MOUT Exercise

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When MOUT exercises are in progress, thin aluminum panels are constructed between the bars of the cells to simulate a complete wall. It gets the job done, preventing anybody outside from looking in. Each room is accessed by a simple hinge door that swings outside.


+---+ +---+

| | | |

| | | |


| | | |

| | | |

+---+ + +

| | | |

| | | |

| DOOR | C |

| | | |

| | | |

B + + +

| | | |

| | WINDOW |

| | | |

| | | |

| | | |

+---+ +---+

It's been MOUT training day for the new recruits. All day long they've been training in the main brig, which has been done up as usual with the aluminum paneling that simulates urban warfare (+detail here/MOUT). Four man fireteams going up against rotating four man teams of real marines using "laser tag" weaponry. One Drill Instructor prepares his next bunch of unfortunate souls (Hannah, Izzie, Wolcott and Fisher) for their task outside in the hall while the other DI coordinates with the marine tangos inside.

Jenks is fastening on his 'OPFOR' vest over his combat vest and laser gear. Ugh, he's not thrilled to be here. But Sheriff wanted someone to see how Hannah did, and he's too busy with stuff like 'murderers' and 'terrorists'. Sigh. Hopefully he won't frak up too bad. He listens attentively, but casts a weather eye towards the hatch - last time he was in here the Commander decided to pop in. Talk about developing an ulcer.

Alora plays Officer, well not really. She is just here to train along with the rest and keep skills sharp if need be. Her attention is all on the DI since this is his show. Her hand moves up to make sure the combat gear is situated just right. Plus the laser gear is always a fun addition and she rechecks that as well.

"I always hate trying to 'simulate' injuries," sighs Colson, who gets his ever-fun medical kit to lug around with the rest of his rock and roll gear. But still, he waits for the instructions.

Izzie is listening, kinda, to the DI, but mostly she's just fiddling with her new laser gun toy. At a pause in the DI's instructions, she murmurs to Hannah. "Least we're not shooting each other with the rubber bullets."

Hooper is here as well, checking his gear is all in place and just generally milling about with the other 'tangos' while he waits for orders. They aren't long in coming. "All right, gents. Sir," the DI begins once it looks like all of them are ready. "Pick your spots." He likes to give them latitude to pick their own ambush locations, figuring it mixes it up each time.

Out in the hall, Hannah adjusts the strap on her helmet and smirks to Izzie. "Thank the Gods for small favors," she murmurs. Though whether it's because of that remark, or just karmic justice, the DI fixes her with a stare. "You're fireteam leader, Wilson. Try not to get everyone 'killed'." Then he glares at the rest. "You sorry sons of bitches embarrass me in there, and you'll be polishing the heads for the rest of the week." Ah, such encouragement.

Jenks gets everything ready, and arms his laser-tipped rifle. He looks to Alora then, since.. well.. she's *his* boss, anyway. "Where you want us, Lieutenant, Sir?"

Alora grins to Colson, "I'll remember to bite down on that instant 'blood' capsule so you'll have something to work with, Lance Corporal. And congratulations on the rank, by the way."

"Lance Corporal?" asks Colson, as if trying to figure out who that is. "Oh. Me. Right. Well, thank you, sir." He smiles a little bit back at Alora.

Izzie rubs at the side of her nose at a sudden itch. Then she gives Hannah a weak, apologetic smile. She always seems to be getting the other woman in trouble. "Ready, sir," she mentions.

The DI inside waits for the opposition to get into position inside the makeshift 'rooms'.

Alora looks around as she is pointed too. Damn those new pins. Now she has to be all ossiferish. "Alright, listen up, if you've done this before, which I hope you have, there are three areas." Which she points out along the 'hall'. "Choose a spot and wait for the 'enemy' to come and stumble through the doors," a grin. "Try not to scar their little minds too badly. Take the headshot." A glance to Jenks and she listens to something he says and nods, letting him loose.

Jenks blinks owlishly at Alora, then attempts to shake off the fear of her letting him do what he suggested. Crap, Galen, stop suggesting things. He moves towards his room and shuts the door behind him.

Alora keeps her rifle, tip down as she begins heading up the hall to head to the room she is going too as well. Letting the DI know, they are ready once they get situated.

Colson disappears into his hidey-hole, keeping his 'rifle' up and waiting for the assault team to come after him. "Always much easier on D," he grins.

Hannah isn't entirely thrilled by the DI's proclamation but she nods. "Aye aye, Drill Sergeant." Izzie gets a wry glance, and then Hannah asks, "Everyone all set?"

"Yes, sir," Izzie chirps again, patting her rifle once.

Jenks tilts his head to one side, then the other while cracking his neck, fingers, gets all that twitchy stuff out of the way, because he knows he won't be able to make much noise once the team breaches in. Gods, he hates waiting. Murder on the nerves.

Hannah gives a half-smirk at the 'sir' but fortunately the DI didn't seem to catch it. The other instructor had just opened the door to let them know that the folks inside were ready. "All right, apes, your turn. Get your sorry asses in there." The exercise doesn't actually start until they're inside, so the recruits file unceremoniously through the door. Then it's showtime. The lights are dimmed and the inner instructor gives everyone the cue. "Begin exercise!" he shouts, and then he steps aside to watch. And grade.

Hannah takes a brief moment to survey the room, eyeing the doors. "Wolcott - stay here and cover our backs. Watch those doors over there." She points to rooms A and B, keeping her voice low. "Iz - you think you can get down to that window and be ready to give us some crossfire into that room on my signal?" She points to the window down towards the end of room C.

Alora is in her little hidey-hole too and she waits as the lights go out and the DI does his shouting. She can almost hear the sweat dropping off them from here. Wondering what lays in store for them along that hall.

Colson almost whistles, but then realizes that whistling to pass the time might not be the way to wait out this exercise. So he clutches his rifle, waiting for the fire team to come.

"Aye aye, sir," Izzie returns, moving towards the wall that defines room C. She moves into a crouch once she touches it and proceeds slowly in that fashion towards the window, under it, and to the other side. She eases up the wall then, rifle held close. With two fingers, she gives the signal that she's ready.

Jenks waits and listens, squeezing the grip on his rifle on and off. Ugh, the waiting!

Alora waits and listens also, the quiet in between is almost deafening in itself.

"Enough with the 'sir'," Hannah mumbles under her breath, but Izzie is already gone up the wall. Hannah nods to the other recruit. "Fish, you're with me. You open the door, I'll toss the flashbang. OK?" She waits for confirmation before the two of them move into position on either side of the door. On Hannah's nod, Fisher pulls it open just far enough for her to throw a simulated flashbang grenade into room C. It goes off almost immediately with a flash (mostly IR) that triggers sensors in the lasertag guns inside, reducing their accuracy. There's also a pop, like a firecracker. Nothing compared to the real thing, but it gets the point across. It doesn't quite hit the center of the room as she'd hoped, but skitters off into the 'northern' quarter. Anyone in the south side wouldn't be affected. At the bang, Fish opens the door wide and the two of them sweep the visible north side with their rifles, searching for targets.

Izzie knows the cue, having paid at least that much attention to training. She takes a step left and puts her rifle through the 'window', looking for someone to shoot.

Room C is more of the same they've seen. Desks, empty crates, a cacophony of 'stuff' in the room to make it simulate any number of environments, such as a Cargo Warehouse, Office, Cargo Office Warehouse, etc and so forth. Today it seems like it's in a 'warehouse' configuration, with blocks of crates creating alleys with a clear 'courtyard' area near the door. No movement inside.

Great. A maze. Why can't anything ever be easy? Hannah frowns at the room and then calls to Izzie over their headset, "See anything, Iz?" She and Fish keep the doorway covered. Wolcott watches their backs.

As the team breaks into the door further north in Room C, Jenks already knows he's in a spot of trouble. He was planning to use that window to pop out and make trouble, but with Izzie crawlin' along beside the wall gave him the distinct impression that he wouldn't be able to do that. Oh, but now she's popping in through the window? Now Jenks has something to work with. He slowly slings his rifle over his shoulder, and then springs on the peering Marine, aiming to land a hand on her rifle barrel, and the other on her arm. If he gains real purchase, he'll dry and pull the poor girl in and disarm her. Ghost and the Shadows!

Movement! Keeping a firm grip on her gun - her shiny new 'laser' gun - Izzie rounds on her attacker and fires three times in rapid succession. Take that! "I got one," she says into her headset.

Alora has little more than an open door and two recruits at the door when that flashbang pops. She counters it with her own 'smoke' and has her rifle ready on Fish, who did all the damage to her laser sighting int he first place.

Since when did they make girls so strong!? Jenks tugs on Izzie, trying to pull the girl in, but uh.. it's about when he as to re-affirm his grip before he realizes that he's taken too long. He winces as he feels his vest buzz with the 'dead' signal. His big brown eyes trail up Izzie's gun to the girl herself, and gives her a sheepish lil shrug and smile. After that? He makes it no easier for her, slumping forward over her and the edge of the window with his best 'dead' impression.

Alora gets the shot off, but it misses because the girl is now on the move. They also missed, but these things are good for her. Officer on the run and she hits the deck, so she isn't such a large object to aim at.

Ick! "Grope me some other time," Izzie mutters in her best annoyed tone at the dead weight suddenly fouling her weapon. She pushes him away, trying to clear the rifle and then point it where might do some good.

Hannah reacts to Izzie's news with a grin, "Great job, Iz. Keep…" Whatever she was about to say trails off as Fisher notices Alora there. "Contact!" he shouts, but apparently the dry ice 'smoke' grenade that lands in the doorway takes him by surprise, and his shots go wide. Hannah tries to lean a little around the corner, but staying in cover means she misses too.

"Don't have a shot," Izzie says into her headset. She swings her rifle towards the other side of the room, but doesn't fire.

Alora gets a light lit up, her left arm is most likely useless now, a graze on her right, but the Officer is still in this mess. If only her team would wake up, that'd be great. Poor Jenks though and she sets the rifle on a crate to take aim this time.

"OK, watch our backs, Iz." There's two other marines out there somewhere, and Hannah is a little nervous in spite of Wolcott watching the other two doors. Distracted by talking, she doesn't get a very good shot off. And now the doorway is filling with fake smoke, obscuring their position. But it's also very annoying.

Fisher stands up, leaving cover somewhat as he goes after Alora. He scores a hit, but she's still in the fight so he keeps at it, moving further into the room.

Movement!! The Room A door swings open and.. holds there at a 90 degree angle from the entrance. Behind it, two Marines pop out from just inside, lining up the angle on Izzie. Easy enough to figure out where she is from the firing earlier, and she hasn't moved much from her position. Hooper is on a knee, with Colson behind him. They both open up in tandem on the single target across the street; hopefully with enough cover from Wolcott, or whoever else must surely be guarding the northernmost area of the 'road'.

Scamper, scamper, scamper. Colson brings up his rifle, aiming it out at Izzie. Rat-tat-tat goes the laser rifle, shooting out at the Private Izzie.

Officer down! Alora hears the buzzers going off and then stills them, ugh. That sound is annoying. The 'kaff koff', thump of a body bleeding from arm and leg wounds. Kaff, wheeze! The dramah! She just goes still as her 'dead' body is now just carrion meat.

"Got it." Or not. Izzie can't see much with the smoke and all, only movement which she can't sure is one or the other. When she turns to check behind her, she's well surprised by the shots coming her way. "Frak me!" she cries out. One of her sensors goes off, but it's not a kill shot by the lights. She drops to the deck, even so, trying to avoid another hit.

"Woohoo!" Fisher's exuberant shout and grin as Alora goes down is cut short by Hannah's more urgent call, "Behind us!" She swings back around the opposite edge of the doorframe and raises her rifle to fire.

Wolcott was watching the doors, but still was startled by the sudden appearance of the two marines. He fires and misses completely, then drops to one knee to try again.

A bit of dry ice 'smoke' lingers in the doorway, but it's mostly dissipated by now.

"Shit, lot of good that did!" Hooper grunts, and readies another volley towards Izzie.

Izzie's vest lights up again, but still she seems to be alive enough to respond. Of course, clattering down to the deck does wonders for your aim, and she shoots reflexively. Cursing under her breath, she tries to take more care in aiming and readies another volley.

Wolcott, not liking be caught off guard like that takes aim again. The sound of the lasergun hits the air as he makes another bead on Colson.

Hannah and Fisher lay on fire ineffectually from the doorway, Hannah still in cover and Fisher standing up brazenly. "Get the frak down, Fish," Hannah chides him in annoyance.

"Frak me," Hooper grunts. "Frakking.." He rips a training grenade from his vest, realizing the folks just across the road have started firing in from their own nestled doorframe. He'll show them! Hooper pulls the pin from the training flash bang, and tosses it to them - aiming to let it clatter right up into the privates (ranks, not like the family jewels or anything. grow up.)

Wolcott is already to take his aim again, doesn't matter if he has little cover out here. He was supposed to be watching their backs. Most of OPFOR is down and only one left. He takes aim.

"Frak! Grenade!" Hannah shouts the warning and pulls back around the corner, but not in time to avoid being tagged by the sensors saying she's now blinded. The loud pop of the firecracker as it goes off startles her, but at least it's not a frag grenade. That would suck. Fisher ducks down as well.

Izzie's vest lights up again, and she curses, only to realize she /still/ hasn't died. She swings her gun towards the last guy, closing her eyes as the strobe goes off and choosing to fire blind. Three hits - she's practically dead already.

Hooper grumbles and lays himself down. Taken out!

Wolcott is 'blinded' by the light! He misses completely and doesn't look to happy about it. Still they didn't do a bad job over all and he raises a fist to his team, "We could go up and kick him."

Izzie just fires again in the same general direction. Can't hurt, not a bit, but she's still keeping her head down and that can't do well for her aim.

Colson is getting shot at. But then again, they're missing a lot. But then again, he's alone and very much out numbered. "All right. I think I lose, Sargent!"

Alora rises from the 'dead' and brushes herself off as she begins walking out of the room. She tosses a piece of wood at Jenks to get him moving once Colson gives up.

The DIs let the recruits and Colson blast away at each other for another minute or two before they've seen enough. Maybe it's Colson's shout that's the last straw. The DI by the door flips the lights back on. "My Gods. My ninety year old Grandmother can shoot straighter than you lot!" He comes roaring in towards the privates. "He's right frakking there, and you can't hit him? Aphrodite on a stick - you people make me sick!" He goes on ripping the recruits a new one as only a drill sergeant can until finally he's finished. "We're done here."

Jenks awakens from his 'dead' routine, slumped over the window sill, and gets after to fall in line behind Alora.

Izzie gets to her feet, rolling her shoulder and gives the DI a frown. Some people did not have the clearest shot, what with the strobe lighting. She doesn't say that. She learned that lesson, and merely falls in line. "Yes, Drill Sergeant."

"Good guys win," Hooper grunts, getting himself back up to his feet. He pats Colson on the shoulder with a grin, and starts heading for the hatchway.

"That goes for OPFOR too. Sleeping on the job, Hooper and Colson," Alora just shakes her head and starts to move out. "A bunch of Privates kicked our asses. You realize, marines, the Air Wing is going to laugh you into next week."

"Frak those stick jocks!" Hooper spits. Then blinks.. "Uh, frak those stick jocks .. *sir*." Yes, that fixes it. "They wouldn't know ground tactics if it craweled up their asses and died." Crap, wait.. isn't she married to one of 'em? AHEM! He just shuts up now, straightens up, and starts heading for the hatch.

Hannah draws herself up straighter, taking the DI's tirade with her jaw set in an unhappy frown. When he's finished, she echoes Izzie's sentiment. "Aye aye, Drill Sergeant." The DI motions to Wolcott. "You - pack up the guns and gear and get it back to the office. The rest of you -" That would be the privates, not the OPFOR, "Get this brig back together. Sergeant Tines will show you where the shit goes once you've got it down. Hop to it!"

That's a fun assignment. Izzie looks annoyed at the orders, but follows them. She's in the Marines now!

Alora does a little jog after Hooper and claps him on the back, "Hooper, you just bought yourself a Security shift in the Hangar Bay. Those stick jockeys will enjoy your smiling face. And I do mean smiling, because it will be a yessir and a nossir. Now clean up that spit." She turns, "Oh, Privates? Don't worry about the ghosts of those four dead people. They don't bite." Smile.

The sergeant pauses by the door to offer Alora a parting and respectful, "Sir," waiting for her to go through before he follows. Hannah allows herself a sigh once he's out of range, and shares a dour look with Izzie before being distracted by Alora's comment. Fisher is at once confused and dismayed. "Ghosts? What ghosts?" Hannah just shakes her head as she takes off her helmet, running a hand through mussed up, sweaty hair.

Alora heads on out, now she can go tell her husband she 'died' in a MOUT exercise. It'll probably give him another nightmare. She returns any salutes and makes her way off to shower.

Hooper grumps, and gives his 'yessirs' and 'nosirs'. Grumble grumble.. he cleans up his spit with his boot — mostly just stirring it around, before shooting the privates a nasty glare before trudging back out through the hatch.

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