MOUT Exercise-2

MOUT Exercise Renovations

Thin aluminum panels have been constructed between the bars of the renovated cells to simulate a complete wall. It gets the job done, preventing anybody outside from looking in. Each room is accessed by a simple hinge door that swings outside.

+---+ +---+
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
+---+ + +
| | | |
| | | |
| DOOR | C |
| | | |
| | | |

B + + +

| | | |
| | WINDOW |
| | | |
| | | |
| | | |
+---+ +---+

For a lot of First Platoon most of their shift has been spent down here going through MOUT. It has been done fireteam, by fireteam, and it has been a long process — members of Red Team coming and going during the day. Finally they've came down to the last fireteam, and the last round of training. Currently both red and blue team are standing together outside of the brig — milling about as Lt. Solctise finishes re-setting up the Brig for this last round of MOUT.

Ridgeway rests the SAW on his right shoulder and checks his blue bandana quickly to make sure it's still on tight. "Alright Blue team, get 'round me so we can plan 'n stuff. Let's do this." A cirlce gesture is made in front of him.

The attached medic to Blue team, Colson makes his way forward towards the circle, nodding his head. "All right," says the Private, looking to the Lance Corporal. "What's the deal?"

Aaand there's Langston. Last time he was on camera, he was limping in a Cylon Basestar control room, freaking out at corpses. Looks like the boy's healed up, polished up, ready to go into the MOUT with a fresh outlook on life. He's checking his weapon, getting himself psyched up for this. blanks, schmanks, this is the job he does.

Zoe stands ready with Blue team, also finally back on her feet after the little incident with the base star. This time there's no trace of nervousness. It's much more fun when the bad guys don't really shoot back. She comes over to the circle, standing by Colson to get the briefing.

Galen Jenks feels a little silly in the red OPFOR vest they make 'bad guys' wear in these exercises, but he doesn't complain. At least not outwardly. He checks over his rifle and looks over to Granger.. hey, at least the OpFor gets a Lieutenant heading up their fire team. That's got to count for something, right?

Granger glances at the other 'redshirts' and gives a shake of his head. They aren't going down this time. He's got a score to settle with certain people taking his stash of magazines under the monitors. His hands move to adjust the vest as he gets ready for this exercise, along with a recheck of his rifle.

Private Johnson too stands out with the rest of the two teams, his rifle held lightly in his hands, pointing down at the floor. He's been here since the begining, and it's just another day in the life of the Marines. Soon enough the door to the Brig/MOUT room opens up, and out steps the Lieutenant — dressed for battle.

"Alright, red and blue teams half circle right here in front of me…" Solctise says in a calm and easy voice, taking his helmet off now. "Take a knee, and we'll make this briefing quick and easy."

"Blue team today will be under the command of Lance Corporal Ridgeway, best of luck… Red team will be under the command of myself, no surprise… Red team will of course be defending in this exercise, blue team you will be clearing the three rooms which have been set up in the brig here. Standard room clearing procedures are the order of the day."

Ridgeway clears his throat and rises up from his knee after Solctise gives his briefing. He looks down at his teammembers, eyes lingering on their name tags. He's new on the PAX so he has no idea who's who. "Alright, uh, you," a gesture to Langston, "you bust 'n through first and take middle. Colson take the right 'n I come in goin' left. If you lookin' at a wall look at the other side. Zoe doin clean up and comin' in last, goin wherever needs goin. Room clean, we call it 'n go to the next." He doesn't ask if there are any questions but he looks around as if waiting for any.

Just as the teams line up for their briefing, Commander Starr arrives. Her intention would've been to be all unobtrusive, but that's hard to do when the nearest enlisted marine bellows in his best 'drill sergeant wannabe' voice: "COMMANDER ON DECK". Starr is quick to return any salutes and say, "As you were, please. I've just come to observe." Solctise gets a nod.

Langston nods to Ridgeway. Great, first meat in. Bye everyone. When the COD is sounded, he jumps, turning in mid-air to come down at a stiff attention, salute raised. Just in time to be as you were'd. He drops salute and turns back to Ridgeway.. Where was he? Oh yes, first meat in. "Aye aye."

Jenks pops up, salutes, then drops it; same old thing day in and day out. But now the Skipper's going to be watching. Oh. Great. Like he wasn't under enough pressure at it was already. He tosses a look to Granger.

Granger does the knee thing, then the quick salute for the Commander. When that is over with, he gets ready to move to his respective place. "Ready."

Colson gets up to his feet, but does so slowly so that, oh, look, he wasn't up to attention by the time he's told to be at ease. Look at that. A wink at Zoe and he goes back to the 'briefing'

Solctise in turn salutes the Commander as she comes down to observe, and a smile graces his lips. "Commander," he begins deeply, nodding to Starr. "Sir, we've got a helmet and hearing protection for you inside… So, if you'd like to follow red team when we move in? We'll get moving, and you can watch us all in action." With that he motions for Red Team to move inside, and then looks back to Ridgeway. "Lance Coproal. Give us five minutes to get set, and then take your team in when ready."

Zoe snaps off a quick salute, and then smirks briefly at crafty Colson. The smirk turns to a more serious expression when she listens up, giving an, "Aye aye," to her orders.

Starr nods to the lieutenant, and says, "I believe I will, thank you." She dons the helmet, earmuffs and ever so fashionable eyewear, and follows Solctise and Red Team inside.

Granger head jerks his head to Jenks so they can troupe off with the rest of Red Team to the areas and get set up. He handles the rifle easily enough, keeping it pointed downward as he walks.

Oh Gods. The Skipper is going IN with them. As if Jenks isn't normally nervous enough. He takes in a deep breath, steels himself, stiffens up and follows in behind Granger, who usually knows how to handle situations much better than he. ..At least Tyne isn't here to yell at him.

Ridgeway joins in with the saluting of Starr when she enters then gives a thumbs-up and a quick salute to Solctise and the LT's orders. "Good, no questions. We gots the skipper watchin' so no one frak up." Ever with the encouragement, Ridgeway slides the SAW off his shoulder and checks the clock.

"Think of the Skipper as one of the 'boys' Jenks and we'll do fine. She probably shoots better than you anyway," Granger half-jokes and moves in through a doorway to where they can set up.

As the rest of Red Team departs, Solctise looks Ridgeway in the eye, and states simply, "If you don't have any more questions, we'll talk when it's all over. Good hunting Blue Team." With that he hoists up his rifle, and heads inside — shutting the hatch with a dull and ominous thump.

In a few minutes once Ridgeway is ready to take his team in, they'll find MOUT course — which is as close as they can get to houses and streets on the Pacifica. On their immediate left and right their are a pair of doors. Further on down on their right there is another door, and on the left their is a window — which is open. All will be quiet inside, no noise other then the constant drone of the shift, and rattle of air vents.

"Frak," says Colson, letting out a sigh as he looks around the 'course.' "In some ways, at least the toasters just come right at you guns blazing. None of this hiding behind doors or in wait stuff."

Jenks pauses in his stride and blinks at Fred's ribbing. "Hey.." he whines lightly then follows into room B behind Granger, shutting the door behind him and closing off the room.

"Least that's something," Zoe agrees to Colson's comment, before taking up her position in the back and waiting for the signal.

Langston moves, rifle up, moving, always moving as he moves with the group along the course. No talking, he's covering angles until he's indicated an entry point. He's waiting and watching Ridgeway from glance to glance, looking for a signal. Trust no one.

"Man, I ain't even thinkin' 'bout cylons right now, I just wanna gun me down some brass you know what I'm sayin?" Ridgeway grins and gestures for everyone to line up and, once they do, then reaches over Colson and taps Langston as a signal to push through cell A.

Colson shakes his head as he makes his way forward, towards the doors. "So what's our plan?" Colson asks of Ridgeway, his eyes flicking to the Lance Corporal leading the,/

The door to Cell A opens inwards with a groan! What is revealed inside is something that will not set Langston's nerves at ease. What is inside is what can only be described as a large walk in type closet. Nothing is inside other then a mop, a bucket, and a pair of old boots — smelly ones at that. Unfortunately there is no one inside shooting.

Langston moves in, tracking the room with his rifle, OH GODS, CYLON BROOM CLOSET! He grunts, "Clear." As the contents of the room are assessed.

Zoe leans in to mumble in Colson's ear. "Apparently, 'kick open the door and shoot'." Commander watching or no, Zoe's having fun.

Colson laughs softly, but tries to keep his 'game face.' This is Serious Training, after all. He keeps his rifle out, waiting to see what comes next. "All right. Least we're clear here," he murmurs.

Ridgeway pushes his way in after Langston and Colson and says in unison with Langston, "Clear!" Then, "Move to B. And Colson, it like I said, you go right. If there a wall right, turn to the left and kill." He herds the unforunate fireteam towards the doorway to cell B.

Langston sighs, nodding as he hefts his rifle up, and gets ready to bust on in. This one's different, he feels it. First in, take middle. No matter how you slice it, that means he's the first target, the one the others are behind. the bullet sponge. But that's the job, damnit. time to earn his pay. He glares at the door, breathing heavy, hyperventelating in a controlled way, prepared for a sudden burst of energy to carry him in. rar.. Rar.. RAR!!! Engine primed and ready. He nods to the tap. Ready. Grr. Gameface. He rushes the door, one foot up, planting into the thing at the side of the knob thing, kicking it in and following instructions, Right in and take middle. He drops to one knee, rifle tracking, RAR, damn you, shoot shoot shoot!

Room 'B' is set up much like an office. Metal containers are pushed side-by-side with chairs placed around them like 'desks'; they're strewn about, so it'd be hard to run a straight line down the length of the room north to south. In each corner boxes are stacked two high, approximately 5 feet tall or so. They're pushed a little ways out of the corners so there's some space between the box stacks and the corners of the 'office' walls. No visible contacts at first glance.

About the time that Langson clears the Cylon Broom Closet and is backing out, the tip of Solctises rifle is creeping out the window of Room C. The fireteam is moving towards Room B, and as Langston enters the Lieutenant prepares to open up on their rear as they go in — Ridgeway about to catch Hades when he does. It's perhaps the Sniper in him that loves a good ambush.

The door to room B swings open with no resistance; it does however 'clang' loudly as doors made of metal are want to do.

Granger doesn't play nice. He learned some tactics from Draco and some sneakiness from following that damn Ensign around for a couple weeks. To the South west something rolls out across the floor toward the center, it's a grenade…at the same time a chair is tipped over where the 'desk' is and a rifle comes up to bear on Langston as he goes down to one knee. Laser sight pinpointed and it is an automatic firing.

Langston gets hit! Arrgh.. Oh gods.. the little warning buzzer goes off, screw that, it's time to continue the firing. Marines don't die till the-well okay till the buzzer thing says so here, but that doesn't matter at the moment. Granger's going down. Rar! Eat laser, sucka! The gun works, he's still in this.

Granger fires as soon as the other marine breaks into the room and he has a bead on him. The laser pinpoints and the blank makes a loud noise that ricochet's quite well off the metal. By the time Langston can reaim, Granger is taking his turn and moving. There is a quick shuffle of a chair as he gets to another spot. At this point, he is now more West and less southerly as he goes to a knee.

"Behind us!" Zoe calls out, when the lieutenant opens fire from the window kitty-corner (or however the heck you spell that) from the door they're trying to go through. She spins and drops to one knee, taking aim at the window. If nothing else, she'll at least lay down some suppressive fire to keep anyone else from trying the same thing.

From the window now, Solctise opens up fire on Blue Team, and it is more then effective. The gun blazes loudly, and the little laser flashes wildly — Ridgeway gets painted by it. Still, the other man isn't going to be out of the fight, and the Lieutenant turns his gun on Colson now — getting ready to spray the whole team evidently.

"Frak," says Colson as he drops to his knee, bringing up his rifle to try to pick off the officer that's trying to pick him off. "Frak. Ambush," he says, trying to take down his attacker.

Ridgeway is pushing in after Colson when he feels the vibration in his leg go that he's gotten hit. Must have been from behind, cowards! Standing by the doorway, Ridgeway turns to the window like Zoe does so he can't get shot in the back again and aims at Solctise. Ridgeway doesn't drop to a knee, instead he slams all six foot seven of himself on the floor and aims at the window.

The doorway to Room B suddenly swings back and slams shut. Behind in the NE corner is the diabolical Jenks, who steps out of the shadow and brings up his rifle to bear down on Langston from behind, practically point-blank. Full auto. Always check your corners, kids.

Granger did the movement thing to get the attention and he took one to the leg for doing it. Down he goes. Rifle to the side and he's out of the combat. Jenks can hopefully get his act together before Langston turns and kills him.

Three Marines turn on Lieutenant, and one must score a hit — the Snipers rifle beeping lightly. As for Solctise he doesn't quite live up to his reputation — perhaps because he has three Marines shooting at him — and he misses Colson. With little time to think about that, he brings his rifle to bear then on Zoe, sights down the barrel, and pulls the trigger.

"Colson, Myrek get in B and help Langston. Suppressing fire on the window!" barks out Ridgeway as he does what he does best, dump lots of shots out at a target. The target happening to be the LT sniping at his fireteam.

"Moving!" shouts out Colson as he moves towards the 'B' room, looking to get some sort of fire onto Solistice, the two of them firing at each other. But he unloads a bit before darting.

Jenks won't mess up THIS time! He slams the door shut, blocking in the prey and raises his rifle to take aim and.. dammit! He lets loose his first burst of blanks before even drawing aim— so much for surprise. 'Jinx' Jenks strikes again.

Zoe fires a long burst at the window to get Solctise's head down, though doesn't do any real "damage". She then hurries across the "hall" to the wall a little ways down from the window, back to the wall. She doesn't shoot this time, getting out one of the blocks of wood that serves as a "grenade". She doesn't hear Ridgeway's order until it's too late, by that point she's already started across the hall and can't change course or she'll be a sitting duck in the middle of the hall. "Sorry, Corp," she calls back.

Langston sees the sweetspot, shoots! The tone from the target Grangers got tells him what he needs to know, then.. Slam goes the door. Great, he's alone. No one is in there, none of his team, and there's someone behind the door. well, action movie time, he turns. Yeah, he's ignoring the grenade. Feh. All the things going wrong with this, just another on the list, no matter, he looks up to Jenks, teeth gritted, bringing his rifle up, WHO'S A MAN NOW, HUH? WHO'S A MAN?! He may be at headshot height to Jenks, but Jenks is at groin shot height for Langston! (Now if it was Johnson, there's a better joke for what LAngston's shooting.)

Langston brings up his rifle to unload a burst straight into 'Private' Jenks and pulls the trigger as the exchange of fire happens. His gun clicks, locked up. Arrgh the tone sounds and he falls backward away from Jenks, and is still. Tell.. me..girl..I love..her… ahhhh.

"Frak! Deal with the sniper Myrek! Colson get in B," screams Ridgeway as he gets up and turns to the door. A huff and the big man kicks the door with all his might. He knows Langston is either dead, in trouble or is about to get the door smashed in on him. All this runs through his mind AFTER he kicks the door.

Colson misses, and takes a shot to the chest, but it's not so bad. On the other hand, he's not doing so well, looking to get his way into B and a clear shot at some OpFor's.

Oh Gods, Oh Gods, Oh Gods, this plan isn't going according to.. well.. plan at all! Jenks' nerves start rising up on him, but he at least remembers to squeeze the trigger AND aim. At the same time, no less! He unloads full-auto on Langston and figures he drops him by the sound-off of the 'out' tone. He blinks, then glances to the door. "Clear!" he yells in his best Langston impression before moving to hide again. Jenks in the mist.

There is all manner of firing outside in the 'street,' and Lieutenant Solctise is certainly contributing to the noise factor. The whole time his gun is steady though. Refusing to miss Colson, he keeps up his fire on the man, but doesn't quite bring him down as of yet. Still, he's moving towards room B, and Zoe towards his room, with Ridgeway shouting orders. Cut off the head, and the body will die. The barrel of his rifle moves towards Ridgeway now.

Zoe rushes across the hall, practically crashing into the opposite wall. She doesn't answer Ridgeway aloud, but does so through her action. Pressed up against the wall, hopefully not able to be shot at by the 'sniper', she imagines pulling the pin on her grenade, and does the momentary count to let it arm. One. Two. A small hand snakes up to dunk the wooden block through the window and - hopefully - into Room C.

An orange wooden block - representing a concussion grenade, clatters as it rolls across the deck to the now-open door to Room B.

As Ridgeway stands to move towards the door, the Lieutenant lets him have — the Sniper having little honor when it comes to leaving those in charge 'live.' In the end Solctise has got his own problems though. Zoe has tossed a Gernade into his room now. Dropping his rifle to the floor, he dives onto the ground, making a grab for the gernade. Most likely he's going to try and throw it back out of the window if he can.

"Frak! That's bull-" sequeals Ridgeway as the block smacks his foot and his suit vibrates on his abdomen. Slam goes his SAW into the ground in frustration before Ridgeway lies down across the doorway. Dead body cover for whoever wants to use it.

Zoe had held onto the grenade to let it arm so there wouldn't be much time to react before it went off. Unfortunately, being just blocks of wood, there's no satisfying boom. So Zoe makes one herself. "BOOM!" To simulate her grenade going off. She ducks under the window and comes up on the other side, aiming into the open window after the 'boom' at anyone who's not dead.

Colson turns his rifle around the corner of the jam, looking to fire on the remaining soldiers here. Well, either he's a goner or he'll clear. Let's see how this goes.

From inside of the Room where the BOOM happened, Solctise yells out in his best command voice. "CLEAR." To indicate that Zoe did exactly what she was supposed to do in this situation.

Zoe grins and echoes Solctise's command-y voice with a somewhat less official sounding one of her own. "CLEAR!" Of course, nobody actually warned her about the other grenade. Is she close enough to be zapped? Only the bossman knows.

Jenks swings out from behind the 2-high stack of crates in the NW corner of the room. He's got a good feel for where Colson might be with all the scuffling of boot-steps, so he draws aim and just opens up, hopefully before Colson can get his bearings.

"Frak," says Colson. "Why did I get put on the lead element?" But he swings his weapon around, looking to take down Jenks.

Zoe is apparently not taken out by the concussion grenade. She dashes back across to the other side, on the south side of the doorway. Back up against the wall, she tosses in another dummy grenade (this one just a distraction, no pin pull) and then does the Rainbow-Six-Lean(tm) around the edge of the doorframe, scanning the room with her rifle.

Hey, Jenks is feeling pretty good. When Colson's gear rings and he goes down, he moves forward. The grenade comes in and clatters before his feet.. but in this situation he's got nothing to loose. In the few seconds he's got left to live (at least, he figures) he raises his rifle and goes for another full burst at Zoe's leaning form.

Zoe is surprised to see Jenks right there. She jerks back a bit, squeezing off a shot, and is rather dumbfounded when she misses. "Bloody hell, he's right in front of you!" she chides herself. She drops down to a knee, making her already small form even smaller, and tries again.

Jenks is unflinching. His gear doesn't sound off with what's supposed to be a grenade explosion, so it must of been a dud (or a dummy! dun dun dun). He's too preoccupied to figure it out, and keeps firing on the doorway; his nerves refuse to let him take the cognitive capacities to dive for cover or something.

Jenks's gear vibrates as it signals the end of his run as an OpFor. Damn, and he was doing so good! He sort of stands there and curses, then obliges to lay his ass down on the deck.

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