Muskeg The Landing
Muskeg The Landing
Summary: Planetfall on Muskeg, securing LZ and wishing for Decontamination
Date: 11 ACH
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Hangar Bay B Genesis - Deck 7
11 ACH 6735 Souls

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Reed Doreen-G_1210 Fender_211 Maintenance Control
Nemamiah_109 NewDawn_1744 Skunk_772 VIPER_1623 VIPER_1738
VIPER_210 Whiteboard Wireless 1118 Wrongway_101

Exits: [AS] Aft Stairwell [FS] Fore Stairwell
[A] Hangar Bay A [E] Land. Deck Elevator
[LT] Launch Tubes [SH] Shuttle Transfer

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Ramiro comes in from Fore Stairwell.
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Roz comes in from Shuttle Transfer.
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Boots running, marines getting prepped, Fire teams, two of them assembling. On the ready line, on the ready line! Standing on the hangar deck is Major Carter, looking at a clipboard, dressed in an EV suit, as all Marines are at the moment. This is a Sealed and Zipped operation. The innoculations came down 36 hours ago, and everyone's ready. What is this? No ones said yet.

Ramiro stands on the ready line in his EV suit, assault carbine hanging from a lanyard. Hands at attention, in the ready for inspection, he keeps his eyes straight forward. However, the slight bit of concern and confusion on his face are hard to hide.

Desusa is just getting off the raptor he just came in. A nearby techie hands him and EVA suit, and the captain continues down the marine line assembled here. He got very very very very little input as to what the mission is, but he's used to sekret shit.

Roz is over by the bay where the repairs are going on for her bird and the JG isn't looking to happy. She seems to be arguing with one of the deck hands there.

Reed looks up as the Marines assemble and he holds his clipboard to the side, "Ten-HUT!" The Marines snap to. "Alright, Marines. This is a simple task. We are dropping in two Raptors to the surface of Muskeg. We will secure a landing site, and I will run the final atmospheric checks, before we unzip suits and get to work on establishing a temporary landing zone. You are the first people to be stepping on this planet for thirty seven years. Expected hostiles include snakes, bugs and that's all. there are no higher lifeforms on the planet at all. Am I clear Marines?"

Desusa is just finishing up zipping his suit as he listens to Reed's orders. He then moves up and stands besides Reed, eyeing each and everyone of the marines, as he waits for their reply.

Standing on the line in an EVA suit, Ramiro keeps his face forward. Thankful for the weight of the assault rifle on ihs lanyard, he listens to Major Carter's orders. Given the briefing, he replies loudly to the Major, hoping to time it with his comrades. "HUAH."

Skip is present with the others, nodding a bit as he listens. Echoing the others that it's all clear, he nods a bit.

Anonymous in her EV suit, D'Artanion is distinguished only by the black pack-o-medicine she carries in addition to her rifle. Like the other Marines, she snaps to at the command, her attention on Reed. When he finishes, she sings out with the rest of the gang, "HUAH."

Roz seems to be done with the deck hand and she heads over toward where the others are standing. Her helmet is in hand and she is pulling on her gloves at the moment.

Reed nods to the MArines and looks to Desusa, "Men are yours, Captain." He then looks to Raptor 108, and moves towards the bird, letting the MArine captain get the men squared.

Desusa adjusts the 45 over his waist, and nods back to the major. "Alright, mutherfrakkers, the mission is given. We make a 20 yard perimeter around the LZ and keep it simple and clean. Now, get on the raptor and settle in!!" His frowns an waits for the marines to board.

RAPTOR_108 Genesis - Hangar Bay B
11 BCH 6735 Souls

The forward section contains the flight deck, with side-by-side seats for the pilot and ECO (who occupies the rear section of the vehicle during normal operations). This opens into the main body which contains bulkhead-mounted racks of electronics equipment and sensors. A large canopy provides good forward and side visibility for the crew if any, which is no doubt of considerable benefit during atmospheric flight.

The hangar deck is where the Genesis' Viper squadron, and its Raptor detachment are stored, repaired and maintained between missions. Ships land on the flight deck, one level above, and are brought down via massive elevators. Tow vehicles move the ships around the deck, their shrill alert beeps causing an almost constant cacophony of noise. The floor itself is a light gray in color, but wear and tear has left marks and scratches everywhere. Numbered sections are marked off with paint to house the various spacecraft.
The place is surprisingly tidy, with tool chests, machine parts, diagnostic equipment, and even the occasional spare engine or chassis scattered all in their appropriate place. Stairs lead up to other parts of the ship. The fourth side has a large sliding door leading to the flight deck elevators. On the port wall, Vipers are loaded into the launch tubes to be catapulted into space. Raptors take off from the flight deck.

Ship has landed. Use +launch to take off or leave to disembark.

Players: Roz Reed

Contents: Flight Helmet 116
Skip climbs into the ship.
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[From outside the ship:]
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[From outside the ship:]

Ramiro let's out an affirmative, falling into line and boarding the Raptor
<Public> Guitar Hero Warwick would, if he had the day to sleep.
Ramiro climbs into the ship.

[From outside the ship:]
D'Artanion echoes the other Marines in their "Sir, yes sir!" Turning, she marches in line with the others onto the ship. Fun times ahead.
D'Artanion climbs into the ship.

Reed moves to sit in the Raptors ECO seat, "Alright, Lieutenant, I'm taking the ECO seat to run the atmospherics, landing coordinates are in the flight computer, and at your fingertips, let's get down there and land some boots, once we're buttoned up."
Skip climbs into the ship.
Desusa climbs into the ship.

Securing his weapon and quickly finding his seat, Ramiro straps himself in and taps his knuckles on his helmet a few times, it's starting to become a drop-mission ritual for him. Muttering something quietly to himself under his breath as he looks down, he settles into place.

Roz sits in the pilot seat, checking all her instruments. "Yes, sir," She reaches above her head and begins sliding switches into place. Once everyone is onboard, the hatch closes slowly, raising the ramp up inside and the hatch down over everything outside until it seals correctly.

Skip seats humself a bit thoughtfully. He keeps silent for the moment, just waiting for the orders.

Thad climbs into the ship.

[Tac1] "Fireeater" Roz says, "Genesis, 108, we are in the pipe. Green across the board."

As she boards, D'Artanion swings into the seat that she has mentally designated as the medic's location. Not the first to exit, she has a good view of all the others in the squad. Setting her bag in her lap, she buckles the restraints and watches the others. Ramiro is offered a quick wink when she sees him sitting nearby. Then, she lowers her gaze for a moment, her attention briefly inward.

Desusa jumps in after Skip. He's tapping over the squads helmets as he moves down the line and closer to the cockpit. Ramiro's helmet gets a harder bump over it, before he straps himslef in.

[Tac1] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "PAS Actual, PAN Actual, element secure and ready."

Reed looks up as Genesis LSO gives clearance to launch and he sits back, strapped into the ECO chair. "Okay, ready."

The Raptor begins to turn slowly as the elevator raises them up to the launch pad. As soon as it comes to a stop, the elevator locks into place and the maglocks on the Raptor release. A loud 'shhhh' sound is heard and a small bump as they begin a gentle float up off the deck.

Thad is in as close to the last seat as possible and looking decidedly uncomfortable with being here, but does his best to keep a game face on. Still, duty calls and he does answer.

Grinning a little as his head is thwapped by Desusa, Ramiro can't help but feel a little pumped up. After all, this is going to be an away mission to a planet. Turning and catching D'artanion's wink, he gives her a really quick smile before turning his eyes to the floor, psyching himself up.

"Secure your seats in an upright postion. The movie on his flight will be "Swamp Thing", set back and enjoy the ride," Roz says over the inner com.

Reed rocks with the Raptors launching, looking at the ECO screens, "Okay, this should be interesting. Let's go meet Muskeg."

D'Artanion grins up at Desusa as her helmet is thumped along with the others. Once the elevator ride is over, and the launch has begun, she adjusts her rifle across her body with one hand while she keeps ahold of the black bag on her lap. Her glance flickers to Thad where he sits and she nods once in the historically afirmed 'it's going to be okay, dude' manner.

Desusa gives his squad a nice reassuring grin. The thund on their heads was a measure of how much he appreciates their effort and readiness for this sortie. The captain rubs his neck a bit, as the raptor moves along. He closes his eyes and lays back. He hates long raptor flights.

Roz handles the controls easily enough as the Raptor rises further off the deck and then shoots off into space. Banking the Raptor once it is out and away from the Genesis, she glances to her readouts and range scans as she begins taking it down toward the planet. Blues and greens, it almost looks like a beautiful place to be.

Thad leans back in his seat, eyes half closed and hands on his own supply of medical equipment as he tries to relax and ride this out until he's back to his more typical duties. He catches D'Artanion's nod and flashes a half smile in return, accompanied with his own 'thanks' head tip.

Reed looks over the controls, "Be advised, Fireeater, Muskeg has no magnetic field, use alternate magneto compassing from Nav drone on hard frequency." Little trivis fact about Muskeg.

Ramiro looks to the floor, starting up his next ritual. Mouthing something quietly to himself for a few moments with a rather at-ease look on his face, he places two fingers to his lips and kisses them before pressing them against something beneath his suit on his chest. Leaning back, he glances around the assembled crew. His lip curls into a faint, barely evident grin at the sight of Desusa before leaning back a little to relax and stare at the ceiling.

Desusa still has his eyes closed as he begins humming, drumming his feet to the rythm of said tune. "…So kiss me and smile for me,tell me that you'll wait for me, hold me like you'll never let me go, cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane… dont know when Ill be back again…" The marine in front of him smiles and begins singing softly to.

D'Artanion looks up and forward at something Reed says. She sidles a glance over at Desusa and smiles, certain that he heard the same thing. No magnetic field? No compasses. Means no getting lost, yeah. Slowly, she leans back and closes her eyes. Her ritual? It is an internal one, though her lips move silently from time to time. When she hears the singing, she flashes Desusa a grin, then joins in, "My bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm standin' here, outside your door. I hate to wake you up… to say goodbye… But, the dawn is breakin', it's early morn'…" Luckily, the Medic has a decent voice.

Skip's ritual during the flight seems to be keeping silent and listening to what the various people are saying, eyes half closed as he leans back.

"Copy that, Major. Prepare for atmosphere entry," Roz relays, adjusting a few switches and also speaking to the Battlestar as cloud cover begins to become the norm and they need to rely on their instruments more than sight. Pretty fluffy clouds become denser and the Raptor does some nice bumping through heavier clouds as rain splatters the bird. The sound of breaking atmosphere lets off a 'BOOM' and then the Raptor is arcing once more. Thicker greenish looking clouds with wisps of white are passed through.

Ramiro flattens his lips, trying not to laugh. This was a new ritual for him. Closing his eyes as he looks up, he mimics meditation to avoid being sucked into the infectious singing from the Marines. Instead, he lets it soothe his drop-mission jitters. The last two were hot drops.

Ritual? Thad has no ritual. Then again, this isn't his usual type thing either so maybe there's a reason for it. Now, if he was caught before a surgery, there may well be ritual seen but not here. The singing has the doctor looking from one person to another with a 'I hope I'm not supposed to join in' sort of glance. Or is that maybe a 'marines are strange' look? Who knows?

Reed leans back, letting his hands take the control panel as the atmospheric turbulence begins. and he relaxes into the vibrations. He's not singing, but he's watching the screens showing the scans as the Raptor drops.
Roz flies the ship to Muskeg.

Desusa rattles somewhat as the raptor moves further in. His eyes remain closed and his singing continues with a small smile as D joins in with a few other marines. He takes his sidearm out and pulls on the slide to chamber the first round in. Safety is thumbed in, and his sidearm goes back to his holster. Eyes begin to slowly open.

Once the clearing of clouds is passed through, the Raptor begins a slower descent as more fat drops of rain smack the windshields and up go the wipers. The trundle bug of a bird begins to pass over huge, thick cypress and birds take off in flight. Lucky, none get sucked into it or end up roadkill on the windshields. "Instruments indicate landing area just ahead. Two minutes."

"Two minutes…" Dane whispers to himself as he leans forward and turns his head, trying to get a look at the outside. Smiling as he hears the rain, he leans back. "Sounds like we're gettin wet today, Captain." He says as he shrugs his shoulders, getting uncomfortable and ready for deployment.

Reed says, clearly, "Seal suits and switch to proximity channel." He reaches to take his helmet and fits it in place, locking it, and closing the jawpiece seal, then checks his wrist indicators. "Captain, get ready to fetch me some nice real estate."

D'Artanion continues singing with Desusa, though some of the bumps in the airial 'road' shake her enough to flutter the key a bit. When the two minute warning is called, she clutches her bag between her knees to chamber a round and thumb the safety on. Then, she leans forward to doublecheck the condition of her medicines. All green, then. Good. Reaching up, she settles her helmet in place and seals the suit, turning things on as appropriate. Then, just because, she glances back to see if anyone near her needs an assist.

Desusa cracks his knuckles and leans out into the aisle as best he can while strapped in, "Ramiro, you got point!" He looks to the medical teams present and yells, "El-tee, you're with sergeant Scipio," to D," Sarge, you keep with Ramiro." He gives them a hand signal to order the 'put your EVA helmets on or die'.

Lights come on to give a better view of where the Raptor is going to sit down. It's not exactly dark, but it isn't sunny seaside either. Swamp can be seen as the trees make an opening for a decent enough clearing. Roz holds the stick with a firm hand as the Raptor begins to lower into an area that hopefully won't sink them. When the gear begins to set down, it does feel like the Raptor is sinking some, but then it stops as harder ground is felt beneath them.
Roz brings the ship in for a landing.

Skip nods a bit as he hears his name, and looks up, putting on that helmet and getting ready to move out.

Thad goes into the whole 'sealing the suit' thing a bit mechanically. It's not as natural a movement for him as it is some of the others, but he does know how to do it at least. He listens to the orders and nods, ready to do what he's supposed to and try to stay out of the way.

Reed looks from his suit seals to the environment screens nodding and moving his hands over the controls, nodding, "Feels about right. Let's do it."

At the mention of his name, the second the Raptor his the muddy earth he has his helmet on and sealed. Rising from his seat, Ramiro moves to the exit position and hangs on to one of the hand-catches there. Narrowing his eyes, he prepares to be the first to set foot on the planet.

Desusa removes his harness and moves towards the entry ramp. A psuh of a button, and the thing opens up. "Move out, motherfrakkers, we aint' waiting for the sun to clear!!"

D'Artanion glances over as her orders are given, "Sir, yes sir." Flickering a smile and a nod to Ramiro, she takes a moment to double check the seals of her helmet. As the Raptor decends, she sends another silent prayer winging it's way to the gods. Unstrapping herself, she rises and moves toward the front. Slinging her medical bag over her shoulder, she clears her rifle and nods to Ramiro.

Roz opens the Raptor seal and the hatch goes up as the ramp goes down. "We are set and secure." She shuts the Raptor down and once the hatch opens, there is only the odd quiet of the swamp. Well chirpy stuff is out there and buzzing of insects, that can't quite be heard through all the EV gear.

Ramiro gives D'artanion a return nod. The ramp opens and immediately Ramiro's rifle is up to cover the position to the left as he steps forward. His rifle, outfitted with a scope courtesy of the SST, quickly pans before he slices the pie to the right and exits, heading to the right outside of the door.

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[From outside the ship:]
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Desusa yells to the rest of the squad 'Go! Go!', as Ramiro and Dart move out.

[From outside the ship:]
Genesis comes in from Grid Alpha.

[From outside the ship:]
Genesis has arrived.

[From outside the ship:]
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As the ramp goes down and the canopy up, D'Artanion lifts her rifle to cover the position to the right. She steps forward after Ramiro, then follows him out the door.
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[From outside the ship:]
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Reed turns in his seat, rising as the Marines Marine their way out, screaming, aiming guns at the local wildlife and saying hello, Colonial military style. He, on the other hand, takes a shoulder bag of scientific equipment, shoulders it and rises, preparing to leave.

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[From outside the ship:]
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Landing Area Muskeg - Surface
11 ACH 6735 Souls

This is an open area of ground, clear of trees. Above, the sky is a dull grey color, perminant cloud cover blankets the area, and indeed most of the planet. The air is still, heavy, moist and filled with a pungent stench mostly reminiscent of rotten cabbage. Trees grow in dense collections at the edges of the clearing, while vines and mosses cling to the branches of the trees, dense plant growth blanketing everything. the ground is mostly firm, but there are spots that are spongy underfoot, producing a thick wet sound when weight is applied. Despite the general.. squishiness of some spots, the ground is mostly secure. Small animal life rustles here and there intermittently, but does not make appearances if it can be helped.

Contents: D'Artanion Desusa Ramiro Reed Skip Thad OOC Theater
Camera RAPTOR_108

Exits: [CR] Crater [OA] Overgrown Area
[SH] Shuttle Transfer [SP] Swampy Path
Roz climbs out of RAPTOR_108.
Roz has arrived.

Desusa hands back near the raptor's ramp and let his marines fan out as orders. No need for brass to get stung by a dangerous bee here or spit by a lizard.

Roz remains on the ship, or atleast on the ramp for now. She looks over the area and the passing of some buzzing insect outside her helmet. Something big enough to carry her off and makes a face.

Skip stretches a bit as he's gotten off the ship, looking around for a few moments, "Charming place," he remarks, with a bit of a shrug, turning to look at the others for a few moments, then moves to do his part in securing the area.

Thad is being properly careful. Marines secure the area. He follows to do his thing and stay out of the way. He's not about to try and tell them their jobs. He knows way better than that, unlike the traditional opinion of folks with any rank. His head turns steadily as he tries to keep an eye out for what's around as well.

Desusa unholsters his .45 and slowly walks down the ramp, couching besides it and pushing on his compieces to talk to his mairnes, "Sitrep, folks. Sitrep."

Reed moves to the door of the Raptor, waiting for the Captain to give the clear sign. No gunfire yet, that's a good sign.

Ramiro, taking point and moving to the right towards the bow of the Raptor, heads out twenty meters and takes a knee. There's a splash of mud up when he does so. Bringing his rifle to bear, he scans the line of the swamp at a wide sweep. Furrowing his brow as he decides it's clear on his side, he radios it in. "Ramiro at 12 O'clock reporting clear."

[Into the Wireless] Ramiro says, "Ramiro at 12 O'clock reporting clear"

[Tac3] Ramiro says, "Ramiro at 12 O'clock reporting clear"

Desusa nods to himself and pans over to his back to Skips, "Scipio, sitrep!"

[Into the Wireless] Desusa says, "Scipio, sitrep!"

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "Scipio, sitrep!"
[Into the Wireless] Skip says, "Looks clear over here, sir."

[Tac1] Skip says, "Looks clear over here, sir."
[Into the Wireless] Skip says, "Looks clear over here, sir."

[Tac3] Skip says, "Looks clear over here, sir."

D'Artanion moves with Ramiro, her rifle at the ready. She kneels to his right and slightly behind and takes a sweeping view of the area to that side. When she is sure it is secure, she taps Ramiro on the shoulder, but does not sing out as that is his job.

Skip looks around carefully, speaking into his comm unit.

Desusa nods back to Skip, jsut as the other teams report the 'all green'. The marine captain taps on the raptor's ramp and stands, giving Reed the thumbs up. He then sqawks back into his tactial.

[Into the Wireless] Desusa says, "We gonna be her for a while, people. Hold your positions and call out any contacts."

[Tac3] "Pandora Actual" Desusa says, "We gonna be her for a while, people. Hold your positions and call out any contacts."

Reed steps out onto the surface of Muskeg. Something about fireteams of Marines securing a site just makes you feel all warm and cozy-safe. He moves a few meters from the Raptor, looking around in his helmet before pulling out a slim tube shaped device. He pulls it apart and it opens, revealing a section of translucent black material. Reed watches it as the material changes color after a few seconds to green. He then looks around and reaches up, pulling the jaw of his helmet open, and takes off his helmet, taking a breath. He then makes a face, headset in place, "Okay.." He swallows, "Nasty. Breatheable, but nasty. Cleared to unseal!"

[Tac3] "PAS Actual" Reed says, "Okay… Nasty. Breatheable, but nasty. Cleared to unseal!"

Ramiro's head bobs as D'artanion taps him on the shoulder. Raising one arm, he points to his eyes and then points his finger outwards, scanning for D'artanion to cover the 12 to 2 O'clock position. Shifting a litle, he minimizes his sweep to 10 to 12 O'clock. Gripping his scopred rifle, he keeps his eyes on the treeline. It's hard to detect actual contact motion when the rain is moving the foliage so much.

Desusa holsters his siderarm before slowly removing his helmet. The stench in here gets to him, "Motherfrakker…!" Cough cough. He wipes his mouth with the back of his gloved hand and slides the EV helmet into the raptor. "Breatheable, my ass," mutters the marine as he walks over to Reed.

It's then that another Raptor begins to make it's descent to the planet's surface and once it's settled next to the other Raptors, the hatchway pop's open, allowing Craven to disembark, followed almost immediately by two other medics. The three of them are carrying a collection of bags, no doubt to collect various samples to take back up to the Genesis, for medical purposes. Unlike the rest of the people present, they're still clad in their EV Suits, not yet having removed the helmets.

D'Artanion nods to Ramiro, then adjusts her position to cover the indicated sector. When she hears that it is clear to unseal, the Marine nevertheless waits. Her job right now is to watch for incoming nasties. The rain certainly does not help with that, but what can you do, right? Her rifle remains at the ready.

Skip keeps silent as he keeps his watch, until he hears that clearance. Removing his helmet a bit slowly, he grimaces a bit at the stench. "Quite an aroma," he remarks, a bit lightly, to whoever might be nearby.

Thad watches the others as they unseal, ready to play doctor if need be instead of watching outward at that point. That's the marine's job. He's a doctor now. He also waits a bit longer to unseal, in case of unforeseen reactions to be ready to act as that doctor. AS glance to the arriving Craven draws a nod and a touch more relaxation too. More the merrier.

Reed turns to look at Desusa, nodding, "Yes, it's the frogs, or the things that look like frogs. Small and toxic, they emit a stink that keeps them from being eaten. I'd say it works." He swallows again, then looks to the landing Raptor. "Here comes the Science teams."

Ramiro reaches up with one hand and disengages the seal of his cover. Pulling it off, he lets it drop to his feet before quickly returning to his positioning. Breathing in, his eyes water a little as his mouth forms the letter 'f'. Holding it in, he blinks a few times and tries to get used to it. "Remind me to thank the docs for the innocs…" He says under his breath, resuming his protective cover of the landing party.

Catching sight of Thad's nod, Craven returns it with one of his own. There's a lift of a hand and he's motioning for those with him to follow as he begins to make his way across the ground, over in the direction of the other Doctor. Drawing closer and seeing helmets unsealed, he sets a bag down long enough to reach up and release the seal on his helmet, so that it can be removed.

Desusa lofts a brow to what Reed just said and smiles, "Note to self: Don't eat the fauna." He turns to watch the second raptor come down. Hand over the grip of his firearm as he scans the area a bit more. "Not the best place to set camp, Major."

While Ramiro removes his helmet, D'Artanion's scan broadens to include his area as well as hers. Then, once he has unsealed and acclimated to the stench, she lifts one hand to do the same. Clipping the helmet to her belt, she inhales. Oh, what a wonderful new stench they have discovered. She blinks to clear her eyes of the instant tears that try to protect her. "Good grief." Ramiro is offered a weak smile and she nods, "Yeah. Ditto." Then, it is back to business and she takes her half of the scan radius once more.

Reed nods to Desusa, "Doesn't get better, Captain. this planet has no landmasses connected to the planetary crust. It's a core surrounded by water completely. this is Muskeg in the literal term. This is a floating island of material buoyed up by gas under the hubris and material forming the ground. It's a swamp, where it's not ocean. They tried to build a structure here just after the first war. It sank." He looks to the Captain. "This is what we've got. We're going to start taking full range bio samples and try to find something I can use to feed the fleet. Fill bellies, get us out of trouble on that front."

Unzipping his EVA suit just a little for comfort around the neck, Ramiro reaches down and grabs the hood and shoves it into his pocket. Covering D'artanion as she removes her hood as well, he makes sure that his knees don't lock up while in position with a slight shift. "Swamps mean sinkholes, Staff…watch your feet." Ramiro says quietly, his rifle swaying across the perimeter.

Desusa nods a few times as Reed goes geologist on him. "I hear ya, sir." He then looks down at the swampy land he is standing on and begins to walk around a bit. Something slithers around in the murky water close to Raul, but the marine captain seems to miss it.

Thad looks over folks and unseals his own suit at last, braced for the smell. Still, there's only so much anyone can do to prepare for… that. He blinks eyes that try to water from the stink and coughs once. "Not sure which is worse, this or that raptor." he asides to Craven.

Zaharis comes in from Shuttle Transfer.
Zaharis has arrived.

Finally, Craven pulls the helmet from his head and when the smell hits him, he visibly blanches. Eyes begin to water and he takes to a coughing fit that's muffled only by a hand brought to his mouth. The coughing subsides and he begins to shake his head slightly, "Oh god. That's horrible."

D'Artanion winces when she hears that they are standing on what amounts to a layer of skin over a giant fart. "True enough, Corporal. Thanks for the head's up." Her tone remains quiet, her attention focused on her area of the paremeter, "Watch out for creepy crawlies and flying insects. We might get a bit of a break because of the rain, but… We'll see." Her rifle's barrel moves with her eyes in a steady, repetative sweep.

Skip keeps silent as he keeps his own watch, not moving anywhere at the moment.

Reed looks around the area and swallows, "Still, it does stink." He turns to the science teams, namely the recently arrived Raptor, "Okay, clear to unseal has been given we're setting up here as base camp. Start the full bio sample protocols, and let's begin hauling critters up. We're ready to begin clearing for shuttle traffic."

Zaharis has come down with the second wave, suited up. Yeehaw. Carrying a kit of his own - since life would be no fun without KITS - he heads off the Raptor and onto the landing site after the group. Yes, let the Marines go first, he is a-ok with this.

Desusa takes a knee to inspect the watery patch he is moving on. He keeps a perpetual frown as he examines the water. "Frakkin hades," he mutters to himself. The slithering seems to have picked up a tad here and there's a small concentration of bubbles underneath the second raptor's landing site. No one seems to notice it, it seems. There's a darting movement going north, that catches Raul's attention. He goes for his comm, "North point, check your six," he says in a soft voice.

Thad turns his head again at the newest arrivals and then focuses on his work. Hopefully, someone has warned the Major of the smell. If not… well, he'll find out soon enough.

Ramiro spins, keeping his rifle low to inspect the ground between them first looking upwards and then to the ground, he scans as quickly as possible. He turns his back quickly to his perimeter duties, a little concerned. "Motion of some kind sir, inside the perimeter. No contacts." Ramiro replies with a tone of concern, watching the best he can with his assault rifle. No he's not moving, not without orders he isn't.

Catching sight of what Reed says, Craven gives the man a quick nod of his head, "Will do, Major." And so, the Medic bends to grab his bag so that he can move off towards the side, to begin to take necessary samples in a variety of things. The lackeys with him, move to do the same and it's only then that he notices Zaharis disembarking a Raptor. There's a quick handwave offered to the man, before Craven returns to his task.

Zaharis has definitely caught a noseful of the stench, from the involuntary face he makes. "Well. That's ripe." He nods to Craven, taking stock of all the medical personnel present with a headcount as he starts towards them. With kit.

Scanning, scanning and only a… D'Artanion lifts a brow at Desusa's call. She speaks into her com, "Copy that." And, yes, it is only a moment or so more before movement is indeed detected. Her rifle angles down and while Ramiro checks the inside, she once more expands to cover his outer view. A something slithers by her and she inhales a bit sharply. Oh, sadness and sorrow. More of the disguesting air than is necessary. Stifling the gag reflex, she keeps her attention where it should be.

Reed nods to Craven, and gets into his shoulder satchel, pulling out instruments, and looking at them as he moves in a small circle, taking readings on., well who knows, he might be playing tetris muted.

Desusa is still kneeling and he nods northwards to where Ramiro and D have made their nest, "Keep calm. Monitor for secondary movements. Stay sharp."

Thad moves about for his sampling as well stepping very carefully to avoid sinking as much as possible. Something about floating on an ocean instead of being on solid land isn't comforting.

Reed starts talking as he walks around, looking at the readings, "alright, with no magnetic field, the PAS has placed GPS Nav drones in geosynch with this area. We'll be able to monitor positions through normal GPS here." He walks to Desusa, pulling out what looks like a Maglite flashlight. He twists it and a spike comes out. "Spike these into the ground for Map markers that we can use to reference later. The number on the side indicates the Nav code."

With equipment set aside and the other medics working to take some other air samples, planet samples and the like, Craven settles his gaze upon a toad. Yes, a toad. It would seem that the medic fully intends to capture one, so that it may be tested and experimented upon like a lab .. toad. A container is withdrawn from his satchel and he then begins to stalk forward as silently as one can move in a swamp like environment.

Desusa rises and carefully begins moving to where D and Ramiro are. Watching every step as he goes. "Frakking marsh," he mutters.

Ramiro keeps his hawklike eyes on his permimeter, chewing at his lip a little bit. He senses Desusa nears and replies. "Copy that, Captain." Ramiro says, adjusting the lay of his rifle against his shoulder. He doesn't look up. "Was thinkin, Captain, if those frogs emit a scent to throw off predators, then these EVA suits might be giving us good cover." He suggests, pausing to watch a spot on the fringe. Deciding its rainfall moving the brush, he goes back to his sweep.

Skip is still keeping silent, doing what he's supposed to be doing.

Zaharis keeps an eye on the collecting teams, moving about as freely as the marine perimeter will allow them right now. Them's some careful steps the CMO takes on this, watching the various medics and doctors collecting their samples. And…toads. It's like watching kids in a really stinky playground.

Desusa has Reed's marker, which he took before moving to Ramiro's spot. "True. They are," he says as he studies the ground a bit more and slams the spike into it.

D'Artanion keeps her focus on the parimeter, though she checks the ground near her. "I just hope that whatever the frogs are fending off doesn't think we're food since we don't share that stench." Something slithers by once more though all goes still after Desusa sticks the surface.

And no, the planet doesn't pop when the spike is jammed into it. Reed moves around some more, keeping moving, brain just going like an FTL drive. "There are more Nav markers in the Raptors, and you're outfitted to use them on recon patrols. this landmass is large, though there's been some sort of activity lately in that direction." He gestures toward the crater, "some space debris falling to surface. And this is the formet construction area as well, though we have no detailed scans for the old structure. I doubt it's near the surface."

"Maybe we'll have to take one of those frogs and rub it all over us." Ramiro muses as Desusa sets the marker, giving D'artanion a little grin. Strangely enough, it might be a sound plan. He turns his eyes back to the perimeter, watching for creepy crawlies and things that are made of metal.

Desusa nods to D and works on setting the marker to transmitt proper data. "Lance, you volunteering as a test subject then?" He smirks and finsihes setting the marker. Beep Beep it goes.

The Silent Stalker of frogs continues on his mission, sulking throught he swamp towards his intended target. When Craven finally begins to draw close enough towards the frog, he suddenly leans forward to try and scoop the creature up in the container. Unfortunately, that only works in the movies. In this instance, the action only irritates the frog like creature and it bounds out of his reach, leaving the medic grumbling and cursing beneath his breath

D'Artanion snickers at Ramiro, though she looks thoughtful. At Desusa's query, the smile turns almost sympathetic. Still, her rifle and attention move back and forth slowly. The beep-beep of the marker is a reassuring thing for it means that the unknown is slowly being mapped. Yay for technology. On one sweep, she catches sight of Craven's attempted capture. Another smile begins, though she does not make a comment yet. The mighty frog-hunter is safe from teasing. For now.

"If the corps so requires it of me, Captain." Ramiro replies, matter-of-factly. "Ugly as it sounds sir, sniper like myself is trained to roll around in panther piss if he has to. It wards off everything smaller while I lay for hours waiting for my shot. No qualms." Ramiro replies, still like a statue save for the sweep of his assault rifle.

Zaharis kneels down with a scanner in hand to run it by some curious-looking slime dripping from the stem of a huge green frond. His eyes flick back and forth over the readings and he motions to someone nearby. "Get a sample of this and the plant itself, it's got traces of atropine." He twists around slightly as he hears Craven romping around. Safe from teasing for now, indeed.

Thad looks about a moment, then goes back to his sampling. Yeah, it's the marine's job to watch and all that, but walking on floating… stuff.. in a swamp… with frog stench o' doom… It does add up and he's starting to try and see more than just his samples.

Desusa shakes his head and smirks to Craven as he attemtps to catch the frog. "Well, I think the El-tee there needs an extra hand," he looks down to Ramiro and nods his head, "Go on, Ramiro. Show the medic how it's done."

Reed keeps walking around, and then drops to one knee, looking at the ground as the warm breeze brings more of the same stink and he presses the instrument he has to the ground, watching it beeping away.

Watching as the frog creature bounds away, Craven continues to follow after it amid an almost silent string of curses. As he begins to draw closer to it, he pauses and then goes into a crouch, eyes focused on the creature. For a moment, it looks like the medic may actually try and sneak up or leap towards the frog, in the hopes of scooping it up.

D'Artanion chuckles a bit, "I'm so going to use that to explain why Marines are tough." She flickers Ramiro a grin, "Stronger than panther piss, eh?" When Desusa reassigns her watch buddy, she shifts her focus to take up the slack, "See y' later, Corporal."

"Yessir…" Ramiro rises, patting D'artanion's shoulder as he backs off of his position. "After while, Staff Sergeant." He replies. Engaging the safety on his rifle, he slides it to his back as he moves towards Craven. Watching from afar, he positions himself to the medic's opposite side, preparing to trap the slimy creature. Approaching from the norwest to avoid his scent being in the way, he suddenly stomps in the mud behind the frog, trying to get it to leap into Craven's direction.

Reed lifts the instrument, looking at it with interest, and nods, looking around, finally taking a look at the people doing their jobs and smiles, nodding to himself.

Craven doesn't spot Ramiro until the Marine has moved up behind the frog only to suddenly stomp in the mud. No doubt, the El-tee would have objected to this, for stomping is an unpredictable thing. As it stands, the frog jumps to the side with a croak of irritation and swamp mud and goo splatters upwards to coat Craven's suit and face. There's a splutter before a hand lifts to wipe some away and he raises a brow at Ramiro, extending the container towards him, "Here you go. You catch."

Ramiro frowns. "Sorry Lieutenant…that usually works." He replies, taking the container from Craven. Ramiro's face colors a little bit at his embarassment before he turns back to his duty. Slowly and very calculatedly he starts to stalk after the frog. Lowering himself step by step into the water after the creature, he holds the container for a scooping motion.

Thad looks about again and takes a break from his sampling to head over to Craven and offer a hand. "You alright?" he asks the gooped fellow doctor. "Feel anything strange from that?" You know… just in case.

Desusa shakes his head at Ramiro's attempt to catch the hopper. "Come one, Lance. That is as agile as a naval pilot on bourbon!" He yells loudly.

Reed moves to desusa, smirking at the colonials getting schooled by a frog thing. "Captain. When you're satisfied about the security of the area and the safety of your Marines against.." He looks to the frog chasing battle, then looks back, "Local forces. Authorization for recons and mapping of the area is approved. Do it like you like, Captain, we;ll need to look for food sources, and there's area to explore."

Ramiro is given a simple nod from Craven, followed by a quick smirk, "No Apologies, Corporal. Simply catch that frog." The medic watches the marine for a moment before his hand lifts upwards to wipe more of the goo from his face. Catching Thad's words, he shifts his attention towards the other Doctor and gives a slight shrug, "Feel fine. Don't think I managed to swallow any of the stuff, thankfully."

Oh, the ignominity of the frog-thing's successes against the forces of Good. D'Artanion keeps her smirk quiet, eyes on the parimeter she is watching. She is so not going to laugh. So not… Nope. Not even a snicker. Eyes front, Marine. Still, when Reed comes over to talk to Desusa, the news is enough of a distraction that she can lose the insipient giggles for now.

"Allright come here you little…" Ramiro mutters under his breath, stalking after the frog. The frog, more than aware at the attempt to catch him. What comes next is a bit of comedy mixed with surprise. Ramiro dives forward after the frog. There's a rather large splash of muddy water into the air as he lands on one knee, careful to keep his rifle from getting wet. The frog jumps upwards and Ramiro's swipe barely misses. Another swing and a miss. Trying to keep it down, Ramiro manages one last lunge before his swipe catches the thing in the container. Quickly slapping the lid on, Ramiro heads back towards Craven, giving Desusa a thumbs up. Looking like a drowned, muddy rat, he hands the slop-covered container to the Lieutenant. "Sir…" He says, keeping serious despite the amount of grime he's collected. He pulls a bit of some sort of weed off of his kneecap, offering it to him as well.

Desusa gives Reed and nod, "Aye, sir." He can't help but pan back to where Ramiro and Craven's frog ranching is taking place. He then whistles over to a few marines standing close, "Caparzzo, Zeke, you two hold north." He taps D over her shoulder and says, "We going a few yards further to set a few more markers. Go frog boy ready for the hike." Raul walks back to the raptor to get the markers needed.

Watching as Ramiro becomes one with the swamp, Craven can't help but offer a soft laugh that continues through the swipes. When the frog is finally captured within the container and the marine extends it towards him, the medic gives the man a thumbs up before claiming the container. Then, he's claiming that weed to, amongst a soft chuckle, "Well done, Corporal." Shifting the container to the hand with the weed, it then drifts down to his pocket to withdraw a small rag which he extends to the man, "Might wanna clean some of the goo off."

Zaharis trudges back to the central area, after having spent some time tagging after a small group determined to climb a tree for leaf sample. He returns several sealed petri dishes to his own pack, giving Craven a slight blink at the goo mess. "Lieutenant, are you thinking of selling mudbased beauty treatments to the Carina?"

Thad grins at Craven and then glances at his sampling again. A few more things and he steps back. "First shipment ready to go back, Major." he says to Zaharis. "Want me to ride back with it and get things started?" Then he offers a hand toward Craven again, so the frog can go too.

D'Artanion rises at the tap. She fades back a little to let Caparzzo and Zeke take her position, "Yes, sir. Ready, sir." When the others take up the watch, she glances around in time to see the exchange between Craven and Ramiro. A grin warms her expression and she chuckles, "Way to go, Panther." Yup, that seems to be Ramiro's new name. Then, she refocuses on Desusa briefly. Sidestepping a little, she frowns down toward her feet as something… almost moves? She shakes her head, then and looks up again. As an aside to Craven, she snickers, "If so, you'll have to do some work with the advertising so the smell comes off as a benefit. If that's possible."

"Yes, go ahead, Lieutenant," Zaharis nods to Thad. Permission granted, off with ya.

Reed nods, and looks around to the capture of the frog thing. A great day in Marine history. He looks to Thad, and moves in that direction. "Might be time to test out your Decon in that case, Major."

Zaharis half-smiles at Reed, turning back around. "Sure is. She's all set up and ready to blast the everloving crap out of us."

Thad salutes and heads off. Breathable air that doesn't stink, here he comes.

Extending the frog to Thad, Craven gives the fellow Doctor a quick smile, "Thanks." With that done, his attention shifts over towards Zaharis and there's a quick ponder before giving a firm nod of his head, "I think I shall, Doc. Never know, this goo may just be the key to eternal beauty. I could be rich. Gonna start the paperwork when we get back to open a mud bath treatment center, on the Carina."

"That an order Lieutenant?" Ramiro asks Craven with a big smile. "Because I'd hate to loose all of this local camo…" Ramiro replies, waving to decline the rag as he turns to D'artanion. Heading towards his Staff Sergeant, he files in for duty, letting the Captain pick which way they're going.

Reed nods to Zaharis, "Let's head back. Shuttle routes run through decon and we're all set here."

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