Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson as Neos Comino
Name: Neos Comino
Callsign: None
AKA: Beardless
Age: 20
Branch: Navy
Faction: Military
Organization: None
Department: Engineering Department
Position: Technician
Rank: Crewman
Ship: Genesis
Homeworld: Virgon
Actor: Joe Anderson



If Neos could be summed up into two words, those words would be: silent, and intelligent. His inability to speak up, and fear of blood haven't been much help to his Naval career at alll; since he has found himself with an inability to rise above the rank of Crewman thus far. What he specializes in, is programming, and electronics; while he is capable in a couple of other technical fields.

Civilian Life and Education

On the colony of Virgon, Neos was born into a family of actors. Not the type broadcasted, but those that would be watched for a fee in a theater. He even particpated in this business, once old enough, and despite is shy nature, he thrived on the stage. Apart from that, the most prominent features of his life became both his home, and his schooling. Given that he was self taught in the area of programming, home would be considered part of such.

In school, he was a force to be reckoned with. His natural inclinations of intelligence caused him to have a great advantage, and as such he skipped several grades on his way to the top. It was the point of which his favoured future University had to choose between him and another from the planet to attend; and with his shy demeanor, Neos lost that competition. Ever since his early graduation, unable to find the needed cash.

Before adulthood, he stuck to acting as a source of income, and made a considerable impact on his wallet, but far from enough. After his eighteenth birthday, he began stripping on the side to supplement; his previous fame as a cute male actor fattening his wallet even more considerably. His parents however, disapproved.

To the Genesis

Unfortunately for Neos (or rather; fortunatly, given events since), he had the utmost respect for his parents. His alternative was too join the Colonial Navy (against his girlfriend at the times wishes) on an education program; while they still disliked this path, it was greatly preferred by them to the previous. While starting officer training, he was nearly immediatly bumped down to the enlisted rankings after a assesment of his personality. His first post after camp was a port upon Virgon; but this did not last so long as it might have, as he was discovered to be caught in a relationship with a direct superior (a male one). Rather than face reprimand, Neos was sent to the Genesis; and the whole matter was swept under the rug to avoid making slight of a long time political issue, his former superior's forced resignation included.


Apparently in his earliest twenties, or late teens and of fair skin; he looks to be athletic to a minor amout; more like a gymnast's build. He stands at a height of 5 feet and 6 inches; and weighs in at roughly 130lbs in slim proportion. He has the slightest definition of muscle in both his torso and arms, as well as his legs; but not so significant in such. His eyes are of blue, mixed with a light gray; and pale where the two form comparison. His hair is shoulder length and of blonde; his bangs reaching over his eyes in length from the top, and left to shaggily stay. He has next to no facial hair, little more than a dashed amount in juvenielle proportion; far from a full beard, and perhaps incapable of growing such just yet. He has not the facial features of a strong jaw line; but instead features a semi-prominent chin and cheekbones, while providing the bare minimum for jaw. Overall, his build doesn't prove to be the most masculine.

Neos is dressed in Colonial Fleet fatigues minus the outer shirt. A dark brown tank top covers a gray sleeveless T-shirt, with a pair of silver hexagonal dogtags dangling from a chain around his neck. The T-shirt is tucked into a pair of olive green trousers, the legs of which are bloused into the top of black combat boots. A subdued black web belt is worn around the waist.


  • Hey Jude - The Beatles
  • How it Ends - DeVotchKa
  • Dumb - Nirvana
  • Go With the Flow - Queens of the Stone Age
  • Too Long/Steam Machine - Daft Punk
  • Feel Good Inc. - Gorrilaz
  • Johnny I hardly Knew Ya - Dropkick Murphys

  • Singing.
  • Dancing.
  • Praise.
  • Acting.
  • Programming.
  • Cider.
  • Kindness.

Visual Aspects

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