No Compromise
No Compromise
Summary: Regas speaks with the XO and Hera CO.
Date: 84 ACH - 02/05/09
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Commanding Officers Quarters Genesis - Deck 11
84 ACH 23817 Souls

The CO's quarters are rather expansive. A large desk, small seating area, head and sleeping quarters are kept neat and tidy.


The Commander is at his desk, most of the folders have been cleared off because he shipped half to the XO's office. His new Aide seems to be keeping up also. In front of him, he still has a small stack and he is flipping through them.

The hatchway opens to the CO's quarters and Salin is slipping within, a small attache folder craddled within his left hand. There's a polite nod of his head and he's moving towards one of the vacant chairs, "Commander."

Reed enters once he passes the guard. He's holding a clipboard in one hand and has come in response to the summons put out. Moving in behind Salin he comes to and salutes, "Sirs."

Regas passes off the salute with a wave of his hand to another chair, "I wanted to see both of you. One because the XO and the Hera CO, should have some say in what I'm about to do. Secondly, because I despise drinking alone." There is coffee set up already, two mugs on the desk for each of them. No fancy pastries though. "Gentlemen, I've been going over the Education center idea from Major Zimmermann. I've signed off on it. So if the Hera can offer some crew to help get this going faster, I'd appreciate it." He lays that folder aside.

There's a look over his shoulder and Salin is offering a quick nod to Reed before claiming his seat. Then, that mug of prepared coffee is prepared and he's pulling it back far enough to rest the mug lightly against his knee, "Glad to see that this particular project is getting off the ground and coming to fruition."

Reed drops salute and moves to the indicated chair, nodding. "We'll render any assistance that we can." He flips up a few papers on his clipboard and makes a few notes about getting help to the educational project.

"That's the easy part," Regas picks up another folder and drops it on the desk, then one more right behind it. "Ensign Ramiro and PFC Lex. They've asked to get married, which is good. They are also in the Marines, which is bad. We keep couples apart in areas due to the conflict." He looks to Salin, "You can do it or I can, but Major Gaelan needs to make sure there is no conflict. If he has to move one of them to another area, that is what he'll have to do."

There's another nod of Salin's head and he's lifting the mug to his lips, taking a small sip of the coffee before lowering it back down, "I'll get with Major Gaelan and see that there is no conflict. There's enough separate commands within the Marines that it should be easy enough to prevent any conflicting situations."

Reed finishes his note and sets his pen on the clipboard, leaning forward to take the cup in front of him and takes a sip. He doesn't kick in with anything about the Marines mating practice.

Regas drops two more folders, "The same problem with Lt. Craven and Gunnery Sergeant D'Artanion, she works in Sickbay. I don't need their professionalism being moved because one or the other is nearby. It's not that I don't trust my junior Officers, but when it comes to caring about someone, there are always points of contention. I'll speak to Major Zaharis on this, but the Gunny, may have to go back to Marine Country and just do her duty when in battle."

Salin's giving a nod of his head as he settles back in his seat. When Regas' lays claim to that issue, there's a shuffle of his folder, enough so that it can be opened and the pen claimed from within. Then, there's two quick notations and he's looking back to Regas.

Reed nods to the concern, flipping up a few more papers and making another notation, thinking, before looking back to Regas.

The Commander lets out a breath, glancing to Salin, "I'll also need you to find out if Lt. Sloan can do her job. It seems to me that her condition and the consistent hovering of the child's father, is causing a problem. If she is unable to keep it separate, she'll have to be mustered out and sent to the Carina. I need a psyche, not a problem in sickbay."

That brings a lift to Salin's brow and he's giving a slow nod of his head, "Understood. I'll see what the issue is. It may be as simple as baring the father from sickbay unless he's injured. I'll speak her to and Major Zaharis about this."

Reed nods, glancing to Salin, seems the XOs plan of action seems reasonable enough to not prompt any input from him.

Regas nods slowly and leans back now, "I don't see any other issues of couples at the moment. However, I can't afford to have my frontline people coming up pregnant. We are still at War, even if sometimes they forget that. In war, we make sacrifices and sometimes we don't enjoy it, but they have to be made. Same with the Hera. Her gunnery, anyone she is training. So…," and he pauses for that dramatic coffee sip. "I'm using your JAG mind here, before you decide to come at me with the law books. Pregnant front-liners will be mustered out and we will start scripting civilians in to be trained." He has a list of the losses already in front of him. Ships and people.

Listening, Salin's giving yet another nod of his head, though his brow remains ever so slightly arched, "Alright. There is no concern with the mustering out. That's well within the regulations from frontline personal." His own cup is lifted back to his lips, "Scripting Civilians is a touch more difficult, but it's a viable method. I'll get you the necessary details on it."

Regas was expecting a fight! When he doesn't get one, he is watching the XO. Maybe he's the cylonz! The Commander shifts his gaze over to the Hera CO. "Your input on it?"

Reed nods, "A touch more difficult, but not impossible. Training of new personnel and the like will require appointment of Training Officers to see it's done properly." He considers. "Making the standard assumption that those mustered out will be allowed to return once their medical condition allows it, after birth. the trick is to go about this without pulling a Pegasus on the civilians, I believe." He shrugs, "I haven't dealt with the Civilian populace myself. Offering enlistment opportunities should bring in some." He ponders for the moment.

Regas gives a slow nod, "Yes, we'll keep the actual scripting to the back burner, I'd prefer those that want to join up. They will be given the opportunity to come back when they have given birth and setup someone to take care of the child. I don't need a mother running off into cylon bullets and leaving a crying baby at home." He frowns heavily on that thought.

Reed nods, "Perhaps including an addendum to the educational system, for war orphans. I can see that filling out nicely. People have lost children as well and some should be willing to look after other children." He shrugs a shoulder, seems to make sense.

Regas nods, "Good idea. See what you can do with that, when you meet up with Rhea again." His coffee is picked up again, "I figure some of this is going to cause an uproar, but, they joined the military. Some expected to get out in a couple years, I don't see that happening until the Cylons are tired of trying to kill us. Even if that happens in the future, which I doubt."

Reed nods, making a few more notes, "Aye, sir." He says then considers, "I'm not sure if there's any legal snags in this, but that will become apparent as it's hammered out." He thinks for a moment.

Salin's taking to think this through for a moment and he's giving his head a slight shake before adding in, "Shouldn't be any legal snags with the mustering. All standard contracts include a clause about conduct during a theatre of war. Pregnancy is one of those listed. Allowing them an 'out', with an option to return is more then acceptable." A pause, "Scripting probably won't be necessary. I imagine we'll be able to find some eager minded volunteer's amongst the crew if we were to look hard enough."

"That is what we have the XO for," Regas turns up a smile, "That's all I have on it, but it should be enough to fill your plates. Salin, you can get the memo out on the frontliners and see how many come to beat on your door. But this one sticks, there are no compromises right now." He looks to both to see if there is anything else.

There's a quick smirk and Salin is giving a nod of his head, "I'll pass along a memo to all Department Heads as well as a general bulletin to the crew on the issue of pregnancy. Shouldn't be much chaos in response to it." A pause, "That's all that I have."

Reed nods, making a few notes, "Numbers should be low on volunteers, like it or not, we are going to be under the shadow of not only the Pegasus, but Gars. Still, as long as we can keep any more disasters from happening, I imagine they'll come around." He finishes that comment, then, "The Map is up and functioning on the Hera. We're ready to install a copy in Genesis Astrogation as soon as the word is given, then plotting a route and making plans for such can begin." He looks between the senior officers, "I've generally noticed that using a Situation room systems are easier for Map displays and plotting, due to the large amount of information such systems are used to display."

"The Gars incident is past. He's going to be punished per the law and we'll put it behind us. I'd like you to attend this Civilian meeting also, Reed." Regas tells the Hera CO. "Having some of my people over there will get a feel of the main population."

"We'll get through this Gars incident, one way or another." Salin offers before giving a nod. Then, he's turning his attention towards Reed, offering a quick smile, "I'll get you up-to-speed on what this meeting will consist of, once I've met with a couple of those who've called for it. The jist of it, though, is that they believe it's time to look into forming an interim civilian government."

Reed nods, "Interim Government will help with just about everything in defining interaction with the Civilians." He considers, "We'll see what comes of the meeting. Military presence to show support would be a good idea, though a face or two from the Flag ship would make a stronger impression."

Regas rises up, "All right, gentlemen, thank you for coming."

There's a quick nod to Reed and Slain offers a soft chuckle, "I'll actually be there, Carter. Been given permission from the Commander to help them through forming a government up to the Governor level." His folder is closed and placed back under his arm as he begins to rise, there's a quick salute to Regas, "Expect that memo to be sent out in the next couple of hours, Commander. So if you want to make yourself 'unavailable', they can come bang on my door for a bit."

Reed flips down the papers on his clipboard, and nods, "Aye sir. I'll have an instillation team over here loading the Map into ship systems, ASAP." He nods to Salin, "Excellent." He says, preparing to rise.

A light chuckle to Salin, and then a nod to Reed. "I'll find myself buried under a pile of paperwork again. And make sure the guards outside know to point them across the hall." Regas replies. He then returns any salutes to the Officers and sits back down at his desk.

"Very good." And with that, Salin is offering another quick nod of his head to Reed before he's making his way towards the hatch and then through, no doubt going as far as across the hall.

Reed rises, gives salute, has it returned and starts out to leave Regas to build a defensive fort out of paperwork.

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