Night of Veils
Night of Veils
Summary: Costume party in the Taproom for the Night of Veils
Date: 15 BCH
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Taproom Support Station PAS - Deck 1
15 BCH 2185 Souls

This large, open area was once a secondary observation platform. It has been taken over by quasi official forces and made into a drinking establishment known as the Taproom. A bar running along the inner wall is stocked with bottles and a solar cell has been taken apart, giving the back of the wall a high mirror finish, reflecting the bottles and the rest of the room. The outer wall is transparent, and unless a Condition status requires the lowering of the shielding, the glow of the stars and TER-745 is visible through the windows. Several tables and chairs are about the area and hidden speakers play music from some player hidden away. At the bar is a menu set up for anyone to read. <+detail here/menu>

Contents: Graham Reed Triad Deck Wireless 632
Exits: [O] Out
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Manny comes in from Passageway.
Manny has arrived.

This is a tall man with curly white hair, a full white beard, square features and somewhat good looking.

He is dressed in a full wrap toga, off one shoulder leaving his left arm and left side of his chest free. The toga drapes down his body in full, flowing looseness only hampered by a golden rope tied at his waist with a foot long jagged object, resembling a bolt of lightning. the device has a place halfway down it to grip and a couple switches in the finger grips. On his feet are rope sandals, also apparently made of gold.

Zeus is in attendance.

Reed comes into the room with an explosion of thunder, and a crackle of light from his hand. "ZEUS DECREES, FOOD FOR ALL!" The bartender blinks and turns, sending orders to the back.

You drop Night of Veils Desc.
Night of Veils Desc(#575TGn)
For the Night of Veils, Food has been laid out. From fresh fruits and chololate dip, to chicken wings and meatballs on toothpicks, to sliced cheeses, and a variety assortment of beverages.

Graham is sitting at the bar, with a beer in hand. He looks at Reed's costume, then down at his own. "I obviously suck at this. Nice costume." He whistles at Manny's, "I like hers better though."

Graham has fair skin, with a few small moles along his jaw. His hair is that in-between color that's not quite blonde and not quite brown, and he keeps it short. He's not very concerned with how he looks, and always looks a bit messy even when in dress uniform. He's a big guy, 6'3" and solidly built.
Graham is dressed in a gray digital camouflage pattern intended for urban settings. The long shirt hangs to just below the waist, and a black web belt is worn over top of it. There are two large pockets on the front of the shirt, at slight angles. The trousers, which have large cargo pockets on each leg, hang down over black combat boots.
He is also wearing an a odd-looking wig made of green yarn that has random leaves stuck in it. His fatigues have bits of branches and leaves attached to them as well, in an attempt to look tree-like. A bad attempt.

Standing at 5'3 this young woman is lean and muscular, obviously no stranger to hard work and her figure is softened out by her busty and curvaceous figure. While tattooed, her golden brown skin is naturally dusky even without tanning and while mostly smooth, she has a few scars from life and its trials. Bright hazel eyes take in her surroundings and her full lips twist in a wistful smirk from time to time. Her hair is dark brown with natural highlights of different shades of brown, thick and curly and falling down to her mid-back.
Her tattoos when exposed, all have meaning. She has a tattoo on the nape of her neck, a tiny name 'Sierra' in cursive over a birth date. She has a band of musical notes tattooed around her right bicep and on her left forearm is a spiral of stars. On her left shoulder blade is a beautifully detailed elegant tiny and buxom woman in a toga, straddling what could be the nose of a viper and leaning over ala pin-up style. There is a tattoo on her lower back of a snarling black pittbull, guarding a stylized red heart that 'drips' into a puddle at the base of her spine. On each of her hip bones is tattooed a detailed wing.
Her hair has been teased and toyed with for a naturally messy wavy style, falling into her face some and around her neck is draped a black tie, left undone. A black tuxedo vest is worn like one would wear a halter, plunging neckline and modesty preserved by a black leather bustier, securing the girls, pushing them up some, the vest buttoned up with shiny faux diamond buttons and only reaching her midsection, exposing the sparkly piercing in her navel. Normally with a tux, one would wear a pair of black slacks, instead there are a pair of fitted black short/shorts, cuffed and slightly pleated like a pair of slacks but way shorter, leaving quite a bit of black fishnet covered legs exposed. Over her top, she wears a white men's tuxedo shirt, quite a few sizes too big for her, left unbuttoned over her ensemble and falling an inch or two below where her shorts stop. A pair of shiny leather boots lace up to just below her knees, a couple of inches of heels on them and she carries with her a baton, like one would use to conduct music.

<OOC> Graham poses.

Manny makes her way into the area, running her fingers through her wavy mass of hair, idly twirling her baton between two fingers and she runs her tongue along the back of her teeth and scans the room thoughtfully. Then…yep, she's heading to get a drink. She does do a double take at Reed, eyes flicking to Graham afterwards and eyebrow raising as she waggles her baton at them and winks. Then, yes, she's getting a drink.

Reed clicks off the lightning in his hand, and the lights and thunder noises stop. He still holds the bolt of 'lightning' in one hand, now just a piece of solid plastic in the shape of a bolt of lightning. He then walks to the bar, looking around to let everyone get in a good laugh at the CO. He looks to Graham and nods, looking past to Manny. "I may have to shapeshift into something cute and try that seduction thing like the other times I had a mortal woman catch my eye." He looks at Graham, looking him over. "Camoflauge. Interesting."

Graham coughs and looks a little sheepish. "I'm supposed to be a tree." He takes a sip of beer. "A friend suggested it, and seeing as I had about 30 minutes to come up with something… here I am." He offers his hand, "Graham Miller."

Reed takes Grahams hand, shaking it, "Zeus. Otherwise called Reed Carter, Major. CO of the PAS station." He nods. "But tonight I traded my brass for a bolt of divine power." He lifts his lightning bolt and it crackles, light shimmering through it to emit a golden glow. Likely runs on batteries. It stops somewhat anticimatly, voice reverting to a normal, friendly tone. "Also to get something to drink. Feel free to enjoy the spread."

Sora comes in from Passageway.
Sora has arrived.
Standing at about 6'1" is this human woman. She seems to be of average build, not really skinny, but then again not really too heavy for her height. Her body curves in all the right places though. She has shoulder length auburn hair, that seems to float lightly around her head, falling to just past her shoulders. In each of her ears is a small silver stud earing, with a small green crystal mounted in the center. Her eyes are a deep emerald green color, off set by a little bit of makeup on her face. Around her neck is a thin silver necklace, with a small stone on it.
Sora is dressed in Colonial Marine fatigues. The light brown shirt is tucked into matching trousers, with a subdued black web belt around the waist. The trousers are in turn bloused into black combat boots. A softer, darker brown fabric decorates the shoulders of the shirt, and the buttons up the center are hidden by a flap. Black quick clips, rather than buttons, secure two large pockets on the front of the shirt. On her left sleeve is the black, gold and white Genesis patch. The pins on her collars show a rank of Staff Sgt.

Manny gets a beer, she does, and saunters over towards Graham and Reed, giving the latter a thoughtful once over. "…well /dayum/." Then she gives Graham a once over again, frowning and shaking her head slowly. "Oi…papi, we haven't met…" It is more than obvious as she just gives Reed another /look/. "…Zeus." Stare stare.

Graham straightens up a little after shaking Reed's hand, "Sorry, sir. I just got transfered onto the Genesis, I'm still figuring out who is who." He grins at Manny, "I haven't met you yet either, I don't think. Nice costume."

Reed grins to Graham. "Son, do I LOOK like I'm standing on ceremony here?" He turns to Manny, lifts his lightning bolt and sends a small peal of thunder her way as he walks past. "Nice costume." He tells her before walking to the spread, then looking to the Bartender. The Bartender looks back at him, "Um, what?"
There's a crack of thunder. "Ambrosia, what do you think I want?"
The Bartender turns with an amused sigh to make the drink.

Sora slips into the place, looking around as she does. "Nice spread.." she says to herself, as she walks along heading towards the food.

Manny ahhs softly and taps Graham's shoulder with her baton, quirking an eyebrow. "Well I'm Manny, you got a name big boy or does I gotta name you too?" She steps back some, that accent of her's tinged with amusement as she gestures towards Graham with that same baton. "Well, stand up, let me get a good look at ya…gotta make sure I'm not sitting and drinkin' with somebody who's possibly deformed or smuggling fowl in his shorts." Then she takes time to toss over her shoulder towards 'Zeus'. "Be careful you don't hurt nobody with your thunder bolt Mr King."

Graham eyes the bartender, "If you've got ambrosia back there, I want to trade my beer in." He turns to face Manny and stands with a laugh, "I got named once by my mother, don't need any more. Graham Miller, and I'm not smuggling anything. -You- got a name?"

Reed takes the fluted glass of greed liquor, and holds it aloft. "Ahh, Ambrosia." He looks down to Graham, then nods to the bartender. "About your business, Mortal." He then makes one of those strutting, godly walks across the room. thrown off by him waggling the lightning bolt to Manny briefly. "Only when I decree, shalst the smiting be."

D'Artanion comes in from Passageway.
D'Artanion has arrived.

"Oi, I just told you…I know your head is kinda up there, chico but…ahh, okies, perhaps it is my bad." She takes a swig of her beer and shrugs her shoulders. "My name is Man-ee, Manny. Say it with me jolly green giant. Maaaaannyyyy. Two syllables, makes it easier for when you need to say my name, si?" She sticks out her tongue and pauses in taking a swig of beer to squint at Reed. She snaps off a salute and waggles her baton at him.

"Alright alright, Manny." Graham drains his beer, "Got it. What's with you and the stick?"

Reed moves to the viewport, looking down at the planet. He then lifts his lightning bolt and makes little sparks of light shoot down the length as he jabs it at the planet. Zap Zap.

The door to the Taproom opens and D'Artanion slips in. Walking across the room, she takes a look around, her eyes alight with amusement and delight. Spotting Manny, her smile grows to a grin and she starts that way. Lifting a hand, she calls, "Hey, chica." She flickers a glance to Reed and spends a moment looking his costume over, her smile warming, "I didn't know that you know Zeus."

Sora moves along the buffet line, as she fills up her plate. She smiles to herself, as she carries her load over to an empty table and sits down. She goes to work eating.


Shoulder-length golden hair has been woven into a confection of curls and waves that lifts the hair from her neck. Occasional curls have been teased out to soften the curve of her forehead and cheekbones. Gold flecked green eyes, shadowed by long, thick lashes, flash and sparkle with intelligence and impending mirth. Her brows are uplifted at either end, lending her face a faintly elvish or impish appeal. High cheekbones add to that ethereal look while giving her face quiet character. Her lips are formed in a near perfect bow, full and warm. She is well formed, tallish and slender with pleasing curves and long legs. Willowy, with a whipcord strength that she works hard to maintain.
Tonight, she wears a dress of black satin. Strapless, it leaves her shoulders, throat and upper chest bare, her skin a pale counterpoint to the fabric. The upper edge of the bodice begins just north of the midline of her cleavage, and hugs around and under before smoothing over her firm stomach. It is ornamented by delicate gold embroidery that defines a double helix wave pattern. The bodice is laced up either side by black velvet cording that is knotted in soft bows at her hips. The lacing is soft enough to show winks and peeks of the form beneath without allowing the gown to slip. The fabric smooths to her hips where it meets the skirt.
The skirt does not flare, but follows the contours of her hips down to her upper thighs. From there to the floor, the skirt is split into two panels that billow and move with her every step. Her legs, visible from time to time, are encased in black, silk fishnet stockings that augment the length and strength of each muscle. Upon her feet she wears high-heeled pumps that buckle about the ankle and to finish the picture, she wears long black opera gloves that run from her hands to her upper arms.

"It is what people use conduct musica, naturally." Manny tosses her hair, flashing a grin to D'art and waggling that baton at her as well. "Holaa…well dayum, look at you, you tryna get laid tonight or what?" She even gives a little 'mrow' of complement before pointing to Graham and then point to D'art. "Graham this is my homegirl, homegirl, this is Graham. Talk amongst yourselves." She asides to D'art. "The tall ones usually make it worth it." Winking and tossing a thumbs up she saunters off towards where the buffet is to try to find something to munch on.

Graham gives D'art an appreciative once-over. "I hope you have a name other than homegirl. Somehow I don't think I can pull that off as well as Manny does."

Reed turns from the planet in the viewport, lowering the lightning bolt and lifting his glass of Ambrosia, taking a sip before he notices Dart and her dress. His brows lift as he takes in her outfit as she talks to the tree. Seeing Manny heading off to the food, he smiles and looks to Sora, eating away. He moves in that direction, stops in a grand stance, points his lightning bolt at her and says. "Well done. Fine reveling. Feast freely and enjoy the prosperity of the gods."

D'Artanion almost chokes at Manny's interesting assumptions. "Uh. Thanks. But, no. That was not on the agenda, actually." Her cheeks flush a quiet crimson and she turns to extend a hand to the indicated gentleman, "Amalina D'Artanion. Staff Sergeant and medic with the Marines. Nice to meet you." Clearing her throat a little, she glances back to Manny, "And… I don't know anyone else who can pull off 'homegirl'." As her gaze is aimed that way, she takes a moment to look Reed over, then nods at Sora before looking back, "Enjoying the party?"

Graham sits back down at the bar, and gets a refill on his beer. "Amalina I think I can manage. And yeah, I'm enjoying it so far. Drink? I hear there's ambrosia but uh, that might just be for the guy with the lightning."

Manny is filling up her plate, and taking her time really, plenty of fruity chocolate put on said plate, but she seems mesmerized by the meatballs on toothpicks and she frowns before getting a few of those, adjusting her grip on her baton and then she holds one up. "I ain't never seen balls on tiny sticks like this before!" She isn't quiet though. "These are frakkin' /awesome/ man. The last time I saw something close to this is when my Uncle Ramira accidentally sat on a shish kabob and they had to remove it from his left huevo…gods…" Then? After that heart breaking story? She grins maniacally and chomps down almost viciously on a meatball, sliding it from a toothpick and chewing happily.

Sora looks up at the waiter, "Ah yes…the food is great. If you could get me some beer that would be great." she claps her hands together a couple times, "Chop, chop…thanks.."

D'Artanion turns a little to lean against the bar, "Sure. Thanks. Whiskey, though instead of a beer? I will pretend it's ambrosia." A wink is offered, then she turns her glance back to the food table, "One of these days, I'm going to bring her a real one, just to see what she does with it." Must be talking about Manny and her charming tale of familial support. "Have you been through the line, yet?" Her glance flickers to the buffet, then back again.

Stepping down into the Taproom, a little late to the party, Susanna Karras flicks a glance over those gathered for the festivities, quirking a smile at some of the costumes. She's alone tonight, though that really isn't different than usual. Making her way towards the refreshment tables, she looks over the offerings as she takes her place in line.

Reed laughs robustly, "The master of Olympus likes that spirit!" He turns and strides to the bar, leaning to the bartender and passing an order. And out comes a waiter with a full two liter stein of beer, heading to Soras table, to be placed there. Well, you ask Zeus for beer, you either get electrocuted, or you get BEER! And a lot of it.

Sora smiles as the beet gets delivered, "Now thats what I call service…" she picks it up, and in true marine fashion begins to chug the whole thing down.
<Newbie> Rhea has connected.
<Public> King of the Nerds Reed says, "Rhea, yay get a costume on and get down here"
<Public> Rhea ponders.
<Public> King of the Nerds Reed says, "And beat Zah till he gets a costume and drag him with you."
<Public> Dr. Strangelove Zaharis says, "I'm coming dammit"
<Public> D'Artanion gives roughly 20 minute warning. "I'll be back, but have to do the drive home, then."

"Not yet." Graham twitches a little as he overhears Manny's story. "I figured I'd get a few drinks in me first. —Is she serious? Wait. don't answer that." He orders D'art's drink. "The spread looks good though."

Zaharis comes in from Passageway.
Zaharis has arrived.

Manny saunters back towards Graham and D'art, arching and eyebrow and offering a meatball on a stick to D'art and then she purses her lips and narrows her eyes at the tree for a few moments…then looks back to the woman. "Weeell, where's it gonna be? Bunk? Laundry room?" What she's talking about, nobody will ever know because she's snorting and then doing a double take at Sora, lips parting and she just stares. "…well I'll be frakked…"

Zaharis heads on down to the taproom, dressed in…is that even a costume? He's got his hands stuck relaxedly in his pockets, a cigarette lit and in his mouth as he heads past the bar to have a look round the lively place.

Reed turns at the bar, smiling as he sees Dart and Graham. He heads there, and pauses at Manny losing her composure, at Sora. He then looks back to Graham and Dart, smiling again. "Mortals, revel at the will of the gods. Make Merry." He does a little shuffle, as if to demonstrate.

Graham starts to ask Manny what the frak she's talking about — but thinks better of it. and hey, a familiar face. Graham waves at Z, "What's up, Doc?"

A man of average height in his late thirties, with an athletic build. He has the kind of dark eyes that people mean when they say "soulful", under heavy brows that have a perpetual, expressive quirk to one or the other. His face is square with a strong jaw and a tendency to grow a five o' clock shadow quickly. The sort of face that changes with ease from serious to laughter and back again. His hair is a very dark brown, kept short but not so severe as a military buzzcut.

Costume night. Zaharis is dressed completely in black - a jet black turtleneck over a pair of equally dark, pressed trousers. Black belt, shined black shoes. The clothing is dusted with whitish-gray powder that occasionally comes off in puffs if he's bumped into, an ample amount also in his hair and streaked across his face.

D'Artanion grins at Graham, then nods thanks for the drink. And, yes, she is serious. Maybe. It's Night of Veils so who knows? Her attention returns to Manny and she accepts the meatball on a toothpick, "Thanks, chica." Taking a bite, she chews quietly, though almost chokes at the query. The rest of the meatball is eaten so she can avoid answering that. Zaharis' swoop by the bar catches her attention and she nods a greeting, "Evening…" Then, Zeus approaches and D'artanion's grin warms and she inclines her head, "The gods have graced us with their very presence." She leans closer to him, "Meaning you want to dance? Or that we should?"
Rhea comes in from Passageway.
Rhea has arrived.

"Specialist." Zaharis takes the smoke from his mouth, a bit of ash joining the dust on his shirt. He squints slightly at the weapons man. "Leaves, branches? Autumn? Are you the Fall Guy?"

Sora slams the stein down onto the table. "Perfect, just perfect…and here I thought they weren't going to have any real drinks." As she lets out a loud belch.

Zaharis also notices D'artanion, really! "Hey, Sarge." He glances her dress up and down, lofting a brow. "Very nice…'costume' you got there."

Manny just frowns at Reed, setting her plate aside and using her baton to twirl/flip her hair in a messy bun so her hands are free and she points to Reed. "Oh no…nonononono, king of the lack of rhythm gods, nono. Un momento eh?" She raises her arms some. "Do a little wiggle eh? With your hips, dancing starts with the hips…unless you have to just pee and you aren't talking about dancing…?" She sways her hips ever so slightly. "Like this, si? Rock with me little man…"

Fall Guy." Graham snerks. "Yeah that fits. I'm supposed to be a tree. Drink more, it'll help with the whole concept, I'm sure."

Reed lowers his glass of Ambrosia, voice going back to Reeds normal tone, he turns to Dart, "Well, maybe after a bit when the party fills out some, but feel free." He turns to Manny, lifting his lightning bolt. "I have a lightning bolt," He points it at Manny, "You are a Conductor. These things are dangerous in combination. The Master of Olympus will dance once he welcomes new people to the Revel. But in your request." He lifts the lightning bolt high and lets loose a shining golden light and a roar of thunder. That thing has got to run on batteries, "ZEUS DECREES! MUSIC!" The lightning bolt clicks offa dn the Bartender flicks a few switches and music starts playing.

"That's a frakkin brilliant idea, Specialist. Someone should promote you immediately." Zaharis says this with utmost gravitas, turning to wave at the bartender. Liquor, please kthx. He twists around as Reed does his Zeussification of the music, smirking.

D'Artanion nods, "Hey, Doc." She looks down at her down, then up again. Her shrug is fairly relaxed, "It's the scariest concept I could come up with. See… I am pretending to be a lady, Doc. Instead of a Marine." She blinks a little at Manny, then grins as Reed accomodates the lovely latina. "Shake it, chica." When her drink is delivered, she accepts it with a 'thanks' for the bartender. Taking a sip, she shakes her head, "And thus the costume is shown to be only illusion, for what lady drinks whiskey, neat?" Slowly, her attention turns back to Zaharis, "So… what are you dressed as?"

Well, that certainly calls for attention, doesn't it? Glancing back over her shoulder as Reed-as-Zeus bellows out his command for music, Karras lets out a short laugh. She turns back to the table, collecting only a few of the things offered at the food tables before stepping away towards the bar.

Rhea slips into the Taproom, weaving her way rather carefully through the crowd. Her costume may be frakking with her depth perception. She's just in time for Reed's Zeus performance, which earns a smirk, and she weaves her way toward the bar.

In her middle thirties, Rhea Zimmermann is neither a young pup nor particularly grizzled. There's an air of easy, straightforward competence about her. The confidence of a woman who knows herself and owns both her strengths and foibles. She has a strong-featured, handsome face: high cheek bones, a broad nose and large, almond-shaped eyes. Her face is unwrinkled, save for tiny laugh and smile lines at the corners of her eyes and mouth. Her long dark hair is tied back in a tight, no-fuss ponytail, to keep it out of her face while she works. But her most distinguishing feature is probably her hands. Small but strong and calloused, with deft fingers and short nails that usually have traces of grease under them. When she speaks traces of a working-class Sagittaron accent lilt her words, though education and years of living off-colony have softened it.

For the Night of Veils she's dressed down, and dirty, resembling nothing so much as a Sagittaron pirate. Black leather dominates, complete with an improvised eye-patch, and a toy pistol worn on her belt. She's inked some temporary tattoos on her bare arms, symbols of serpents and barbed wire and other appropriately menacing items. The only jewelry she wears is a plain gold wedding band, on the third finger of her left hand.

Zaharis looks back at D'artanion, putting the cigarette back into his mouth. He takes a purposeful drag off it, answering as the smoke curls back out of his mouth. "'m my left lung." He nods at her costume, smirking. "Well done. I'd sure almost believe it. You'd at least have needed booze with a little paper umbrella though."

Manny laughs softly and shakes her head, arching an eyebrow at Reed and spinning in a little circle before turning back to look at those gathered, pursing her lips thoughtfully.

Reed turns back from Manny to Dart, and Zah, smiling as he puts the lightning bolt to his belt. Looking to Zaharis he laughs, "Left lung, that's good." He grins, and spies the Pirate. Moving towards the woman, he stops in front of her, Ambrosia glass in hand, "Ah, I see this vessel is under attack from pirates now. Tauron rum, I suspect will be your choice."
Adele comes in from Passageway.
Adele has arrived.

A tall, thin woman in her early thirties. Her build is lithe, her skin a creamy white that sets off the reds in her strawberry-blonde hair. High cheekbones give her oval face a sculpted look, with grey almond shaped eyes beneath thin reddish brows. She is classically pretty, and she takes obvious care to ensure that she always appears tasteful - but there is a rigidity to her stature, a tension to her smiles, and an overall subdued quality to each expression she makes.

Quite unoriginal, Adele's costume consists of two cat ears made out of manila folder and colored black that have been pinned into her hair with bobby pins. On her face, a triangle has been drawn over her nose with black eyeliner, and several whiskers make their way onto her cheeks from there. She doesn't even have a makeshift tail! Maybe she is a manx?

Sora gets up from he table now, and looks about the room. "Now, lets see…lets see…."

D'Artanion shudders a little at something and shakes her head, "Point, but I'd still have to drink it. I'll ask for whiskey in a wine glass and pretend Zeus there fixed it up for me." The dance music pulses through the room and she begins to idly tap one foot. Her gaze flickers from Graham to Zaharis and she nods once, "Your left lung… See, now, I knew there'd be something scarier 'round here." She notes Rhea as Zeus moves off to handle the incursion. Lifting her glass in a salute to the Pirate, she smiles a welcoming sort of smile, then looks back again. Manny's spin is noted and the tapping continues.

"Yar, m'lord," Rhea deadpans in reply to Reed, her smirk crooking a notch. "Just getting in touch with my roots. This was an excellent idea, by the way. The crew certainly needed a chance to relax. I tried to convince my son to come, but he'd rather spend the night in your fine Recreation room watching horror movies with his fellows. Alas, I'm not cool." She doesn't sound all that broken-up. A grin is offered to D'artanion before she adds to the major, "Rum would be divine. Thanks."

Zaharis receives his whiskey with a few ice cubes tossed in, raising the glass towards the departing bartenders. "Cheers!" He winks at Reed and D'artanion, tipping the glass up to knock back a good amount of the strong liquor. Oh thank goodness. "Hey Rhea," he calls over, loudly. "Nice work there. Where's the mighty ARRRRRR?"

At the mention of dancing, Graham stays firmly parked in his seat and waves for another drink, something stronger than beer this time. "Great costume, doc. That's probably what mine looks like too." Of course, seeing someone smoking prompts him to light up himself.

Adele strides into the Taproom with a skittish gait, unconsciously adjusting her uninspired (yet quite symmetrical, it must be said) cat ears every once in a while. She does her best not to draw any undue attention, sidling along quite close to the wall as she makes her way to an indiscreet table, settling in quietly.

Reed nods to Rhea, gesturing to the bar, "Thank you, I think it's a good time to let the troops laugh at the CO. The blackened lung seeks to be plundered, I think." He then looks to a waiter, pointing to Rhea and mouthing the order for Tauron rum, which gets filled and brought. Since he's looking for newcomers, he then turns and approaches Adele in that godly stride. "Welcome to the revel, Miss Kitty." He greets, glass of Ambrosia <what else?> in hand.

"Arrr yourself!" Rhea yells merrily at Zaharis. /She/ finds her costume very amusing, at least. Though his blackened lung earn a laugh as well. "That's prophetic, Doctor. I hope you know that." She goes over to join the CMO and D'artanion, though not before she turns to toss a quick wave to Adele.

Lakis comes in from Passageway.
Lakis has arrived.

Short, blonde hair with a spread of bangs that rest just above darker blonde brows. Deep, expressive brown eyes are surrounded by ash-colored lashes. At, 5'7, her body is tightly toned muscles that can only come from constant exercise and rigorous training.
Her left, lower leg is wrapped from the knee on down and on her feet are a pair of floppy slippers from the medical bay. A peek of a brown t-shirt is seen under the hospital robe she has pulled around her and tied. Her short, spiky hair looks like someone just beat it with a pillow and told it to behave, but otherwords she isn't in too bad of shape.

D'Artanion chuckles as Graham solidly supports the bar. Pushing from it, she glides by Zaharis, "Scuse me, Doc. Just remembered that I need to file a report for Captain Gaelan. I'll be back once I get it handled." She lightly touches Manny's shoulder, if allowed. Leaning over, she remarks quietly, "You look fab, chica. Don't let 'em take too much advantage. Unless that's the idea." A wink and she eases by Reed as Zeus and Rhea as Piratical person… Then, she slips quietly out the door.

"Hey! Nobody's plundering me without my permission!" Zaharis turns around as Reed goes, raising a finger defiantly. Another sip of whiskey and he looks back at Rhea, smirking. "I course I do. If I don't make light of it, then it's just not worth living now is it." He reacehs out and fiddles with the sleeve of her costume, teasingly. "Very nice. The Sagitarrrrrron model, huh?" He flashes a grin at D'art. "Oh you have lots of fun, Lady."

Adele watches Reed approach, eyes flickering over his godly costume with a hint of amusement crinkling their corners. "I had no idea I'd be in the presence of the divine tonight," she states, folding her hands in her lap. "Have you smote anyone yet?" She leans to one side, looking at the rest of the revelers around Reed. "What is Jesse? A chalkboard eraser?" she inquires, returning Rhea's wave once she notices it.

Reed smiles to Adele, "No one has incurred my divine wrath yet this evening." He tells her, then confides in a low tone, "He's his own left lung, apparently." He tells her, naming Zaharis' costume as he was told. Then he turns, gesturing to the sea of costumes, back in the Zeus voice, "Go forth, mingle, revel, enjoy the festivities." He then dropps back into Reeds voice, "And try the meatballs, they're excellent."

Lakis comes into the taproom, hey she's dressed as something. Patient. The limp isn't so pronounced now and a cig hangs out the corner of her mouth. A dart of her eyes goes here and there, not that she knows anyone. Except the guy in black with some powdered stuff, "Doc," she mentions around the unlit smoke as she does the shuffle on past. To the bar.

Rhea gets her rum, taking a small sip of it as she settles in. She lifts her eye-patch to wink at Zaharis, then flips it back down. "I am nothing if not a home girl. Got to represent," she deadpans, showing off her temp-tats. Some of them /do/ look like authentic prison tattoos. If one knows about such things. She motions Zaharis over, noting to the doctor, "You have a deeply skewed sense of humor." She approves.

Graham is -good- at holding up the bar. Much safer for everyone's feet in general, though he does step away to fill up a plate with food.

As if on cue, enter the Chaplain dressed as the Divine Wrath of Zeus. Though she doesn't look particularly wrathful, sauntering in in her big army boots, looking game for an evening out, smiling a gorey but polite sort of smile to those nearby.

She's tall; five seven, a lanky woman awkward and boyish in her proportions, topped with a clipped mop of honeyed-wheat blonde hair, in as neat an order as the loose waves of her hair will allow. Her eyes are wide and pale green, the color of grass in summertime. Her curves are scant, leaning toward nonexistant, her chest flat and hips straight, her limbs athletically toned and aiding in her androgyny. One passing from a distance would be forgiven for mistaking her at first take for a fairly effeminate, very slender man. She has the semi-distracted air of a thoughtful academic.

She's wearing a simple tunic, bound with a belt that crosses in an X in the middle of her chest and then high on her waist, letting the tunic drape in flowing folds around her knees. A tall pair of sturdy military-style boots are on her feet and a pair of black fake wings adorn her back. An artfully crafted mess of writhing snakes adorns her head, and her fingernails are crusted in dried fake blood, while fresher fake blood 'drips' from her mouth, her teeth all red and gorey.

Zaharis has a lit smoke, which just makes his costume that much more poignant. He glances to the Marine going past. "Hey, Private. Lakis, right? You've been waiting to start that drinking for days, haven't you." He smirks at the young woman, then looks back at Rhea and beams a smile at her. "Why thank you, Rhea. You're a such sweetheart. With yo' bad self. Or something. I'm going to put the responsibility on you tonight that if I start talking shop, you have to kick me in the head."

Kist doesn't really -enjoy- being off duty, but it's a necessity in life sometimes, even if a necessary evil. Still, it's good to get to know a new assignment and the word spreading around the crew spoke of this place, so here the new tactical officer comes. She's just dressed in her BDUs and a black track jacket over top, to keep her arms warm. Still, even for the casual clothing, she looks rather severe. She steps in the edge of the room, skirting slightly around the Chaplain whom she came in after and just turning gunmetal gray eyes across the crowd. Her look could best be called a survey.

Setting her plate of food down on the bar, Karras takes up an empty stool. She flags the bartender down long enough to order a drink, sans alcohol, then turns around on the stool to look out at the other attendees. Leaning back against the bar, she props an elbow on the bar behind her, watching the dancers in particular with a faint smirk.

Reed is closer to the enterance now, and keeps working his way through the newcomers. Seems Zeus is playing host and flicking through the people as they arrive, welcoming them in turn, his glass of, of course, Ambrosia never really lowering its level. Approaching Lakis he offers a stool at the bar. "Welcome to the Night of Veils Revel, Enjoy yourself. By the will of the gods." He gives her a smile, and double takes at the Wrath of.. himself who comes in. He looks to the gorey apparition, "About time you got here. Good. Grab some food and drink and relax. You're not due back on Olympus till midday. Enjoy the time off."

Adele stands from her seat as she is instructed to make merry by Zeus himself, and after straightening out the hem of her knee-length dress, she strides towards the bar. There is nothing cat-like in her mannerisms; apparently the costume stops at her face. Once at the bar, she hails the tender and orders a gin and tonic, sliding onto a stool as she waits to be served.

Manny is still here, she is! Working on a piece of fruit dipped in chocolate, bobbing her head and swaying her hips to the beat of the music even as she's eating from her plate, multi-talented here, okay? She gives a tiny bounce though from time to time, scanning to find her next victim.

"I promise to bust a cap in you if it gets out of line," Rhea says with a chuckle to Zaharis. Brandishing her toy pistol. Another laugh, and she does does more rum-sipping. Nursing it, and getting herself a plate of food to chase it with. She's not a heavy drinker. When Lakis addresses the doctor, she turns her attention to the young woman. Intrigued. "Pardon me. You're one of the Pandora's crew, yes?"

Lakis takes whatever is there that the bartender is dishing out. When Reed arrives, she looks the toga up an down, then to the other one he's speaking too, "Oh, I get it. Gods. Excuse me a moment, there's this guy over there.." A chuckle and holding the drink in one hand, she makes her floppy-footed way toward the Man in Black. Giving the costumes around her a good look, she saunters on up and invites herself to take a hit off the end of the Doctor's smoke so she can light her own. The smoke is blown up and away, "You know it. Morpha's good, but it doesn't pass for a nice hard ..cider." She eyes the liquid and then shoots some back. There is a shudder from her head to her toes and a 'Frak yeah!' that follows.

"Yes, ma'am," Lakis follows the drink up with an answer to Rhea.

"You said it," Zaharis raises his glass to Lakis, and stares at Rhea at her 'gun threat'. Holding up his hands he pretends to back away quickly, that bringing him right close to where poor Adele is sitting. He turns his head, in the middle of sipping his whiskey, and both brows go up at the other doctor. "…wow."

Kist finally makes her way quietly across the bar, keeping slightly towards the edge of things, her body close to the wall. Once she gets to the far end of the bar she settles into a barstool and turns her eyes from the crowd towards the actually barline, considering the drinks offered and, more so, the line up for drinks. She might never get served this far down. Content with that knowledge, she shifts her body so her back rests against the edge of the counter and her front is facing the room once more.

No nonsense to the core, Julia "Jules" Kist has the look of the consumate military woman about her. She stands just about five and a half feet tall, her body slender but certainly not tiny. She's got a good bit of toning on her frame and just enough age that some of those muscles have eased out into curves around her hips, breasts and belly. A rough estimate probably puts her a few years above thirty and wearing it well. Her hair is a wavy, careless brown most often tied tightly back from her face. Serious, large gray eyes look with intelligence and protective concern more often than not. Despite their worried glance, they are one of her better features. She's got a small, soft looking mouth and a nose just slightly too long for her face.

Kist is dressed in Colonial Fleet fatigues. The olive green shirt is tucked into matching trousers, with a subdued black web belt around the waist. The trousers are in turn bloused into black combat boots. A softer, lighter green fabric decorates the shoulders of the shirt, and the buttons up the center are hidden by a flap. Black quick clips, rather than buttons, secure two large pockets on the front of the shirt. On her left sleeve is the black, gold and white Genesis patch. The pins on her collars show a rank of Lieutenant.

Greje looks over Reed's Zeus costume and smiles broad and red, laughing at his greeting, "Well, thank you sir, I will," she replies, with a faux-military edge to the words, and a slight salute. Nothing more impious than playful, of course.

Reed nods to Greje, and strides directly across the bar, passing various pirates, shriveled organs, cats and musical professionals, to stand before Kist, lifting his glass of Ambrosia in salute, "Welcome to the night of Veils revel." He stops a waiter passing toward the bar, "Minion, libation for this mortal." He looks to Kist, "Enjoy yourself by the will of the gods, drink, eat, be merry." His tone drops back to Reed then, "And we have fruit with chocolate dip right over there, help yourself to anything."

As her gin and tonic is poured and slid in front of her, Adele turns to catch Zaharis' look and monosyllabic comment. "Uh, meow?" she replies in the most unconvincing fashion possible. "I know it's not good, but I made do with what I had." Reaching for her drink, she takes a long first sip. "Everyone looks so wonderful."

"Welcome," Rhea says simply to Lakis. She then turns her attention back to Zaharis, mock-shooting him. Were that a real gun, she would've missed by a wide margin. Adele's semi-cat is grinned at. "Adele! Glad to see you out. Are you dressed as Zeke?"

Kist blinks her gray, sharp eyes in Reed's direction, focusing somewhat uncomfortably upon him as she gives the man a look up and down before she shakes her head at the question of the drink, "Just water, or coffee. I have the nightwatch in a few hours." She responds curtly, just a hint of pride on the edge of her clipped, contralto voice. Her eyes do trail over to the fruit, however, and she gives a slight nod to the good looking stuff. "I'll partake in a bit." That does soften her, just a hint. Goodness, that stuff looks tastey.

"Not scared, Rhea," Zaharis calls back to the engineer, rather obnoxiously loud. "I've seen how you shoot." He leans back against the bar, smirking at Adele's 'miaow'. "If I didn't already know you were catty, Adele, I'd never swallow this one."

"Thanks, PFC Silj Lakis, one of Captain Zeus' Magnificent Bastards," Lakis introduces herself and then takes a long drag off the smoke and another drink. Turning, she goes back barward and looks over the array of food that is laid out also. Tucking the now lit smoke in the corner of her mouth, she picks up a plate and starts piling food onto it.

Greje makes a sweep past the refreshments, picking up a meatball by its toothpick and then using the toothpick to spear a bit of cheese, to boot, before scraping both morsels off of the toothpick and into her mouth with her teeth. She chews, furrowing her brows as it all tastes mostly of fake blood. But she takes up an ambrosia, thereafter, and -that,- at least, she can taste properly. It also cleans out her mouth a little. She offers Jesse a subtle wave, her costume clashing so greatly with her mild demeanor as to produce a comic effect.

Reed nods, turning halfway and gesturing Kist to the food, "Please do, enjoy yourself freely as you like." He then half bows to her and moves off, looking about the room, as if trying to survey where his divine presence is needed.

Graham inhales a plate of food, then gets more alcohol, relaxing against the bar with a whiskey in one hand and a smoke in the other. Of course he has to pick a leaf out of his drink before he can actually take a sip.

"I am!" Adele replies to Rhea, her grin making the drawn on whiskers shift slightly on her cheeks. "Though I doubt the real Zeke'd be caught dead in a dress. He's a real tomcat; he's got his pride." She's lightened up considerably by the time Zaharis calls her catty, so she actually contorts her right hand into claws and FFFFTs at him. "Reed told me you were your own left lung. I liked my guess better." Another sip is had of her gin and tonic.

"Greje!" Zaharis lifts a hand to wave back at the priestess. "Hah. Nice, I like the…" He motions to his own teeth where hers are red and drippy. "You should have brought down a Wheel of Smiting or something. I'd spin it." He looks back at Adele just in time to catch her 'clawing' at him, which makes him laugh. "Yes, well, I tried to be transparent." He smirks. "Why, what'd you think I was?"
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Lakis carries her plate of food back to the bar, watching the less-freaky Zeus God go searching for minions. Sitting down she keeps her drink close and drops the still smoking cig in a tray nearby before picking up some food and shoveling it in. Don't ever watch Marine's eat. Some stomach's can't take it.

Rhea looks like she's contemplating just throwing her toy gun at Zaharis. But Lakis is right there, so she restrains herself. "Captain Rhea Zimmermann. ChEng on the Genesis. We should be able to get your ship jumping again, with a little effort." Not above talking shop off-duty, apparently. Her eyes go to Greje when Zaharis greets her, but she shows no real recognition. Her attention returns to Adele. "I think the ears suit you. Perfect accessory."

Cora comes in from Passageway.
Cora has arrived.

Reed checks himself over, nodding slightly as he considers his options. toga straight, lightning not pointing at an obscene angle, Beard still there, Wig straight. He looks around, to the enterance, and heads in that direction so he can meet any more newcomers.

Greje looks momentarily startled at the explanantion of Jesse's costume, having been about to inquire, herself. But then she laughs, taking it in the spirit in which it was likely intended rather than as a serious statement on Jesse's state of health. "I'll remember that for next time," she assures him gently, then, smiling at Adele, "Oh, you have a cat?" she asks, both surprised and pleased. "I didn't think there would be many in the way of pets aboard," she explains her comment. Evidently new to the crew. And new to space travel in general, to boot. "I'm Greje, by the way," she tells Adele, and Rhea, as well, giving her a glance. "I'm on the ecclesiastical staff onboard Genesis."

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"A chalkboard eraser," Adele replies to Zaharis with a firm nod of her head. "Not that it's not ironic and irreverent that you're here as the addled centerpiece of your own respiratory system, but…" She rolls her eyes towards the ceiling in mock lament. "But it was a good guess, wasn't it?" Rhea receives another grin and her fingers go to her faux cat ears. "Thanks. You look pretty… bad-ass." She can't help but sound a little scandalized as she says that word, though she tries to hide it.

Lakis half talks, half chews in the conversation back to Rhea, "Perfect. Cappy will be happy to hear that." A swallowed pause and a drink follows, "ChEng, huh? Listen.." and she motions the woman closer to her as her voice lowers. "Cappy wants to know if someone has ran into Old Spooky yet. Cause..well, if so, we need to know."

Flicking a sidelong glance to Graham as he picks a leaf out of his drink, Karras manages not to snicker, but the corner of her mouth does turn up in an amused smirk. She watches him for a second or two longer, taking a sip of her drink, then glances at her own costume. Leaning slightly in his direction, she says, "That's why I mostly drew mine on."

Cora is a petite young woman at 5'2" and 115 lbs. There's a slight lack of muscle on her figure, but soft feminine curves keep her from looking too thin. Light ivory skin contrasts with the dark auburn hue of her wavy hair, which reaches the middle of her back in loose spirals if left down. Underneath finely arched brows are hazel eyes, easily filled with amusement and quite often matched with a dimpled smile. Cosmetics are kept to a minimum, favoring a more natural look that brings out a healthy blush in her cheeks. Cora is dressed like a pyramid player - the sport, not the card game. From the jersey, shorts, high-socks and athletic shoes, she is totally dressed to go win. Except it's pretty obvious she's not as athletic as an actual player would be.

Cora is totally here to beat people! In pyramid. That.. game. Cora doesn't look too entirely confident in her costume, but she's in one and that's what matters, yeah? With more of a smirk than a grin on her face, she begins to meander in the direction of the refreshments - and hopefully - alcohol!

Rhea chuckles as she watches Reed 'presiding' over the door. Highly amused by his masquerade as Zeus, apparently. Her grin crooks at Adele's comment, and she does her best to pose in an intimidating manner. It's not particularly convincing. The fact that her tattoos are already smudging detracts. A polite nod is offered to Greje, though she says nothing more to the chaplain for the moment. Lakis has her attention. Her voice drops. "Spooky, Private?"

Reed moves to Cora, smiling, "Ah, finally, the Stations sports elite show up." He gestures to the party, "Go forth, drink, Eat and enjoy the revel of the Night of Veils, by the will of the gods." He makes this pronouncement in a deep resonant Olympian voice, then drops into Reeds normal tone. "Drinks at the bar, and the buffet is open to all. Have fun."

Zaharis sets about chain-smoking, lighting a new cigarette off the dying old one. He can just blame it on a need to be in costume, after all. Adele's guess of his costume pulls a smirk as he tips his head up, blowing smoke at the ceiling. "Fantastic guess. Means I can re-use it next year, just with a different name…you know, since I worked so hard on it." He laughs at her comment to Rhea, glancing back at the engineer, then at Greje. "Should circulate, o Divine Wrath. I see some people in here that need a bolt to the foot to get them out on the floor." Which brings him right back to Adele. "They teach cats to dance these days?"

Graham chuckles and looks Karras over. Studying her costume, of course. "Smart. I've barely unpacked, and it was definitely a last minute idea. I couldn't find paint but I had glue… So. Yours definitely looks better."
Rue comes in from Passageway.
Rue has arrived.

This is Savannah Rue as she is never seen. On top of her head is an ancient-styled helmet that looks like the real thing, rather than cardboard (old pieces of viper come in handy). Her streaked blonde hair is let loose to flow freely down to her shoulders, the ends just slightly curly and bouncing when she moves. Her eyes (a deep blue) change colors based on her mood. She's wearing a simple, yet revealing toga-style robe that bares quite a bit of pale skin. In her right hand she carries a spear.

A bob of Lakis' head to Rhea and another meatball is shoved into her cheek, which she quickly dispatches. "Yes, sir. Spooky. You can't miss it, so guess it hasn't turned up in the wreckage. You don't mind if I go take a looksee a bit later, do you? I got wind you were heading up the workload there."

"I've had a lot longer to find paint," Karras replies, ducking her head with a quick smile at his remark. "For a last minute idea, it's not bad. Some people don't even have costumes. I think you're ahead of the game." She pauses, considering Graham's costume for another second or two. "Even if yours is a little… logistically challenged."

"Hey," Cora greets Reed with a crack of a smile, nodding her head in his direction. "Don't ask me to actually play, though, because I've never even seen a match. I needed a costume, though, and this is the one that was suggested. I'm admittedly not very creative." she confides with a solemn nod, reaching out for a glass to fill with some form of booze. A glance is given to the smoking Zaharis and, more specifically, the cigarette. Like she wants one too.

"Been stationed here long?" Graham flicks another falling leaf away and sets his drink down, offering his hand, "Graham Miller."

Reed nods to Cora, pulling the lightning bolt from his golden cord belt, "Don't worry." The bolt of lightning gives off a golden glow and light crackles through the length of it. Batteries have to go in somewhere. "I'm keeping this thing on the taser setting tonight so I don't expect you to play Pyramid." He moves off, offering to her, "Enjoy the party." Seeing Rue, he approaches, lightning dimming to it's uncharged state and he grins broadly as he approaches. "Welcome, welcome to the Night of Veils, it is good you have arrived."

Adele plays along with Rhea's striking of an intimidating pose, lifting her hands as if in surrender. The mock fright turns into something more genuine as Zaharis mentions dancing to Greje, and even moreso when he turns his focus back on her. "Government spending cuts stopped feline ballroom dancing programs right in their tracks back on Caprica, I'm afraid. I've got four left paws." Evaaaaade.

Rhea arches her brows at Zaharis and Adele. A short nod and sniff is directed at the doctor. In an 'About damn time' sort of way. But most of her attention is on Lakis, some understanding dawning in her expression. Another, deeper nod is offered to the private. "Captain Gaelan's heading up security but I suspect we can get you over. I'll go with you. I have run across a…spook…or two, now that you mention it. I've been meaning to pay your good captain a call about it, come to it. Is he up for visitors?" She gets no more specific than that in the crowded bar.

"Zeus. Or should I say… Daddy?" Rue fires back as she steps up to Reed, nudging him gently with her spear. "I like your costume, sir." She smiles and then leans in to ask, "My pilots have been behaving themselves?"

Taking the hand in hers and shaking it, Karras allows her eyes to follow the discarded leaf for a second before her attention slides back to Graham. "Susanna Karras," she replies, offering another smile. "I've been stationed here for almost three years, actually."

D'Artanion slips back into the room after her brief sojourn back into duty and responsibility. She looks around, then eases back toward the bar. The buffet table catches her attention and she veers that way. Reed's lightshow wins him a quick smile and she does not even try to restrain the 'thumbs up' that goes with the smile. The mock fight claims her attention next and the smile warms to a grin. But, then it's the buffet table with it's meatballs that inspire slightly off color stories straight from the past of one latina chica. Who seems to be missing. Claiming a few of the memory inspiring appetizers, she munches on them while filling the plate with fruit and cheeses.

Greje downs the ambrosia she'd been holding and woozes a moment in the glow of swallowing the liquid all at once like that. She grins a slightly cleaner grin, though she's momentarily distracted from the call to dance by the talk of spooks. "Spooks?" she asks helpfully, for those not in the know, here.

"Er. Yes, sir. Bored already and can't move around much with those busted ribs. He's getting paperwork from somewhere. So, I've been trying to be his legs now, till he can do it." Something back there makes Lakis pause, "You saw spooks? But not a ship..?" She wasn't even thinking about her dead shipmates there, "Frak, are they haunting the Pandy now?" Her eyes going up to Greje. Talk about spook.

And the ChEng will be no doubt disappointed, as Zaharis raises both hands in surrender at the evasion. "Alright." The returning D'artanion gets his attention and zips slightly to the side, reaching right in front of her to grab a grape off her plate. Ninja manuever!

Reed grins to Rue, "Of course Daughter. Come in, enjoy the revel. it is Decreed!" He taps the end of her spear with his lightning bolt and a low peal of thunder rolls out. But it's more of a salute than anything else. His tone then drops to normal Reed voice, "Yes, it's going quite well, Drinks at the bar, and we've got all kinds of foods at the buffet, Enjoy yourself."

Rhea shakes her head a little at Lakis, looking sorry to have mentioned spooks. "Sorry, Private. I tend to muff subtlety. It's not in my nature. The ship was my meaning." She blinks at Greje. That /is/ spooky. Her manner to the preacher is polite but a little less relaxed than with the others in the bar. "Chaplain, was it? Sorry. I don't think we've met. Just a turn of phrase. I blame the holiday." Her attention is off Zaharis at the moment, she she'll have to wait to feel the depth of her disappointment in him.

Graham nods a little, "Long time. On PAS or Genesis?" He's a quiet guy by nature so the small talk feels a little awkward for him. "I'm over on Geneis myself, in weapons."

Cora arches a brow at Reed, stepping away about half a foot as the lightning bolt is displayed. "I see," she murmurs, smiling wryly as he walks away. Filling her glass with some kind of brew, she makes her way toward Zaharis and lifts both brows. "So, are you cigarette ash? Or? And I guess more to the point, any chance I can bum one off of you? I'd be happy to return the favor later." A little grin is given to Rhea, remembering her from the other day.

Rue smiles brightly at Reed, waggling her brows before stepping on past him. "Don't mind if I do. Uh. And if you see one of my pilots dressed up like an owl? I'm at the bar." She moves on past then and heads with very little ado for the bar where she tunnels her way into a nice lean there and calls out, "I need sustenance. AMBROSIA my good man. And make it snappy."

Ninja blackened lung! Oh nose! D'Artanion flickers a mock swat and low growl at the interloper, but smiles when she sees who it is, "Hey, Doc. Having fun?" Having filled her plate, she turns to face the man, which does put her plate in reach. "Help yourself." Lifting another of the grapes, she pops it between her lips to chew. Once she has swallowed, she motions toward some tables, "Want to sit? Or is the costume inflexible?"

Reed looks around as Rue heads for the liquor, looking at his glass of ambrosia as he puts the lightning bolt back to his belt, then around. hmm, okay, things are settled into an even sort of rolling boil. He nods, then, deciding on something he heads over towards the bar, where Dart is having her fruits snitched by a shriviled internal organ.

"Same," Karras replies, tipping her glass briefly in a little gesture of acknowledgement. "I thought you looked familiar. I fly raptors." One particularly boisterous patron draws her attention then, and she rolls her eyes teasingly. "Speaking of which, here comes the illustrious CAG." She swings around on her stool some, tipping her chin back to call out to Rue, "Nice bedsheet, Captain."

As Zaharis surrenders, Adele reaches for her drink and tips it to her lips, finishing the thing off in a few long swallows. Setting the glass down with a thunk, she lets go of a sharp breath and allows the liquid to warm her insides. Apparently, it does more than that - or some other force steps in to push the woman's usual prudish attitude aside for a moment. Maybe a mixture of both. But instead of coming up with some clever quip to counteract her evasion, she just flicks her gaze towards the dance floor and blurts, "Just kidding, I don't even have paws." Lightweight.

Lakis looks confused now. Which calls for another drink. "Sorry, sir, wasn't sure what you were referring too," the other cig has burned down and she catches it just in time to light the end of another. Blowing out some smoke and wiping the liquor off her lip, "See Old Spooky is special. Takes a special hand to handle her. The Muthafrakkers were trained on it, so, don't think one of yours can just hop in and fly it off. So's Cappy wanted to make sure one didn't find it and try it."

"The holiday does put the spirit in us," Greje agrees affably if not particularly substantively. "No, I'm not sure we have. Yes, that's right, Lieutenant Karthasi," she introduces herself again, not having caught the other woman's name, yet.

"I am a lung, crytopgrapher lady whose name I don't remember," Zaharis pronounces to Cora. He withdraws a cigarette from his pack and hands it to her, seemingly with great ceremony. "And now yours." He offers her his lighter and with the other hand pulls some cheese from D'artanion's plate. "You know, it doesn't taste half as good if it's not stolen. Not so in the mood for sitting, I was actually looking for someone to come da-…" And there goes Adele. His brown eyes narrow, half teasing and half suspicious. "Really, now." He holds out a hand towards it. "Being a scientist, Miss Adele, I'm sure you'll understand when I demand proof."

Kist finally, having tired of perching at the far end of the bar like some sort of gargoyle, protectively watching the room and it's inhabitants, the military-dressed Jules gets to her feet. It seems the woman didn't think of a costume, or is on duty too quickly, as she's just in her BDUs. At least she's here. She makes her way in the direction of the fruits table, almost looking like she's stealing one of the fruits but they are there for everywhere. She finally takes a single, thoughtful bite, her eyes shutting as she allows herself a moment to stop watching and jsut savour.

"Yeah yeah. You look like a forest threw up on you," is Rue's barb for Karras. "Hope I didn't ride you too hard this morning." She doesn't clarify the statement, but just lets it hang there as she gives Graham a good once over. "You look … like some of the rural turkey shooters back home. S'cute."

"I haven't tampered with it, myself, though I've got an engineering ensign who's drooling to take a closer look inside," Rhea says to Lakis. "Boy has a hard-on for things that fly." She sounds decidedly ambivalent about them, for her part. "My own snipes have better things to do than play with it right now, but I'll put a general foot-down to make certain no one messes it." As for Greje's introduction, Rhea extends a hand. Still polite, still a little cool. "Captain Zimmermann. How long have you been aboard, Lieutenant?" No religious titles for the chaplain from her.

Cora squints at Zaharis' costume, then at her own ribcage where the lung would be. "Well. I guess I'm screwed. Thanks." she declares with a grin, but lights up and puffs away all the same. She backs away a little, content to sit somewhere and watch. Her gaze follows Adele, both brows lifting inquisitively at the woman's words. With a drink in one hand and a cigarette in the other, she is definitely not the picture perfect image of a pyramid athlete. Nope.

"I look familar?" Graham laughs a little, "Probably because I'm still getting lost. I was in the Marine berthing for a day before I figured out where the Navy bunked down. I've been down to look at the birds a couple time though." He grins at Rue, "I'm thinking that's not a good thing, but I'll deal."

D'Artanion says, "Fine. Filtch then." Laughter teases the edge of her tone, though threatens more, "You remember that she's a crytopwhatsis, but can't remember her name?" She eyes Cora, then winks, "Lungs. Can't trust 'em to remember things." She looks at Zaharis up, then down, "Course, they aren't known for their grey matter. At least, healthy ones do not." Zaharis' near declaration only adds to her merth, "A'right. Do da… then. Have fun." Stepping away from the man, she grins at Adele, then turns to meander toward the bar."

"Ah!" Lakis understands now, "It wasn't ripped to shit then? Good." She asks and then glances to Greje a moment, "Sir," she says to the El-tee and then turns back to her food and drink. A scoping of the room now to check out the others while the ChEng and Zeus Two talk.

Reed moves to Dart, smiling as he looks about, "Well, it looks like things are going well. the flow of people has stopped." He looks to her, "Are you still interested in that dance?" He asks, smiling lightly.

"Oh, please." Looking back to Rue with a coy smirk, Karras replies, "You never ride me too hard. Not in the *morning*, anyway." Taking a sip of her drink, she considers the crowd, in particular her fellow pilots, for a few seconds more. "She means it in the best possible way," she says to Graham, her tone mildly teasing.

Greje listens curiously to the exchange between Rhea and Lakis, fiddling with her empty glass as she does so, only half-noticing when Rhea resumes the conversation with her, "—oh! A week or so, that's all," she replies, "It's definitely a different sort of post from those I've held before," she admits, even if she hadn't been asked about it, a narrow finger trailing on the edge of the glass she holds as she speaks with a certain meekness, if with a healthy dose of amiability and a ready smile.

D'Artanion glances up and is kind enough to swallow the grape she just popped into her mouth before abandoning her plate on a nearby table. "Love to." She lifts a hand toward him, letting the music's tempo and rhythm catch hold of her, "Thank you. This was a great idea, by the way. Though I'll bet you've heard that a lot tonight."

"I've been through my share of debutante balls," Adele informs Zaharis as she slides off her stool and reaches up to adjust her cardstock cat ears. Her fingers have a bit of gin-induced fumble to them, and she unwittingly overadjusts one until it is not, sadly, symmetrical. At least she can't see the damage. Cora's inquisitive look is met with the tentative grin of someone who is playing things by ear and having a hard time doing so, and that expression makes its way to D'Artanion before the woman turns away. "I have a mean foxtrot," she warns Zaharis after a moment.

"Naw. You look like my older brother Jeb Jeb," Rue says, fingers somehow finding a glass of ambrosia to clasp themselves around. A smile for Graham and then she raises her glass, "He's a handsome feller." Downing the drink, she shifts her gaze to Karras. "I'll keep that in mind for tomorrow morning, then. Drink up, Moonshine."

Rhea drinks as Greje speaks. There's no sign of meekness about her, the pirate costume accentuating the natural bluntness of her nature. "'Different' doesn't quite do it justice. But, welcome. It's an interesting assignment, or at least it has been for me." A nod is offered to Lakis as the private departs, and she calls a parting, "Tell your captain I'll pay him a visit. May even bring him some chocolate."

Graham laughs, "I hope that's not to bad of a thing." He swallows down the rest of his drink, "Got a lot of brothers?"

Reed sets down his Ambrosia glass taking Darts hand and leading her out to the middle of the Taproom, "I'm really pleased with how this caught on and people are enjoying it." He stops, turning to face her, steps closer, then steps back, "Oh, just a minute." He reaches to his side, "I don't want to inadvartantly poke you with my lightning bolt, and spark off in the middle of our dance." He smirks, looking to her, "I bet you hear that from all the guys though."

"What?" Zaharis says to D'art, in a 'come onnnn' sort of tone. "I spend all day referring to people by their jobs. He extends a hand to the empty air nearby. 'My friend, The Dermatologist'. 'My roommate, The Rectal Surgeon'. You'll see soon." He shakes a finger at her, then turns back to Adele as she gets up. She gets a slightly pursed-lip look at that. "Debutante balls? Are you serious?" He backs up towards the dance floor, opening his arms.

Lakis begins licking her fingers off and then using a napkin to clean the rest. "You bet," she tells Rhea. Then, the rest of the liquor is downed and she gets back up and starts putting things into other napkins and wrapping them up to be tucked down into the robe pockets. Ninja sniper while everyone is busy, she raids the kitchen.

Arching a brow at Rue's remark to Graham, Karras says nothing, opting instead to take a slow sip of her drink. There's a smile partially hidden by the glass, but it's there. Maybe a smirk. "I won't ask how your hunt went the other night. And I'm playing it safe tonight." The glass is set down on the bar, and she picks a small appetizer off her plate, popping it into her mouth. "I'm a disgrace to my callsign. You'll just have to drink enough for both of us."

Cora makes a face - maybe it's the swig of alcohol that just went down the wrong way. At any rate, she gets up and puts out her cigarette, nose crinkled as she makes her way for the door. She squeezes through groups of people if she has to!
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Greje lifts both brows, "Oh! I— I didn't mean there was anything wrong with it," she amends quickly. "It really just is quite dissimilar to temple service or life in a sanctuary," she reports, earnestly matter-of-fact. "I'm interested to see how things play out over the next few years," she smiles. "I'm already starting to gather thoughts about the pertainance of certain cult aspects in an interplanetary environment."

D'Artanion laughs at Zaharis, "Yes, well. I'd think you'd include their names. Like… 'My friend Bob, the Dermatologist'. Or, 'My roommate, Bob, the Rectal Surgeon'…" She winks once, "Bob's a busy guy, you see." Turning as Reed leads her to the dance floor, she moves with a quietly understated grace, though pauses when the man does. She lowers her gaze, then looks up as Reed handles his bolt, "Um… No, actually. That's a new one on me. You get points for originality and keeping it in theme…" She tilts her head to one side, then extends a hand once more.

"Well, I wouldn't know enough to compare," Rhea says dryly, as to temples and sanctuaries. Her brows arch. Curious, though there's still that blunt edge to her curiosity. "Which aspects are you most interested in?" More drinking. Her rum

No drink to be had, Kist steals a second piece of fruit and then walks away from the temptation of the sweets. She still lingers at the edge of the room, this time closer to the door, possibly considering her escape now that she's assured everything is calm and fine here.

"Seven. Two older, five younger," Savannah tells Graham with a slightly crooked grin. "And two little sisters. The Gods certainly blessed the Rue family with the gift of fertility. Uh. And guns." The CAG rolls her shoulders at Karras. "More important things are happening right now."
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Reed fixes his lightning bolt to the back of his cord belt, and then steps close to Dart again, taking her hand as the other slips about her waist. "I just need to remember to shift the bolt back before I sit otherwise I'll be needing Bobs help later." He tells her, before, after a pause, he steps in time with the music, surprisingly, able to move in the tune fairly well. High Caprican family early life paying off in unusual ways. "I really am impressed by your outfit. I bet you've been keeping it out of sight in the Berthings."

Greje brightens, now that she has someone who will lisen to her blather on about matters theological. "Well, in this day and age, how integral and applicable are aspects of a religious system founded on a text with obvious solar and terrestrial themes underlying the text?" she goes on excitedly, "Can those themes be made applicable to life aboard spacecraft? Does life among the stars begin to change the way the faithful approach the faith?"

Adele makes a face at Zaharis, nonetheless moving to meet him on the dance floor, taking one of his hands in hers as the other lands on his shoulder in a classic position which is slightly undermined by the burst of white powder that puffs around her hand upon impact. "I was already being self-deprecating," she mumbles, shaking out her hand and resettling it there with minimum powder effect. "My mother didn't have anything better to do with her life, so she dressed me up and displayed me to society whenever she could." Her words are kept quiet, but once she's done with that tidbit, she clears her throat and instructs, "Lead away."

As the Private makes her way to the door of the taproom, Lakis' pockets are full making her look like a squirrel storing up for the winter. A wave goes to the doc and the ChEng and anyone else she passes. "Thanks for the booze, great party."

Rhea looks almost sorry she asked when Greje starts rambling. "Can I get another rum, please?" she calls to a passing waiter. She just listens, somewhat stone-faced, until her drink is delivered. "I've never really given it much thought. But I'm not particularly up on the scriptures. Where are you from?" An attempt to change the subject. A rather firm attempt. A slightly more relaxed smile and wave are offered to departing Lakis.

D'Artanion nods, "That would be tragic. Or, dare I say, shocking?" She rests her hand in his, then settles her other hand on his shoulder. She moves with him, each step a compliment rather than a demand for attention. The music floats about the room, weaving patterns of rhythm and melody to augment either movement or conversation. Looking up, D'Artanion's smile is relaxed, "Thank you. Yeah, I keep it tucked away so it won't get mussed. Or messed with. Glad you like it." She moves through a few more steps, then adds, "Wish I'd thought of going with the theme though. You look great."

"You don't have to remind me." Turning her stool around to face the bar again, Karras stretches her arms out over the top, letting out a shot yawn as if on cue. "I remember." She traces the edge of her glass with a finger briefly, falling silent as she looks back out at the tables.
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Zaharis likewise waves a hand when the dust comes off his shoulder, then offers his hand back to Adele. Lead, he can do, and does. "Sounds terrible," he replies as to the story of her mother, raising an eyebrow. "So is this your rebel phase that you're going through? Up on a space station, wading through the mounds of sick and injured?"

"Amalthine," Greje replies, still a little more enthusiastic than shy as she names one of the largest sprawling suburbs of Caprica City. "Well, originally, at least. What about you?" she wonders, then politely asks for another drink, herself.

Reed grins, turning on the floor, "Well, the Zeus costume I got when I took command of the station. I learned a while ago that one of the ways to lead well is to not be on a pedistal. Let people laugh at you." He smiles, "So, I jump around, roll off some thunder and lightning with a toy and people laugh, and a good time is had."

Rue inclines her head and eyes Karras, reaching over to poke her with her spear. "Get back to Genie and get some rack time. Tomorrow is going to be hell."

Kist gives one last nod to herself and heads for the door, content with the state of the room and that people are having fun. No reason to disturb. The severe woman disappears from the room as quietly as she came.

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D'Artanion's smile answers Reeds, "That's true enough. And, it works well if you've the backbone to make orders stick when it matters. Luckly, you don't seem to have a problem with that." Her gaze leaves his face for a moment to swoop about the room as he turns and she turns with him. Looking back, she nods, "Yeah, I'd say it's a success. Course, you know that folk'll be wondering when the next one is." Laughter sparkles in her eyes and she adds, "Kinda like the lightening and thunder you've been throwing about tonight."

"Sagittaron," Rhea replies in a deadpan, more wry than anything else. "I'm in-character tonight." She idly flexes the prison tattoos she's scrawled on her arms. Though Caprica appears to be a subject she can talk pleasantly enough about. "I got my degree at the university in Delphi. Beautiful city, though I spent too much time with my nose in a book to enjoy it."

"My 'rebel phase'," Adele begins, emphasizing the words in a way that says she knows full well that she qualifies as a rebel by absolutely no one's standards, "began when I took a high school field trip to a hospital in my Future Careers class." The faintest smirk draws her lips taut as she goes through the motions of the dance led by Zaharis. "I don't imagine too many parents would view a daughter's decision to enter into a lucrative medical career as a rebellion, but - there you have it." She laughs in spite of herself, but her eyes quickly narrow on her partner's face. "I bet you actually did have a rebel phase. How's it done, when done properly?"

Making a quiet sound when she's jabbed in the side, Karras suddenly sits up straighter, shooting a look to Rue. She's not particularly annoyed, of course, but it did surprise her. "I will," she says, ducking her head in a short nod. "I just want to finish this first. I don't even know how you're still standing."

Reed moves in a slow drift across the dance floor, keeping aware of the surroundings casually. "Well, Night of the Veils is only once a year, so there's little mystery there." He turns slowly, "Who knows, perhaps there will be more parties. Truth be told, this was an opportunity and I just took it. It panned out well, and I'm pleased."

"If it's done properly, there is at least forty percent of it that you won't even remember," Zaharis smirks at her. Even though that in no way actually answered her question, he moves on. His foot turns, taking them in a circle on his momentum. "Future Careers class? That sounds…horrible. What were the other choices, typist and professional knitter?"

"Oh. Oh!" Greje replies, as Rhea's statement finally sinks in. "I suppose in that case I'm from the land where Ouranos bled when his son castrated him," she muses thoughtfully. At least, she assumes that's what Rhea menat. But she only stays 'in-character' for about that long. "Ah, Delphi. I went to seminary there. I did my pre-sem at Caprica U, though." She pumps a victory signal twice in the air, "Go Trags!" she exclaims in a sudden moment of school spirit.

Polishing off the last of her ambrosia (yes, just that quickly), Rue moves a little closer to Karras, laying a hand on her shoulder as she passes by. "There's a trick to it, passed down from CAG to CAG. Maybe someday you'll get to hear it." Smirking, she moves on off into the crowd, poking Zaharis with her spear as she moves in search of more of her pilots.

Drifting with her partner, D'Artanion moves in a whisper of satin and silk, the sound utterly lost to conversation and music. She turns when he does either as the music dictates or to avoid other dancers. "Yeah, I know. But it's good to see people mingling and getting along and taking the time to get to know each other a bit. Makes for good team building." She lets that sit for a few minutes as though that was her concern. Then, she leans a hair closer to add softly, "And it's fun."

"It was either Future Careers, or… drama," Adele informs Zaharis, her brow furrowing slightly. "I'm pretty sure it was the lesser of two evils." She is defensive of this thing that steered her towards the medical field! The spin is carried off skillfully; she is clearly practiced at this type of dancing, but she makes no move to add any flare of her own to the steps. Having found the subject shifted back to herself, she makes an attempt to volley. "And did you do it right? Or was that just a quippy non-answer, dooming me to remain in curiosity indefinitely?"

Reed smiles as he moves with Dart across the floor, slowing to dance back lit by the planet turning below them, "It is fun, yes." He answers gently. "sometimes a little fun and lightheartedness is all that's needed to get people together and bring them into a closer understanding of each other.

Rolling her eyes at that, Karras watches the CAG move away for half a second more before she turns back to the bar. As she finishes off the last of the food on her plate, she watches listens absently to the conversations of those around her. When both the plate and glass are empty, she slides off the stool to make her way back through the crowd, toward the door.

Rhea chuckles wryly at Greje. "I meant it literally. I'm Sag-born. Just having a bit of fun with the home colony's image. Yar." The 'yar' is very dry. She flashes a little 'D' sign with her fingers, to show her college pride. More rum is downed. "I wouldn't know what their seminary program is like. They have a hell of an Engineering department. Aeronautical and mechanical engineering specifically was what I got my degree in, albeit the Navy sort of encouraged that. It was their money I was spending, after all."

"Don't you like curiosity?" Zaharis smiles slightly, extending his hand and stepping back to twirl her out, and then back in towards him. "I would have thought someone who spends their days in a lab with a microscope would thrive on it." He lofts a brow, teasingly. "Or do you just…get frustrated easily?"

Adele twirls the required amount of twirl - no more, no less. When she's back in Zaharis' dancing embrace, she replies in a tone that displays an underlying stubbornness. "The point of curiosity is to satisfy it. If I didn't have that drive, I'd get absolutely nowhere, I'm sure." Her eyes dart away from Zaharis' face for a moment, and as a result the odd little grin on her lips appears rather introspective.

Greje smiles. "Seminary Delphi isn't actually part of U Delph, it's over across town. But I know a lot of the professors who teach pre-sem at U Delph, they're a great bunch. Father Halms introduced me to a bunch of his friends at Dionysus' sanctuary in Acharnai and I actually ended up serving there for a few months. "I really liked U Delph's prime pyramid lineup, too. Though don't let it get back to my alma mater."
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Backlit by the planet itself. Probably appropriate for Zeus, really. The lights that play about the planet's surface are reflected back again, sending myriad little sparkles into the Taproom. When the dance slows, D'Artanion's movements gentle as well. "Those are good goals." The party goes on around the dance floor with couples joining or leaving as the mood or the music takes them. "You know? I can't get over what you said about finding the costume. Where did you find it? Aboard, or in a shop somewhere?"

Rhea looks over Greje's shoulder to watch Zaharis and Adele hoof it. Her expression is inscrutable, though it involves a lot of smirking. Her eyes do some more glazing when Greje talks about her seminary buddies. Smile, nod, drink. Mention of the Pyramid squad earns a genuine smile. "They had a tight squad when I was there. Lots of freshman this year, but I think they'll build them into something championship-able in a couple more semesters."

Zaharis smirks at that, letting go of her hand long enough to flick at one of her fake cat ears. "Tempting fate, aren't you? Being so curious while you're wearing this particular getup?"

Reed grins, looking to Dart as he looks down at himself, blinks, then looks back to her, "This, I got on my last leave. I knew I'd have to face a Night of Veils as a CO and decided to do a little prep work. The lightning bolt is really the capper for the whole outfit, though the toga is actual quality as well." He swallows, "High thread count, very comfortable." He's a little distracted now.

Adele flicks her eyes upwards, as though she could see the top of her head if she really tried hard enough. Letting go of a subdued laugh, she almost defers to Zaharis' cleverness - until she comes up with a retort, which causes her eyes to widen. It's always such a Big Deal to Adele when shecomes up with a witty remark, and because of the impact is lessened somewhat. "I'd say there are a few things worth a couple of one's nine lives when it comes to curiosity."

Greje grins, a little tongue-in-cheek, "Tight's the word for it," she agrees, unable quite to keep a little hint of innuendo slipping out there. Maybe it's that second ambrosia she's steadily putting away. "I never quite saw anything like Orcei pulling a reverse with Rana and 'The Blitz' on tail." She lifts her free hand to the back of her head, only briefly tangling it with a wing she mostly forgot was there.

It takes some composure for D'Artanion to remain relaxed and moving easily to the music after that downward look. A blush creeps slowly up her cheeks and the woman blinks twice, "Uh. Right. Good planning." She flickers a glance toward the bar, then back to her partner. The music continues, the song something slow with a regular rhythm. "The lightening bolt is pretty ingenious. Is it wired, or battery powered?" The attempt to turn the conversation is probably fairly evident.

Zaharis raises an eyebrow, appreciatively. "Touche'. But just be warned. Curiousity can have its satisfying rewards, but…what I really love is a woman who's not afraid of a little unorthodox research." The slowing sweep around the dancefloor take them into the tracks Reed and D'art had recently brushed past, by the large viewport with the planet looming in the background.

Rhea actually breaks a genuine smile at that, laughing and nodding in agreement. "I remember Rana. He *did* have a nice tailback." Wink. "When my husband and I first started dating, he was thrilled I was into Pyramid. He only got us Picon Panthers' season tickets for one season, though." She sighs. Alas.

Reed looks at Dart and smiles, "Inplanted battery. It has a charger, and lasts for quite a while. Independant controls for different thunder sounds and light effects, but it's surprisingly bright when turned up all the way. In a darkened room, it gives ample light, enough to read by easiely." He nods, then tilting his head slightly, "Um, thirsty?" He asks, mimicing her look to the bar.

Unorthodox is probably not a good word to describe Adele, but for the sake of keeping up the charade - or the masquerade, as it were - she does her best to emit a saucy laugh. Saucy's probably not a good word to describe Adele either. But she's -trying-. But as they sweep past the view of the planet outside the viewport, the way her face brightens is utterly genuine.

Greje laughs at the wink, more relaxed, now, as Dionysus works his magic. "Oh? Why'd you stop going?" she wonders amiably. "I mean, besides the fact that their leadsmen seem to have a universal inability to hit dock and not default," she adds with a playful, intoxicated sparkle in her eye.

D'Artanion refrains from trying to glance at the ligntning bolt, which is for the best, all things considered. "Very cool idea. Are you speaking from experience, then? About being able to read by it's light? Seems as though you are almost never without a book'f some kind or other." The dance takes a spin or a twist, depending, and she looks up again at Reed, "Nope. I'm good." The glance, remains unexplained for now. "You?" A step or two to avoid another couple.

Rhea shrugs, sipping some more of her rum. "I hope you're not talking smack about the Panthers. I've got a 12-year-old that will hurt you. Actually, it was mostly just a matter of geography. We tended to hop around a lot, to whatever corner of space the Fleet wanted to send us to. Not much point in committing to more than one season."

Zaharis smirks, raising his arm to twirl her again. The music's slow, so the movement of his arm is as well. And as he brings her back in he takes half a step forward, the space between them completely gone. The opportunity's taken to say something brief in a lower voice to her, then he backs away again. "Want to get something to drink?"

Reed steps back from Dart, into an opening on the floor, holding one hand to twist his partner and bring her back in, "No, I'm doing just fine." He says smiling to her, "And yes, actually, I've read by the light, though mostly it was while looking through things in a closet when I didn't have a flashlight handy, but the bolt was there with the rest of the costume."

As she is twirled back towards Zaharis, Adele is taken off guard at the shift in proximity, and even moreso at the mumble close to her ear. That ear goes red to match the hue her cheeks have recently turned, but she sucks in a breath and replies to his more audible question. "Yes."

D'Artanion twists out, then back again, stepping into the opening after Reed, "I can almost see that." The spin is a slow one, so the fabric of her skirt flutters, then sways back into place without doing any damage to modesty. "It might cast eery shadows, though. The sort that jump and dance and pretend to be what they aren't. I'd be careful of it, if I were you." Clearly, she is teasing, "Lightning isn't tame, after all."

Zaharis smiles, letting go of her hand. He motions with his thumb towards the bar and fishes his cigarette pack from his back pocket, starting after her. His dark eyes cast a glance towards Reed and D'art to see where they got off to, and he grins a little before lighting up.

Reed smirks as Dart reminds him of the nature of lightning, "That's true, it's not tame." He takes a few steps across the floor with her in his arms, "But then, neither are Marines." He counters with a light smirk.

Adele resists her urge to take Zaharis' arm all debutante-style, and merely makes her way solo to the bar, the blush receding back into her fair complexion once more. Sliding back into the bar stool she occupied earlier, she folds her hands in her lap and waits for Zaharis to join her.

Rhea has finished her second rum by now, and seems to feel she's hit her limit. She offers a hasty good-bye to Greje. Not /exactly/ rude but, again, rather abrupt with the chaplain. Then she heads to the bar to settle up her bill and return her empty glass.

Rheas bill is a thank you for attending the party. Drinks were apparently covered.

Zaharis is trailed by smoke as he gets up the bar, resting his arms down on the counter by where Adele's sitting. "Rhea," he calls over as he spots the engineer trying to run away. "Leaving so soon?"

D'Artanion moves across the dance floor with Reed, her laughter a soft counterpoint to the music, "Mmmhmm. That is what I keep hearing. I have not decided whether it is true or not." The smirk is noted and a blush returns to her cheeks, though with her coloration, it is hard to hide such things. "What about the Navy? Are you saying that they are mellow by comparrason? Or just domesticated?"

Reed grins as he turns with her across the floor, closer to the bar, "I wouldn't say Mellow, or domesticated." A turn, spin out, recall back, and drawing her to him in a pass, pressed to him, and at the completion of the turn, stepping back to one side, so they finish side by side as the music ends, "Just smooth." He finishes as he steps from her, the dance apparently concluded. "Now, how about that drink?"

Adele turns her head to regard Rhea, watching the woman prepare to depart as Zaharis calls attention to this matter. She offers a smile, reaching out to take her second glass of gin and tonic for the night as it is presented to her.
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Rhea takes her eyepatch off, apparently having enough of the wonky depth perception. She blinks at the sound of her name, looking up at Zaharis. She's not about let him spoil her escape. "My limit's a little lower than yours, Jesse. Besides, I think I've had enough festivities for one night." She returns Adele's smile. "See that he makes it home, will you, Doctor?" And she's off.

The grin is note as she follows Reed's lead. The spin out, then back, flares the skirt a bit more than before, allowing a flicker of fishnet clad calf and then she is pressed against Reed at the turn's ending. Looking up at him, she lifts a brow, but her smile remains, "I see. No rough edges, then?" When the dance comes to an end and the dancers end side by side, she inhales deeply, and lowers in a near curtsy. "Thank you for the dance. And, yes please on the drink." She moistens her lips with the tip of her tongue and stifles a chuckle, "Whiskey, please. Neat." So much for pretending to be a lady.

Reed reaches behind himself, pulling out the lightning bolt, looking at it, "Behave." He admonishes the toy and puts it back in his belt on the side, smirking to Dart and bowing, "And thank you." He heads to the bar, "Ambrosia and whiskey, neat." He orders, looking down the bar to see how people are doing.

"Oh, fiiiiine." Zaharis makes a point of blowing smoke at Rhea, though he's far enough that none of it actually reaches her. "See you on duty." He smirks, motionining to the bartender for a refill of his whiskey. Might be his third. Or fourth. He looks up at Adele's head and those ears again, then at her drink, then around at how low-key the party's gotten with the late hour. "Not used to being one of the last out, are you." He asks Adele with a slight smirk.

Adele takes a delicate sip of her drink before answering that, the ice clinking out a pleasant little tune as she sets down the glass and regards Zaharis thoughtfully. "Well, no," she admits readily enough, readjusting her cat ears as his attention strays to them. "Not the last one at a bar, at least. I've been the last one at the lab plenty of times." There's a note of pride to her voice as she says this, until it dawns on her how uncool, even sad, this fact might seem to others. "I suppose this is nothing new to you, though." She gestures around the Taproom and the thinning number of revelers.

D'Artanion lifts a brow as Reed reaches for his lightning and speaks to it so sharply, "Did it need a reprimand or a reminder?" She looks over to see Rhea leaving and waves after the woman, "Good night!" Her gaze follows the pirate out, though she does not speak to further delay the woman's leaving. Her attention turns back to the bar and she claims a stool, "Thank you." To the bartender or to Reed. Hard to say. Accepting the drink, she turns a bit to look over those who remain. She smiles at Zaharis and Adele, then nods to one or two others.

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Reed smiles as he moves onto the stool next to Dart, and leaves his Ambrosia glass where it is, no that he's had more than a sip the whole party. Looking down to Zaharis and Adele, he smiles at them. "And here I thought cats normally go for liver, not lung."

"Well…yes. Been a decade since I had to take the early duty shift," Zaharis grins. He sets his cigarette on the tray and picks up his drink. Raising it slightly towards D'art and Reed, he then looks back at Adele, leaning forward to ask her in a teasing voice, "But it's fun, isn't it." He straightens and smirks down at Reed. "Have to ask the lady, I'm no expert on cats."

"I'm having a surprisingly good time," Adele replies honestly, taking another sip from her clear glass. To Reed, she chuckles, the sound less subdued than usual thanks to the liquid she is imbibing. "We cats have a sixth sense about these things. I predict that next year, in another show of irreverence and irony, Jesse will come as his own liver, which is probably in a similar condition to his lungs." She gestures to his hand as it trades out cigarette for alcohol. "I have a plan!" She holds one finger in the air exuberantly. Yes, still a lightweight.

Reed quirks a brow, and nods. It's almost like he can see little cartoon bubbles coming off Adeles head and popping gently, "I can see him doing that, really." He smirks, looking to the CMO, "she's got you there."

"One cannot claim to have gone through an enjoyable life," Zaharis declares with some spirit in his voice. "Without having some sort of multisystemic damage to show for it." He knocks back a bit more whiskey for punctuation, then squints a little at Adele's last announcement. "Oh shit."

Adele keeps her finger there, while her other hand goes for the glass and brings it to her lips once more, for quite a liberal slip. "What? It's a good plan. I get an in with the lung, then I can have my way with the liver." What?

Reed nods to Adele, "Sounds like a fantastic plan, Adele." He looks to Zaharis, "she'll get you, one organ at a time."

Zaharis is squinting slightly at Adele, his finger tapping the rim of his whiskey glass. "Not only can she dance the night away, she can -metasticize-. I am impressed."

Adele drains the rest of her drink, clinking the glass back down onto the bar as she gives Zaharis a wave of her finger. "Better me than cancer!" she exclaims, brushing a lock of hair from her face and smudging one of her eyeliner-created whiskers in the process. "But that's about the shittiest argument I could make for myself. Better than cancer?" She looks momentarily shocked by her own language, then lets go of a laugh that verges on a giggle.

Reed smirks, "Metastasic Adele. I kind of like that, she gets into your bloodstream. He chuckles, "I don't think you need to make arguments for yourself, Adele. You're easiely justifiable on your own." He looks to Zaharis, smirking. "Don't you think, Doctor?"

Zaharis bursts into laughter at her drunken swearing. "At least it's an argument we can agree with." Still snickering, he glances at Reed and rolls a shoulder, stretching it tiredly. "Easily justifiable. I'll say. And dear gods, it has been forever since a woman made me feel old, but I think she may just beat me out for longest-lived barfly of the night."

As the others talk, D'Artanion lifts her glass, first in answer to Zaharis', then just in quiet comeraderie. The level in the glass goes down fairly steadily, though she does not show quite the same symptoms as Adele. Besides, though it is the third whiskey she has ordered, it is the first she has had time to actually consume.

"You're going?" Adele can't even begin to hide her disappointment in her current state - her armor of subdued expression having dissipated after her first drink. "I don't think I could live with myself if I won that title. I should… get back to my bunk." If cardstock cat ears could droop, they would be doing so now.

Reed smiles to Zaharis, "In that case, Doctor, if you're intent on leaving, would you be kind enough to take Miss Kitty here back to her bunk? To ensure she doesn't fall asleep behind someones couch somewhere?"

"Determined to keep the title for yourself, huh?" Zaharis claps a hand on Reed's shoulder, then picks up his glass and finishes off the good swallow of whiskey left over. "I can't deprive a man of his goals in life, it's just not in me." Unlike with Adele it's tough to tell how drunk he really may be. "Come on, Better Than A Carcinoma. The road is long, but you can do it."

D'Artanion looks over as the lung and kitty make plans to depart. She lowers the glass, her gaze flickering over the area. "Didn't realize that we were the only ones left." Lifting the glass, she downs the rest in a rather unladylike swallow and sets the glass gently on the bar. Drawing in a breath, she sighs and then smiles at the others, "I had best get going too, I suppose."

Reed looks to Dart, and nods, "If you like." He looks past her, "Want to take any of that food back to Genny to the Marines? They're going to start packing it up soon for reheating or likely to go to the cafeteria for round the clock snacking that's unusually upper crust."

Adele sliiides off the stool, landing quite soundly on her feet, thank-you-very-much. "I'm better than cirrhosis, too!" she exclaims through a grin, steadying herself with a hand on the bar as she prepares to head towards the contractors' quarters.

"Night Major. Sarge. Don't stay up too late." Zaharis calls to the two at the bar before vanishing. The lung has left the building.
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D'Artanion pauses, her gaze flickering from Reed to the buffett. After a moment, she nods, "If it isn't any trouble, I'd like that. I know they'd be appreciative." So, she settles back on the barstool, her hands shifting from the bar to clasp in her lap, "I'll bring a box up to sickbay too. The docs up there've been nice enough to let me snack while I was there. Might's well return the favor." She smiles at Reed, "If there's enough and I'd not be depriving anyone of anything." Her smile flickers to Adele and she untwines her fingers long enough to wave a bit, "See you, Miss. Kitty. Be careful walking home. Night, Doc."
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Reed smiles to the pair leaving, "I won't be surprised if she plants a big sloppy wet one on him." He looks to the bartender, "Two food boxes for the lady, large ones, then clear the buffet." He nods, turning to Dart, "Not at all. Feel free to take your fill of the food. you can make them realize what they missed and maybe next time the turnout will be even better."

D'Artanion chuckles, "No bet there, actually." The smile turns a hair lopsided and edges toward laughter, "I kinda hope so. It wold be good for him." She winks, then mimics a stuffed shirt, "In my professional opinion…" She turns to the bartender, "Thanks, by the way." Looking back, she nods, "I hope so. Wouldn't be surprised. I am a little surprised that it wasn't better… All leave's been canceled until Friday at least. After tonight, that is. So, we won't get to come down and enjoy your company for a while."

Reed smirks, "A pity. I guess I won't be startling you in the viewing deck anymore, then." He takes a sip from his glass. "But I think it will be better for her, in the long run. To lose her composure, loosen up and see that afterwards, the world hasn't fallen apart and no one around her thinks any less of her."

D'Artanion blushes, her gaze dropping like a stone to her clasped hands, "Yeah, well. I'm sure you'll find other folk to startle." Looking up a bit, the lopsided smile returns, "Or, they'll find your refuge and then it'll be all over. Startlement here, startlement there… Everywhere little squeeks of startlement. I don't envy you at all." By the time she finishes speaking, the blush has toned down a little, though the light of amusement is higher.

Reed chuckles, shrugging, "Maybe." He looks as the bartender brings two empty boxes for food over. "Well, I think if you pack like a Marine, this should hold enough food for enough marines to get a taste of the good life. and the other box should keep the doctors happy for a bit."

D'Artanion rises as the boxes are brought over. She accepts them, "Thanks. I'll be sure to let 'em know where it came from. They'll be grateful, even if they don't remember to say so." Rising from the stool, she begins to walk over toward the table. Looking back, she adds, "Thanks for the dance, by the way. That was a lot of fun." Reaching the table, she sets the boxes up, opened, and begins to pack. It looks as though she is packing an equal amount of things into each box, but never taking all of anything. For a moment or so, her attention remains on the food layed out, though she seems acutely aware of her surroundings. The party is over and inattention is not acceptable. Of course, this is not a seemingly empty observation lounge either.

Reed sets down the glass and moves with her to the buffet, "It was a lot of fun. It's the first time I've danced since.. well taking command I suppose." He sighs, looking at her, then glancing over the food she's collecting. "I guess you'll be pretty popular till the food's gone." He smirks a little.

D'Artanion slips a glance your way and pauses for a moment in her packing. "I used to dance a lot. But, it's been a while for me as well." Slowly, her attention returns to the boxes and she shrugs, "Oh… I dunno. Maybe. It's more likely that you will be." A quick grin and a wink and she continues packing. Finally, she finishes and closes the two boxes, then rests her hands on the table for a moment.

Reed asks, out of the relative blue. "I understand you're going through the process to become a full Doctor?"

D'Artanion blinks a couple of times, as that is out of the blue, "Uh. Yes." Turning, she rests a hip against the buffet table, one hand still flat on the table's top, "I am. I'm close." More softly, "It's something I want to do. I've only two more classes…" Her head tilts slightly and her smile is a little lopsided, "How'd you know?"

Reed reaches to his belt, on the side, "Divine power." A peal of thunder rolls out briefly, then fades, "you should go for it. Being a Doctor of medicine does qualify you for a comission and becoming an officer."

D'Artanion laughs softly, "Oh, right… Right. I forgot. Sorry. All seeing and all knowing and shit." Sounds incongruous coming from someone dressed that way, perhaps. Her gaze drops to the lightning bolt, then lifts again, "Yeah, I know. But, that's not why I want t' do it." The smile fades a little and she lets her gaze soften a little, "I can do more to help the men and women on the field if I'm a full doc. As it is?" Her tone lowers, as though she is about to impart a great secret, "I'm good at what I do. But, if I have to order meds? Can't do it under normal conditions. Gotta get a full doc to check everything I do in sickbay. It's annoying to me an' wastes their time. So, I change bandages and do what I can." She pauses, wondering suddenly if the drink hit her harder than she expected. "Uh. Sorry…" Finally, her smile turns a hair sheepish, "I tend t' get carried away."

Reed shakes his head, "No, it's good. And they're all valid reasons. I'm not that familiar with Marine medical stations, but I do believe that with all that freedom to order the meds, and the like comes a commission and being an officer." He nods, "That could be a good thing for you." He is looking off into the distance, then blinks and looks to her. "I hope it goes that way."

D'Artanion nods, "You're probably right. I've not looked into it, t'tell the truth. But, thanks." She does note thet middle distance gaze and her smile eases a bit, "You okay? Want me to grab the boxes and scoot?" There is concern in her tone now, and in her gaze. The hip shifts from the table and she reaches for the boxes, "Manny wanted you to dance with her, you know." She watches you for a moment over her shoulder, then looks back, "She's got a funny way've showing it, but… She did."

Reed nods, "Yes, I'm fine, thank you." He blinks, then looks to Dart. "I'm pretty sure she wanted to dance. With me, or just with someone. Still, I'm pleased with how the party turned out." He looks to the Bartender, nodding and lifting a finger making a little circle in the air, the common go ahead signal, and the staff starts striking the setup. He then looks back to Dart. "Do me a favor, though."

D'Artanion nods and her smile returns, "Okay, then. Welcome. And, yeah, it was a good party." Her gaze flashes from you to where Manny was, then to the bartender and back again. She blinks a couple of times, her hands lifting from the strings on top of the boxes, "Maybe. Depends on what the favor is." Her attention is then fully on you, eyes as sharp and alert as ever. "You can ask…"

Reed nods, pointing to her, finger waggling, "Take care of that dress, and keep it in wearable condition for later." He smirks.

So not what she expected to hear. The blush returns to slowly crimson her cheeks. "Uh." Looking down, she surveys the dress as though looking for flaws. Looking back up again she licks her lips slowly, then nods, "That I can do." Finally, she lifts the boxes, the strings starkly white against the black gloves she wears. "And here I thought you were going to ask something hard."

Reed shrugs with a smirk. "Not all assignments from Mount Olympus are heroic challenges they write epic poems about." He chuckles. "I'll see you later, I suppose. Have a good rest of the evening, feeding the Marines."

D'Artanion laughs again, the sound softer than usual, "I'll keep that in mind." Lifting one hand, she does not salute, but does indicate an intent along those lines. "Good night, Zeus. Sleep well when you get there." Turning, she walks across the room to the door, then leans back against it to open it. Another half wave and the Marine slips out into the hallway.

Reed waves in parting to Dart, and turns to the bartender to go over the last details.

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