Diego Luna
Diego Luna as Myron Grivas
Name: Myron Grivas
Callsign: NA
AKA: mg
Age: 24
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: Colonial Navy
Department: Air_Wing Department
Position: Raptor_ECO
Rank: Ensign
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Leonis
Actor: Diego Luna

Pre-PC History

Myron was born on Leonis to Kosmas and Aella Grivas. His father was a university professor and his mother, a software developer. When Myron was 8, his parents divorced, and he ended up living with his father most of the time. It was a rough period for the young boy, but all three tried to made do as best they could given the conditions. In fact, Kosmas and Aella remained on good terms, always making sure that their son knew he was loved regardless. Being an only child did mean he tended to be spoiled some from both parents (more so from Dad than from Mom), but Myron couldn't slide too far down that slope before Kosmas or Aella came down on him in no uncertain terms. As it turned out, the lad ended up reasonanly well mannered and pleasantly sociable, if shy at times.

School wasn't, at first, a big part of Myron's life except where computers and school would intersect. He had taken to programming at a relatively early age, impressing both his parents. By the time he entered into university, however, Myron's skill with code came through quite strongly and he eventually received a bachelors degree in computer programming. A telecommunications company recruited him soon after graduation, and Myron began a career in satellite telemetry algorithms and cryptology. The cool thing was he also got to work hands-on with much of the equipment, developing a practical knowledge for telemetry instruments and devices as well.

After a particular grinding project for the company that ended a great success, Myron was given a two week paid vacation for his valued work. It was all expenses paid on the Caprican cruise ship, Destiny. Myron was amazed at it all, and wondered if it would always be this good—or maybe even get better? Whatever the case, he was going to enjoy this to the hilt. As it turned out, the first 6 days were unbelievable. And then the Cylons struck.

PC History

Following Destiny's grouping up with Battlestar Genesis, Myron lived day to day on the cruise ship. Almost out of boredom as much of a sense of duty, the young man enlisted into the Colonial Navy when he heard about the Nugget program. Currently, he resides on Genesis, assigned to Ares Squadron where he will train until fit for duty as a Raptor ECO.

Current Events

As of 68 ACH: Myron's been busy at work with classes and some small hands on sessions with instruments. Nowhere near an actual Raptor, but one thing at a time. He's met some of the crew on Genesis, mostly raptor and viper crew. He did run into Lt. Karan in the mess though, if briefly. Much to get accustomed to for the son of a liberal university professor. Still, it's exciting of a sort. But beware what you wish for, eh?

76 ACH: After a chance encounter with Lt. Karan in the laundry room, it seems Myron is pondering space, time, the universe—and gods. Given the grim future of the Human race, such inclinations are completely understandable.

84 ACH: Myron visited the Chaplain's Office. His talk with Sister Karthasi proved surprisingly painless and enlightening. Before any decisions can be made though, the ensign wants to hear Lt. Karan's religious views.

89 ACH: The talk with Lt. Karan went better than expected for Myron. The lieutenant's beliefs may be more fundamental than Sister Karthasi, but there is still an air of flexibility about him. Satisfied with their discussion, Myron decides to embrace this new belief in the spirit of the Sister, looking to Dionysus for guidance.

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