Mints on My Pillow
Mints on My Pillow
Summary: Kalypso goes on a mission to get Sloane a date… with her cousin.
Date: 58 ACH
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Battlestar Genesis, Deck 12, Naval Officer Berthings, 58 ACH

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.

Rolling her neck from being hunched over a procedural manual for too long, Chione rises from her bunk, her head clanking on the bunk above hers. Some things are still taking getting used to. With a wince, and a biting of her lower lip, the young Ensign rises, and drops the manual on her bunk behind her before rubbing her neck and her forhead at the same time. "Godsdamnit, I'm never going to get used to that," she murmurs to herself as she glares at the offending piece of metal.

Reed is in his bunk, looking at a handheld computer, "Takes a while to get used to, but you'll learn, hopefully before the concussion." He comments to the air, knowing that sound quite well.

There's a knocking at the chamber doo—er, rather a knock comes to the door of the Naval Officers' Berthings. It's always polite to knock first before entering. This is the first time Kalypso has come in here, but she steps through the hatch after her knocking-announcement. She stands there for a moment, scanning the bunks as if looking for someone, only to spot that someone rather quickly. "And that's why I took a top bunk."

"Well, I had my own room, thank the gods for small mercies, on the Destiny," says Chione as she wrinkles her nose as she furiously rubs her forehead. "Hopefully that soon will come … soon," she states to Reed, then turns towards Kalypso. "All the top bunks were taken. You know, low Ensign on the totem pole and all that. Hey, Kalypso, what brings you to this end of the ship. I thought you'd be hanging with Ares for a bit longer. Good to see you, though."

Reed lifts a brow, leaning out of his.. lower.. bunk, looking out at Chiones, "Some of us remember that the ships gravity field is quite stable and just as pain inducing as any normal falling."

"Making a social call," Kalypso says, moving towards her cousin and taking a seat on her bunk. She's careful of course of her own head. "I won't bother you too long…" she glances at the manual and gives the other blonde an understanding smile. Reed's words and movement catches the pilot's gaze and it's over to him that she looks. "Beats nearly knocking yourself out if you sit up real quick in the middle of the night, or when you wake up in the morning," the woman says, "Kalypso Leto." Back to Chione she looks and gives her cousin a bump of the shoulder. "So, I'm on a mission here."

Must not wince, must not… "That would be … something I forgot, Sir." Clearing her throat, Chione motions towards Kalypso. "Major Reed Carter, Ensign Kalypso Leto, Ares' Squadron. Ensign Leto, the CIC Watch Officer Major Reed Carter. .

At last the rubbing of neck and forehead is stopped and Chione moves over to Kaly and then motions to the tale and leads her cousin to it. "Well, you're here, you're on a mission, sit down and debrief me. What's the plan?"

Reed reaches up, grabbing the handhold on the upper frame of his bunk, half swinging out to look intently at Kalypso suddenly, "Dion's old girlfriend." He says sharply, as if that just clicked home to him.

The CIC Watch Officer's name ought to ring some bells, but it really doesn't. What does ring for Kalypso is when the man appears to recognize hers… or at least the association with a certain Marine's younger brother. Kaly clears her throat, "Nice to see who's behind the comms, sir… uh… yes. Yes, sir. I ran into Major Gaelan." Okay, she's been sufficiently distracted from what she came here for. The pilot gives herself a little shake of her head and forces a smile back on her face with mental chidings of 'keep it together'. "Chi, how do you feel about helping me win a bet?"

"Should I be jealous that you're more famous than I am?" asks Chione in what sounds like a good-natured tone. Sliding into a seat, the young woman arches an eyebrow upwards, her curiousity piqued. "Depends, how big is the bet, and who is it with? But sure I'd certainly be interested in hearing about this, and possibly participating."

Reed smiles a little, nodding, "I've known them since we were fourteen." He comments, "Reed, Pietrs geek friend." He nods, in an introduction that might make more sense. Then he just slips back into the bunk, to let them discuss the bet they're working on.

"Somehow I doubt that," Kalypso says with a smile for her cousin, "You just need a little more time to become infamous on board. But I think some of the flyboys would recognize those legs of yours if they weren't covered in uniform." Kaly stays on the bed for a moment, but then follows her cousin over to a chair. A hand spins the chair round and the pilot stradles it backwards, taking full advantage of not being forced to act like a proper society lady. Navy pilots have their own society. "A farmboy Viper Jock who insulted my pretty face and can't hold his liquor. Winner has to make the other's bed for a week," Kaly says. Okay, it's not a huge bet, but, "My honor is on the line here. I can't let Flask win. I've gotta find a date for Sloane." She glances over her shoulder at Reed, "They're good people."

As Kalypso explains, Chione's eyebrow arches upwards more. "An insult, pride, and a Viper Jock. Well then, I suppose I could handle just one date with this Sloane, so long as he keeps his hands to himself," she notes with a level glance at Kalypso, before looking back over at Reed. Something is filed away, and Chione is looking again at her cousin, this time with a wicked smile. "We need to get to work, obviously. We need another person, to run interference with this farmboy Viper Jock, to either keep him from finding his date, or keep him from letting his date arrive on time. And you need to rush back to Slone and report in first. A third person to run interference on your Viper Jock right now would be good, too. To make certain he doesn't know you've found Sloane a date."

Reed slides back into the bunk, "Yes, they are." He looks back to his handheld, listening to the conversation going on. He keeps quiet as he looks at the screen of his computer.

"If it helps, he's kind of cute. Sloane I mean, not Orion," Kalypso says, "About five feet ten, dark hair, brown eyes, nice smile… seemed to have a witty sense of humor." She's all set to do more convincing, but then blinks and her smile lights up her face. "You'll do it then? Great! Bah, he's probably already off on his own mission to score a date, but I figure he's going to have a lot harder time pulling it off, so I'm not worried. I think I’ll even give him a fighting chance and wait on telling Sloane the good news. I don't even know where Orion went off to. But that boy is going to be making quarters bounce off my bed and putting those nice little red and white mints on my pillow every night for the next week."

Chione rises and moves to her locker. "You know, I think I actually have some of those if Orion, was it, wants to parter for a weeks worth," she states, digging through her supplies. "Yes, I do. Ooh, I even have some mint ones, thank the gods." Turning away as she closes the locker door with a clank behind her, Chione gives her most winning Dike smile, the one with just a hint of calculating mischieviousness gleaming in the eyes. "This will be very interesting to see how it turns out." Walking back over to Kalypso, Chione lets out a chuckle and grins even more. "You just make sure you win this bet. Making someone else's bunk is going to be hell on your nails," she says with a joking tone.

Reed listens while, he considers the screen of his computer, idily scrolling through some information.

Kalypso laughs, "Oh, that would just pour salt in the wound." She lifts a hand up to look at her nails and shrugs. "Pilots can't keep a good manicure going anyway. Not like I'm trying to impress anyone here… I'm not really looking to be on the market," she says with a slight frown. She clears her throat and pushes off of her chair, spinning it back under the table. She moves over to give Chi a hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, "You're a life-saver though. So, Friday night, 2000 hours. I'm going to see if I can't track down Sloane before CAP. If not I'll just leave a note in his locker." She straightens her jacket and leans down to peer at Reed, who is gazing at his computer screen. "Have a good evening, Sir."

"Anything for you, Kalypso. And I hear you, though. I'm not looking either, make certain Sloane understands that as well, please. I am well aware of the situation, but you and I are well aware of the familial flaws, some of which don't need to be passed along to a new generation, such as bitchiness, political over-ambition, snarkiness, and so on," offers Chione with a shake of her head. "Besides, I just got here. Let a woman get settled in, for frak's sake. A shame about the manicure, but take care of yourself none the less, mmmm? And we need to see more of each other."

Reed nods, listening, "You as well. Enjoy your date, ladies. Good luck." He replies simply.

"I'll keep an eye on my six," Kalypso says with a grin as she heads for the hatch. "Hey, look at it this way… you're getting a free meal out of it that's not from the Mess Hall. I'll try to catch you tomorrow." With that, the pilot ducks out to head down the hall.

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