No Sex in the Champagne Room
No Sex in the Champagne Room
Summary: Tais discusses petri dishes with Reighner.
Date: 120 ACH
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Naval Officer Berthings Genesis - Deck 12
121 ACH 23777 Souls

Naval Officer berthings are setup with bunks on either side of the area. Each bunk holds two Officers and lockers are between the bunks for their personal items. A table sits in the center of the room with six chairs around it for use in recreation or studying. There is also a shower and changing room off this area.
----< Condition Three - Duty Area >----—-

Tais shoulders open the hatch, pausing to remove her Colonial issue shoes, briefly hopping on one foot as the leather catches on the end of her foot. "Frak me running." She tosses the offending object near to her locker, stumping over with one shoe off, the other on towards her bunk.

Reighner is sitting at the table, rubbing his chin and reading a case file. He looks up when Tais enters. He arches an eyebrow, amused.

Tais stops in her forward motion, seeing the doctor, though just noticing his presence. Two soft crests of color appear on her cheeks and she meekly moves to retrieve her shoe. A murmured greeting of his name notes her embarrassment at being caught out in her temporary hissy fit.

"Bad operation?" Reighner asks.

Tais picks up the shoe, holding it to her breast as she scurries over to the locker. Opening it, she stands on her now bare foot to remove the other, placing them both inside. Next comes her uniform top and then the trousers, each stuffed into the duffle bag for cleaning, leaving her in the regulation tanks and boys boxers, "It's not even that, Matt. I'm having a…" what to call it? "A woman's moment. I want meat. I want excess, I want…" she pulls her dog tags from her tank, the sound jarring in the silence of the large room, "A reason to dress up." She tosses a glower of self-loathing over her shoulder as she steps into her sweats, to grumble, "Woman issues."

Reighner makes an mm sound. "That's damn brave to say," he says, looking back down at the folder.

Tais closes her locker and turns to lean her back against it. "That I categorized it as something female related?" A smile lightens the dour expression on her face as she slips into a chair across from him, her arms fitting around her knees which are now cradled to her breasts.

Reighner nods a few times. "Especially for a surgeon." His arms are folded in front of him, his shoulders hunched. "You know, meat and potatoes, testosterone dripping out of pores." He cants his head slightly. "Even the women."

Tais murmurs, a languid finger tracing something carved into the surface of the table, "Wishing testosterone were dripping out of pores." Realizing she voiced that aloud, her head lifts guiltily, a fresh rush of color enhancing her skin. "And…how are you, Matt?" Yes, a change of subject and its accompanying deflection to another is definitely in order.

"I'm fine," Reighner answers generically. He throws it right back. "Trouble on the home front, hmm?"

You say, "I wish there /was/ a home front, Matt." Her smile is ephemeral, "It would give me a baseline to go by."

Reighner drums his fingers on the table. "Well, there's not many options in the department."

Another smile, this accompanied by a dry chuckle, "No. Not that I am prowling…just…curious, I suppose what it would be like to have.." she languishes lamely, "That."

Reighner lifts his eyebrows and leans back slightly. "Surely you've had that before."

Tais's skin heats to an uncomfortable level as her eyes fall to train upon the table. "I may have had a child, Matt. It doesn't mean I had intercourse to achieve the feat."

Reighner's back hits the chair, and he grips the edge of the table loosely by his fingers. He seems immensely shocked, and his expression conveys it, eyes widened, mouth puckered. He doesn't say anything.

Tais's head lifts from the silence, a single brow lifting curiously, "Really, I'm not some freak of nature." And then her eyes become fearful behind the glass frames, "Am I? My mentor wanted a child…a legacy as it were." Her eyes then shift to a more clinical gaze, "Would that be considered a virgin birth?" Her chin fits into her upturned palm as she ponders the question.

Reighner chuckles, amused by the question. He leans forward now, showing interest. "So you weren't romantically involved with this mentor?"

The thought hits Tais as startling, "Oh, my no! He was…He was so far out of reach he was.." she shrugs softly, "Doctor West. He was very," she searches for the word, "Clinical in his views."

Reighner turns his head to the right a notch, but he keeps his eyes on hers. "You agreed to carry somebody's baby that you weren't involved with?"

Tais nods slowly, "It seemed quite plausible, though it wasn't until after the baby died that I learned Simon had introduced a genetic permutation into my egg that only enhanced the very thing he was trying to cure. Amyloidosis."

Reighner's eyebrows hit the ceiling.

Drusilla has connected.

Tais falls silent, her fingers creating a soft tattoo on the tables surface. Only after several moments does she return her eyes to Reighner's face. And then she once more drops her gaze.

Reighner clears his throat. He clasps his hands together. "Okay," he mumbles, looking off to the side. "Okay. That was somewhat of a bombshell."

Tais is seated across the table from Reighner and their discussion is anything but ordinary.

The sound of metal scraping against metal is heard as Drusilla cast back the privacy curtain of her bunk and slided her feet out and about to touch the cool surface of the floor. She stood up and began to make her way toward her locker. Her hair was uncharacteristically mussed, a tell-tale indication that she had just recovered from slumber and was still adusting to her recent awakening.

Tais leans forward, her hands lifting in the similitude of the statue 'Justice' as she measures the two, "So, freak of nature or tragic figure?" A glance to the side as Drusilla rolls from her bunk before her moss green eyes impales Reighner's. "Though it still doesn't remove the fact of the discussion which brought us to this revelation, Matt." She shrugs daintily, "Besides, there is little you see before you that would be cause to instill the slightest devotion in anyone, let alone the opposite sex." She's not fishing for compliments, simply stating antiseptic certitude.

Reighner runs a finger along his lip. He seems terribly interested in what she said before. "I'm sorry, we have to go back. Were you a surrogate, or did you have a role in raising the kid?"

Tais's fingers lace lightly on the table before her, "I suppose I could have been considered a surrogate. And due to the rapid deterioration of Gabriella, she did not leave the ICU."

Drusilla reached a hand up to take care of a few offending locks of her dirty blond hair. This shower was going to feel -so- good. She reached the locker, subsequently opened it. All her personal belongings crowded into one little space. It would have been a depressing thought but Drusilla was never really one to invest herself too strongly in material posessions. Clothes, books, the staples in life, and a few other odds and ends. "Hrmmmmm." She took out her toiletries, preparing for her venture to the showers. "Good morning, Doctor Pomona." Her attention was drawn to her watch. "Afternoon, rather. Captain." A nod was spared to Raighner.

Tais's smile slants towards the JAG, the expression softly at odds with the doctors' conversation. "Save some water for me, please."

Reighner looks over his shoulder. "Captain," he returns, politely. He returns his attention to Tais. "Well, I'm sorry about that, then. You still seem to hold him in high regard."

"For you, Doctor, I do not think it will be a problem." Drusilla said dryly as she swung the locker door closed. "But we seemed to have picked up another three hundred stragglers or so. Criminals, and such. I dare say they'll make their own demands on the water to accompany their bread." The lady lawyer started to continue on her way. She did not mean to get too deeply involved in a private discussion beyond what simply courtesy caused her to engage in her pleasantries. "Salutations until I return."

"He was a brilliant scientist. He simply…overplayed his hand," Tais unlaces her fingers, now splaying them upon the table, taking them in with a dispassionate eye; capable hands, albeit in need of lotion, nails short, a hang nail disconcertingly wishing to be removed from her left index finger. Strong and adept. Nothing out of the ordinary. A nod to the woman and then she is silent.

Reighner glances down at Tais's fingers. He purses his lips and looks up. "I don't know of any professional society that won't eject him on the spot for doing something like that."

Green eyes meet Reighners, "He's dead. Committed suicide when the baby died. He couldn't stand to be thought of as less than brilliant." Another lift of her brow, "And still, I've never had sex."

Again, Reighner doesn't broach the other topic. "What was his name?"

You say, "Doctor Simon West. Sanctuary Med Center on Libris."

Reighner shakes his head a little. He seems more broken up about this than Tais is, but then again, she's had much more time. He takes a deep breath and shuts the folder. "Heavens."

Tais's eyes process the doctor's reaction, understanding the depths of his disconcernment, causing her gaze to dislodge from his face once more. This time, her response is filled with a hint of regret, though nothing near what she went through at the time, "Jesse," she clears her throat, "Dr. Zaharis saved my life after my time as a petri dish. I have set many things to rights after that incident."

Reighner is still for a few moments. He startles into action, pushing the chair with the back of his knee. "I'm sorry, but I have an appointment," he excuses. "I'm sorry for your loss, and for what Dr. West did."

Tais looks up at the sudden flurry of movement, nodding, "Do forgive my forthrightness in discussing it. Other than the CMO, you are the only other I have broached with this most unorthodox tale. You've nothing to apologize for, Doctor. You had nothing to do with his…proclivities. Though thank you for your kindly ear."

"It's okay, you've nothing to be sorry for," Reighner replies politely. He nods. "See you later." Picking up the folder, he nods again, then leaves.

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