she nods, "Yes, Commander, you're information is correct, sir." she says calmly, facing his direction. The morbid part of her mind figures the bonus is, at least she knows what she'll be doing tomorrow…

"Then you are a civilian," states the Commander quite plainly. His eyes moving from Eli to Astyoche, to see if either will dispute the obvious.

Micah finishes off his food and shoves the plate aside. Again his gaze roves toward the prisoner in question, and he pushes to his feet slowly before meandering off for a cup of water.

"With all due respect sir…" Eli starts with a furrowed brow before cutting herself off. "I apologize sir, I am out of line." She shuts her mouth, jaw clenching some.

"Unless my commission's been reinstated, that is correct, Commander." Asty replies softly with a glance to Eli at her words, not being snarky, but telling the trust as she knows it. Besides, for all she knows, she should have been dead a little over a month ago, and she was just enjoying a !chicken ration and some water with the Sarge, anything can happen at this point.

"You have something to add to this, Sergeant?" Regas asks, raising his coffee cup again. The jaw clenching is noticed easily enough.

Glass of water in hand, Micah seems to reconsider on the sitting back down. Things look to be getting pretty heavy in that corner with the Commander, so he collects his tray in the other hand and deposits it on a rack before ambling back out.

Micah leaves for Corridor 9B [O].

"No sir." Eli finally works out carefully.

From the ex-Lieutenant comes a transcendent silence as she waits for things to blow over, or up, as they would.

Regas turns back to his meal and begins to eat again. His questions seem to be done for now and he finishes the food before it gets cold. He's just an ass enough to make them wait while he is done too. Once he raises the napkin to the tray and stands, his gaze lands on both of them again. "Sergeant, this isn't a gossip parlor for prisoners. They are to come here and eat and then leave. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, we were just finishing up here sir." Eli replies.

Astyoche nods, "Perfectly clear, sir." Asty replies thoughtfully. She could REALLY go for a drink right now, but she doesn't move until he says so. For someone who's been relatively serene in the face of certain death, for some reason the Commander makes her nervous. Maybe it's the dangling thread of hope.

"Excellent," the Commander then begins heading out of the Mess Hall. He doesn't look back, which probably has both letting out a collective sigh. After a few minutes, he is gone from the room and off down the corridor.

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