No Feast For Dogs And Birds
No Feast For Dogs and Birds
Summary: Burial. Just in case.
Date: 24 ACH
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Corridor 11A Genesis - Deck 11
24 ACH 6735 Souls

This corridor runs Fore and Aft, or front and back. The corridors curve with the ship structure and are low-lit with halogen. Crew and personnel of the Genesis move along on their daily routes and duties around the ship.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-
Contents: Greje Ramiro Reed Wireless 1162

Exits: [F] CIC [A] Corridor
[ST] Stairwell

Reed is walking toward the stairwell away from Ramiro. He's finished with the Corporal

Heading down the hallway back towards the stairwell, Ramiro is just about to enter it with a folder in his hand and a black case about the size of a disc-wallet under his arm.

Greje is heading toward the stairs, herself, finally having locked up the offices.

"Dane?" she calls, spotting the back of a familiar head.

Having just stepped into the stairwell, Ramiro turns and looks out towards Greje. "Lieutenant." He replies, standing to the side to avoid being in the way of people passing by. The proximity of the CIC may be responsible for using her rank. He waits for her.

Greje hurries along, joining him, glancing toward the CIC briefly at the use of her title, as if looking for whoever might be spying on them. But she smiles brightly, turning her attention back to Dane, "Going my way?" she tips her head upward to indicate the chapel above.

"Yes, actually, I was just heading towards the chapel. My final stop before I go away on business for a while." Ramiro replies, walking alongside her on their way to the chapel.

Greje's smile grows more subdued, but stays warm and confident, her entire countenance reading that she knows Ramiro will do well. She slips into the stairwell, "You'll do great, Dane," she tells him earnestly. "How are you feeling about it?" she asks.

"Confident." Ramiro replies, walking with a stoic demeanor down the stairs beside her. "I've been given everything I need from multiple sources including you. Next step is to set the stage and take it from there." He says with the guarded mystery of information that he can't elaborate on. "How was your lunch yesterday?"

Greje's confidence has no reason to falter, her good cheer unwavering. Knowing better than to press for information she's not cleared to know, she simply heads up the stairs, "It was perfect. Stayed right where it was meant to be. Your magic is most efficacious," she tells him, tone briefly solemn at the pronouncement, though the sly smile gives lie to the little joke.

"Best to start from a position of victory then." Ramiro replies, stepping out onto the deck with her, turning the corner and heading down towards the Chapel. The normally bright-eyed soldier's demeanor is quite more statuesque. He pulls some paper out of his folder and hands it to her. "I stayed up a little later last night and put down as much as I could about Old Gemenese. This should act as a cypher." He adds.

Greje looks over the paper, eyes energetically scouring the information from the page, unable to stay on any one bit of information for more than a split second, but immediately seeing a few sigils she'd been puzzling over for quite a while. "This will help— immensely. Thank you, Dane. When you come back, we ought to meet and discuss the inscriptions. What the Cylon centurion has to do with the rest of it…" she looks up suddenly, "And the Pythian responses. I'd very much enjoy having someone to brainstorm with about those. See if we can glean anything from the riddles."

Ramiro smiles, a crack in the marble. He continues to walk alongside her in silence down the corridor, looking up towards the junction. "The next time we'll meet, we'll speak in length about all of that." He adds, failing to insert when that will be. "But in the meantime I thought that you should have those, so that work on getting the knowledge from there might go a bit smoother." He looks to her. "…and learn from my mistakes. Watch your step." He says with a smirk.

Greje nods enthusiastically, "I'll be on it. Hopefully by the time you get back we'll have something solid to go on." She laughs aloud at the smirk and comment, "Oh, don't worry, I won't be heading down there again until the Marines have cleared the place for the footsteps of the unwary."

"Good…good." He says in reflection as they reach the corner. Turning, he slides the folder into his left hand, as if preparing to open the door when they reach it. "I imagine that won't be too far long from now that you'll be cleared to go back down there." He opens the door in a gentlemanly manner, motioning. "After you."

Greje lowers her head in a grateful gesture, then keeps it lowered in respect for the altar as she crosses the threshold, then standing up straight and heading down the aisle stairs toward the altar, approaching it with the formulaic words, "May we approach this place with purity of spirit, excellence of heart, strength of limb and rightness of action." She looks over the altar for new offerings which need sanctifying, but, finding none, she turns, her good cheer converted into a priestly serenity from the moment she stepped over the threshold, and now visible in full force to Dane as she lifts a hand with fingers slightly bent to beckon him to the altar.

Stopping near the back, Ramiro lifts his eyes to her and her beckoning. Slowly stepping across the floor with an unwavering gaze on her, he lowers himself slowly to his knees before the altar. Watching her with his hawklike eyes, he remains silent but manages to set his things on the floor behind him.

Greje brings her hand briefly to Dane's cheek, looking into his eyes, her tone not quite prayer, yet, when she speaks. "This incense burns at Apollo's idol in your name. And it will be kept burning for you as long as you're away, as a pledge for your safe return." She closes her eyes, "Delian Lord, whose greatness is the bow, whose greatness is his reverence for his father, Zeus, Lord of Lords, whose greatness is by the singing fountain to tell the fates of men both good and bad, be here, be with us, look favorably upon this pledge, do not accept this gift in vain, but make Dane's mind a clear and keen instrument of your wisdom, make his limbs swift, strong messengers of your will, make his heart adamant against fear and doubt. And bring him back to us in triumph, or send your swift-footed messenger, Lord of the Caduceus, who leads souls on the march, to deliver him in safety to the islands of the blessed, the heroes who have served the Lords and gained glory in this life."

Closing his eyes only a few seconds as she does, he keeps his head tilted towards her as she issues the blessing. His breathing slows as he burns every last word spoken into his memory, opening his mind and body to the will of the Lords of Kobol. The stoic demeanor shifts to that of reflection. Letting the surroudings fade from his mind for the moment, he lets out a slow, calming breath to internally pray.

Greje lowers herself briefly, herself, long enough to free her other hand, setting the cipher up against the base of the altar, then rising again to press a thumb into the ashes of the burning incense and to smudge it across his forehead in a symbolic laying-on-of-earth. Burial rites writ small. "May the dogs and birds not come near him to tear his flesh, but keep him in your hands, Delian, keep him pure and unspoiled and ease his passage, if it is divine will that he give his life on this mission. So say we all."

"So say we all." Dane replies, opening his eyes slowly. As if in response from the divine, his watch beeps. Countdown has started. He raises his eyes to her across from the altar. He looks to her with his hands in his laps, lost for words.

Greje does seem to hear Apollo's voice in the beep of the watch, and she lowers her head in a serene and confident nod. "Rise, dear one. The God is calling you," she encourages him, then, stepping forward when he stands, she leans close and gives him a chaste kiss on the cheek, whispering, "Good luck," near to his ear in a somewhat more secular voice.

Rising in front of her with his belongings, Ramiro smiles softly at the kiss on his cheek. "Thank you." He whispers with the same voice he probably used towards his parents before leaving for the military. Leaning forward to rest his forehead on hers for a moment, he reaches up and squeezes her shoulder before suddenly turning and striding towards the door without another word.

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