Not-Chicken Dinner
Not Chicken Dinner
Summary: Companionable dinner with a side of pucker
Date: 34 ACH
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It's a quiet evening in the quarters Astyoche was given, the woman herself doing her usual bit of reading. She turns the pages every so often, digesting the text thoroughly. Expecting to have a little chat with Charon on any given day gives folks an interest in the disposition of their spirit, it could be said.

Changing of the guard so to speak, there is a light rapping on the hatch as Eli changes places with the MP who /was/ coming. She's been busy lately, so she's…not really been around with all the dealing with Astyoche and such. She's quiet though some, straightening up some.

"Just a moment!" Aky calls to the door, rising from the table and laying her book down carefully so as not to lose her page. She snags the comb on her way to the door, making sure she's presentable before she opens the hatch, easy enough since she generally keeps her hair sorted out on the off chance the verdict comes down. She bows her head, "Hello, Sarge." she offers softly, "How are you?"

Eli looks Asty over and bows her head politely. "Ma'am…I'm fine. I was wondering if you had uh, been to the mess yet? This afternoon?" She looks a bit uncertain. "I mean, how are you? I was wondering if you had been…escorted to go and eat food yet or not."

Astyoche's brow furrows, "No, I haven't, are…" she cants her head a mite, "Are you alright, sarge…?" She steps back and to the side of the door, perhaps an unspoken invitation, though she keeps in sight and out of arm's earch.

"I'm quite alright. Just. With the mess, it really isn't the best of times to eat whatever they have rationed out alone. Then your mind starts playing games with you and the food starts waltzing around your plate or bowl, singing showtunes and making faces at you." Eli waves a hand vaguely. "And then you think you've lost your mind, and aren't sure if you want to /eat/ it or /kill/ it and either way you know…" She/he trails off and coughs, stepping just inside the hatch some looking around curiously before…stepping right back out. "So. It was time for your guards to change out and I offered to…come here and um. Get you for the eating thing." A pause. "With the food."

The answer isn't very reassuring, a glimmer of that truth flashes in her eyes, but she nods, turning to toss her comb toward the table, where it bounce once… and slides off the far side. She sighs, shaking her head, then moves to step outside, "You're not sleeping much, are you, sarge?" she asks gently.

Eli steps to the side carefully before preparing to make her way down the corridor. "I get enough sleep to do my job, ma'am." She assures the woman. "Have you been sleeping well? Everything comfortable and adequate in your quarters?"

Astyoche forces a little smile, "I get as much as can be expected, Sarge. The quarters are great, but.." she shrugs a little, "I have a lot on my mind, you know?" A hand extends to lightly touch the Sheriff's arm, "You should try and get more, Sarge. You and your men are essential to keeping things running, you need to be as best as can be attained." she murmurs softly… assuming Betty doesn't go upside her head, of course.

Eli ahhs softly and nods slowly. "Hopefully, things will get sorted out quickly and painlessly, ma'am." Then she freezes at the touch to her arm, hint of color in her cheeks and she clears her throat. "Thank you. That…means quite a bit. I'll keep that in mind."

Astyoche smiles ruefully and nods, "They'll go as they go, but… thank you." she says quietly, hand returning to her side. She looks to the other MP's a moment, then back to Eli, "After you, Sarge."

Eli leads the way, holding hatches open, all that drama as she makes her way to the Mess Hall, with Astyoche, head bowed and she idly scratches her head once they are there. "Feel free to pick a table, I can go and…get some trays if you like."

Astyoche follows sedately, bowing her head a touch as the doors are held for her. Save one point that she scratches the back of her neck, she keeps her hands more or less in plain sight at all times. She is still a prisoner after all, but, at Eli's offer, she nods, "Alright, thank you…. how about that one on your four o'clock?"

Eli nods firmly. "Go on ahead and settle down then, ma'am." She gestures towards another MP, discreetly, before heading to the line, getting the trays and silverware, and then whatever's on the menu today as she hmms softly to herself, thoughtfully.

Astyoche nods, "Alright, thanks, sarge." she says quietly before stepping over to the aformentioned table and settling in. Again her hands fold atop the table and she waits patiently for Eli to return.

Eli does return eventually, balancing the trays…and she has both water and coffee as options as she sets things down on the table and bows her head. "I wasn't sure which you'd prefer, the coffee or…the water. So." She clears her throat, setting things out carefully. "I got both."

Astyoche smiles ruefully, "Thanks, but water is fine… You all need the caffiene to keep sharp on rotation. I don't." she says thoughtfully. She does look the rations over, "I…. think it's chicken, tonight, how about you?"

Eli sets the water down near Astyoche's tray, settling down herself after a few moments and eyeing her own tray with a tiny prod of the food with a fork. "Maybe. I also think it is best not to think about it. Sometimes, thinking of something you really really like and pretending that's what you're eating instead helps."

Astyoche picks up her utensiles and begins to carve up the foodstuffs into managable blocks, "Maybe." She pops a bite into her mouth, chews for a while and swallows, "It's not chicken." she quips weakly. She looks at the table, considering the universe at large, then, "I should be doing something for this…"

Eli shovels some food into her mouth chewing probably without tasting. It is a gift as she just arches an eyebrow and shakes her head a bit. "…nope." After swallowing. Then she's just watching Astyoche curiously, head cocking to the side. "Something for…food that isn't chicken? Or you talkin' about something else?"
From afar (to Fotilas and Astyoche), Addie snickers.

Astyoche closes her eyes, fork idly nudging bits of the food, "I didn't earn this." she says softly, then sets the utensile down, "If it's down to rations, then…"

"You did earn this. You're a human aren't you? You are a survivor and one of the strongest frakkin' women I've seen in a long time…" Eli takes a sip of coffee and blinks. "You mean, you would want to be uh, working to earn things, is what I'm guessing?"

Astyoche nods, "I need to, Sarge." she says softly. Her eyes open and they seek Eli's, "It ain't right, otherwise." She sighs and looks to her alloted meal, "Feel like I stealing from an orphanage…"

Eli ohs, looking away for a moment before looking back to Astyoche, bowing her head. "Eat. I'll see what I can do." That's all she's going to say about that. Coughing and clearing her throat. "…are you saying we're all like a bunch of kids and babies?" It is a bit of light teasing.

Astyoche only gets a ghost of a smirk on one corner of her lips, but she nods and hesitantly reaches for her fork again. She is quiet for a few, then, a weak attempt at humor, "I used to be a pilot… I know how many babies there are…"

"Well, amongst marines there is an amazing fascination with ti-" Eli quickly cuts herself out, coughing and shoveling more food into her mouth, hiding a smile and shaking her head. "Anyhow…you need any books or…anything like that?"

That actualy gets a snort of humor, and a brief, almost illusory smile before she looks at Eli again, "I bet." She ponders the question, then, "The Colonel told me about the videos from after the attack. He asked if I wanted to see them." Her fork nudges a piece of !chicken and she sighs, "I… didn't think I could handle it at the time. But… I think before I go, I should."

"…the videos about what…happened?" Eli finally asks with a quirk of an eyebrow. "Just…let me know when you want to see them and I'll try to get that set up for you." She sighs softly. "Kinda…hard on the eyes though."

Astyoche reaches out for the sarge's hand, "That reminds me…" A soft squeeze, "I'm… sorry I got up on you that night when you… couldn't tell me about the attack. I was…" A slow shake of her head, no excuses, "I was out of line, you were following orders. Please… forgive me."

Eli's hand stays where it is, the soft squeeze just forcing the MaA to shove more food into her mouth as she chews slowly and swallows, bobbing her head in a small nod. "No…worries. I probably would've understood if you had tried to even punch me in the face honestly…everything and everybody was on edge then and rightly so." She sighs softly. "Besides, I am kinda used to it. Not all prisoners come and go quietly." She winks and then ducks her head sheepishly. "But if you need to hear me say it. You're uh…forgiven? I forgive you?"

Astyoche smiles weakly and bows her head, "Thank you…." Her hand lingers for a moment, then withdraws, "I couldn't do your job… You're a good soul…. putting up with everything you must deal with… especially with everyone under so much pressure."

Eli eyes that hand before taking a quick sip of coffee and looking away. There are no towels to rip thankfully so she just chuckles softly, shaking her head slowly. "Somebody has to do it, ya know? Besides, I get to play with handcuffs and a nightstick all day, some people pay good money for shi-stuff like that." Ahaha…look, another joke.

Astyoche laughs weakly and nods, "Every job has it's perks…" she tries and slowly brings a bite to her mouth. Consuming it, then, "You know… eight years in the service, I never ate with one MP? They always had their little… I dunno, cop-thing… Look at us, now."

Eli smirks and thumbs the side of her nose, resting an arm/elbow on the table, a habit really to have an arm curled around her tray as she eats, like somebody is going to or…might be stealing it. "Officers are kinda like the forbidden zone…we keep to our place, we leave them to theirs. Don't really mix and match very often. Like…" She trails off. "Two different worlds. But heh, look at us now indeed…"

"Yeah, when someone invites you guys to our parties we end up in the brig…." Asty muses thoughtfully before she adds, "Spoilsports." She manages a half grin, then sobers, "But, seriously… you've been great by me, sarge. I mean it."

Eli smirks and nods. "That's us, we spoil all the fun." Then when the conversation is sobered up some she sighs and just replies honestly. "You deserve much better. There was a time…" She trails off. "Well nevermind, just. You're welcome."

Astyoche smiles bleakly, "I know what I deserve, sarge…" she says gently, and another light touch settles on her hand, "But still…" Enough of that, her eyes lower for a moment, then look into her companion's face, "A time for what..?"

"…heh." Eli just shakes her head. "I really don't think you do! But I tend to be a little weird like that." Then she's quiet at the question, closing her eyes for a moment before opening them. "Nothing, really. Just…I have a sister." She leaves it at that before pointing to Astyoche's tray. "You gonna finish that?"

Astyoche closes her eyes and nods. Ouch, "I… know how you feel." she says gently with a squeeze, then, of the other question, "I think I'm done for now, sa-!.." A pause, "Eli."

Eli counter-squeezes that hand with a clearing of her throat. "Good…" She reaches over to drag Asty's tray in front of herself now, working on the left overs with a small smile at the use of her name. "…yep. Still not chicken."

Astyoche smirks, then begins to chuckle, "It's nice to know my tongue still works." she comments offhandedly, then settles onto her elbows, "Wonder what tomorrow's meal won't taste like?"

Eli chokes on her next piece of not-chicken, patting her own chest and turning red. "N-nice to know. Yeah." She blinks. "It probably won't taste like chocolate or a steak…" Cough cough.

"Whoa, easy, Eli, easy!" Asty says as she stands and steps around the table, which ought to really get the other MPs a-twitchin'. A hand rests on her shoulder, and the other reaches for the cup of water, "Here, drink some of this."

Eli just has to /look/ at the other MP, doesn't even say a word as she's recovering and taking water from Asty and coughing some more. "Sorry about that. Some. Not…chicken went down the wrong um, pipe. Thank you." She coughs again and whews.

Astyoche nods, "Phae…" she stops, "Anyway, you're sure you're ok?" She leans a bit to look Eli in the face, "You're not gonna keel over on me, now, are you?" That would suck.

Eli cocks her head to the side to peer at Asty then flash one of those rare little charming smiles, quickly wiping a hand over her own mouth as if wiping the smile away and nodding a little bit. "I'm..fine. Not the first time I've choked on questionable meat products. Probably won't be the last."

Astyoche gets a naughty thought, apparantly, if the wierd little contortions on her face are any indication, though she manages not to break into outright mirth. She coughs as a bit of color washes across her cheekbones, "Stiff upper lip." she manages, and settles back into her seat.

Eli looks vaguely amused at Astyoche's reaction, shaking her head and making short work of the second dish of food in front of her. "Not careful, stiff things get /stuck/ that way you realize…" She counters with a twitch of her lips.

Astyoche does laugh aloud at that, not a hearty bellowing laugh or a schoolgirl's titter, but somehere between them. It lases a few moments, then, as she forces herself to rein in, ahem, "So… " hmmmm, "If it's only military ships left… what are they gonna do about fraternization or kids, or… whatever?"

Eli grins now and has to laugh softly herself, shrugging some. Then she toys with her fork, blinking at the question. "…maybe they are going to try to grow children in test tubes? Or like little plants all in a row…Iunno. For now, they are keeping them on or providing for all the military women, the pill. I haven't heard anything else though, yet."

Astyoche nods, lowering her eyes, "Still on the full fraternization ticket, I guess?" She shakes her head, "You're gonna have some blue motherfrakkers on your hands…"

Eli is quiet for a few moments. "I really…don't have to worry about it too much." She admits honestly before quirking an eyebrow. "Blue…maybe. I'm willin' to bet we'll get multi-colored the way things are going."

Astyoche frowns a bit, "I wasn't thinking…" Asty says gently, reaching out again, "If you…" She pauses, glances around at the decor, "I don't have much in the way of advice, but I can listen…"

Eli blinks. "Hey, no big. I've just got pretty special taste, Also…have tried not to date or do stuff like that when I'm in the military. Concentrate on work…cuz some people ain't as understanding. Besides. There are more important issues going on now."

Astyoche nods thoughtfully, "I can see what you mean." she says gently, then she laces her fingers and goes silent, apparantly reassessing her conversational options. She sighs through her nose and takes a sip of her water.

Eli scratches her cheek and fidgets with her fork, setting it down and arching an eyebrow. "Can you really?" Then she takes a sip of coffee. "I mean…can you see me?" It is a really strange question. She snorts and shakes her head. "So…do you have any hobbies?"

There is a thoughtful look in the woman's eye at the sarge's comments, then, "Not completely… but just a bit." She looks to Eli's eyes, measuring, then, "I can't presume to know what your life is like, Eli. All I have are guesses based on… what little I think I know about you." As to the last, "For hobbies… I used to fly. Dance, sing now and then, though I wasn't any good at it."

Eli maintains eye contact before she just ahhs softly, stacking the trays on top of one another, taking another idly sip of coffee after a few moments. "Yeah…maybe one day." Then she listens to the hobbies, hmming thoughtfully. "Are you good at dancing then?"

"I'm awesome, long as I don't move too much." Asty deadpans, then, "And you?" she sips.

"…can I dance? I…don't uh, usually try that much um. With the MP thing, we don't really dance." Eli offers carefully.

"So… what do you do for fun? You're not on duty all the time, are you?" the former officer asks curiously. Eli did ask first, fair's fair. Sip.

Eli frowns some. "For fun? I don't really have that much time for fun but…I do alot of uh working out. I like to fight. I like to uh…take things apart and put them back together…I like uh. Taking care of women but that really wasn't alot of a thing to do for fun as what I did alot of before I enlisted. Mostly…I just work and then work out."

"Taking care of women?" Asty inquires, setting the cup down and leaning in a little with a cocked eyebrow, "Helping women who were sick, or…?" she trails off. This could be another mine, so she's treading somewhat carefully.

"…what is the politically correct way to tell a woman you enjoyed dating?" Eli has to ask with a soft chuckle, shaking her head and clearing her throat.

Astyoche shrugs it off, "Dating's been my preferred euphamism." is her winked return. She rolls her wrist languidly as she ammends, "Do what makes you happy… if no one gets hurt, who gives a frak?"

"Ahh, okies. I always have to check." She smirks and lifts her cup of coffee in a mock toast. "That's what I've always preferred. The whole, being happy thing. But hah! Alot of people give a frak…but whatev, man, whatev…" She's a bit relaxed for once.

Astyoche shrugs her shoulders, "Some folks need a soft hand and a warm cuddle, others need someone who can line up for a running start, Eli. Sometimes the difference comes down to what day it is…" she says gently. She sips her water again, then, "It's all personal to you."

Seated at a table with Astyoche and the MP (named Mork or something), trays stacked up and nursing a cup of coffee right now, Eli looks more relaxed than most people ever get to see her, ever. She just shrugs and shakes her head. "I guess…" She sighs softly. "The military makes shi-stuff alot easier though."

Ahem, "So, uh…. yeah." Asty starts, "Military keeps it simple." She's not even sure she should ask. Actually, she's sure she shouldn't, but isn't entirely sure she can avoid it.

Eli is over at a table with Asty and Mork the MP, trays stacked up like a meal has been finished and she's still on her feet for some reason, reaching down to pick back up her coffee and pinch the bridge of her nose. "…I may be frakked. But it'll be in a very simple way."

The Commander comes into the mess hall when most everyone is gone. Dinner has long passed and the place is much quieter. Walking over to the end of the line, he meets the Cook who is already heading his way. It's good to be top dog. Taking the plate given to him, he sets it on a tray and then continues on down to get some of the coffee. A glance roams over the area and the few people here.

Astyoche looks at Eli, "Why, what's happened?" she asks with some concern. Despite(because?) all the times Eli had to chain her up, she's gotten pretty fond of the Sarge. She looks around, some but doesn't see anyone pounding deckplates, so for the moment Eli's safe, right?

Eli's ice blue eyes snap over towards the hatch when The Commander enters and she quickly looks back to Astyoche and blinks several times. "…I'm not quite sure, but whatever happens…remember." - Sappy dramatic music - "…It was an honor to chain you up and handcuff and escort you under armed guard, no matter what happens…" She's a bit spooked. Yes. But her facial expression is pretty much blank, voice deadpan.

Having filled his mug with coffee, Regas heads toward a table. The Sheriff is given a longer look, as is the MP with her and then further to the woman sharing their table. Taking up a seat across the aisle from them, he sets his tray down and then follows it up with sitting. If he has noticed the nervous tension, he doesn't let on.

Astyoche frowns a little and starts to rise, "What's the matter, sarge? You sound like you're…" As the man settles in at their table, her eyes flick sidelong to give him a look over and then, abruptly they widen and she goes ramrod, right there. her sweat glands don't start trickling, yet, though.

Micah ambles into the mess hall in search, one presumes, of food. Non sickbay food, to be precise. Which is roughly the same as sickbay food, since all food is eel these days. But let the kid have his delusions. He eases into the queue, spots Regas, and then does a swift double-take and snaps off a picture-perfect salute. "Sir," is murmured should the Commander look his way. Astyoche and her escort aren't even noticed, yet.

Eli glances back towards the commander, saluting when he's close enough before easing back into her own seat carefully and slowly, just giving a tiny nod to Astyoche when she too notices 'Papa Bear'. She takes a deep breath and then a sip of her coffee, whispering something to the woman she's with.
Eli whispers: Just act…normal.

Whatever the Commander has on his plate certainly isn't eel. It looks mostly like vegetables and some white meat. Unrolling the cutlery from its bed of linen, he lays the napkin over his lap and takes the fork and knife up to cut through the food. He seems to be ignoring salutes as well, this is his meal time. Idly, he reaches for the salt and pepper and sprinkles some over his food before taking a bite.

Micah doesn't loiter long, thankfully. Collecting a plate from the stack, he sticks his head over the glass to see what's being offered today. Vegetables? Hell no, he's a growing boy. Now and then he glances over at the Commander, but doesn't interject his lowly presence.

Astyoche glances back to Eli in time to catch her 'suggestion' and settles into her seat. Normal….normal… Asty flounders for something to get 'casual' rolling again, and comes up with, well, zip.

Eli takes another slow sip of coffee, keeping her eyes down at the table and fumbling for a conversational topic. "…well. Do you work out?"

Regas takes a bite of his food and then a drink of his coffee. He doesn't even miss a beat as he cuts another piece of the meat, "Sergeant Browne, where is your prisoner billeted?" Bite. Chew.

Micah is standing in line for whatever food is in the offing today, which might be mystery meat if he's lucky, or it might be eel, which makes him no better off than in sickbay. Whatever it is, it's shoveled onto his plate like he plans to feed a starving family of six. He's dressed in off duty fatigues, jacket unbuttoned currently.

Astyoche reaches for the cue, mouth opening to respond, when the CO's remark cuts her out. She plays dead. Sitting up, eyes open. They teach officers to hate folks answering questions inquired of someone else, so she keeps her yap shut. Inwardly, she prays for Eli.

"She was assigned quarters, which are under 24 hour guard, on the 12th deck sir." Eli rattles off in that same emotionless tone, eyes down, back straight.

"Quarters." Regas states the word slowly. "Deck 12 is Naval. Where on that deck, Sergeant?" He takes a drink from the coffee once again as he waits for the answer. He still hasn't looked at them, his food is more appealing at the moment.

Finished loading up his plate, Micah shuffles off to a table and settles down carefully to eat. He's not here to socialise, it seems, but only to shovel food into his mouth efficiently.

"A berthing that is usually used for married officers, if I am not mistaken sir. That was where I was instructed to have her held until further notice, sir." Eli replies.

Astyoche remains, for her part, very very still, saver her eyes, which are flickering to one side, then back to Eli as the conversation proceeds. they doo wander off to the sound of someone else settling somewhere, and she pauses, remember the fella with the ciggies a few nights back. She nods a little bit to ehrself, then looks back up at Eli.

"And who instructed you to place her there?" Regas lays his knife and fork down now and turns to look at Eli. It seems for the moment, Astyoche is left alone from the questions.

Micah's eyes do alight briefly upon Astyoche, spotting her by fluke amidst the crowd of lunch-goers. He's looked better, but he's also looked worse; the same could probably be said of her. There's a small nod as he runs his tongue along the inside of his teeth to remove some food there, then he ducks his head and resumes eating.

"The…XO, sir. Colonel Fotilas." Eli replies.

Unsure of her future, well, only the timeframe, at this point, Asty remains as unobtrusive as she can. She can't think of anything she can say that won't make the conversation go downhill for everyone, so she says nothing. Trying to look as casual as anyone can when the Commander himself is putting someone to the question next to them, she reaches for her cup of water and makes an attempt to moisten her anxiety-parched throat. Drinking's casual.

Regas releases a light breath and turns back to his meal. "It seems the young woman has turned my XO into a boy scout." His eyes now land on Astyoche, "Are you in the military, Ms. Kyrios? From my understanding of what I have heard, you have confessed to this crime. You were no longer in the military and had retired. Is this true?"

Private room. Not bad. Of course, few people are privy to what the crime was, but even Micah's not about to blurt out a question like that. He keeps his head down and his broad shoulders hunched, eating. Maybe he's even convincing himself the food tastes good.

Eli is quiet now, frowning some and just waiting. And siting up straight.

Freeze frame. Asty sets her cup down and rises to her feet like she would in the old days and she nods, "Yes, Commander, you're information is correct, sir." she says calmly, facing his direction. The morbid part of her mind figures the bonus is, at least she knows what she'll be doing tomorrow…

"Then you are a civilian," states the Commander quite plainly. His eyes moving from Eli to Astyoche, to see if either will dispute the obvious.

Micah finishes off his food and shoves the plate aside. Again his gaze roves toward the prisoner in question, and he pushes to his feet slowly before meandering off for a cup of water.

"With all due respect sir…" Eli starts with a furrowed brow before cutting herself off. "I apologize sir, I am out of line." She shuts her mouth, jaw clenching some.

"Unless my commission's been reinstated, that is correct, Commander." Asty replies softly with a glance to Eli at her words, not being snarky, but telling the trust as she knows it. Besides, for all she knows, she should have been dead a little over a month ago, and she was just enjoying a !chicken ration and some water with the Sarge, anything can happen at this point.

"You have something to add to this, Sergeant?" Regas asks, raising his coffee cup again. The jaw clenching is noticed easily enough.

Glass of water in hand, Micah seems to reconsider on the sitting back down. Things look to be getting pretty heavy in that corner with the Commander, so he collects his tray in the other hand and deposits it on a rack before ambling back out.

"No sir." Eli finally works out carefully.

From the ex-Lieutenant comes a transcendent silence as she waits for things to blow over, or up, as they would.

Regas turns back to his meal and begins to eat again. His questions seem to be done for now and he finishes the food before it gets cold. He's just an ass enough to make them wait while he is done too. Once he raises the napkin to the tray and stands, his gaze lands on both of them again. "Sergeant, this isn't a gossip parlor for prisoners. They are to come here and eat and then leave. Is that understood?"

"Yes sir, we were just finishing up here sir." Eli replies.

Astyoche nods, "Perfectly clear, sir." Asty replies thoughtfully. She could REALLY go for a drink right now, but she doesn't move until he says so. For someone who's been relatively serene in the face of certain death, for some reason the Commander makes her nervous. Maybe it's the dangling thread of hope.

"Excellent," the Commander then begins heading out of the Mess Hall. He doesn't look back, which probably has both letting out a collective sigh. After a few minutes, he is gone from the room and off down the corridor.

Eli watches the commander leave, still holding her breath and then when…he's gone, she exhales sloooooooowly.

Astyoche relaxes slightly, in that her neck and shoulders aren't made of steel anymore. She gives a soft sigh, then, "Sorry for the trouble, sarge." With that, she reaches to her water cup and kills it in one long draught.

Eli sighs and shakes her head. "…No ma'am. I think I should get you back to where you're staying…now. Probably for the best." She clears her throat and stands up a little straighter.

Astyoche nods grimly and stacks the cups on the trays, to put them back into the receptacle, "Probably, yeah…" she says. She steps over to the afformentioned collector of dishery and deposits them neatly before rejoining the Sarge.

Eli gets her tray and everything seen too before she nods firmly to Astyoche, gesturing towards the hatch and bringing up the 'rear' so to speak.

Astyoche begins the trek back to her quarters, softly murmuring, "It was a good talk, though…." to Eli as she moves.

Eli nods slowly. "It was…I look forward to another one very soon, ma'am." Then off they go!

"Sure we'll have some more chances, Sarge." Asty answers, now that they're in general population along the way, drawing close to their destination.

Eli leads the way to the quarters, eyeing Mork the MP from time to time, and staying mostly quiet, save for offering the soft. "Indeed."

Continuing along, Asty nods simply at Eli's laconic response.

When they arrive, Eli has the MP open the hatch for the woman and she sighs softly. "Dude…I hope dinner wasn't a total bummer."

Astyoche chuckles briefly, "Up until the pucker, you mean? Was fine, Sarge, no worries…" she answers and steps through the door before turning to look back at her escorts.

Eli nods and then folds her hands behind her back, jaw setting as she nods firmly, trying to still look professional. "Well. Have a uh, good night I suppose."

Astyoche nods, "Good night, Sarge." she returns with a brief little quirk at the corner of her mouth., and then, she slowly closes the hatch.

Eli stands there watching the hatch close before turning to Mork and then back towards the hatch. "…you leave and Something happens to her? I will personally break every bone in your body. Then beat you to death with pieces of your shattered femurs." She promises then heads off on her way.

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