Babies, Micah, and Friends-ish
Babies, Micah, and Friends-ish
Summary: Eve and Novella talk. Somewhere, Micah's ears burn.
Date: 59 ACH
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Naval Officer Berthings Genesis - Deck 12
59 ACH 23817 Souls

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

"Religion is politics," Zaharis replies to that, blandly. "It's got its in group and out group, exclusive by nature. Much like the military, just their commanders-in-chiefs are invisible and the uniforms are more sparkly." He, Reed, Eve, and Chione are sitting at the centre table, talking and eating little cubes of pungent goat cheese. Ahh, the lives of officers.

Eve leans back in her chair, pushing off with her feet to rock the furniture on its two hind legs. She's smiling at the latest from Zaharis, "That's actually pretty damn insightful. We should write that down for future posterity. Sparkly, though. Now I'm going to be imagining Brother Karan in sequins."

"I'm pretty sure it's a bejeweled robe, not sparkly," notes Chione to Eve. "Though, the imagery is almost delightful." The other half of Chione's cube of goat cheese is placed in her mought and he youngest of the officers is quite for a long moment. But not because her mouth is full. No, her blue eyes go wide at Reed's comment, and her head whips to the Major, and she just stares at him, astonished and flabbergasted at something he said.

Reed looks at Zaharis, and nods, then looks at Chione, reaching to take a cube of cheese, mildly, "First honest reaction I've ever seen from you, Ensign, and it's that." He says, looking at her levely, "What would your mother say?"

Novella appears at the hatch and stops just outside, the woman's flight suit is unzipped with the arms tied around her waist. Usually she passes right by without so much as a glance in. Not much for bothering everyone else, it would seem. But the woman takes a cautious step in at spotting the two Majors and Lieutenant. There's a simple nod to the group with a "Hi. Hope I'm not intruding?" Her gaze appears to settle on Eve.

Zaharis gives Reed an odd look as he steps on Chione, shaking his head slightly. Then Novella appears. He looks up, fingers idly scratching his forearm. Doesn't really recognize the woman, but he does ask as the focus goes to Eve, "You aren't bringing duty matters in here, are you, Ensign?"

Eve laughs softly due to the conversation that's floating around, but as Novella appears, Eve's chair thunks heavily back to its upright and locked position. The psych's face suddenly falls, and her first assumption is voiced. "What did Micah do now? Is he alright?" Concern, fear, anger, and despair all kaleidoscope on Evelyn's features.

The shocked expression on Chione's face slides quickly to a cold mask, one so cold that those in the room might thing the cooling units suddenly kicked in. Despite the fact that there are still cubes of very good goat cheese available, Chione slides her chair away from the table and rises. "Unless that question is part of a direct order, Sir, it is none of your business," is offered in a carefully measured tone - respectful, but forced so.
Turning, Chione manages what seems to be a warm and genuine smile for Zaharis and Even. "Major, Lieutenant. I have reading to do. I am not yet completely up to speed on Genesis procedures. Please excuse me," she states, before looking over to Novella with that same smile and offering a polite nod. Then the young woman moves towards her own bunk to reach for her book.

Reed absolutely fails to look surprised at the reaction Chione has for his question, and he pops the cube of cheese into his mouth, turning to look at Novella as Eve asks about Micah. He tilts his head slightly, focusing on the pilot.

Novella's smile slowly appears at Zaharis' question. "Absolutely not, sir. If I had something official I'd go wait in Sickbay." Good little Ensign. Though seeing Eve's reaction, the pilot lifts both hands in mock surrender. "Nothing, sir. Micah's fine.. well. Fine for Micah, anyway." She allows a little chuckle, hoping to bring some levity to the Psychologist's concern. "But I was hoping to talk to you, if I could? Borrow you for a one-on-one chat, sir? Nothing work-related or angsty. Swears." The woman nods at the end as if to seal that promise, her hands slowly lowering.

Zaharis gives Chione an acknowledging nod as she moves away, and looks back at Novella. Oh good, phew. He settles back against his chair again, leaving the womenfolk to their talkin's. He reaches over and separates a few cubes from the pile, wrapping them back up and setting them aside, with a couple still left for the nibbling.

Another nod is given to the other Ensign as book is retrieved and Chione moves to the hatch and makes her way out of the berthings to somewhere else to read up on certain procedures and protocol. Anywhere but here right now.

Chione leaves for Corridor 12C [O].

Reed watches Chione leaving, and looks to Novella and Eve, remaining quiet for the moment, enjoying the cube of cheese.

Eve seems relieved about the Micah situation, or rather that there is no Micah situation. "Ooh. Girl talk. I think I can manage that." She pushes back her chair, "You guys'll excuse us?" She's standing up, meaning to find some where else that she and Novella can talk, instead of just pulling the Ensign into her bunk. "Thanks for the cheese." She offers Zaharis, before nodding Novella towards the hatch.

Novella's smile relaxes. "Aye, sir. You hit that one on the head." Relief washes over her, obviously a little nervous with the LT and two Majors hanging around. They don't have things like that in their berthings. "Sorry to steal your Lieutenant, sirs." The pilot nods once more and turns for the hatch.

Zaharis gives the departing women a mock-salute, two fingers touched to the side of his forehead and then snapped away. He put a hand to his mouth to cover up a quiet yawn and surveys what's left of the cheese massacre on the table.

Reed smiles, "Just return her the way you found her." He tells Nov, before looking to Zaharis, "excellent cheese, really."

Ready Room Genesis - Deck 11
59 ACH 23817 Souls

The Ready Room is for pilots to get their assignments for the daily CAP. Rows of seating line six deep and back to the wall. At the front of the room there is a whiteboard, star maps and a podium for the CAG or Squadron Leaders to address the room. The flags of the colonies stand along the starboard wall as well as plaques of recognition. One plaque stands above those who have lost their lives and reads:
Captain Ide 'Screamer' Kolis
May he rest in peace among the stars.
So Say We All.
'Star Screamers' - Fighting 58th

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Novella leads Eve back down the corridors with a light smile. Apparently what she has to say is for private chatter. Arriving at the Ready Room, she opens the hatch and waits for Eve to head in first. This seems someplace private and comfortable enough to chat. "Sorry for bringing you down here. I didn't wanna jabber in front of a bunch of people who this doesn't involve." Moving in and towards the front of the room, she motions to a seat as she sits close by. "I know the barest bits about psych and I hope I'm not throwing you off-kilter by bringing you someplace unfamiliar for a talk about stuff.. Is this okay?" It seems to be real concern. Pilots other than Micah have sympathy and concern?!

Eve seems unfazed stepping into the Ready Room, though she does take a moment to linger around the perimeter of the room, merely absorbing the surroundings. "This is perfectly fine, Ensign, though you've certainly tweaked my curiosity. I'm sorry, I hate calling you a rank, while I'm standing here in my sweats. What do you prefer?" She asks, and at length finally makes her way over to the chair that Novella offered.

"Heh, yeah. Sorry, sir. Call me Baylee or Cav if you prefer." The blonde watches Eve linger around the edges of the room for a moment, sighing as the woman sits. "Sorry for the alarming show-up, too. Lords know I probably would have had the same reaction if you came into the Berthings like that." Awkward smile. "But I wanted to talk to you about Micah and everything if I can, sir? He's not my wingman anymore, but he's the closest thing I have to a normal friend. Normally, I guess I should threaten you or some such stigma about these things, but.. heh.. quite the opposite. I wanted to start by saying how happy I am for you guys. Genuinely. I've seen him smile a lot more recently than in the past and I can't tell you what a relief that is for me."

Eve's face evens out a bit, of course she's a bit guarded on the subject, but she's here which means she's not adverse to broaching it. "Baylee. If I'm going to call you Baylee, then please, feel free to call me Eve as long as we're not on duty." She says quietly, her eyes wandering over to the Kill board. Its that that gets her attention for the time being while she talks. "I'm not even really sure…what it is we have. There's no definition that's been placed on it, and I certainly won't push." She smiles deeply then, the emotion suddenly flashing over her features and crinkling the skin around her eyes. "Smiling, hmm?" And her eyes are suddenly sparkling as if she can picture his face. Oh yeah, she's in deep.

"Whew. Okay, thanks Eve. I really didn't want to call you 'sir' the whole time." Visible relief, once more. She settles back into the chair, crossing her legs and following the shrink's gaze to the KB. "Micah and I are cross-trained in Raptors and have been doing a lot of those missions recently. That's the lack of kills for us. But I assure you, he's a good pilot. I wouldn't fly with him if he wasn't." There's a distinct pride there for her former wingman. Her own affection the kind that couldn't match the kind or level that Eve's expression reflects. "But he also told me you two don't really have anything defined? I.. Well I wish you two could, if I might be so bold. Seeing him like he has been recently? His drive to turn himself around? I can't be the only thing turning him around because I've tried on my own for awhile, now." Her head leans back against the high-backed chair. "By the way, congratulations. I nearly exploded with giggles when Micah told me. But I haven't said anything, and I won't for any reason." Novella's smile stretches across her face, even reaching her eyes.

Eve glances over at Novella, her own smile turning a bit sheepish. There's a laugh there, but it seems almost a forced chuckle. "Thanks. I mean. We're going about this backwards, aren't we? Hades, I'm thirty one years old, I certainly didn't think there'd be reason to waste our birth control supplies on me. And then…" Another hiccup of a laugh. "Well. Here we are. I appreciate your support, I do. But I can't slap a label on us, not right now. There's this underlying tension to Micah, like he's constantly thinking about fleeing, and all it would take is just one more thing to send him hurtling away. I don't…I don't want to force him to grow up too quickly. Things go horribly horribly wrong when you have to mature before you're good and ready."

Novella listens without interruption, her own smile glowing. She's just happy that Eve is what she had hoped for. "Going about it backwards?" Cav can't help the little, soft laugh. "Eve, don't worry about it. My Paps used to say that if life went according to plan, we'd all be swimming in cubits. But even if it doesn't follow what you want to do, there's no reason you can't still be rich, aye?" She just beams. "But don't go rushing anything. Sorry, I'm not trying to push for a label. I mean, I am.. but certainly not today. Its not my relationship." She rolls her eyes at herself, reminding that little tidbit to herself. "But I can see what you're talking about with him. He does seem on edge. About the whole pregnancy thing? I, ah.." She takes a deep breath. "Look, I'll be honest: He's scared. He's nervous as hell. Like I don't think he ever has been. But Eve? Micah hasn't said anything negative about the prospect of a child. At all. He's not breaking things and flipping out about it. And I think you and I both know that's a good sigh if you're looking to have a family with him." She won't question Eve's true feelings. She can tell that if she wants.

Eve raises her hands, digging the heels of her palms into her eyes. "You know, I haven't talked to anyone about this. Not really. Its like everyone is too afraid to offer their actual opinions about anything when it comes to this baby or Micah. Which makes me believe that everyone things its one big frakking mistake. But I'm keeping this child, and Micah's doing his best to hang on for the moment. Its not much, but its enough. I don't expect him to drag me off to the chapel and make me a Saint Germain."

Novella hesitatingly reaches out to lay her hand on Eve's arm if she'll allow. "Aww, Eve. No. I think everyone is just keeping mum because they want to let you make your own choices." The blonde sighs, her smile unwavering. "I don't know what Micah's plans are for you, but he's a damned good man. He won't run from this - you and I both know that. And if he thinks about it, I'll kill him m'self." She chuckles a bit. "If you two want to marry, I'm certainly not going to give advice - even if the idea simply tickles he pink! My own relationship is a clusterfrak so I'll stay away from yours in that respect. But I'll tell you I'm super-happy to hear you want to keep the child. I ah.. I know I'm not good at this stuff and we're not exactly friends, but I'll help you out if I can. If you'll let me? Micah's important to me and so is any family he might have."

Eve reaches over to lay her hand on top of Novella's, certainly seeming to appreciate the sentiment, and her fingers squeeze her hand in reciprocation. "Let's not say the word 'marriage' around Micah, alright? I don't even think he's truly come to terms with the fact I'm toting around a little mini version of him and me, yet. Besides, that notion is purely romantic nonsense. I don't even think he knows my middle name, nor do I know what his favorite meal is. We haven't even had time for those details yet, so we shouldn't even be joking about matrimony and put this before the gods. Besides." She's leaning back in her seat, now folding both her hands over her still flat stomach. "We've already given Hera enough to go grey over."

The squeeze is returned lightly. Novella seems all to happy to have the contact and feeling returned. But the pilot laughs again. "Oh Lords, Eve. Nono.. I'm not going to say anything to Micah about marriage. That truly is your own choice. …although if you want me to plant seeds, just say the word. Consider me your inside-woman." She winks at the woman beside her. The idea of them not really knowing that much about each other yet has her smile fade a bit, but its more sympathy. "Well? To be honest Eve? You guys have that all-important connection, right? The way you glow when I mentioned that you make him smile when you aren't around? C'mon. Sure, you guys don't have details worked out but hey.. that's okay, right?" She watches Eve's hands drop to her stomach and her bright smile returns once more. "Sorry, but I'm just really happy for you. REALLY excited, too. Micah as a daddy is something that I can't help grinning over."

There's another bit of a laugh coming from Eve, but its softer this time. "I think you all just want to rag him about having to change diapers." She sighs a bit, as Baylee catches her in the headlights about her feelings for Micah. Though it sounds suspiciously like a mooney eyed type. "That boy just does something funny to my head, that's for sure. Look, if you really want to be my inside girl? Just help him keep out of trouble. His temper gets the better of him sometimes, and he certainly isn't afraid of getting into fisticuffs."

"Well I'll admit, the idea of Micah changing diapers makes me laugh. I'll give him hell about it, sure, but then I'd also help him out. Its a baby, not a mocking-device." Novella grins. "But keeping him out of trouble is easier said than done." She takes a deep breath, her face becoming a bit more serious. But her inflection carries the weight. "I've recently turned myself around career-wise. I've been trying to do the same for Micah. He's been a bit more resistant to the change, but we've had some good talks about it. Even thrown a few punches on it." If she's joking, she doesn't seem to let it show. "But I'm doing my best with him. I told him I won't leave him behind. Either in a dogfight or in any other way. You lo- like him. A lot. I don't have the same feelings, but he means more to me than is hard to relate to someone who doesn't fly Vipers." That's a touch apologetic. She's probably tried to convey that before. And failed. "But I plan on dragging him kicking and screaming into behaving more like an officer. Standing tall and being proud of who he is. And to be honest Eve? I think you've helped him see the light in that respect in ways I never could."

The dreaded 'L' word has never been said in connection to Micah and Eve, and so when Novella even threatens to drop the word, Eve swallows harshly. She clears her throat, as if to stamp down those feelings, "It helps that I knew his father. He and I were stationed on the Pandora before I came to Genesis. I have a different angle than yours, that's all. The two of you have Vipers, I have a first hand understanding of his history. Don't worry, I have a long standing respect for the kinship of pilots, or marines, or any little subgroup you can think of. I've heard if not seen it all in action. People placed in similar situations and conditions tend to bond with one another and form deep relationships that an outsider can't even put a scratch on. I certainly can accept that, just as Micah will never truly understand any medical jokes, I'm sure."

It was an accident. Awkward sideglance. Nobody means for it to happen, but sometimes you just get that idea and things slip. Ahem. Her brow rises. "You knew his father? Really? I was totally unaware.. of.. Oh Gods, his father was on the Pandora??" Blink. Blink. Micah doesn't even tell his best friend about this stuff. "Shit." She sighs and looks to her knees. It sucks to find out your closest friend is keeping things from you, but its inevitable. Especially with someone as closed-off as Micah. "Yeah, thanks. Some people don't get that connection. I guess in your line of work you'd probably have a very good idea of how it works. Probably better than most of us. But I'm glad you two have this. I really am." She lifts her gaze back to Eve. "He's scared but I'm going to help him through it as much as he can. Try and push the confidence I know he has. I've seen him in the cockpit and how he shoves a Viper around the vacuum. His contentious protection of me out there? Its not a byproduct of someone who lacks constitution. ..Its, ah.. Its easy to tell a lot about a pilot by how they fly. Micah's a goldmine, Eve. He really is." The inflection of her voice is matched by the affection in her eyes.

Eve smiles fondly at the mention of Micah's protectiveness, no doubt its been something she's witnessed if not felt about the man herself. Her fingers splay over her stomach as Baylee talks, "He'll be a good father, if he lets himself be." She reaches over then, to pat the pilot on the knee. "Don't feel bad about his father. He doesn't talk about him much, and with good reason. Even to me. His shadow isn't exactly one you'd want your best friend to be standing in, let's just say. I should get back to berthings, but thank you for the talk. And if you ever wanted to talk about your own relationship, I'm all ears, alright? I can certainly listen over a drink instead of my office, you know. Not…that I can drink at the moment, but you know what I mean."

Novella smiles. "Not if he lets himself be.. I know he will be." The touch is glanced to and she nods to it with the mention of Micah's father. "Ah, okay. Yeah, admittedly, I don't know shit about his family. I know the man.. or I guess I do." Not knowing about his father seems to shake that a bit. She then looks back to Eve and smiles. "Aye. Thanks for letting me babble at you about him. And for my own relationship?" She shakes her head. "Maybe. I know what you mean about drinks but I need to find my own center with that before I can talk much about it. Things are.. jumbled." Aren't all MUSH relationships, though? "I'll find you for it later. And thanks, again." Baylee rises from the chair. "Have a good one, sir."

Eve gives a nod to Novella, her smile still on her lips. "I understand that perfectly." She comments as to the pilot's jumbled up relationship. "Take care, Ensign. Thanks for dragging me off. It was truly nice, gives me a little more insight about him. I admit in one way or another that I'm head over heels for the man, but know little about him too. Seems we're in a similar boat, its all up to trust now." And with that, she's slinking off, quietly reflecting on the conversation with eyes still dancing with emotion.

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