Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias as Micah St. Germain
Name: Micah St. Germain
Callsign: Jailhouse
AKA: Micah
Age: 23
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Jock
Rank: Lieutenant
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Aerelon
Actor: Enrique Iglesias

Biographical Information


Overshadowed by his father, Colonel Edward Michael St. Germain, his mother, Major Alina Brakowski — both having served as marines with extensive battle commendations — and his elder sister's success as a chief trainer at one of the fleet academies on Picon, Micah comes across as a brash yet slightly antisocial kid lacking in ambition but more than making up for it with his skill in the cockpit of a viper. Briefly lost in the administration shuffle after his father's death aboard the Pandora, he's been with the fighting 58th since a week or two before the cylon attacks. Known to have worn enough metal on his face, during his civilian life, to set off metal detectors two ships over, his most distinguishing feature now is the ugly scar that cuts across his lower lip and tends to skew his expressions to one side. He speaks with a thick Aerelon accent, which devolves at times (when he's been drinking or is in a pique) to a nigh-indecipherable Yorkshire-Sheffield burr. He's got a cool head and a quiet confidence behind the flight controls, though is a bit of a twitch on 'land'.


  • Flying
  • Drinking
  • Playing Pyramid
  • Chain smoking
  • Taking apart and putting together circuit boards

Distinguishing Features

  • He has an ugly, and not too old scar that disfigures his lower lip
  • His right eye is pale blue; his left, hazel
  • He speaks with a strong Aerelon accent, similar to what might be heard in the Yorkshire/Sheffield region of England

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood


Attended high school and basic college on Caprica, both of which were completed with some degree of competence if an 'abysmal lack of initiative', according to one of his instructors, and 'zero motivation, zero desire to succeed, despite being clearly quite clever'. He was subsequently trained at the fleet academy, where incidents involving misbehaviour, misdemeanors involving alcohol and fraternisation, and even an assault on a superior officer were added to his permanent record.

Military Service

Micah's commission with the Genesis began roughly a week before the Cylon attacks on the colonies. Having graduated two years prior from fleet academy, his first commission was aboard the Assaultstar Prometheus, whose CAG termed him 'a skilled pilot with the social graces of a bull in a china shop' and considered him a waste of her time, and untrainable. It's been rumoured that his father pulled some rather important strings to get him assigned subsequently to the Genesis and not stripped of his rank; Edward St. Germain was killed during active duty aboard the Pandora.


Raiders gunned down: 14
Centurions shot: 1
Centurions crushed by ship: 3
Marines tussled with: 3
Number of times in the brig: 2
Number of expensive, prototypic military ships destroyed: 1


He has a very close, almost sibling-esque relationship with Captain Baylee Novella, and is her ex-wingman.

Lieutenant Jocasta Maru is reputedly an ex-girlfriend of his, from basic training days. They share a home colony of Aerelon, and a penchant for mouthy, aggressive behaviour. One couldn't quite term them friends, but they certainly have plenty of chemistry. Mostly the bad kind.

He's married to Doctor Evelyn St. Germain, who is expecting their child.


Micah's callsign, 'Jailhouse' refers to his penchant for miscreant behaviour, and the fact that he'd spent more time in the brig during his first few weeks on Genesis, than he probably did on duty. His previous callsign was 'Crow', and was stripped from him after he was brigged for alcohol consumption while effectively on duty, disorderly conduct, and refusing the orders of a superior officer.

  • Flying
  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Eve
  • Cartoons, comic books, dorkitude
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