Military Police


I am a soldier and proud member of the Military Police Corps Regiment.

I am Of the Troops and For the Troops.

I believe there is no higher calling than to ASSIST, PROTECT, and DEFEND my fellow soldiers, their families, and the basic ideals of our that guarantee our freedom and our way of life.

I am always ready to help individual soldiers retain or regain their dignity.

I assist commanders in performing their missions, safeguarding their commands, and maintaining discipline, law and order.
I am proud of the Military Police Corps Regiment and fully understand the awesome responsibility given to all military police soldiers.

At the same time, I am humble because I know that I am a servant of the Colonies.

To perform my duties properly, my honesty, integrity, and courage must be balanced by competence, alertness, and courtesy.

I know I am constantly in the public eye and my behavior sets the standards of excellence of my fellow soldiers.

To my unit, my commander, and myself, I promise sustained, just and honorable support.

To the Colonies, the Corps and my Regiment, I promise the skills of my training, my physical ability, my mental initiative, and my moral courage, for I am a soldier in the MILITARY POLICE CORPS REGIMENT.

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