Claire Forlani
Claire Forlani as Jenna Mirza
Name: Jenna Mirza
Callsign: Shim
AKA: Mir
Age: 26
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: {$organization}
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Viper_Pilot
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Libris
Actor: Claire Forlani



Shim might be the only person who could actually find a silver lining to the whole 'the end of the world has come' thing that seems to have overtaken the last remnants of humanity. It got her out of Picon Fleet Shipyards and the repairs division where the motto of her 'squadron' was "Make Sure It Ain't Broke". A viper pilot who's had a less than distinguished career, despite her skill in the cockpit, owing to her uncanny ability to attract calamity, she's been serving aboard the Genesis since 1 ACH and trying to avoid disaster by keeping her head down.


*Flight Checks (they love her in the Deck Department)

Distinguishing Features

*Little Black Cloud(tm) - Don't ask.


Although most pilots go through a series of callsigns during their career, Ensign Mirza's had the same callsign since she entered flight school: "Shim". Owing to the fact that through most of her schooling and her time in the service the most common thing that people said about the Ensign was 'If the sxxx's gonna hit the fan, it's like to hit Jenna on the way past, she's been stuck with it, "Shim" being short for "Sxxx Magnet."


Running Up That Hill - Placebo (covering Kate Bush) Song / Lyrics

Pre IC History

Family & Childhood

Born on Libris, middle child of Mychael and Camilla Mirza. Record Holder for Most Number of Demerits in a single semester at Solaris Comprehensive.


Transferred to the Naval Academy from Caprica University, where she had been studying Biochemistry. Following graduation from OTC and Flight School, approximately 1.5 years before the cylon destruction of the colonies, assigned to Picon Fleet Headquarters where she was assigned to repairs and qualifications division. In addition to flying Vipers, she is also qualified as a raptor pilot, though her skills in the raptor are at minimal levels.

Military Service

No distinguishing service prior to joining the Air Wing on the Battlestar Genesis. Her records do show an inordinate amount of disciplinary actions, though judging from the fact that she's not yet been drummed out of the service, they couldn't have been all that terrible. Well…she hasn't been court martialed…yet. Or it could just be that she's a good enough pilot that the military was willing to overlook her problems.

On the Grid




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